Ikrs: vidhani’s unknown love *OS by Maha*

Hey lovely people.. I need time for posting the next episode of my ff that’s why I am here with an OS .. it will be of single episode so I will cover everything fast.. Characters will be introduced side by side so don’t worry..

Let’s begin
A girl is shown entering PECHS college (yes she is dhani).. she is running towards her class and finally she reached there but she was late.. teacher was taking class but his face was towards black board so she silently entered the class and sits beside Soham (her class fellow).. he looked at her in a surprised manner.
Soham: why u are late ?
Dhani: yaar I woke up late so…
Soham gave her u are impossible type of look.. meanwhile teacher was coming to dhani.. Soham noticed this and puts his notebook on her desk.. teacher came, checks her register and goes back.. after that dhani gave his notebook back and takes out her own register.. After awhile class was over.. students were leaving the class.. Soham comes to dhani
Soham: dhani today I will talk to my parents about u and will take them at ur house around 7’o clock
Dhani: are u OK ? Why so suddenly ?
Soham: suddenly ? We are in relationship since one year now it’s time to give name to our relationship..
Dhani: but I haven’t talk with them till now..
Soham: so today after college tell them about our relation
Dhani: Ok..

After that they took their classes and went back to their respective homes.. dhani entered her house and saw her parents sitting at dinning table.. (note: dhani is a middle class girl and Soham is also like that) she goes towards them and sits on one chair.. her mom asked her to change the clothes first but she didn’t give any reply..
Dhani: mom dad I want to tell u something
Rahul (dhani dad): yes tell
Dhani: Soham is coming today with his family
Dulari: who is Soham ? That boy who was misbehaving with his parents that day
Dhani: mom he is not like that.. his parents were wrong that’s why..
Dulari: (interrupts) so what right or wrong.. he should behave himself.. anyways why he is coming here
Dhani: mom actually he likes me and wants to marry me that’s why..
Rahul: what ? But u know naa ur alliance is fixed with viplav since childhood..
Dulari: don’t u have shame dhani how openly u are talking to us.. we don’t like Soham u will marry only viplav
Dhani: but I didn’t even see him .. who is he how is he I don’t know anything..
Saying so she cryingly run towards her room and called soham .. he picked it
Dhani: hello soham
Soham: yes dhani
Dhani: I talked to my parents but they are not agreeing
Soham: even my parents are not agreeing they want me to marry with some rich girl.. now only one way left..
Dhani: which way ?
Soham: we should run away from here..
Dhani: soham are u serious.. I mean
Soham: (interrupts) if u want to spend ur life with me..

Dhani agrees.. they decided their place where they will reach and sets timing.. next day dhani packs her bag and all stuff and eloped from her house through window.. after that dulari comes to her room and didn’t found dhani she saw a letter and takes it to rahul.. he read it and was shattered he can’t bear this news so end up by minor heart attack.. dulari who was also broken listening dhani’s words starts panicking seeing rahul like this but she was alone so gather some courage and takes him to hospital.. (in that letter it was written that she is leaving the house to marry soham she loves him and can’t live without him)
After many days
Viplav and his family comes to dulari house to meet them he knows everything about dhani
(Note: viplav belongs to a rich family he loves dhani alot but didn’t see her ever.. he himself has imagined her picture by listening about her through his parents but that picture is blur.. he lives in mumbai because of his business and his family lives in banaras same place where dhani’s parents live)
They consoled them.. viplav was also broken but he didn’t show them..

After two months
A small house is shown in mumbai where dhani and soham live (they are now married but wait they are not happy, they are arguing with each other)
Soham: why u were talking to that man
Dhani: I wasn’t talking I was just taking the courier
Soham: whatever .. I have told u naa don’t talk with man.. don’t know u may elope with him next time..
Dhani: what ? Soham how can u say like that.. I left my home for u because..
Soham: yeah yeah I know the reason don’t tell me again and again..
Dhani: if u are having doubts on me then why are u sending me for job..
Soham: because we don’t have money.. I can’t take ur burden alone..
Dhani goes from there after awhile soham came to her and said sorry she also forgave him.. then soham was coming close to her but dhani forbid him by saying she don’t want to consummate till her parents accepts this relation .. soham was irritated by her same words so he goes to sleep
(They were not living happily because of poverty, they don’t have good jobs because they have their studies in middle because of marriage and it was their daily routine to fight like this after that soham ends up the matter by saying sorry and yes they haven’t consummated till now because dhani doesn’t feel easy with him)

Next day.. dhani gets ready for office.. after awhile he reached in a beautiful office he entered the cabin and that cabin was of viplav.. Viplav was looking at her surprisingly.. it was the same picture like he was imagined but he was not confirm because that picture was blur naa.. viplav ask her to sit and ask her name.. she replied dhani.. viplav in a shocking way asked full name.. she replied dhani soham then he said Ok (because he know dhani rahul not dhani soham)
He watched her documents and all that though she wasn’t that much qualified but he appointed her as his secretary because he was feeling some connection with her.. after that dhani gets busy in work she does all her work and showed it to viplav.. viplav was impressed by her work
Days passes like this.. dhani soham fights on no reason.. dhani works hard and viplav was still confused.. one day dhani left her mobile on viplav’s table.. he went out to give him but in vain because she had already left so he took her address through staff register and after sometime he reached there.. he knocked on the door dhani opened it she was surprisingly looking at him as well as scared too because of soham.. viplav was about to say something just then soham came and angrily looked at viplav.. viplav forwards his hand for hand shake but soham holds her hand and takes her inside leaving confused viplav outside..
Viplav: (to himself) what kind of men is he didn’t even take the mobile.. fine she will take it tomorrow by herself.. and he left from there..

Scene shifts to soham
Soham was beating dhani whereas dhani was pleading to listen her once
Soham: shame less.. I have send u there for work and u have started affairs .. I was right u are a characterless now u are planning to run away with him and that’s why u didn’t allow me to come close to u..
Dhani was crying bitterly and he grab her hand and throws her on bed and forcibly consummated the marriage..
Next day viplav waits for dhani but she didn’t showed up so he decided to visit once because he was feeling something wrong (his love was in pain naa)
There soham was asking her to sign divorce papers and get lost from his life.. but dhani was pleading and begging.. he slapped her and asked her to sign he forcibly took her sign and throws her out of the house.. she was about to fall when someone holds her (yes that someone is viplav) he was surprised looking this.. her face was so injured because of soham’s tortures.. he looked at her in pain tears start to fall from his eyes though he doesn’t know anything about her but love is very powerful feeling naa that’s why he was suffering from same pain like dhani.. he makes her sit on stairs and goes towards soham
Viplav: are u mad soham.. why are u throwing her like this she is ur wife.. don’t u have manners
Soham: look who is saying.. u love her naa Ok take her with u I don’t want her now she is a characterless girl.. I have done mistake by marrying her by leaving my parents for this cheap girl..
Viplav: (grabs his collar) what are u saying.. how can u say something like this about ur wife.. u are shame less characterless man.. u don’t deserve her
Soham: so u deserve her.. take her with u where ever u want to take her .. do whatever u want to do with her actually I have done

everything with her now it’s ur turn.. I have divorced her now do whatever u like to do with this cheap…
Before he could complete his sentence.. viplav punched him hard.. soham gets angry and went inside his house and locked the door (soham is coward naa he is now scared of viplav) by listening the noise of door dhani comes to her senses and ran towards the door..
Dhani (while crying): soham open the door I haven’t done anything I am sacred.. please
Viplav can’t tolerate any more so he holds her hand and makes her stand properly..
Viplav: dhani come on
Dhani: where I have no home
Viplav: u can come at my home
Dhani: (surprised) what ? I am alone that doesn’t mean u will….
Viplav: (keeps his hand on her mouth) dhani stop it .. where will u live then.. u know this world is even more cruel than soham..
Dhani: soham is not cruel he is just angry.. he always do this..
Viplav: (irritating look) he always does this with u and u wants to spend ur life with him .. he doesn’t deserve u
Dhani: he is my husband he has full rights to do anything with me.. I am going to him.. (starts crying) he can’t leave me like this.. I left my home my parents for him.. I ran away from my home for him..
Viplav even after listening everything didn’t notice that she is same dhani..
Viplav (holds her hand): dhani he has divorced u..
His words didn’t allow dhani to stand properly so she was about to collapse but viplav holds her, and takes her at home, his home actually where he lives alone.. only servants are there..
Viplav ask her to freshen up and shows her guest room.. he left from there after that dhani locked the door and cried aloud.. days passed like this dhani cries on her fate and viplav was taking her full care and was busy in his office too but he didn’t ask her about her family because he doesn’t want her to remember all that.. he was waiting for her recovery
After 2 months
Dhani was now better she was trying to forget everything whereas viplav also did his best to cheer her up which makes her normal.. one day they both were sitting together.. viplav noticed that dhani is fine now and her mood is also good so he decided to ask about her parents and their address..
Viplav: dhani.. from where u belong
Dhani: banaras..
Viplav: (shocked and his heat starts to beat fast) and tell me something about ur parents
Dhani: my parents also live in banaras.. I left them for marrying soham they want me to marry with someone
Viplav: with whom ? Do u know his name ?
Dhani: his name was also viplav like u.. my alliance was fixed with him since childhood.. I broke that as well as my parents, I hurt that man’s feeling and ruined my parents respect that’s why today I am in this condition.. and after that I didn’t contact with them ever..

(Note: dhani knows her fiance name but she haven’t thought that he is the same viplav who is sitting right in front of him because there are many viplav in the world naa)
Viplav whose heart was pounding very fast and asked her parents name and she replied that her mom name is dulari and dad name is rahul.. now viplav was hell shocked because his love was sitting in front of him.. the girl whom he loved was brutally tortured by her fate and yeah that picture was also cleared now and he realized that what connection he was having with her why he was continuously attracting her like magnet but he didn’t tell her anything because he don’t want to give her more pain..
Viplav: (pulled himself together) we are going to ur home tomorrow..
Dhani: no, we are not I have no courage to face them.. I have already hurt them alot now not any more
Viplav: dhani they must be in pain.. may be they want to see u..
Dhani: but they will not forgive me they must be hating me
Viplav: no they can’t hate u because parents can’t hate their child.. they must be angry but they will melt down seeing u apologizing..
Dhani: how do u know
Viplav: because I also love someone dearly but she doesn’t want to live with me so she goes far from me but even after all this I can’t hate her I love her even more by the passage of time my love gets even more strong.. if my love is like this then think parents love will be way more stronger than me even their love can’t be compared..
Dhani: where that girl is now ?
Viplav: she is with me
Dhani: what ?
Viplav: she is with me in my thoughts in my feelings in my heart in short she is part of my life..
Dhani: that girl is so ungrateful.. how can she reject u.. she would regret…
Viplav: hey dhani.. don’t say anything bad about her.. I can’t listen that
Dhani: sorry.. anyways what’s her name
Viplav: Arey leave all this.. just tell me ur address and get ready tomorrow we are leaving for banaras..
Dhani told her address which viplav already knew then they bid good night and went to sleep in their respective rooms..
In viplav’s room..
Viplav was thinking about dhani.. he was crying thinking about pain which dhani suffered.. he thinks that he loved her alot but can’t tell her.. she loves soham, I will not tell her about my feelings.. thinking this he slept

In dhani’ room
Dhani was thinking about viplav’s words and soham’s tortures.. tears rolled down from her cheeks.. After awhile she also slept
Next day they both reached dhani’s house she gets emotional seeing her house after so much time.. viplav ask her to come..
They both come inside.. Rahul and dulari were sitting and drinking tea.. they had grown so week.. dhani entered that room and called maa baba.. they both looked up and surprisingly looked at dhani (tears rolled down from their week eyes).. she fall on her dad’s foot
Dhani: dad forgive me maa forgive me.. give me punishment but please forgive .. I know I am the worst child but please don’t hate me
Rahul (who was crying makes her stand): dhani beta where were u we were waiting for u since long.. we are not angry, u have came naa that is the biggest blessing for us
Dulari: yes dhani forgive us we should listen u than this wouldn’t happen.. we shouldn’t fix ur alliance without ur permission..
Viplav was also crying seeing and listening their conversation..
Dhani: maa baba don’t embarrass me more.. u guys were right I was wrong..
And she narrated everything to them she also tell them how viplav take care of her..then rahul and dulari noticed viplav’s presence and goes towards him
Rahul: viplav we don’t know how to thanks u.. u had done a big favour if u wouldn’t have there then don’t know how dhani could survive..
Viplav: uncle u are embarrassing me it was my duty..
Dhani: dad how do u know his name
Dulari: beta he is the same person whom u were engaged in childhood.. he is viplav.. viplav tripathi..
Viplav looked at her in pain then looks a side
Dhani was shocked but before she could say anything she feels uneasy and went to wash room leaving everyone tensed..
Dulari goes behind her after awhile she comes with dhani and announced with teary eyes that dhani is expecting after listening this viplav was shattered but composes himself..
Dhani: I don’t want this child.. I don’t want soham
Dulari: what are u saying ? Have u gone mad ? What mistake this baby had done ?
Dhani: who will give him father’s love .. I can’t take care of him alone I am tired now (cries vigorously)
Viplav who was listening all this silently ask her to marry him.. he will give all rights to him.. he said that he is not forcing her it’s totally her own wish..
Dhani: was that girl was me ?
Viplav nods in yes with teary eyes..
Dulari: dhani please say yes for me
Dhani agrees for marriage.. all gets happy.. then viplav left from there and reached his home and told them everything.. first her mom disagree but then with much difficulty they agreed and now they were happy..

After one month
Viplav and his family comes to her house and after one week they get married under the blessings of their parents and with all rituals.. after that they left for their house..
After some hours
Viplav comes in his room and saw dhani sitting nervously.. viplav comes and sits beside her..
Viplav: go and change ur clothes.. and don’t worry until u accept this relation we will not move further because I have married to give u happiness and for our child.. I love u but I will wait for u as I know u love… U need time
Tears rolled down from dhani’s cheeks listening “our child” ..
Then dhani goes to change..
After 2 months they both leave for mumbai because viplav is settled there naa
After 6 months
Viplav and dhani are still living like strangers though dhani has started falling for her whereas viplav also cares for her alot.. they both were leaving happily..
Then one fine day dhani was thinking each moment spend with viplav and realized that she truly loves him but then she thinks how can she fall in love twice and finally realized that was just timely attraction which attracted her towards soham which ruined her life but she truly loves viplav.. she decided to confess it just now and she goes to kitchen to cook something for viplav so that she will take it to viplav’s office and then she will tell him everything..
Here in viplav’s office
Some one knocked on the door .. viplav asked her to come in and was surprised to see soham while he was also surprised.. (actually he doesn’t know that it’s viplav’s office he was there for job appointment)
Viplav: what the hell are u doing here
Soham: so this is ur office

Then soham noticed dhani’s pic hanged on wall and one pic kept on his table..
Soham: so u both have married.. I was right something was cooking between u both
Viplav: ae don’t u dare say anything to dhani I will kill u
Dhani comes in room and was shocked as well as scared .. tiffin falls from her hand..
Soham saw her and was moving towards her but before he could reach viplav goes to her and holds her hand..
Soham: oh what a scene u both are so lovely.. dhani I was right that day but whose this child is.. mine or viplav…
Viplav: hey soham behave ur self and get lost otherwise I will lost control from myself..
Soham: dhani I know this is my child and I am ready to accept it so please come with me now (he wants to give pain to viplav otherwise he has no concern towards that baby and dhani)
Dhani makes him leave his hand and was going towards soham.. viplav was looking this silently but was crying inside whereas soham smirks..
Dhani goes towards him and slapped him harder.. he was giving him slaps continuously then finally she stopped.. soham was about to raise his hands…. when viplav holds his hand and punched him
Dhani: I hate u Soham.. I didn’t loved u ever it was just attraction actually God wants me to suffer this pain that’s why I married u.. I hurt my parents that’s why u tortured me.. I rejected viplav that’s why u divorced me.. I didn’t love u.. viplav taught me what love is .. I love him I only love viplav..
Then she feels week and shouts because of labor pain.. viplav holds her and immediately took her to hospital..
Soham left from there and was roaming on road when a fast truck hit him and he died on the spot..
Here in hospital
Dhani gave birth to a cute boy.. after awhile viplav comes in and hold that child in his arms he was on cloud nine because of this unique happiness.. then he goes towards dhani..
Dhani (opened her eyes) viplav I want to..
Viplav: sshh dhani we will talk afterwards.. take rest
Dhani: no viplav let me speak.. I love u viplav.. u actually taught me what love is whats the difference between attraction and love.. unknowingly u loved me so much ur love was selfless.. I gave u lots of pain but then also u loved me.. thanks viplav for being like this
Viplav: I was dying to listen these three words from u and now u have said I am so happy.. then they hugged each other

After 7 years
A seven years old boy was calling his mom and dad yeah that young boy is Vidhan (viplav dhani son)..
Viplav: yes vidhan why are u panicking
Vidhan: see vidha is teasing me
(Yes vidha is their daughter and she is of six years)
Viplav: vidha don’t tease ur brother
Vidha: papa he was not giving me his iPad
Vidhan: papa she has her own than why she is asking me
Viplav: stop it u both (called dhani) dhani
Dhani: what’s wrong ?
Viplav: see they are dancing on my head and eating my brain..
Dhani (laughed): bear it viplav u are their father..
Viplav: acha.. wait I will tell u
Then viplav chases her and finally grabs her hand and gave a peck on her cheeks
Dhani: viplav what are u doing ?
Vidhan: don’t worry were have closed our eyes
Viplav bites his tongue because he forgot that two naughty kids are also present there..
Viplav: vidhan u are such a naughty boy like me.. come here u both
Then viplav takes out his cellphone and capture that moment through a family selfiee.. then they all hugged each other.. viplav and dhani looked at each other lovingly..
Screen freezes on this happy beginning yeah this was beginning of their lives..

Moral: never hurt ur parents, never do such thing which will ruin ur parents respect because by hurting parents u can’t live happily.. even if soham may good than also dhani can’t live happily because she gave pain to her parents which God will never tolerate.. this story has a happy ending but sometimes it doesn’t happen like this because everyone is not like viplav even 99β„… people is not like viplav so please never take such kind of decision if ur parents have decided something than it will surely be in ur benefit because they only want our happiness.. (now enough of my lecture otherwise u might will think that I am giving lecture like a sixty years old women)

How was that ? Do drop ur comments.. I know it’s quite long but as it’s one shot so it has to be.. I will post my ff soon .. till then enjoy this.. leave ur opinions complaints or anything.. bashers are also allowed..
Keep smiling? and keep watching ikrs daily?

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  1. Shruthy

    OMGGGG! Mahaaa ???????
    That was such a wonderful one shot re. I am so happy we got to read something of you after so long. And this story was literally one of my favourite. I am surely going to save it in my folder. There is no doubt on it.
    Dhaani was so young and her age made her take such a wrong decision. But yeah that SOham never loved her too because if he did, he would have held her hand and both together they would have convinced their parents. That’s what true love make you do. And they look quite young. Love wouldn’t have been something happening at that agebut only attraction. ANd they eloped.
    On the side, the one who already dreamt his life along with his Dhaani, a restless but still not losing Viplav. He really loved her from the beginning that he even created his own picture of that Dhaani not able to see the real one.
    Eloping was the worst decision of Dhaani that she suffered her following days in poverty, torture, misbelief from her husband… She wasn’t happy at all but love made her stay with him. Still she felt uneasy with him. Why? Pfff…
    Dhaani and Viplav fated connection sent her to his company for work. Not knowing it, both spent moments with each other as workmates. And that one fate sent Viplav later to Dhaani sending a reason. Soham again didn’t believe her and behave brutally with her. That was literally disgusting and inhumane of him. How could he? Anyhow…
    But thank God, even insulted, she got to be away from his life. Thanks to Him, Viplav witnessed her pain and even suffered it deep inside unwillingly because that love. And he took her to his home.
    Living few days with Viplav around, Dhaani’s state back to normal mode and she was finally well. And that was when God again put a twist into their lives making Viplav know about her true identity. He couldn’t realise it first but he was indeed feeling a special connection with whom he kept loving so much in his heart. That was God’s bliss but he knows she doesn’t want to live with him. And Dhaani feeling bad for that man also with whom her marriage was ready to happen. But then Viplav convinced her to go back home.
    Once back home, she realizes her parents indeed never were angry on her and accepted her again. And again twist’u : Dhaani comes to know about Viplav’s identity, and she gets to know she was expecing. She was in such a dilemma. I was so sure she would refuse that child but indeed, it was not its fault. And then, when she was worrying for father love, Viplav saves her again giving her and her child life. I felt indeed Dhaani’s “nothing to do else” wala yes to marriage but she indeed had no other way :/
    And finally they got married. But Viplav behaved so gently. He told her straightly that even though he loves her, he will complete the relationship only with her accordance. Dhaani is so lucky. And soon she even realised she was indeed very lucky to have a hubby like Viplav. Even not in love, she made her live happy. Nothing more is needed in life, when you have that one person who will make your life heaven. And she feels love was increasing in her for her Viplav. And she was ready to confess.
    But unfortunately, even that precious moment of life didnt happen like she wanted really. Soham had to cross ViDha’s path once again and was ready to bring thunders but Dhaani, finally awake, acts fairly and stands for the right side and approves her love for Viplav. And that one confession gets even more blissful with the birth of their child, like Viplav said.
    And their love story continued with the birth of another baby girl one year later and today they live happy, the 4 of them together. But I felt Viplav supported Vidhan and that he loves him more, I mean he finds him more special. May be because he is the truly reason of ViDha’s love story na. But anyways, they all love each other and live happily.
    Moral : I totally agree with you. Haan people think arranged marriages are like “too old” type of life. But parents never choose anything for their children in a hurry. They always think about their kids’ happiness and good. And marriage is the most important thing in someone’s life. It’s such a responsability. You can indeed love someone, but you might not take such a decision because your parents disagree. Try to make them agree, and at least try to know why they don’t. There must be a reason for sure. Unfortunately, young age means still immature, and you don’t realise the reality of life and what surrounds you.
    Overall the story was fantastic and very good in the way you give a message through it. Waiting to read now “True love and friendship” but take your time.
    PS : I love you! <3 :*

    1. Thanks shruthy even thanks is small word for ur lovely comment?.. I literally enjoyed reading it? I am happy that u loved it.. oh u will save it it’s a really honour for me?..
      Yeah decision made in this age is probably wrong because we are not matured in this age as we haven’t seen the world’s true and cruel face but our parents does so we should leave these decisions on parents and like u said we should try to find the reason of their disagreement.. soham didn’t love her and neither dhani did it was just attraction.. and I am truly opposed of eloping because at one point guy will surely taunt her for that and by taking this step u will loose everything in ur life especially ur parents which are the precious blessing from God.. dhani was lucky to have viplav.. but in real life it is harder to find a person like viplav .. the way he took care of her gave his name to that child.. no one has this much big heart .. and yeah it was their fate which was attracting them like magnet.. yes he loved vidhan because he was the reason of their love story and because he was their first child..
      I am very happy that u liked it so as it’s message I was quite scared to post it because I thought u guys will not like it as dhani married soham and all other things happened with dhani but I was wrong.. I love writing such kind of stories so I will write more once my ff will finish if u guys will say yes because accepting vidhani like this is difficult I guess (like topics on rape and other problems of society) I want to write inspirational story and it will be OS like this one.. so… If u guys will give permission than I will write otherwise I will drop this idea..
      Thank u? love u toooo? sweetie?

      1. Shruthy

        Glad you liked my comment. :*
        Hmm true, we are so young for such high decisions. But people nowadays are quite too fast. They never feel the pain the others might get. But well, fate always teaches lessons.
        That’s true. Viplav in reality is quite rare indeed, but that’s because of today’s world. There is more of bad than good.
        You want permission? Then I will give you 1000 permission letters. I actually understand your fear. That’s true that people might feel quite awkward to talk about such social issues in their stories but you can neither invent an imaginary world na? What you are going to write will be fuly inspired of reality. So of course we might find real facts. I honestly don’t mind it at all. So many novelists openly write whzt theyr feel. We must feel so :p No but stories with message are really rare nowadays. And I don’t want to miss any if there is one. If you still get awkward to share it publicly, I will force you to send it in private :p I would really be happy to read more of your pen. So don’t hesitate. Otherwise, I will act like an ego and force to mail me :p just kidding, please don’t mind

    2. Thanks for ur support.. yeah I will write for sure .. Ahaan I didn’t mind because I don’t have mind? I have brains? (lame and stupid joke I know) but I will write once my ff will finish.. thanks?

  2. Sujie

    Maha……. This one shot has become one of my favorite fan fictions…….ONE OF THE BEST Because there are many other stories I have liked till now… Honestly this is one of them… I really adore this……..
    Soham…. might be a character in this ff of yours but these kinds of people exist in the real world too…..
    Dhaani…… Undoubtedly many girls like Dhaani portrayed in this ff do exist in this world bearing all the pain…tolerating them just because the person whom they have thought to love gives them so much pain…they cannot return back to their family as well…in some cases when boys return home…they might be welcomed…but in the same place…if girls return home IF OTHERWISE THEY CAN’T THINK OF RETURNING BECAUSE THEY THINK THAT THEY HAVE MOVED ON HURTING THEIR PARENTS AND PARENTS WON’T BE ABLE TO SEE THEM IN THAT CONDITION..But if this happens and girls return to their home….they are questioned and the saddest part is that their character is questioned…..
    As per your ff…Dhaani’s parents were emotionally weak…but they had soft corner for their only daughter….. that part was emotional…..Happy ending like in this story is barely possible in this hard real world….
    And Viplav….hero….. quite a few hero like Viplav are found in the world…….
    The love that Viplav has for Dhaani….. Awwwwww…. every girl would want to have such a life partner in the world…. I could imagine Viplav addressing the baby in Dhaani’s womb as our baby and the happiness in Dhaani’s face and heart after hearing OUR BABY from Viplav too is worth imagining πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    yes…the leap……. vidhaan and Vidha…adorable kids on my mind…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thank you for this lovely one shot Maha…… πŸ™‚
    God bless you …..and keep rocking… πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks sujie? l am soo happy after knowing that u loved it.. thanks alot?
      Yes people like Soham do exist in society and through my ff I want to advise all girls that don’t ever take this kind of decision because it will ruin ur as well as ur parents respect.. u can’t take guarantee of that guy and I am sure at one point he will surely taunt that girl.. so please?
      Yes boys are whole hearted accepted by their parents and so as society and girl is brutally treated by society I can’t say parents because they have to accept her as they can’t see their child in pain but society always bad mouth about that girl like iss larki ke ghalte hai bechari bhole se larke ko phansa diya .. urgh !!
      Dhani was really very lucky to have viplav.. yes everyone wants a boy like viplav and I always pray to God that He bless us a guy who would truly love us..
      Indeed dhani was pleased to listen our child that happiness that relief cannot be defined in words.. thanks for liking it?

  3. Really Super Maha πŸ™‚ . You have explained the most common thing that is happening i our society now πŸ™‚ . and your Moral it is really very impressed me a lot.

    1. Aww !! Thanks Vinny? Glad u liked this story and so as message.. and yes this is the most common thing happening in our society so we should stop it by creating awareness about it..

  4. Renuverma

    Mahi great job☝☝
    In our society due to generation gsp children

  5. Renuverma

    Well above was posted by mistake.
    Today teenagers r exposed to internet n get easily infatuated at tender age. Later when they realise it too late.
    Coming to yr shot dhani n soham r infatuated towards each other n without knowing meaning of love n marriage end up eloping n marrying after their parents didn’t approve their relationship.
    Children forget that their action would leave their parents shattered.
    Parents do everything for the betterment of their child n at times curb their own desires to fulfill wishes of their children. After education the time comes to return back to their parents n there r a few lucky parents who get the returns. Rest either live in old age homes or even at their own home in one corner waiting for children to come but they never come either they have eloped or married n have xhanged their priorities.
    Your story is thè image of current happening but as SHRUTHY N SUJIE said its rare that the girl finds someone like viplav after being ditched.

    Loved the way u took yr story from dhanis attraction; parents rejection; her eloping n marrying aoham; getting tortured by soham; thinking of nowhere to go fearing parents rejection ; dhani’s working in viplavs office; viplavs accidentally xoming to her home n seeing her being harassed ; viplav acting as saviour; dhanis return to her parents with viplavs aid; viplav accepting her n child n then their happily marries family.? of 4 was awesome.
    Enjoyed every bit.
    Agree to yr moral n proud of u for penning such story at this age.

    God bless u.

    1. Thanks Renu di for liking it and I am 100β„… agree to what u said.. I can’t understand that how can a child be it a girl or a boy can ignore his/her parents how can they forget that their parents have done so much for him/her for their upbringing.. yes people like viplav are not present in society may be it exist at 0.01β„… ratio .. thanks for loving it .. I am proud of u all that u accepted this story as I was scared that u will accept vidhani like this but as u guys have accepted I will write more if guys will give me permission like on rape and other topics .. because I know accepting vidhani like this is difficult.. love u di for ur support?

  6. Angel20

    Maha Maha Maha..!!!
    This was so good!! I really felt very bad for Dhaani and I am proud of Viplav!! Just loved this❀❀ love you for this.. And the moral was very well explained! Actually I don’t have much time so not a long comment can’t say more.. Sorry.. Bye..

    1. Thanks Maria .. oho doesn’t matter .. I am happy that u loved story it’s message and take out time for commenting.. thank u?

  7. Latha

    Superb episode Maha and whatever Renu di told about teenages infatuation is true. The way you narrated the story was lovely. Feeling bad for dhani and viplav’s love accepting her and her child was awesome
    Enjoyed and loved this one shot ff soooo much. Your moral really great?????

    1. Thanks Latha ..I am happy that u liked it πŸ™‚ Thanks for appreciation <3

  8. Meghs

    Wow its brilliant i mean one best os with good message. ..

    I agree with u all completely. .. whatever dhani done is wrong as parents always sacrifice their happiness for kids… but what we gave them in return its nothing actually compare they given to us…

    We should never hurt parents feelings as we can never be happy if they r sad…

    Good msg maha… i love the concept alot..

    Ur right even 99percent can’t be like vip..

    No stry have happy ending like this insuch case

    1. Thanks Megha :-* Yes u are right .. we should always think for their happiness like they always did for us .. Happy that u liked the story as well as message πŸ™‚

  9. Lakshmi

    maha love ur story…more than that loved ur concept….actually me too have the same ideas….
    and I am not a good commenter….becoz here all said a long abt ur concept and all…..if we ever met or if we got a chance to talk then we will definitely say so many things….becoz i am very talkative but not a good commenter…..
    and ya i have also given almost the same concept in my first ff sanam re…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Lakshmi?.. Glad that u loved concept.. oh don’t say like this u have read it appreciated it that’s enough for me don’t think about comments because long or short all are important for me?
      Yeah I have read ur ff sanam re I loved it’s concept in fact I loved it’s story..

      1. Oh ya thanks maha

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