Ikyawann 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update:sushil says no to marriage.

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Mehul says I was in pressure and you too don’t be in any,if you want I will talk to sushil,Leela says I was just kidding and you had rejected my daughter but now I’m gonna be your daughters in law,and I will do what in law do,so accept this gift as acceptance to wedding proposal and presents helmet and says because sushil likes riding bikes,all shocked,Leela says just joking,sushil will be ajmera family’s daughter in law and shows red dupatta and says this is her gift,and hands it to Mehul,Mehul with shivering hands holds it,Bapu helps him hold it properly.

Bapu says you made us a very big favour,I thought you will bring our old bad memories in between but you didn’t you really have a big heart and we wouldn’t get a good choice as Satya and I promise you this wedding will take place

and this two families will strengthen now and forget the past,and look forward into future,thank you so much,Leela says till mandap of wedding,give sushil whatever love you want because than she will be my satyas wife and then I will give her my love,and now let me go and tell others and my dear Satya,he will be so happy and Mehul you took right decision by coming to me,and the work you couldn’t do,your daughter will old relation an dthen thinks the relation of revenge will now be complete.mehul thinks I should have spoken to sushil first.

Leela steps in cement,naresh says smile jijaji sushil will marry her love,Bapu says sushil proved lucky child she is mending old bad relations,phui says I’m so happy,Mehul says I don’t know all this isn’t believable,Bapu says I get you,look at her big heart,she forgave you this way and Nitesh I will get money give back to Leela and now we will organise Parekh decorators biggest wedding, sushil weds Satya,Mehul hugs him and is in tears.

Sushil and Shivam on their way home,sushil stumbles and she saves dupatta,Shivam starts laughing,

Sushil says I have happiness for you, mehul says sushil rest why do you do all this,Nitesh says got gifts for us,sushil says yes it’s matter of wedding,naresh says did she speak to Satya ,sushil gives everyone gifts,sushil hands Mehul an envelope,sushil says I’m so happy to see you all Happy,Mehul hugs her and says I know you love Satya a lot and if you are happy with your wedding,we are happy for you,sushil says my wedding.phui says how good he is.mehul says you are happy we are happy, sushil says I’m not talking about my wedding but about this contract of wedding and these gifts are from advance money and I don’t want to be wedded but organise wedding.

Bapu says keep quite,look at this Leela herself got Shagun and Satya is good guy no need of all this,phui says yes why all this, sushil says phui I do all this for you people and I like Satya but I don’t know him and I don’t want to get married now,all shocked,Bapu throws his stick in anger and it breaks,Leela at door says I guess my fate says I always have to hear NO,phui says sushil just arrived so we were,Leela says I will have to return,and shows chappal and says again put my feet in dirt and was here to wash it,sushil says dadi let me heel you and takes her chappal,Mehul about to stop,Bapu says let her,sushil leaves,Bapu says don’t worry we will talk to her,Leela says how shouldn’t I,kids do as their parents do right mehul,did you teach all this to sushil by being her mapa but not this time,I won’t history repeat,and if again history is repeated then,Bapu says no ways,I will talk to Sushil.

Phui says come to washroom, you may wash your legs,Leela says I’m good and walks to washroom,Mehul says Bapu,Bapu says I have said yes and so you will talk to your daughter,and this time we are from girls side and Mehul if Leela is insulted again,you will see me for the last time,Mehul says Bapu no.

Sushil washing Leelas chappal and thinking about Bapu words,Leela walks in and says leave it,it isn’t your cup of tea,sushil says I tried but I couldn’t,Leela says anyways this chappal and my fate don’t look good,please Pit in the tao,sushil by mistake stitches shower,Leela gets wet and says you are use,sees and this is how you insult me,get out,sushil runs out,Leela says Jhano Dont was here go out and record what all is happening out and if you fail I shall tattoo brainless on your head now.leela says my souls won’t be in peace till I see this camel die every single day.

Pre cap : Leela tells Satya,sushil is Mehuls daughter,who denied to marry Kiran and this is why she This way and now I want justice,hurt sushil so badly that Mehul Parekh never forgets.

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