Ikyawann 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update satya tell some Mehul Marriage with Susheel isn’t just a revenge.

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Mehul call satya and says it’s important meet me at my place and I want no excuses I’m waiting for you and keeps the call.mehul says if what I heard is true I want my Susheel back home.

Kali walks to Susheel and gets her water,and says I’m so proud of you and you must be tried right,Susheel says I’m not tired because of cooking or lifting cylinder but because of expectations,Kali says I told you right why are these rituals performed,Susheel says yes you did but why does a daughter in law go through all of this and just because elders ask us too,are elders always right can they never be wrong and is this right and,Kali says ok calm down,what’s make you so uneasy,Susheel says why shouldn’t I why are we girls treated as property I was feeling like reality show participant and what I won

is a trophy like this and picks the trophy satya had chosen.

Kali says oh Susheel calm down all this is just because you could get to know everyone,and then you were so heroic,and not such little trophy but a better one and now rest I’m sending turmeric milk for you,Kali sees bed and pillow down and asks who removed these extras,Susheel says I did,Kali asks why did you sleep down,Susheel says because all those heavy jewellery and everything,my back was hurting,Kali says oh let me get you spray,Susheel says no no I’m fine now or else how would I get cylinder,Kali says ok rest.

Satya reaches Susheels place,Mehul gets sherbet for him and satya and says come take a seat,satya says tell me and I don’t want all this I have to get home,Mehul says inform them you will be late and this is my susheels favourite sherbet my neighbours use to make it they were from USA but shifted and since Susheel loved it I found its recipe and make it for her.

Satya says but why are you telling me all this,Mehul says to show you how much we love Susheel,satya says I know it why do you always tell me all this,Mehul says because you don’t I heard you talking to jiggi today when I had called Susheel,now tell me satya why did you marry Susheel what’s your motto.

Satya says I thought you were intelligent but you are slow like your Susheel,and it’s because you are reason behind my Kiran phui mental state,I married Susheel unlike you I didn’t step back and about love I will never love her,you left my aunt before wedding I will leave your daughter after wedding few days later it’s a revenge.

Mehul says so all this was a act,satya says yes because I didn’t want you to be part of fake wedding,Mehul says my mistakes punishment to my daughter why,satya says my dadi still lives in fear doesn’t sleeps at nights thinking about Kiran phui all the time,satya says so even I will do this Susheel so that even you will know what pain we have gone through.mehul says I won’t let Susheel be affected because of you,Satya says not me but you,you will be the reason behind susheels pain,listen to me carefully,Susheel will be back in this house and the give her this her favourite sherbet and breaks the glass and leaves,Mehul in tears.

Leela eating chilli,jiggi says dadi what are you upto,Leela says shut up,Leela thinking about the function and satyas behaviour and is very angry in kali and Satya.jiggi watching tv show and having fun,Leela walks to him with a stick and breaks his laptop,Sejal asks dadi what’s wrong,why did you eat so much chilli,now let it be come have dinner,Leela gives her angry look and says you will tell me what to do,Sejal imagines stuffing chillies in her mouth and applying chilli on Leela and starts laughing.

Leela says Sejal stop laughing on me,Sejal says sorry dadi im here to call you for dinner.

At dinner table,gulabo says look ba what all have I asked to make for dinner and Susheel what do you have for dinners at your place,Susheel says chapati sabji daal and rice,gulabo says just one sabji we have three,Sejal says from tomorrow we will have four,one like Kaki for health,one paneer like me,karela like,Prakash says like gulabo.satya walks in,Leela says satya come with me have dinner,Sejal says dadi no let him sit with Susheel,Vishu says yes that’s right.

Sejal says now cmon satya give her a bite with your win hands,Vishu says that’s right cmon satya.mehul thinking about satyas bet and it’s all because he ditched Kiran.

Mehul starts getting uneasy and collapses,he tries to reach his phone.

Pre cap: naresh reaches home and sees Mehul in floor.
Satya says I’m not getting enough sleep and so don’t feel like eating or giving anyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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