Ikyawann 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update mehul learns about satyas bet.

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Susheel says I can’t cook,all guests start gossiping,Leela looks at kali,guests say Leela you brought a unique bride I have to say,Susheel says aunty my mapa tried teaching me but like my height I take time to learn things but don’t worry I will learn soon,Kali says my daughter in law is very unique I know she is a little weak in household but is very talented otherwise and so my Satya loves her,Leela says so she I send my guests empty stomach,Susheel says I will try,Ma you guide me and I will cook,Leela says kali why do always have to insult me,Susheel go in and so what ever you can,don’t insult me infront of all these guests,Susheel says I will try dadi,my mapa has taught me few things.

Susheel gets into the kitchen and sits on the Kitchen platform thinking what she will cook,she starts

looking in the compartments to find an idea and says I wish I had my phone so that I could get some idea,Susheel hears someone cough and quickly gets honey ginger and says I will make this ginger honey paste mapa use to make when I use to have cough,Jhano comes to Susheel and tries to show her something,Susheel says on cylinder is empty,Jhano signs there isn’t new cylinder either,and signs I forgot please don’t tell dadi,Susheel says don’t worry i won’t tell dadi,Jhano hugs Susheel,(Jhano had exchanged the cylinder to empty one).

Banke says Mehul you made kheer after so long,and this reminds me of Susheel,and she use to have it with her hands,Nitesh says and you use to scold her to have it with spoon,banke asks how come kheer today mehul,Mehul says it’s susheels first cooking at satyas place and I have sent her a video of how to make halwa,and that made make this kheer too,god knows what is she doing there.banke says I hope she is doing well,Nitesh says now her grandpa calls her by her name and so she will do well so don’t worry.banke thinks what if mehul learns I forced Susheel to marry satya.

Mehul asks banke what’s wrong,banke asks did you take to Susheel,is she fine,mehul says yes I did,she is bit upset because she isn’t with us,you know she is missing us,but the family is good there,Kali loves her like a mother and Satya loves her too,banke says Nitesh let’s leave for shop and Mehul you join us later with naresh. Mehul says let me call Susheel and ask did she make halwa.

Gulabo says kali I have sent Sejal to neighbours to get food from caterers as we know Susheel can’t cook,so we can atleast serve the guests,Kali says thankyou, I know this isn’t right but if we don’t these guests will unnecessarily judge Susheel,guests ask for Susheel,Kali tries to divert the topic,and says Susheel will be here soon.kali says gulabo I hope Susheel will be here, guests says we will leave now,it’s too late,leela says I will go to kitchen and get Susheel,Kali Leela and gulabo get in kitchen and find Susheel is missing,leela says look Susheel is missing,she ran away insulting me infront of all the guests.

Guests call Leela out,leela comes out,guests says look your bride is getting food from shops this is our insult,Leela says Susheel come here,susheel lifts the cylinder and walks towards home,all guests and people around shocked,gulabo whispers kali do something,Kali walks to Susheel,susheel says don’t worry Ma I will manage and walks inside,all guests follow her,Kali and gulabo praise her,all guests I praised too,susheel says sorry dadi,the cylinder was empty and so I bought one from out and now give me 10 minutes,guests aks what will you cook in 10 minutes, susheel says aunty you have cough and Rasila aunty you have throat problem too and so I have a remedie for that I will be back soon.

Susheel walks out with her dish and serves everyone,everyone tastes it and loves it,leela says Susheel why are you insulting me,which girl gets cylinder home like this and makes medicines on her first day,guests says why insult,Susheel has done such good job,I’m really impressed by her,your daughter in law is fabulous and all applaud for Susheel and praise her.

Susheel lost and in tears,satya remembers the day he first met Susheel,and then how she insulted him and all the things started,he throws his gaming console,jiggi says what’s wrong,susheels phone rings,Satya sees its Mehul and cuts the call,jiggi says from the day Susheel is here you have started losing in all the games,mehul calls back,satya pushes the phone and by mistake the phone is received,satya says I told you that day satya never losses,it was just a bet that I will say I love you to Susheel,I never wanted to marry her,and dadi trapped me and now I have to finish this relationship and send her back to her mapa and then she will cry she will loose,I will make her so miserable,she never must have thought of it,mehul listens all of this,and breaks down.

Pre cap : mehul calls Satya and says I want to see you right away and I want no excuses.
Mehul says to himself Satya If all that I heard was true I want my suhseel back in my house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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