Ikrs: vidhani’s hidden love (Two shots by Maha)

Hey lovely people!
Maha is back with Two Shots .. I don’t know it’s good but a story came in my mind and I worked on it so something like this is ready.. As it’s an TS I will wrap everything fast, characters will be introduced side by side..

Let’s begin!
A room is shown where a boy was sleeping peacefully on his bed sun rays were disturbing him so he covers his face with blanket.. slowly someone removes blanket from his face
Viplav: Yaar please let me sleep some more time.. (saying so he covers his face again but that someone again uncovers his face viplav makes a crying face and gets up) kia hai why this sun rises too early!

Then he looks at that someone, she was a cute baby of around 3 years.. she was smiling naughtily he takes her in his arms and kissed on her cheeks
Viplav: u have become too naughty, why were u disturbing ur baba.. tell me! Now I will not leave u (he starts tickling her and because of that she laughed aloud then viplav stops) by the way I was angry with u.. last night u fall asleep without talking to ur baba, that is not fair but it’s Ok because baba can’t remain angry with his princess for long (baby was looking at him in amusement) now come on vidhi, shower kon ley ga
Vidhi starts jumping.. viplav smiles and takes her in washroom.. he makes her brush the teeth, later he comes out with vidhi who was wrap in towel.. he makes her sit on bed then makes her wear the dress
Viplav: now my princess is ready..
Just then shalu came there she smiles looking at both busy in playing
Shalini: (sits on bed) bhai u are still not ready..
Viplav: huh! Shalu don’t u get tired asking the same question daily.. u know naa first I make my princess ready then I take shower
Shalini: but bhai u can ask her maid to do all this
Viplav: shalu u know very well that I love to do all her work with my hands..
Shalini: yeah yeah I know now go please I am starving
Viplav: yeah moti going.. (he takes vidhi in his hands) see my princess is looking too beautiful
Shalini: hmm she is indeed looking pretty but bhai I am ur princess too naa
Viplav: (smiles) of course u both are my princess I am alive till now for u both otherwise after that accident…
Shalini: (interrupts him) bhai leave all this and go please..
Viplav: Ok going!
He was about to go along with vidhi who was in his arms but shalini stops him
Shalini: bhai are u going to take her with u ?
Viplav: (bites his tongue) Oh I just forgot.. (kissed on vidhi’s cheeks) go to ur bia and tease her alot (laughs aloud)
Shalini: (takes her from viplav) kia bhai ap bhe.. already she is too naughty and u are making her more.. now go fast else I will start eating breakfast without u..
Viplav: yeah yeah going! Moti ur all time work is eating but then also u are always hungry
Shalini rolled her eyes and signs him to go then she goes from there with vidhi who was in her arms while viplav also leaves to take shower.. later he comes down with a chocolate in his hands and saw shalini is trying her to feed cereal but she is not ready to eat.. viplav smiles and walks towards dinning table and sits in a chair
Viplav: shalu! U know naa she used to eat breakfast and dinner from my hands then why are u trying and wasting ur time

Shalini: bhai she was hungry so I thought to feed her but she is too stubborn, now handle ur princess by urself and I will eat my yummy food
Viplav: (stands up and makes her sit in front of him then sits back) so vidhi it’s time for breakfast.. (takes a spoon filled with cereal and brings it close to her mouth but she pressed her lips) vidhi that’s not fair.. who wants to eat chocolate u know if u will finish it quickly then u will get a chocolate.. yummy but it seems like u don’t need it.. see ur bia she is winning I am thinking to give her that yummy se big chocolate (vidhi immediately opened her mouth, viplav smiles) yeah that’s like my girl!
Then he makes her eat cereal with lots of care and love then he gives her a chocolate as per their deal.. she gets busy in eating chocolate while viplav gets busy in breakfast, while having his meal he thinks something and smiles with teary eyes.. shalini noticed it

Shalini: what happened bhai ? Are u crying ?
Viplav: (looks a side and wipes his tears) no I wasn’t..
Shalini: bhai at least don’t lie with me.. I know u were crying and I know the reason behind ur tears.. u are missing everyone naa, I too miss them alot without them this house is empty
Viplav: I don’t miss them because they are with me always.. they are present at each corner of this house, I was just remembering past moments that how this home was filled with members.. the way we all pull each other legs but time flies so fast.. I wasn’t able to save them
Shalini: (she couldn’t control her tears more so a drop of tear fall from her eyes) bhai nobody can do anything it was destined but bhai why don’t u get married?
Viplav: (irritating tone) again u have started
Shalini: bhai but today I will not listen the same answer.. u need someone who will fill emptiness in ur life
Viplav: shalu my life is not empty.. my vidhi is with me u are with me, I don’t want anyone else
Shalini: Ok theek hai.. u don’t need naa, fine.. what about vidhi she is now growing up, she needs a mother now, why are u becoming stubborn bhai
Viplav: I will play both roles for her than u are also here naa so what’s the problem
Shalini: but one day I will go, that is a fact bhai than what will u do ?
Viplav: yeah I know that but what can I do.. I am afraid if that girl couldn’t accept vidhi, if she would treat her like a step mother than what I will do.. I can’t take any risk!
Shalini: bhai how can u be so sure! There must be a girl who will love vidhi more than u even more than her mother.. don’t u remember her last words
Viplav: I remembered her each word…
Shalini: (interrupts him) than have faith on God! Bhai u have right to love someone, u have right to think about urself too.. I know u are stopping urself to love otherwise love is a beautiful feeling which cannot stay far from a person..
While listening all this viplav reminisces a girl who was wearing a white saree her innocent face was revealing her inner beauty and purity.. her hands were folded and eyes were closed, her hairs were moving because of wind.. he smiles while thinking this whereas shalini noticed it and looks him in a suspicious way
Shalini: (moves her hand in front of his eyes) bhai where have u lost ?
Viplav: (blinks his eyes and was surprised on his thoughts) No.. nothing I was just..
Shalini: (interrupts him) hmm! Bhai u are caught now.. u must be thinking about a girl.. Right ? No matter how much u stop urself but dil k samne kisi ke nahe chalte
Viplav: what rubbish ? I was thinking about vidhi, my love.. pagal!
Shalini: but bhai..

Viplav: (interrupts her) no more discussion on this topic.. I am getting late now
Shalini pouts, viplav ignored her and takes vidhi in his arms
Viplav: vidhi, my princess.. give me a kissi fast (vidhi turns her face) Hoo! This much attitude.. baba is katty now (he makes a crying face vidhi smiles and kisses on his cheeks, viplav broadly smiles) yeah that’s like my girl! (Kisses on her cheeks) now go to ur bia and don’t tease her, baba will bring ice cream for princess..
Vidhi becomes happy after listening ice cream whereas viplav smiles and hand over the baby girl to shalini.. then they bid bye to each other, later viplav stops his car in front of temple, he gets down and remembers something

A flashback is shown:

3 years back-
Viplav is crying and sitting in front of God’s idol.. he was shattered and was complaining God for snatching his happiness and loved ones when a girl wearing a white saree passes by him.. she was badly humiliated by pandit for no reason, she was listening all that silently and after those pandit leaves she joined her hands in front of God and thanks Him for giving her courage to face all difficulties, he was looking at him in a surprised manner than looked at the idol..
Viplav to himself: how can she be so strong, she was too badly treated by them for no reason but then also she stayed silent and after all this she is thanking God..
He wipes his tears, stands up and goes towards her.. he was standing behind her
Viplav: excuse me!

Girl: (turned her face to viplav but seeing him he looks down in nervousness) yes ?
Viplav: why those men were insulting u ?
Girl: (looks at him than looks down) woh I am late today..
Viplav: (didn’t understand and make a confused face) so are u doing some job here ?
Girl: I am here to clean this temple (holds the side of pallu in her hand) but why are u asking this..
Viplav: (was surprised by listening this) I was asking just like that but ur life is too difficult than also u are thanking God..
Girl: (interrupts him) so these difficulties are our exam and we should thank God that He chose us among all for this exam moreover we should thank Him for giving us courage to face those problems..
Viplav: (was looking at him in a surprising way) but..
Girl: (interrupts him) now please excuse me! I have to do work and please don’t talk with me again otherwise people will start thinking wrong
Viplav: (couldn’t understand her) what..
Before he could complete her sentence she went from there.. he turns back and saw that a pandit is questioning her (u can imagine phool chand)
Phool chand: to whom were u talking ?
Girl: (looks down in nervousness) woh nothing, that man…
Phool chand: (angrily looks at her) stop stammering! And control urself now go and do ur work..
She goes from there.. viplav was watching all this and then realized that it isn’t right to talk with her if he would do this then her problems will increase even more
Flashback ends..
Viplav was now standing in front of God’s idol.. he was praying with folded hands.. it was his daily routine to visit that temple because that place gives him courage but after that day he didn’t talk with her again because according to him it would increase her problems.. whenever she reaches there he stands behind pillar and watches her simplicity and elegance hiding behind it.. Actually he doesn’t want her to see him so when she gets busy in cleaning, he leaves that place without making her notice his presence.. she was his inspiration as because of her he becomes strong enough to take up the responsibilities and then may be he had started feeling for her from that day but is not ready to accept it.. Anyways viplav prays then opened his eyes and walks towards the pillar and stands beside it,
Viplav to himself: why she didn’t come till now! I hope everything is Ok.. may be she is busy in some work..
He was waiting for her since long but she didn’t show up so he walks towards the car and sits inside it.. he was on the way when he turned his head to left side, he sees something but didn’t notice and looks straight but then he realized that something was wrong there so he reversed his car and pushed the brake pedal, he comes out of the vehicle and runs towards them, while running he saw two men were dragging a girl, he runs as fast as he can.. he reaches too close to them and shouts “Stop!”.. both men along with the lady turned behind, he was shocked to see same temple girl

Men: who are u ? And what are u doing here ?
Viplav: (while panting) just leave all this.. and tell me, who are u and where are u taking her ?
Men: don’t jump in our matters and run away if u want ur life
Viplav: (frowns) like I will get scared of ur warning! Tell me fast otherwise I will call police, does she is related to u guys ?
Lady: (sobbingly) no, they are not..

Men: (interrupts her and shouts) shut up!
Viplav: madam u stay silent he is telling naa
Men: we are taking her with us because.. (just then they heard siren) who called the police ?
Viplav: (smiles) I called them.. what do u think that I am here to talk with u guys. Do u think me as fool ? Idiots! Now go and enjoy ur time with police and don’t u dare to do this cheap act again..
Police inspector: Yeah! Mr. Viplav don’t worry about that.. we will give them severe punishment.. thank u so much for ur corporation

Then police took those men along with them while viplav goes towards that girl
Viplav: (looks at her with concern) Are u Ok ? (she didn’t say a word just shook her head in yes) why they were dragging u like this (she looks at him with teary eyes then looks down, viplav was surprisingly looking at her behavior) come on I will drop u at home, ur home
Girl: (looks at him nervously) No, I will manage
Viplav: Thank God u have spoken something otherwise I thought.. (he stops in mid as he noticed her upset face) umm! See no need of formality.. I will drop u, don’t worry..
Before she could say something he went from there and stands beside the car then signs her to sit inside.. she slowly walks towards the vehicle and sits inside it.. while driving he realized that he doesn’t know her address
Viplav: madam! I don’t know ur address so would u like to tell me
Girl: address ?
Viplav: (chuckles) don’t u know it ?
Girl: (looks at him then looks straight) I know.. I live in XYZ place
Viplav nods and heads towards that way.. Afterwards they reached that place, both gets down and walks towards the main gate, the girl looks back and saw viplav
Girl: (turns to him) Thanks for ur help but now u can go
Viplav: (looks at her in disbelief) wese I don’t want to come at ur home but then also u can at least offer me
Girl: (looks a side) I can’t as this is not my home
Viplav: what ? So where is ur home and why are u living here.. Wait! If u have told me wrong address
Girls: (frowns and looks at him angrily while viplav was impatiently waiting for her reply) I have told u right address, this is not my home but I use to live here so please now go otherwise they will think something wrong

Viplav: (lifts his eyebrows) They ? Ur family members ?
Girl: (sighs) family members! (in slow voice) yeah so called!
Viplav: what ?
Girl: nothing, now please go and thanks for everything..
Viplav: (feels something fishy) now I will not go till u go inside
Girl: (looks at him shockingly) Are u mad ? I have told u that they will think wrong but then also u are not listening.. (irritatingly) why are u increasing my problems
Viplav: (thinks for awhile then breaks his silence) I will not stand in front of them, umm! (looks left right) yeah I will stand behind tree and once u go inside I will leave from here
Girl: (thinks tensely) Oh God! If he stays here then he will see everything, he will come to know the reason behind that incident..

Viplav: (noticed her face which was revealing her tensions) What happen ? I’m going.. Ok!
She was about to say something but he left from there and stands behind the tree, girl looks at him tensely while he signs him to go and ring the doorbell, she nods and slowly walks towards the door.. whereas,

Viplav: (thinks) waah! God, at temple I have to hide behind pillar and here I have to hide behind tree and both situations are related with this girl! What is happening to me, do I.. (stops in mid) No, no.. I just like her as she is simple, pure hearted girl and I am helping her as she changed me by her views.. her each word encouraged me and because of her I become strong.. (again takes a pause) wait! Why I am giving clarification to myself.. haadd hai!
Then he looks at her who had already rung the bell and now was waiting for someone to open that door.. after some seconds a woman of around 55 years opened the door and looks at her in rage while that girl was getting scare and holds the side of pallu tightly, that old woman moves towards her and holds her elbow.. viplav was watching all this shockingly
Woman: again u had come.. why are u not leaving us, let us live peacefully
Girl: (cryingly) maa g! I have no home.. please let me stay here
Woman: don’t call me maa! I am not ur maa u have eaten my son then also we allowed u to stay here for three years but now we don’t want to see ur face as ur face reminds me my innocent son whom u have killed
Girl: (cryingly shouts) I haven’t killed anyone.. why u are not understanding
Listening all this noise a boy came from inside and surprisingly looked at the girl.. he goes towards her
Boy: again u had come.. we have already sold u than how can u come here, how did u run from there..
Viplav was shocked to listen that
Girl: (pushed him) because God helped me he send an angel for me who saved me from those devils.. (turns to that woman) maa g don’t u feel pity on me u are also a woman how can u do this with me.. if ur own daughter was at my place than also u would have sell her.. don’t u afraid of God!
That boy holds her arm and was about to slap her but a strong hand stops him..
Viplav: (looks at him angrily) don’t u dare! U guys are not human beings (holds the girl’s hand) how can u sell a girl.. I can’t believe this
Woman: she had eaten my son.. then also we tolerate her for three years and gave her time to earn money…
Viplav: (interrupts her) that’s why she was working in that temple (that girl looks at him and thinks “how can he know that”) don’t u have shame, u are well established members then also u are making her to work and ur son is not murdered by her it was destined.. how can u blame her for that
Boy: why are u taking her stand.. if she had trapped u
Viplav: (holds his collar while that girl holds her hand) what nonsense! Don’t say anything from ur dirty mouth.. I am here because of humanity, and I will protect her from u all because I am not heartless
Then he pushed him while that old woman holds him
Woman: if u are so concerned for her than take her with u, why are u giving us lecture
Boy: because maa giving lecture is easy but to give place to someone is difficult.. no one has this much big heart like us..

Viplav: she is ur family member so this is ur responsibility to take care of her
Woman: she was our responsibility till my son was alive in fact we allowed her to live here for three years but now it’s enough.. and we don’t want to see her face we want her to bear pain and sorrows so get lost from here..
Saying so they go inside leaving viplav and that girl outside.. the girl was standing there senselessly.. viplav noticed this and goes to her
Viplav: (was about to keep his hand on her shoulder but stops himself and looks at him with pain) Don’t worry! Everything will be Ok, we…
Before he could complete his sentence she ran from there living viplav behind who was completely shocked at her gesture.. he runs behind her then stops and saw she was standing at the middle of road and a truck is about to hit her

Screen freezes!

Thanks for reading!
Ok so how was that.. I know it’s little surprising for u as I have told u already that I will not post anything but I was free so thought to write.. After reading it u guys must be thinking that “iss larki k paas koi kaam nahe” because I used to make a girl quite week who has to face many problems and then viplav takes her to home but kia karun situation ase hoti hai.. I tried my best to keep this story different from my previous ones.. I know many questions are raising in ur mind but kindly wait for next or probably last shot.. keep supporting and sharing ur views!
Keep smiling!
Love u all <3

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  1. Sujie

    Maha…… another master piece….with Ishq ka rang safed…… go on dear……
    And those idiots…kide pade unko…
    keep rocking dear…..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot sujie! Keep reading :-*

  2. Aiswarya

    Di I was so happy as well as surprised when I read “BY MAHA”
    I never thought u will come back so soon
    Di u made me remember of My granny ??how she used to run behind me calling ninu ninu n how she used to blackmail me to drink milk showing chocolates thank u so much di for making me remember all these
    Vidhi is so cute n viplav is looking handsome as always ,he became so caring dad
    What happened to all other family members? ??

    Plz post the next part when u are free

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww! Well that was little surprising for me too because I was also having no idea of a new story but don’t know how it came in my mind and I just worked on it!
      Oh I reminded u ur grand maa, how sweet of her.. really they are blessings because their love is unconditional and their care is too adoring.. Drinking milk is difficult naa thats why she used to give u chocolate!
      Yeah viplav is like that.. for knowing further keep reading “vidhani’s hidden love”.. I will post it as soon as I can! Thanks again.. keep supporting sweetie <3

      1. Aiswarya

        Yes di Drinking milk is the most difficult thing n i hate drinking milk more than anything. This was reason why she shows chocolate n blackmail me .
        Now there is no one to offer chocolate for drinking milk
        All moments spent with her are the sweetest memories in my life ?

  3. Lakshmi

    maha di…nalied it…i was sure that one day u will be back with another one…becoz u can’t end ur writing…kahi na kahi kuch ideas aapke mind main aathe hongi…is it true na di..?
    so many mysteries in this one…
    1. what happened to the family members?
    2. what is the bad past of viplav?
    3. is vidhi the daughter of dhani?
    4. who is that girl in white saree?
    very excited to know the answers of these questions….
    and abt the epi…
    the trio viplav, vidhi and shalu are very caring…lovable to each other…. we can see a perfect dad in viplav….so many cute scenes remembers everyone their childhood…
    so for all this thanks di….and post the next part when u r free…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Han that is literally true because seriously I was having no idea of this one but don’t know how it popped up in my mind! Yeah all mysteries will reveal in the next or last shot.. Thanks a lot for reading and supporting as because of u all I came back. Thanks again :-*

      1. Lakshmi

        its ok di….it will be resolved on the end…i’m sure…ya welcome di…always welcome…haan haan that credit will take us all here in ikrs family…

  4. Areeb

    Superb Maha! ? Don’t say that it’s similar to your previous story.. I really liked it! ? Wesey bhi every story possesses some similar incidents but it’s not a big deal , what matter is the unique story! I really liked the start and was throughout curious that who us Vidhi’s mom. But I have patience. ? Cause you’ve really taken out the story sensibly. Tbh, I’m veey eager to read the last shot!! ? But will wait until you post.
    Honestly really liked this I’m thinking to put this on number one of my favorites by you. ?
    And how was your Eid?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u so much! Glad that u loved it actually I can’t write a positive story or u can say villain proof story.. Don’t know why! So that’s why thought that it is somewhat related to previous one but thanks for removing my doubt! Yeah everything will reveal in last shot.. Well ur words are really complementary.. Really is that good more than my previous ones.. Strange! But I am happy so Thanks a lot! Keep supporting as always..
      Eid was zabardast but sad moment was when we sacrificed our cow though we weren’t present there but we were having tears and my brother was literally crying because he was in front of it and u know boys are too attached with it so that was little painful but May God accept it! Apart of it everything was mast enjoyed a lot with cousins and all.. Now planning for BBQ!
      What about u ? How was ur Eid ? And what about BBQ planning as it’s the main part of Namkeen Eid!

      1. Areeb

        Oh yes. I’m more of inclined towards the stories I can think of or relate to the real world. So I’m thinking to change the order to ; This two shot then OS then your fanfic. ?
        Oh yes. Sacrifice moment is typically sad. But I don’t really cry. Yep me too enjoyed with family. ? Oh yes we had back to back BBQ from 2nd day.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Ohk so this one is on top.. I am happy actually! Really, that’s great! Come at my home too as we are having it tomorrow..

      1. Areeb

        Oh that’s great! ? Haha. If I would have been there, I would have definitely check on it.

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh yeah I just forgot u live in sindh.. right ? So do u live in sukkhur..
      I really wish to meet u some day as we both live in same country so it’s easy to meet!

      1. Areeb

        No not in Sukkhar. I didn’t even visit sukkhar. I live in MPS. Oh ya. But you are currently living in PECHS? If so then we missed meeting. Cause I was there in July.

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      I am listening MPS first time! Oh no.. chalo better luck next time 😀

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        What is the full form of MPS ?

      2. Areeb

        Yeah I know. ? It’s Mirpurkhas. Aik Mpirpurkhas Azad Kashmir me bhi hai.

      3. Areeb

        Nahi Nahi.. Ghalat likh diya. Woh Khas nahi hai sirf Mipur Azad Kashmir hai. ?

    5. Maha_Aijaz

      Ok so u live in Mirpurkhas.. That means ur mother is from Karachi and father is from Mirpurkhas.. Right ? Sorry if I am wrong! And are u sindhi ?

      1. Areeb

        Nahi na Sindhi nahi ati. ? Urdu speaking. ?

  5. Shruthy

    Thankful to God that he gave you some sudden imagination and that he made you write something. Gosh I was so happy when I read the title *by Maha*
    And talking about this two shots. I am in LOVE man!! Vidhi was just so adorable removing the cover from his face and then Viplav kissing on her cheeks. That was way adorable to see such a close bonding of a father-daughter duo is so … *__*
    But I have an instinct Viplav lost his wife in an accident and the girl in white saree has indeed no link with him. And I also feel the child cannot speak but sorry if it’s a wrong guess.
    And the girl in white dress, intrigating but really pitiful. Happy that she will be under safe arms.
    But yeah waiting to know the truth behind both pasts. So excited!!
    Will be eagerly waiitng for the next part.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      OMG! Now that’s something different but may be yes so thanks to God.. Thanks a lot and glad that u loved those scenes well ur instincts are true or not that will reveal soon. No, nothing like that actually a baby of 3 years old can’t speak much.. I guess! that’s why didn’t give her dialogues but don’t worry in next shot she will get some lines so that ur doubt will clear.. Thanks again for ur support! Will post it as soon as I can <3

  6. Shruthy

    SO what? I dont mind at all… In fact, that’s way better and unique to make something different.
    Oh.. and I am eagerly waiting <3
    I thought the same, but then I felt "still it can say some words na. then why doesnt she?" so that's why xD oh acha then fine. I just wanted to clear it and you did it thanks <3
    I am waiting.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah! Thanks for ur support yaar.. Oh so I had confused u.. Sorry for that!

  7. AanyaSingh

    Hello dear?. So here u r, back with a bang. Well, for a moment i was also surprised reading ur name as i hadn’t thought that i wud get to read smthng by U so soon. But thanks a lot for continuing with ur writing???.

    Coming to the first shot, it’s a great one. A totally different concept. I liked it. For the first time Viplav has been shown a widower (that is what i got after reading the story). And the cute moments btwn father & daughter ??. Vidhi waking up Viplav was so.sweet☺. And then Viplav getting her ready and afterwards making her have her breakfast was very cute. What a caring and loving father he is??. The flashback and the story after that is quite interesting. Eager to know what happened in the past ( what i cud make out is that Vips lost his family in an accident ) and what will happen nxt. Post it soon. Great job Sweetie, good going???????????.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Okay so basically I was now waiting for ur and Maria’s comment and now that u have commented I am really very happy! Yeah even I wasn’t having any idea but I just worked on my thoughts or imagination and after completing first shot I couldn’t resist myself from posting it..
      Thanks a lot for liking it! Hats off to ur instincts but for knowing that they are true or not u have to wait for the last shot! I am happy that u loved those scenes.. yeah may be u are correct (MAY BE)..
      Thank u so much for commenting! I will post it as soon as I can.. keep supporting <3

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  9. Meghs

    U ce back i feel so happy. .. so sry for not comment in ur ff last part it was appreciatiable part i adore the way u writen its perfect… no words peeping in mind regarding how good it is to sy… as words r short to explain it..

    This ts is wonderful concept amazing description loved it

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot dear! I can understand as u are busy with studies and yeah I have posted next part too so u can catch it now! Thanks again for commenting!

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