Ikyawann 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update Susheel learns about Mehuls heart attack.

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Susheel says Satya wait,you should stay here and watch this,and keep your eyes wide open and shows him the memory card,and says this has something,leela gets uneasy,Sejal walks in scared and says dadi Vishu susheels mapa had an heart attack,Sejal says Susheel you go quickly and meet mapa and tells her what happened,suhseel looks at kali,Susheel starts crying and says mapa didn’t tell me why,leela says oh god,what Mehul had an heart attack and kali yay didn’t tell her,go Susheel meet your mapa,satya remembers the day he blamed Mehul.

Kali says Susheel mapa had asked me not to tell you and I was just doing my duty,Susheel says Ma a doctor was right but was a mother right,and runs inside,Kali says Satya go in,gulabo says now he is fine now relax but what was susheel wanted to show,leela says must

be something for Kiran,Sejal says sorry kaki I was scared,Kali says it’s okay,leela finds the chip on the floor,and gets very happy and says Mehul Parekh because of you I see my victory and your Susheel will loose.

Satya follows Susheel,Susheel goes home. Banke tells Mehul that he had forced Susheel to marry Satya to avoid repeat the mistake he did,banke says if she wasn’t happy there,she would have returned,and problems do happen in marriage and the wedding has taken place love will also take place,mehul says I did mistake why shouldn’t Susheel be happy,susheel says I’m happy mapa and rushes to him and hugs him and says why didn’t you tell me mapa,mehul says are you fine,you are happy right,don’t go stay with me,don’t worry no one will say anything to you,banke says Mehul this is wrong,susheel says quite,dadaji please sit and mapa stop taking tension,and Dadaji is right,I’m staying there so that I turn all wrong into right.

Susheel says mapa if I won’t say yes for marriage I wouldn’t know the biggest truth of my life and remembers the day satya say he loves her,Susheel says mistake isn’t if you or Satya it’s of dadi and her up bringing and now you two stop fighting and patch up and makes them hug each other.

Satya sends some kids to ask Nitesh is Mehul alright,Nitesh tells them he is fine,satya gives kids chocolates,Susheel comes out of house,satya hides,Susheel checks get wallet and finds chip missing. Leela enjoying her victory after having chip and shows it to Jhano,leela says oh Jhano I’m sorry I shaved your eye brow for this,and do as many mistakes you want but you are my special,close to my heart and here my special person destroy this chip and hands it to Jhano and says it shouldn’t land in anyone’s hand.

Sejal goes to Kiran and gives her gift,Kiran opens it,happy to see her new iPad,Sejal says you can play games watch videos and let me put sim in it,Kiran asks what is sim,Kiran says oh I remember,Jhano steps on skates and falls,Sejal helps her,and says Jhano eat a little less,Kiran sees the chip on floor and says I found sim and puts in iPad,Jhano tries to pull but Kiran doesn’t give it to her,Sejal says she is a cartoon,Kiran gets ice and puts it in Jhano saree,Jhano drops iPad and the sim fall apart,Jhano again step on skate and falls down,Kiran says I will hide the sim and puts it in a ballon and hides it.

Sejal says Jhano calm down,Jhano picks the iPad and starts looking for chip,Kiran says I don’t know,Vishu walks in and says Sejal let’s go decorate downstairs and leaves with ballon packet. Susheel reaches home and says I have to look for the chip,leela walks to her singing patent song,puts a stool in front of Susheel and says god is there,now I have something for you and puts a necklace in her neck which has bell hanging to it and says you are very dangerous you see and say this bell should ring you see,this will warn me that danger is around me,in my house,and my Satya loves animals,first dogs now camel.

Susheel says god you never get anything,leela says I will never be scared of you,I’m the lioness,you couldn’t take care of that little chip and you will change my reflection my Satya when you couldn’t take care of that proof,fo look after your father instead and don’t look for that chip,it’s no more,jhano looks at leela,and nods no,Susheel notices it,Jhano leaves,Susheel says dadi you couldn’t take care of Little chip,at be god didn’t want you to have it,and it’s the biggest proof against the biggest devil like you,leela thinks she won’t be quite I have to do something.

Pre cap: Kiran says I wished for chip that Jhano had got,Susheel asks where is it,Kiran says I hide it in a ballon.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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