Ikyawann 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya threatens Soumya

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The Episode starts with Sejal saying someone is fooling us, I didn’t know Soumya will kidnap Susheel. Fighter Didi says you were with Soumya. How can she do this planning? Soumya gets ready for marriage. Leela looks on. Soumya thinks Leela was postponing my marriage. She asks her about her deed. Leela gets thinking. Satya comes and says I went after Soumya’s men, I thought they will go to Susheel, they went to get pandit.

Fighter Didi says we have to find out. Soumya says I will wear new lahengas everyday. Leela thinks I will get her married and then know what she knows about Susheel. Sejal says I didn’t get time to go parlor. Soumya says its okay, we will keep a big party after marriage. Fighter Didi comes and scolds Satya for marriage. She threatens about police. Satya says don’t irritate

me, I m ready for marriage, call police if you want, if Soumya kills Susheel, you will be responsible.

Soumya says Satya is so smart, I won’t move back now, if police catches me, I m Leela’s bahu, Leela will get me freed. She sends her men. Satya says I will do this marriage to get Susheel, then we will be on our own ways. Fighter Didi curses them that they won’t stay happy in their marriage. Soumya asks her to leave. Sejal gives them garlands. Soumya asks Fighter Didi to stop and see their happiness. She smells the garlands and flirts with Satya. She is about to make him wear garland. She faints. Sejal laughs. Satya says now we will know about susheel.

Soumya wakes up and gets scared seeing doctors. She asks who are you. Satya and Fighter Didi remove the masks. Satya says I will fulfill your wish to kill you, I will mix this poison in this glucose, you will slowly die. Fighter didi says keep dose low.

Soumya says no, stop, I was just lying about Susheel, I don’t know anything. Sejal laughs and tells Kali about Satya’s plan to scare Soumya. Kali says if anything happens to Soumya, just tell me where are they. Leela worries. Satya scolds Soumya and asks her about Susheel. They argue. Kali, Leela and Sejal come there. Fighter didi asks him to kill Soumya. Soumya says no, Leela started this game. Leela asks what nonsense, Soumya said she kidnapped Susheel, give her the injection. Satya asks what did Dadi do, tell me Soumya.

Soumya says its Dadi’s plan, she started everything. Leela says liar, you are doing a drama. Soumya says you got me home to create misunderstanding between Susheel and Satya, I really fell in love with Satya, what’s my mistake. Sejal says it means you were not marrying Shivam. Soumya says no, Leela said I will marry Susheel’s husband, not her brother. Satya asks what, was this a trap, why did you do this Dadi. Fighter Didi says focus on Susheel. Satya asks Soumya to tell where is Susheel. Soumya says she is in a locked garage. They rush. Leela thinks does Soumya really know this or did she say this to make them run. She says I don’t care for Susheel, but they shouldn’t doubt on me. She asks a man to do her work for money. She says just make this letter reach somewhere. Satya says this garage is locked. Soumya is lying. Fighter Didi says maybe she is inside, we have to get lock keys. Satya says no, we should break this. He hits the lock with stone. She says we will together hit this. They break the lock. They get inside and don’t find Susheel. They get a letter.

Leela catches Soumya. Soumya holds Leela and pushes her away. She runs away. Leela smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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