Ikyawann 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update:Leela in Surat.

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Leela says it’s 6 yrs this girl is born and it will be her last. Mama says Sushil is smaller than you so put 6 candles,not nine,he say shut every body calls her elder to me,mama say snot a word against it,chachu playing with kids,and Sushil walks in,Mehul very happy,all kids surprised at how tall she is,but start wishing her,chachu takes her pics with friends,Sushil says chachu you have cut me in all pics. Kids ask a joker is he Sushil’s relative and so he is so tall he says no it’s because I’m standing in wooden logs,kids start troubling sushil saying she uses wooden logs too and so is so tall,sushil pushes a boy and falls down,Mehul picks her up,she starts crying,the boys mother scolds sushil and comments on her height,and says admit her in some circus,Parekh feels insulted

and scolds Sushil’s fate.

Mama and Mehul see sushil is very upset and in tears,they put on music and she comes out of her room,sushil walks to them and smiles,mama starts dancing with her,and everyone cheer her up,sushil hits Parekh while playing,Parekh says you are a girl don’t play with bat,play with these,Mehul teach your daughter to behave like one,she is a girl and you all men,she is a girl teach her to be one dont raise her like a boy,sushil says I know to behave like a girl,Parekh says how about a cup of tea tomorrow and only then you will get these glasses,Mehul says bapu I make you tea every morning why bother this little one,Parekh say wine day even she will have to do all this so why not form now.

Leela selects chillies,Vikas says ma this one is very spicy don’t,Leela has it and says I like this spicy one and its chilli it has to be spicy,Kiran coughing ,Leela throws water over her and both start laughing,Kiran says ma your satya cheated with me while playing game,Leela calls him,Satya says no dadi I taught her so many times but she lost, Kiran says he is cheater,even that man cheated on me,All are liars,Satya says dadi I want dangerous bomb game, ma says no,dadi says I will,kali says I’m thinking of sending Satya Surat he will have good time there,Leela says even I will go there and visits ambe ma temple.

Mehul gets sushil cake and ice cream and says learn form this,life has many problems,people will trouble you,like even call your legs wooden,so it’s your take melt like ice cream or be strong like cake,sushil says even in front if dadji and say I will not make tea,Mehul says no dear dadji,loves you,and times you need to melt for them and see you have to learn make tea,what will you do when your mapa gets old,sushil hugs him.

Leela puts disturbed Kiran to sleep and says Kiran I will cure you and then I shall sleep on peace and that will happen only when I shall kill that girl.nitesh wakes sushil,Mehul says meet her she is your new ma,she will teach you to make tea,sushil starts crying and says I don’t want ma,I want you,I will do whatever you say,please please,mama says okay,he is dressed as the lady,sushil says mama.

Mehul teaches sushil to make tea,Nitesh says Bapu is in the way,get ready sushil,dadaji walks in and says so how did you make tea,sushil goffs up,dadji tastes it and says here’s your glasses,and wkaves,sushil gives it to Mehul and says sorry Dadaji I couldn’t make tea,papa did and so he deserves the gift,dadaji says but you can speak the truth come with me let’s go to temple,sushil tying her shoe lace,Satya falls over her and says sorry,his cousin jiggi teases her,sushil shows him his shoes and leaves,Satya asks how can we have fun here,jiggi says by hiding shoes of people.

Pre cap : sushil informs everyone that Satya has stolen shoes,she follows him and he falls in pit and hurts himself,sushil gets scared and leaves,Leela says I won’t spare that girl.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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