Ikyawann 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: banke calls sushil mentally ill.

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Satya says if Kiran Phui sees you and looses her calm and if sushil learns about it and sees Kiran playing and walks to her and says go Phui play with your dolls, Kiran says you are so sweet and leaves.

Satya walks to Mehul and asks why are you so silent, Mehul says I made a huge mistake and I promise I won’t attend sushil and your wedding but I have a request sushil should never learn about this mistake of mine, the father who taught her never to do wrong has made a huge mistake she will hate me and even after knowing all this you have accepted sushil I’m so thank ful to you and happy for sushil and now on you don’t have to lock your Kiran Phui she will attend your wedding I shall take your leave and leaves.

Leela wake to Satya and says I’m so happy, Satya walks away. Leela says

thank you god.sushil says Sejal di even you think all this is my imagination,gulabo says bakeh and Phui ba please don’t hide things from us is sushil mentally ill. Naresh says what are you saying, bakeh says naresh you stay away this is my family matter.gulabo says don’t feel bad but sushil is behaving weird, bakeh says I will talk to her, gulabo says ok take care we will meet in the evening for wedding Sejal come let’s go, Jhano records all this and leaves.

Vijay asks kali how is she and what happened, Kali says I don’t remember, vijay says you are stressing, Vishu Walks to her and asks how is she,Kali asks how is ba and is her mood ok, vijay says yes go meet her, Vishu says yes and be careful we have only one Leela,Kali asks what, vijay says he is mad and says Vishu she remembers nothing now go.

Nitesh says naresh Bhai Toran isn’t placed properly, naresh says then you place it, she sees many things and you don’t see anything, bakeh comes and pulls out the toran,and throws it, naresh says Bapu we are doing all this to cheer sushil. Bakeh says shoes wedding, all are taking her mad soon we will get a call that her wedding is cancelled and sushil you go mental hospital, Nitesh says Bapu calm down we are handling things, Bapu says what nonsense is this since she is born she is a trouble, naresh says enough,I get it it’s your family matter but not a word against her.

Bakeh says the whole society is talking about her , sushil says I’m not lying I did see it, Phui says sushil calm down , bakeh says I get it she is taking revenge because I said no to her event management contract, sushil says I did see the bottle, I also saw that bone, I’m not lying, bakeh says enough you aren’t mad we are my Mehul slotted to raise you but you are shame to us and it’s so good your mother isn’t alive, Mehul walks in and says enough Bapu.

Sushil leaving, Mehul stops her and says Bapu how dare you talk to her like this, bakeh says do you know what she has done,Mehul says whatever it may be that doesn’t mean you treat her like this.and that grandfather who never treated her as her own daughter has no right to talk to her like this, Shivam says I’m small here but I trust her she won’t lie and she is bold enough to deny for wedding if she wanted to she wouldn’t do all this, Nitesh says Shivam is right it’s a big day for sushil and let’s make her happy, bakeh says don’t I want to see her happy, Mehul says then I request you to please not bother her till she gets married and leaves.

Bakeh says sushil because of you my Mehul misbehaved with me and leaves, sushil says I will get mapa, Phui says come with dear give them some time and listen to me we are women we always have to be the bearing side because we are emotionally strong and remember dear these all have given all their life for you and now it’s your time to return the favour.

Gulabo tells Leela what all happened in the function, Sejal says na enough she just panicked, gulabo says and this duffer are the khichdi to calm sushil, that sushil is mad I tell you, Sejal says Ma please stop it, Leela says this sushil has already started creating differences,Leela asks kali what do you think is sushil alright, kal is says I don’t know why she is behaving this way and if there is any problem let’s keep it aside for today it’s wedding day.

Sejal says dadi if sushil really had problem we would have learned about it in my wedding.leela says Sejal is right, and I trust Satya and his choice, now go get ready even I want to get ready and all leave,Jhano Walks to Leela, leela says show me video, Jhano signs I messaged you(Jhano has sent it to sushil by mistake)leela says I didn’t get any video.

Sushil in her room , thinking about bakehz words and says let me talk to satya and receives message, Mehul walks to sushil and says according to ritual Mama gives Chandan bangles and these are your mothers, wear these, naresh walks in and says jijaji this ritual is done before phera, Mehul says I feel like doing it now cmon you give one bangle and I will give other, sushil says Mama click one pic of me and mapa please,naresh about to click pic the video plays and he sees Mehul is emotional and says jijaji don’t be emotional now, sushil says mapa don’t be tensed and I’m fine I didn’t feel bad about dadaji and I won’t react again, Mehul says I know that dear I’m just emotional and thinks about promise he made to Satya.

Naresh keeps the phone and both put bangles in sushils hand and all are emotional, sushil says enough mapa don’t be so emotional and hugs him, sushil looks at naresh, Mehul says do have something sweet before phera and you won’t feel giddy, sushil goes and hugs him and says relax mapa you will be with me right.

Pre cap : leela says today before sushil reaches mandap, even Mehul Parekh will accept his daughter is mad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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