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Mehul says you all are mad,mehul is blind folded and taken to a room,bapu says doctor has asked you not to play holi with Shivam has a plan,Shivam has decorated whole room with lights and puts on the switch as mehul opens his eyes the lights go off,Nitesh says let’s go check fuse all step out.

Everyone sees someone near electric box and asks who are you,susheel closes the door and says it’s me and goes hugs everyone,susheel says I mended the fuse,mehul cleans the grease on her cheeks with his shirt sleeve,susheel says come now let’s go in.

Susheel says the home is decorated so beautifully,naresh says so happy to have you here,susheel says I won’t forget my old relations for the new ones,mehul says you have become so thoughtful,susheel says louder Dadaji must have not heard it,banke

walks out with sweets and says I did and now have these.

Susheel says one more,banke says she is married but the child in her oh god,here have the whole plate,and says now susheel is married it’s shivams turn,susheel says really Shivam Bhai you didn’t tell me about it,Shivam says I will and tells her about Nitesh and the phone incident,susheel starts laughing.

Mehul asks susheel is she happy,susheel says yes I’m very happy,mehul says so you are playing holi,susheel ajmera will play holi and with satya and don’t take tension even dadi supports me now and hugs him.

Susheel in the colony and sees crowd and thinks what’s wrong there and goes check and asks what’s happening,susheel gets call from Sejal and she says I’m on my way,jhano in floor rolling,leela with face covered points at her and says this is leela ajmera,a lady asks why is she doing so,leela says she is doing so because she had prayed for good wishes for her grandson and his bride you know Parekh families Susheel,and so she shall roll till her house now as a thankfulness to god.
A man nearby says I shall go inform mehul Bhai about it and leaves.

Leela thinks now begins Leela’s new game,susheel unaware of it stops the auto and leaves.
Susheel gets home and sees satya is asleep,and thinks how shall I convince him for holi,he was upset with me in initial days because I threw colour on him and now a days he is so upset I wish he forgets the past and enjoys the moment.

Susheel sees satyas clothes lying on chair and picks them and folds,she looks at satya and says whenever you smiles at me I never knew I would fall for you,and that smile is the true satya and I will get it back.

Susheel with a marker draws smokey in the cupboard and turns around and sees everyone behind aiming at her with colours,satya wakes up and says what nonsense is this,you okay if you want but please leave the room,Sejal says we will play it’s me and susheels first holi,Susheel trying to escape,Sejal says if you don’t come out we shall pull you out,susheel goes and hides behind satya,Vishu says come out susheel.

Susheel looks at satya and smiles,Sejal says I won’t leave you,and says satya help us or else even you will be coloured and Susheel don’t touch me,sejal throws ballon satyas dodges it and Susheel catches the balloon,Vishu says couldn’t you be a little harder.

Kiran says Susheel is so fat even ballon couldn’t do anything,satya defends Susheel and says Kiran phui bad we shouldn’t say like this,sejal says wow,Vishu learn from your brother.
Susheel about to throw ballon but it bursts into her hand.

Satya scolds Susheel and says go out and play don’t mess my room,Sejal says how bad I’m going to kaki to apply colours and leaves,susheel starts laughing and satya cmon for everyone atleast a little you could play atleast smile and wish everyone happy holi,anyways you can’t do that.

Susheel starts cleaning room and narrates a poem on teeth,so tyat satya can smile,satya asks what forcefully you can say anything,susheel says a prom on smile I wrote in school in 3rd but teacher gave me 3 out of 10,satya says you should have scored -100 and starts laughing,and goes to freshen up.

Susheel helping gulabo and Sejal in kitchen,susheel says gulabo kaki please taste these snacks and tell me are they fine,sejal says yes and if they are I shall take them to kali kaki,gulabo says I’m your mother in law but do you know what I like,susheel signs from behind,sejal says off course I do,you love me the most in this family,gulabo smiles and says give me let me taste the snacks.

Leela reaches home and says jhano from here I shall roll,home is nearby and starts acting as if she is tried.gulabo says Susheel I have less sweet so sejal will taste it,sejal says I will you go get ready,susheel leaves,Sejal says Ma actually when she was making them I saw they had hardened and so let’s keep them aside and serve these and we shall tell everyone she made them,gulabo says okay.
Sejal leaves,gulabo says she always thinks about other stupid girl,gulabo mixes susheels sweets as well and says let other have these too.

Naresh sees crowd in front of house and goes check it,and sees leela rolling,the man comes and inform naresh about Leela’s wish,naresh rushes home and tells mehul about it,mehul goes check it and sees this is leela,mehul rushes to her and says what are you doing,leela gets up and says goddess has fulfilled my wish and given me a bride I always wished for,mehul requests her to get up and takes her home.

Pre cap :satya says Susheel just wait and watch,and gathers whole family and says today we shall play different kind of holi we shall play a game and the winning team will apply colour to loosing team.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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