Ikyawann 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update satya accepts susheels holi challenge

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Gulabo walking with gujiya,satya says kaki I want some,sejal says stop satya,you are allergic to colour but want sweets,you can have sweets only if you apply colours,satya picks a sweet and says if it’s such a big problem me not playing holi I shall stay out today,satya eats sweet and eats the one susheel made and says oh god what is this who made it,you right sejal bhabhi,gulabo says my daughter in law can do all things properly Susheel made them,satya says why let her in kitchen she can’t cook,susheel hears that.

Sejal takes gulabo to side and says Ma why did you do this,gulabo says I mixed it i didn’t think satya will have it,satya throws it susheel picks it and says I tried atleast appreciate and if you don’t want don’t eat,satya says no one is gonna award you for this and leaving,susheel

says you don’t talk about awards you are someone who cheats,satya says excuse me,susheel says I have no time for arguments I will go out and play holi with everyone unlike you being scared,satya says there’s difference in being scared and acting wild while playing holi but how will you know you are wild,so spare me.

Susheel says the only one thing you know is fighting with me,satya says I like breaking your ego it gives me immense pleasure,susheel says but you never won,you just know too cheat and now you don’t even accept challenge,before wedding things were different,after wedding you forgot to smile and most important challenges so sad.

Satya says wait susheel,now see what I do and calls everyone.

Banke says naresh get her food and Leela why did you do this look even your hand is burned,Shivam sees jhano injures too and asks did you ask some wish too you look injured as well,leela says she never leaves my side,mehul says why did you do this,the fact that you accepted Susheel with all heart is very much for us,leela says it’s for happiness you see and my kali you know she wasn’t having a baby and then we had so many pooja and rituals and then she had satya and so he is special and so is his bride and god accepted my wish and this is thankfulness and the home must be empty without susheel.banke says yes it is but she had to go some day.

Satya gathers everyone and looks at susheel,susheel walks to them all confused,sejal says is the cat back,satya says today we all shall play holi,I never apply colours but today I will,vijay says you will play holi,satya says yes but a different kind,tug of war,sejal says girls vs boy fun,satya says correct,susheel says the winning team shall apply colour to losing team,satya says done,sejal says dadi isn’t here to this will be fun,satya says I will be back in 10.

All happy satya ready to play holi,Vijay says Prakash Bhai till today he never agreed today he did how come,Prakash says this is susheel for sure,vijay says I wish even he agrees to look after business,Prakash says he will,susheel hears this and says this will happen too.

Leela is asked to many questions about susheel,leela says calm down,yes susheel is very happy and fine,she looks after everyone,and banke once I was unwell and Susheel gave me injection herself and Shivam your sister loves to ride bike and will you get such wife too,and starts laughing and Shivam is elder right,haven’t you thought of his wedding,naresh says we have,leela says ask him if he has someone in mind,banke says we are looking for good proposals,leela says I will get him a good proposal and even Susheel will have a sister in law and wedding should take place at right age,susheel thinks a lot about me and so should I,and so Shivam is my duty now and Susheel will help me,and banke don’t worry and this emptiness isn’t liked by me and so get Shivam married and Shivam send me your photo,Shivam says okay dadi ,leela says mehul start taking care of yourself you will have to handle things you see,mehul says right and I’m so excited.

Naresh walks to shivam and says If you have a girlfriend tell me right away and once dadi finds you girl don’t come to me,leela laughs and says you guys without colours on holi,and applies colours to everyone and wishes happy times.

At ajmera house all gear up for tug of war,satya and Susheel leading the teams,susheel says cmon girls try harder.leela says jhano when susheel will learn what game I have played I would love to see her face and from now on we shall talk very nice to her,and will do as she say so that all think that I have changed but the truth is it’s just Those good days before the storm,and walks to red colour and when I throw susheel out of my house and satyas life I shall throw black colour on her,because time will be changed.

Pre cap: satya gives susheel a flying kiss while playing tug of war and she freezes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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