Ikrs: vidhani’s hidden love (Two shots by Maha) *Epilogue*


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Let’s begin!
Viplav takes vidhi in his arms and goes inside the room and was bit shocked to find it empty, then the little girl grabs his attention by crying and saying, “mama! I want to go to mama”
Viplav: (looks at her and wipes her tears) why my princess is crying.. mama must be in washroom, let’s check out! (vidhi gets calm while viplav walks towards the washroom and knocks at the door, he calls out her name but gets no response then he slowly opens the gate and goes inside.. he was surprised to find it empty too) where is dhani ? (he was sweating in fear of loosing dhani but then wipes his face and to himself) why I am getting afraid, she must be in some other room!

He was about to go downstairs but shalini stops him.. he turns to her
Shalini: (walks towards him and worriedly) bhai, I have searched her everywhere.. she is not here and she didn’t go anywhere without informing us, bhai I am getting afraid now!
Viplav: I am also feeling restless shalu! May be she left because of my bad behavior
Shalini: (shook her head in no) no bhai.. she is not that type of girl! I’m sure she is in trouble
Viplav: (thinks for awhile) shalu let’s check the house once again, may be she is here only
Shalini: nahe bhai, I have searched her everywhere, she isn’t present..
Vidhi starts crying loudly, and was calling “mama” continuously
Viplav: (who was already tensed gets more hurt seeing vidhi like this but then thinks something) vidhi, ur mama has gone outside for buying a gift for her princess (vidhi while rubbing her eyes “shachi”, viplav and shalini smiles) muchi! Now go to ur bia and have ur breakfast from her today (she replied, “no baba” he kisses on her cheeks) vidhi, baba ke jaan! Please only for today and u know mama will become double happy after seeing her baby having meal like a good girl.. (vidhi cutely smiles and said while forwarding her arms to shalini, “talo (chalo) bia” viplav too smiles) yaay! That’s like my girl..

Then he hand overs the baby to shalini..
Shalini: bhai but where we will..
Viplav: (interrupts her) shalu not in front of her, u go with vidhi.. I will ask guard! (pinches vidhi cheeks) baba is coming.. Ok (vidhi smiles and obediently said, “Otay (okay) baba”) then shalini along with vidhi leaves from there whereas viplav goes outside to ask guard about dhani.. he calls out “Yash” but gets no response then he walk to servant quarter and was shocked to see him tied with ropes and his mouth was stuffed with cloth, he immediately runs to him, bends down and unties him..
Viplav: (while opening his ropes) where is dhani ? How did this happen ?
Yash: (was breathing heavily) sir she is in trouble, two men cleverly came inside and before I could do anything they grabbed me and tied me like this..
Viplav: (stands up and his face was revealing his tension) where they took her ? (closes his fist) tell me fast Yash!
Yash: (shook his head in shame) sir I don’t know but while they were tying me, I have heard their conversation, they were talking that they won’t harm her instead they’ll do such act that whole banaras will teach her lesson for her sins..

Viplav without saying a word runs towards his car and sits inside it, he pushed ignition switch and was driving like a maniac, he was on his way when he passes by Ganga lake and stops his car seeing the crowd and noise.. he gets down of it then walks close to that crowd and was shocked to see the scenario, people were having sticks and woods were on fire, he makes his way to go inside the crowd and once he gets inside, he was horrified to see dhani surrounded by pandits and banarasians, while two men were dragging her to push her in Ganga lake, they were about to push her but a voice stops them in mid and they all turns their heads to viplav whereas he runs to those men and pushed them hard, both ran from there then viplav holds her and cups her face
Viplav: (wiping her tears while his own eyes were filled with tears) dhani, are u ok ? Don’t worry I’ll never let them harm u.. u are not alone!

Dhani wasn’t saying anything neither she was crying only tears were falling from her eyes, she holds viplav’s shirt tightly he stares her hand and holds them.. Phool chand and that boy fumes in anger seeing all this
Phool chand: (comes forward and shouts) who are u to stop us.. she had done sin that’s why she will get punishment and u can’t come in between
Viplav: (aggressively shouts) what mistake she had done and who are u to punish her ?
Man from the crowd: she was living with u being a widow, first she killed her husband and now she is trapping u..
Other man comes forward and shouts: she is a shameless girl and going against rules and regulations so now we will push this sinner in this pure lake then only her sins will be washed away and this is the only way to get rid of this characterless..

Viplav: (interrupts him and grabs his collar) waah! Kia baat hai! This phool chand have told u a story and u believed him without trying to find out the reason, (leaves his collar and shouts) haan! she is living with me because she has no place to live, she has no family, her cruel in laws had threw her out of house so in this situation I was only one person who came to help her because I am not heartless like u guys
Pandit: beta then also she can’t live with u, it’s illegal.. with what relation she is living with u ?
Whole crowd starts shouting, “yes tell us with what relation u are saving her and taking her side ?” Viplav looks at dhani who was too broken and standing there like a statue whereas crowd was getting mad and men was coming towards her
Viplav: (stands in front of dhani) don’t dare to come near her or touch her else I will bury u right here
But the crowd was getting uncontrollable and seeing this viplav was getting afraid as he can’t stop or handle whole banaras alone so he thinks for awhile..

Viplav: (stares dhani painfully and thinks) I’m sorry dhani but I have no option left to save u
He holds dhani’s hand and walks towards a glass, grabs it and throws it on ground then he holds a piece, cuts his thumb by it and fills her hair line through his blood.. everyone present there gets surprised to see this while dhani was standing silently as she was freezed at the moment then viplav again holds her hand and walks towards the woods which were already on fire, he along with dhani takes seven rounds of marriage, time had been stopped for everyone after seeing this act.. After completing rounds viplav comes forward..

Viplav: (points finger to all) u guys have no work that’s why came here to see all this and instead of stopping, u all joined them in this way u all are shameless but now I hope ur problem has solved.. from now on she is my wife (shouts louder) viplav tripathi’s wife and if anyone tried to harm her or even say a single word against her then I swear I will cut that person to limb to limb.. (holds her hand and looks at dhani who was continuously staring him) chalo dhani!
Then he along with dhani walks towards the car and sits inside it both remained silent throughout the way later they reached Ayodha Nivas.. both gets down of the vehicle, dhani was about to collapse but viplav holds her hand in this way they enters the house hand in hand, shalini who was pacing in the hall after watching them feels relief and runs to them, she was shocked to see dhani’s state and her hairline which was filled with blood!

Shalini: bhai where were u and where did u find dhani and how (points to her hairline)
Viplav: it’s a long story shalu first take her inside as she is in shock right now..
Shalini: but where are u going ?
Viplav: don’t worry I am coming.. it’s face off time!
Dhani looks at him quizzically
Shalini: what ?
Viplav: nothing, where is vidhi ?
Shalini: she is playing in dhani’s room but what are u going to do ?
Viplav: I am going to punish the culprits.. they have done enough now it’s my turn!
Dhani: (gulps and with less energy) viplav je they are very dangerous don’t go there
Viplav: (looks at her painfully) no dhani they have to pay for making ur condition like this.. (holds her hand) trust me now no one can harm u not even touch u.. I promise! (she looks at him with teary eyes while viplav leaves her hand) shalu take her inside..
Saying so he leaves from there and shalini takes her inside the room where vidhi was playing and seeing her she happily runs to dhani and hugs her, dhani bends down and takes her in arms and kisses on her hands

Vidhi: (cutely smiles) mama ap tahan talii gae thi (mama, where had u gone)
Dhani wasn’t in the state of saying anything, shalini noticed this
Shalini: (takes vidhi from her) vidhi mama is tired naa let her take some rest!
Vidhi nods then dhani slowly walks towards the bed and sits on it, shalini too sits beside her
Shalini: how did this happen ?
Dhani without saying a word hugs her, shalini was little surprised at her gesture but consoles her without knowing anything! Then she get apart from her and tells her the whole incident sobbingly, shalini gets shocked after listening it but composes herself..
Shalini: dhani, don’t cry everything will be fine, now u are safe here take some rest, I’ll bring food for u..
She leaves from there when vidhi comes near her and wipes her face

Vidhi: (while wiping her tears) mama, don’t cly (cry) evelything will be Otay (everything will be ok)
Dhani smiles with teary eyes and hugs her tightly! Scene shifts to viplav who was standing along with police outside a house, a constable rings the doorbell after some seconds, that boy (his name is Raja) opens the door and was shocked to see viplav and police
Raja: (while stammering) yes! What happened ?
Viplav and police goes inside the house and saw phool chand is also present there, he starts sweating seeing police
Viplav: (claps) I knew it already that u both are involved in all this and now ur truth is out
Officer: Mr. Viplav had filed a complaint against u as u had kidnapped a girl and before that u had tried to sell that girl so we are here to arrest u
An old woman (dhani’s ex- mother in law) came out from her room and was terrified to see police
Raja: (points to viplav) sir he is lying, it’s nothing like that.. in fact dhani isn’t a nice girl first she trapped my brother than she tried to ditch me but when she realized that it’s not possible then she went to him and now that widow..
Before he could complete his sentence viplav grabs his collar and gave a punch on his face because of that he falls down
Viplav: (makes him stand and again holds his collar) don’t u dare call her widow again, she is my wife.. take her name with respect! (Pushes him and turns to constable) arrest them and make sure that they should get severe punishment..
Officer: yes don’t worry Mr. Viplav he had done crime and will get punishment!

Then police arrested them and left from there while that old lady was pleading to leave her son but goes in vain..
Viplav: (walks towards the picture of dhani and holds it in his hand) no need to keep this with u as u are not worthy of it! (keeps that picture in his pocket) I’m feeling sorry for u but can’t do anything as u were the one who appreciated ur son’s wrong deeds..
Saying so he too leave from that place, later it was night he was going to his room but then changed his way and went inside dhani’s room, she was laying beside vidhi, who was sleeping like an angel and was caressing her hair but seeing viplav, she gets up and covers her head through pallu..
Viplav: (looks at her) why are u standing, sit down! (she obeys her and sits down while viplav was noticing her weird behaviour but didn’t say anything) Are u fine now ? (she nods, viplav moves to vidhi and sits beside her) my princess! she must be happy seeing u
Dhani: yes she was happy!
Viplav: (kisses on her cheeks) now don’t worry about anything, this is ur home as u are (takes a pause) my wife!
He was about to leave but dhani stops him, he didn’t turn to her but stops right there
Dhani: (tears filled in her eyes) viplav jee! Thank u for saving me, I know u have married because of critical situation but I know my limits (wiping her tears but this time unknowingly tears were falling from viplav’s eyes) so don’t worry I’ll never demand for wifey right and will never stop u from…
Before she could complete her sentence he leaves from there, dhani sits on bed and feels hurt then she pulled herself together and went to washroom.. Scene shifts to viplav who came out from washroom after freshing himself, he was lost in day’s incident then her bhabi’s words and dhani’s words were revolving in his mind! He sits in bed with frustration while shalini comes inside.. she walks towards him and keeps her hand on his shoulder, viplav looks at her..
Shalini: bhai I know u must be confused right now as everything happened so fast!
Viplav: I am thinking about bhabi’s words, is dhani..
Shalini: (interrupts him and sits beside him) yes bhai she is the one, I know it will take time to accept this relation but bhai she is ur wife now, ur responsibility don’t ever step back..
Viplav: I know shalu do u think me like this I can’t even think to hurt her but I just want some time and I am sure dhani also need time to accept this relation!
Shalini: I know my bhai, he can never do anything wrong aur jahan tak time ke baat hai, take ur time no worries! (smiles and caresses his hair) it was all destined bhai, so just let the things going on.. now have some rest!
Viplav: (smiles) u are the best sister
Shalini: I know!
Saying so she leaves from there while viplav also gets ready to sleep.

It’s morning! Dhani is making vidhi ready when Shalini comes inside her room
Dhani: (looks at shalini) come inside! See vidhi is also ready..
Shalini: but u are not ready.. (dhani looks at her confusedly) no need to be confused, (keeps a bag of sari on bed) here it is, from now on u will wear colourful saree as u are married now and then u are daughter in law of this house so in this way I’ll call u bhabi, yes that’s what I’ll call u! Ok naa (dhani smiles with teary eyes) now go and get ready otherwise bhai will come here to call us
She goes with a saree and after sometime she comes out then shalini brings her in front of mirror and makes her wear bangles, dhani stares herself in mirror and smiles, she applies sindoor in her hairline and wear mangalsutar which shalini has brought for her “humming of ishq ka rang safed plays”
Later shalini, dhani and vidhi who was in dhani’s arms comes inside dinning room where viplav was already sitting..
Shalini: (holds dhani’s hand) bhai surprise!
Viplav looks at them with less interest but then gets mesmerised seeing dhani’s purity and innocence, he was himself adoring her beauty, his eyes were not getting off from her face and mistakenly “beautiful” word blurts out, listening this dhani nervously looks down
Shalini: (coughs and teasingly smiles) oye hoye! koi tw rok lo..
Viplav: (comes in his senses and realized what he said) what ? (Stands up from the chair and walks towards dhani than takes vidhi in his arms) I was saying that to vidhi, my princess is looking too beautiful (vidhi said with innocence, “just like mama, haaiinaa baba!” he looks at dhani) yes just like ur mama..

Now come on let’s eat I’m starving..
Shalini: (teasingly) bhai thank God u have cleared otherwise..
Viplav: (interrupts her) otherwise what.. chup kar!
Shalini smiles herself, they had a light chit chat, dhani was silent but was smiling throughout and viplav was finding reasons to look at dhani as he was feeling happy inside seeing her in colourful saree and in sindoor plus mangalsutar after awhile he was leaving for office.. dhani along with vidhi was standing in the parking area, he bends down to kiss vidhi then stands up with a broad smile and ask dhani to “take care” she nods and smiles back!

It’s night, dhani was in her room while vidhi was sleeping, just then lights goes off.. she gets scared but waited for generator to start and when it doesn’t start then she takes vidhi in her arms and hesitantly walks towards viplav’s room, she knocks at the door after some seconds, he opened it and astonishingly looks at dhani, she looks at him
Dhani: woh viplav jee! Because of power cut I was getting scared and then generator was also not started so I thought to… (she becomes silent)
Viplav: (stares her lovingly) oh I see, don’t worry! Come inside..
Dhani walks inside and gently places vidhi on the bed then she stands up and remained silent, he noticed it and realized her nervousness and smiles himself
Viplav: (sighs) I’ll sleep at couch and u may sleep on bed.. Ok!
Dhani: nahe viplav jee how can u sleep at couch, I’ll sleep on it..
Viplav: (shows fake anger) dhani I’ve told naa, no arguments! Now go..

She stares him then goes to bed, while viplav smiles at his innocent wife.. Days were passing like this viplav and dhani were coming close day by day, they were spending time with each other like they went out for vidhi’s shopping or goes to watch a movie, dhani was very happy with viplav both have started feeling for each other, no in fact, not viplav only dhani has started feeling for him as viplav is already in love with her however now his love has become strong but now it’s time for realization so one fine day.. dhani was running in the hall behind naughty vidhi with a glass of milk
Dhani: (sits on sofa) vidhi this isn’t fair, mama is tired now, please come and drink it..
Vidhi: (sits on other sofa) no mama, I don’t like milk..
Dhani: (makes a crying face) hmm vidhi has grown up now that’s why she won’t listen me mama will be alone now.. I’m very sad!
Vidhi: (comes to her and cutely lifts her face) mama u are crying ?
Dhani blinks her eyes and nods with a pout face!
Vidhi: Otay I’ll drink then u will not cry (dhani promises by saying “paka” then vidhi takes the glass from her and drinks the whole milk in one go, while dhani was smiling at her overload cuteness, after finishing her milk she keeps the glass on table and looks at dhani) now mama I’m ur plincess (princess) naa! Now u aren’t katty from me naa
Dhani: (makes her sit on her lap) yeah mama is very happy as vidhi has drunk all milk and now she will become a strong girl.. but one thing is left (vidhi looks at her with a questioning expression) one kissi
Vidhi: (pats on her forehead) mama u are just like papa..

Saying so she jumps from her lap and starts running in the hall while dhani was also running behind her and was trying to catch her, viplav was watching all this standing at the door and was mesmerized seeing her laughing whole hearted as before she didn’t use to laugh like that.. he was in tears and thinks “bhabi was correct, dhani is a perfect mother for vidhi, my perfect life partner and soulmate” he was lost in all this and was going inside just then he collide with dhani and because of that she was about to fall but he holds her by waist.. he was lost in her, may be he was looking at her first time with this much concentration, he was staring at her beautiful eyes, both have a deep eye lock.

Tumko paaya hai tou jaise khoya hunΒ 
kehna chahu bhi tou tumse kya kahun
Kisi zaaban mein bhi, woh lafz hi nahi
Ki jin mein tum ho kya tumhe baata sakoon
Mein agar kahoon tumsa haseen
Kaayanaath mein nahi hai kahin
Taaref yeh bhi tou, saach hai kuch bhi nahin
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun plays”

Vidhi was looking at them with amusement as her little brain doesn’t know about all this or she wasn’t understanding the situation, while shalini comes inside the hall and was shocked to see that scene, she walks towards vidhi, keeps her hand on her eyes and coughs loudly. Listening the noise both comes to senses, dhani stands on her feet and was feeling embarrass whereas viplav was blushing and smiling then dhani takes vidhi from there..
Shalini: (comes to viplav and pats on his shoulder) bhabi sharma gae.. by the way what were u doing ?
Viplav: (glares her) can’t u see ? She was falling and I..
Shalini: (interrupts him) u became super hero and saved her.. (viplav gave her an impossible look) u love her.. right! (He starts stammering) bhai time has come to accept, tell her ur feelings before it’s get late..
Viplav: (closes his eyes) shalu (smiles) I love her! U are correct but I’m getting afraid to confess may be afraid of rejection..
Shalini: (laughs sarcastically) bhai why she’ll reject u, I know she loves u.. (viplav stares her and gave are u sure type of look) I’m sure, and if ur getting afraid then don’t worry I’ll tell her..
Viplav: (widen his eyes) pagal hogae hai, it’s about my feelings, u will not do this.. Ok
Shalini: then go and confess right now
Viplav: shalu how can I, I mean let me get ready myself
Shalini: bhai stop doing ur nautanki, go else I’ll..
Viplav: (interrupts her and joins his hand) promise I’ll confess tomorrow now please zip up ur mouth!
Shalini smiles and hugs him.. later viplav is in his room, busy in his mobile when dhani comes in with tea..
Dhani: (place the cup of tea at table) viplav jee woh..
Viplav looks at her lovingly then stands up, holds her hand and twirls her while she was surprised at his gesture.

“Shokion mein doobi yeh aadayein, chehare se zalki hui hai
Zulf ki ghani ghani ghataein, shaan se dhalki hui hain
Lehrata aanchal hai jaise baadal, bahoon mein bhari hai jaise chandini
Roop ki chandini
Mein agar kahoon yeh dil kashi
Hai nahin kahin, na hogi kahin
Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun plays”

She was about to go but he pulled her towards him and encircles her waist through his hands, her hair was distracting his view so he gently tucks her hair strands behind ears, she feels his touch.. he was coming close to her while a voice “viplav jee” wakes him up and all this turn out to be his imagination.. he was smiling at his thoughts but then he noticed her face which was revealing astonishment..
Viplav: (stands up and walks towards her) woh u are saying something..
Dhani: no, nothing..
Viplav: acha wait! (he goes to bring a sari from cupboard then gives to her) umm! Woh yesterday me and vidhi went out to buy toys so there I saw this wese tw u look beautiful in every color but I love to see u in pink color (he smiles broadly, she was looking at the saree but listening this she looks up and stares him while he looks a side) why are u looking me like this, I’m praising my wife (she looks at him speechlessly) khair chorro tell me how is it, hope u liked it ?
Dhani: (nods) yes it’s beautiful.. thanks!
Viplav: ur welcome! Haan one more thing, I’ll bring ur books tomorrow and I’ve talked with someone about tutor so from next week ur studies will start..
Dhani: (becomes super happy) really viplav jee! Thank u, thank u so much!
Viplav: (becomes more happy after seeing her precious smile) no need! Just be happy.. (she smiles at him and was about to go but he holds her hand, she feels current passing through her body, takes a deep breath and looks back) woh dhani I want to, (he gulps) ab actually I want u to.. (takes a pause and closes his eyes) call me viplav only, yeah I want to say that..
Dhani: (gives a weird look) what ?
Viplav: haan woh actually my name is viplav only not jee so please don’t give much respect, hazam nahe hote (winks at her)
Dhani: (smiles) ok, I’ll try, ab vidhi is alone and she must be waiting me..
Saying so she leaves, while viplav stretches his hair.. later it’s night, dhani was telling a story to vidhi and while listening she falls asleep, she covers her with blanket then stands up holds that saree, places it on her and stands in front of mirror, she was blushing and smiling

She thinks: why I’m blushing like this why my heart is beating so fast (she remembers his sayings that she looks beautiful in every color but pinks suits her more etcetera etcetera then she thinks) Am I.. (keeps her hand on her cheeks) yes I’m in love with him! (hides her face through hands) I love him! (removes hand from her face and walks towards the chair where viplav’s shirt was placed she picks it up) viplav I love u..

“Tum huwe mehrabaan toh hai yeh daastan
ohhoh tum huwe mehrabaan toh hai yeh daastan
Ab tumhara mera ek hai karwaa, tum jahan mein wahan
Mein agar kahoon humsafar meri
Apsara ho tum, ya koi pari
Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin plays”
Then she starts dancing with that shirt imagining it as viplav! She was so happy..
“Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun
kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun
Kisi zaaban mein bhi, woh laafaz hi nahi
Ki zin mein tum ho kya tumhe baata sakoon
Mein agar kahoon tumsa haseen
Kaayanaath mein nahi hai kahin
Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin plays”

Later she goes to his room and was about to enter but stops listening his words
Viplav: yeah! Shalu I’ll tell her tomorrow about my feelings don’t worry! Now I can’t live without her but I hope dhani wouldn’t feel bad after knowing this..
She becomes shattered after listening his words as she misunderstood the situation, she couldn’t take anymore so runs to her room, once after reaching there she breaks into tears, she remembers all her moments with viplav then his words and cried her heart out.. After awhile when everyone was sleeping, she gets up takes vidhi in her arms and walks towards his room, she takes a deep breath and goes inside his room then gently placed her beside him, she kisses her on cheeks, steel some glances from viplav and cries bitterly, after some seconds she stands up keeps a paper on table and leaves from there, she covers herself through shawl and steps outside of the house with heavy heart! It’s morning, viplav was sleeping in his room when he feels someone is tickling him, he uncovers his face from blanket and saw vidhi, he was surprised to see her in his room at that time..

Vidhi: whele (where) is mama ?
Viplav: (gets up with a jerk) she didn’t bring u here ? (vidhi cutely shook her head in no)
Just then shalini comes with a worried face!
Shalini: bhai where is dhani ?
Viplav: Arey she must be in her room or may be in kitchen..
Shalini: bhai I’ve searched her in whole house she is not here
Viplav: (stands up from the bed) where is she ? Vidhi was also sleeping with me..
Shalini: bhai may be those people..
Viplav: no shalu they are under police custody, and why we are getting tensed may be she has gone to temple..
Shalini: may be! Acha u both come down fast, breakfast is ready
Viplav nods but was getting tensed inside while shalini was about to go suddenly she saw a paper on floor, she picks it up and takes it to viplav..
Shalini: bhai this paper was on floor
Viplav: (takes that paper from her and opens it) it’s a letter!
Shalini: read it..
Viplav: (nods and starts reading) “viplav, I have come to know that u love someone, I don’t want to become hurdle between u and ur love so I am leaving ur home, (tears come in her eyes, he takes a pause then starts reading) but don’t worry I’m not blaming u as u have right to live ur life, till when u can be bound with me so I’m leaving, thanks for everything u have done for me.. I have just one request for u, please never ever forget me and no matter where I live I’ll always be ur wife, I’ll always be called Mrs. Viplav Tripathi.. Ap ke dhani.”

He became shattered after reading it as if earth was slipped under his feet..
Shalini: (hugs him and sobbingly) bhai don’t worry she has misunderstood something, we will find her and bring her but u have to be strong, u can’t loose hope..
Viplav: shalu she thought I love… (frees himself from her then wipes his tears) yeah I can’t loose hope.. I’ll find her woh jahan kaheen bhe hai mere qareeb he hai..
Vidhi: (comes near him) baba why are u clying (crying) whele (where) is mama ?
Viplav: (makes her sit on his lap) princess she has gone for some work, she will be back and I’m not crying.. now go with ur bia, baba is coming!
Shalini: (keeps her hand on his shoulder) bhai come fast!

He nods with a fade smile, once they left he cried a lot
“(Dum dara dum dara mast mast dara, dum dara dum dum Oh hamdam bin tere kya jina)
– Tere bina besuadi besuadee ratiya, oh sajna – Rukhee re oh rukhee re, kature kate katena Tere bina besuadee besuadee ratiya, oh sajna
(Dum dara dum dum hamdam bin tere kya jina) plays”

Then he wipes his tears and determines to find her, he stands up and dial a number of his employee and ask him to find dhani at any cost.. whole day passed like this, viplav tried hard to find dhani at every place.. he was taking care of vidhi by himself so that she doesn’t feel her absence.. it was night, viplav was making vidhi to sleep, he was having tears she noticed this and wipes his tears with her little hands..
Vidhi: baba don’t cry, mama ajai ge she has gone out naa see I’m not clying (crying) because I’m a good girl..
Viplav listens her then hugs her tightly after awhile she falls asleep, he stands up from bed and goes to window and looks at moon with teary eyes.. he reminisces all moments spend with her, their first meeting and all, he thinks: why God! Why she went away, I can’t live without her please send her back.. he breaks into tears

“Naa ja chakaree ke mare, naa ja soutan pukare Sawan aayega toh puchhega, naa ja re Phikee phikee besuadee yeh ratiya, kature kate naa kate naa Abb tere bina sajna sajna kate kate naa Katena katena tere bina Tere bina besuadee besuadee ratiya, oh sajna oh
(Dum dara dum dara mast mast dara, dum dara dum dum Oh hamdam bin tere kya jina) plays”

Later, it’s next day viplav is on the way to office when he saw dhani.. she was standing at the side of road.. he gets down and was about to go but by then she takes an auto and leaves from there, just then he sits in his car and follows that auto.. after sometime it stops in front of an orphanage and so as viplav.. she gets down from the auto and goes inside, he too follows her and shouts “dhani”.. she turns back and was freezed to see viplav..
Viplav: (walks towards her) surprised naa dhani! Same was my situation when I saw ur letter, what do u think of urself, jab dil aya agae, jab dil aya chale gae (goes near to her while dhani was silent and was drenched in tears) do u think I can’t live without u (in slow voice) u are right dhani I can’t live without u (saying so he pulls her towards him and hugs her tightly, she feels warmth in his chest and burns herself in tears)

“Tere bina chand kaa sona khota re Pilee pilee dhul undawe jhuta re Tere bina sona pital, tere sang kikar pipal aaja katena ratiya plays”
Viplav: (places his chin on her head) haven’t u thought once about me and vidhi before leaving.. apne itne aadat daale aur phr chale gae..

Dhani: (frees herself from grip) I left for u as u love someone…
Viplav: (interrupts her) who told u ? I was talking about u that day.. instead of leaving u should have asked me once infact u should have slap me for having affairs in spite of having a wife but u didn’t do that, it means u don’t consider me as ur hus..
Before he could complete his sentence she keeps her hand on his mouth..
Dhani: (with teary eyes) I’m sorry viplav, I didn’t know.. I thought.. (starts sobbing) I’m sorry for hurting u.. how is vidhi, she must be missing me.. I’m not a good mother..
Viplav: (wipes her tears) hey dhani again u started ur assumptions, u are the best mother and she is fine.. don’t worry but u have done a mistake so punishment tw mily ge (she looks at him speechlessly) haan u have heard correct.. punishment!
Dhani: (lifts her eyebrows) what punishment ?
Viplav: (holds her shoulder) ur punishment is that u have to spend ur whole life with me.. manzoor hai ?
Dhani: (smiles at him) manzoor hai!
Viplav: (while hugging her tightly) I love u dhani, don’t ever do this again
Dhani: (hugs her back) I love u too and I’ll always be with u, no matter what happens..
He lifts her up in happiness..
Dum dara dum dara mast mast dara, dum dara dum dum Oh hamdam bin tere kya jina Tere bina besuadee besuadee ratiya, oh sajna oh Rukhee re rukhee re katore katena (Dum dara dum dara mast mast dara, dum dara dum dum Oh hamdam bin tere kya jina)

Screen freezes!
After 3 years..
Dhani wearing a black gown or u can say lawyer’s uniform comes out from the court and a girl of 6 years old runs to her, seeing her dhani bends down and hugs her..
Dhani: my princess, how was ur school ?
Vidhi: perfect mama, I got full marks in test..
Dhani: (gets apart and kisses her on cheeks) that’s wonderful! Mama also won today..
Vidhi: I knew it, u always won as u are the best
Viplav: (comes from behind) that’s not, u guys forgot me..
Dhani: (stands up and hugs him) viplav I won, I succeeded in getting her justice.. now no boy can harm a girl, I am so happy!
Viplav: (wipes her tears) that all happened because of ur hard work
Dhani: and because of ur support! (Smiles)
Vidhi: and because of love..
Both looks at her with a broad smile, viplav takes her in his arms..
Viplav: (kisses on her cheeks) 200% true, now who wants to celebrate this day ?
Vidhi and dhani together said “we” he smiles holds dhani’s hand and they all leaves from there..

After 20 years!
A woman is standing in front of her bhabi’s picture..
Woman: bhabi, I hope that I’m successful in becoming a good mother though I can’t take ur place but I tried my best to give her motherly love.. u all are not with us, but I can feel ur presence.. I hope I have stood up in ur expectations.. u know vidhi is getting married next month, I’m so excited as well as sad because I can’t live without her but it has to be happen one day but I pray that may God give her all happiness!
She turns back and saw viplav with a big smile and sparkling eyes..
Viplav: dhani, u have succeed in becoming a best mother, best daughter in law and best life partner so throw all ur worries.. (she smiles) 20 years have been passed and still u look beautiful.. u know only to see u it’s my routine to visit that temple..
Dhani: I know (playfully hits his chest) because u didn’t have any work to do that’s why..
Viplav: (circles her waist through hands) acha bachoo! Kuch bhe mat bolo I was too busy person, I don’t know why we both were attracting each other like magnet..
Dhani: (was trying to free herself from his grip) because it was destined now leave me ghar mai do jawan bachy hai dekh liya tw kia asar pary ga
Viplav: (pulls her more) kuch asar nahe pary ga they know husband and wife does romance.. Dhani, (lifts her chin) thanks for changing my life!
Dhani: (blushes) no, viplav thanks to u for changing my colorless life to colorful life..
Both together smiles and said, “and thanks to God who made me fall for each other”
Saying so he gives a peck on her forehead.. a boy of 20 years old comes from behind
Boy: mom dad if u are done with ur romance then please mom help me (points to his tie)

Dhani widens her eyes and slightly pushes viplav..
Viplav: no vishal, u have disturbed us!
Dhani glares him and goes to vishal with an angry face
Vishal: mom u look too beautiful in angry mood
Viplav: (comes towards them) hey vishal don’t try to flirt with my girl
Vishal: (winks) dad ab ur girl is too beautiful what can I do..
Dhani: (gave a death glare to both) u both have become too besharam! Viplav u are teaching him all this
Viplav gulps and nods in no while vishal chuckles just then vidhi comes out from her room
Dhani: (goes to vidhi) she is my princess, mama ke jaan as she never tease me like u guys
Vishal: (pinches her nose) mama ke jaan why are u late
Vidhi: (slightly hits him) Ahh! Dad see yesterday u forbid him and today again he..
Vishal: (interrupts her) dad forbids me to not to pull ur hair but he doesn’t mention about nose

Viplav chuckles
Dhani: stop it Vishal don’t tease her now
Vidhi: stupid joke (rolled her eyes)
Vishal: I have learned from dad..
Viplav: hey don’t involve me..
Dhani: uff tobba mai kia karun en ka (pats her forehead) I’m going to get ready ur breakfast and I’ve to do lots of preparation as ur bia is coming tomorrow from abroad woh bhe first time after marriage so stop it u all and come fast
Saying so she leaves, viplav comes to vishal

Viplav: hey vishal k bachy don’t mention my name in all this otherwise ur mom will scold me..
Vidhi and vishal does hi-fi and together said, “dad u are so scared of mom” and laughs aloud
Viplav: yeah yeah hans lo but once u get married then u will come to know!
Vidhi: thank God I’m a girl everyone will scare from me
Vishal: di I am also not less dekhna apne wife ko kese pressure mai rakhun ga
Viplav: (laughs) dekhte hain!
Dhani: (from dinning room) come on bacho ajao!
Viplav: (shouts) u called me bacha..
Dhani: yeah that’s what you are! (smiles herself)
Viplav: (sighs) chalo bacho..
They all laughs and leaves to dinning room..
Ishq ishq rang rang ishq ka rang safed plays
Screen freezes!

————THE END————-

Thanks for reading!
Ok so I’ve done with these shots.. I’m really very sorry for this long update, I know I’ve take ur precious time! Sorry if I’ve hurt by that pandit scene and yeah I don’t know marriage happened like that or not according to Hindu customs, if not then image they have married again in that leap with all rituals.. I don’t know if I’ve done justice with the ending or not but I tried my best to give u a perfect Epilogue! I don’t know when I’ll be back with a new thing but will try to come soon and this time I’ll write a villain proof story as I’ve given quite negative stories! Thanks for ur support and love, before reading ur comments I’m just a casual writer but after reading ur comments I feel like I’m an amazing writer seriously I feel myself on cloud nine so thanks alot.. Don’t forget to share ur opinions before leaving this page! As this a last shot so I request all my silent readers to comment..
Keep smiling!
Sorry if there is any mistake in update as it’s not proof reading..
With lots of love and hugs!

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey! So as I had mentioned I didn’t read before posting and now that I’ve read so here are the mistakes
    – In viplav’s dialogue, it was “that’s not fair! u guys forgot me” (I forgot to mention fair)
    – Both together said, “Thanks to God who made us fall for each other” (I’ve written me instead of us)
    – Instead of image in last paragraph its imagine
    Comments as much as u can as it will boost my writing skills
    Happy reading!

    1. Lakshmi

      its ok di…we can understand…

  2. Sujie

    Maha….. See…..What an amazing Writing……. You are rockstar……
    At one point you made me remember 18th december 2015 episode……Viplav cupping Dhaani’s face….. Dhaani and Viplav expressing emotiond through eyes…..
    Vidhi is sooooo sweet….
    Thank you for the wonderful episode yarr….. was smiling like an imsane during those eyelocks..and when Dhaani was dancing with VIplav’s shirt…..hayeee…..
    Another story on IKRS giving relationship goals….
    Viplav Dhaani had come to 23years later after their marriage. ….bit romance mein zara bhi kami nahin….. wow…..
    Thank you for your magic Maha……
    you gave me a wide smile with tears of happiness …… And glad that FOOLCHAND AND CO. was arrested…..
    And……. bilkul matt ghabrana…arey hum hai na….. haat tak nahi lagane denge kisiko……
    And that confession…… Pura ka pura nostalgic bana dala…. and with your own creativity……imagination bevome more beautiful….. keep rocking rey

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hayee Sujie! Thank u sooooooo much re? Arey haan while writing this that scene was continuously revolving around my mind.. literally yaar kia scene tha, viplav’s behavior his lines my goodness I’ll start jumping like mad seriously, YEH VIPLAV TRIPATHI KE HONE WALE DHARAM PATNI HAI KISE NA BHE US KE TARAF AANKH UTHA K DEKHA TW GANGA MAIYA KE KASAM HUM US KE AANKH NIKAL DEN GE.. kia din thy yaar woh, that whole December was too rocking for ishqholics! Aur such btaun tw all this suits only on Viplav that means Mishal! No one can and no one is better than him, OMG! Before I start crying, I should take a brake! So basically I wrote this scene keeping that 17th and 18th December’s episodes in mind, Precisely in this scene Viplav made her Mrs. Tripathi, only this was changed!
      Yeah I thought to give him punishment in my fiction as in serial he didn’t get.. Thanks alot yaar, ur words made me cry! Thanks again!
      Love u?

      1. Sujie

        Maha…….. Tarif toh Banta hai na…..keep rocking like this ?????
        Love you too dear…….
        Keep going ????

  3. Angel20

    Maar dala!! Maha!! Maar dalla…
    It was so amazing! Awesome! Awestruck!!
    LOVED IT!❀
    Sad that this was the last part. Each and every scene was described amazingly!! Really very pleased to read it! And it’s not a time waste my dear!! I loved it thoroughly!! ?? waiting for your comeback!!
    And if you want to read my one is posted not the IKRS one, the other one.
    Ok so right now I’m speechless! You have written it amazingly! Beautifully and what more can I say!! Just keep going like this??
    Love you appi!!❀

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so very much Maria! Oh don’t be sad as purana jai ga tw naya aiga naa? Aww that’s so nice of you! Ohk, thanks for telling yaar I’ll read it after awhile for sure! Acha hoa bta diya otherwise I would have missed it! Thanks again re, no need to say more as it’s enough for me?
      Love you too dear?

  4. Aiswarya

    Maha di it’s awesome superb fantastic mind blowing amazing ? loved it so much ? prefect end ?
    From the start itself I was imagining dhani’s brother in law as Raja he is just perfect for the role
    Di u made me Remember the episode on 18th episode one of my favourite episode i has watched that episode more than 10 times ?…….I love the scenes when hero comes n rescue his heroine ?
    All the scenes was amazingly written di .Phool chand will never change ?.
    Vidhi is soooooo sweet ?
    Now what to say ?? I’m not getting words to express my feelings now ?
    Oh I thing more I was so happy to see dhani in lawyer uniform ?? wished my dad will understand .
    Waiting for u to come back with an another amazing story on vidha
    Love u too ??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      OMG! This much words for me.. I’m really very overwhelmed?? thanks a lot sweetie! Yeah me too was imagining Raja while writing all this? yaar that scene was revolving around my mind too.. my goodness kia scene tha.. u have watched it 10 time naa u won’t believe it but I’ve watched it more than 50 times or u can say uncountable times, even yesterday or may be day before yesterday yeah day before yesterday I was watching this scene with the same spirit though my sister gets irritate but who cares when Mishal is in front and u know my bro also watched with me as he loves Mishal a lot! Well I should stop right here iss sey pehle mai Mishal k gun gana shuru kar dun..
      Yar u have already said enough so need to say more.. Thanks again for such appreciation! Hmm now I would also pray for u but yeh nahe k tum lawyer bano in fact yeh k jo tumhare haq mai behter ho woh tum bano! Yeah for that I’m waiting for a new story to pop up in my mind..
      Love u loads??

      1. Aiswarya

        Awww my bro also likes him that’s a great news for me ? ansa is a swaragini fan right?
        U watched it more than 50 times ?those episodes were the best ones ?
        My cousin is also soo irritating but who cares when mishal is in front.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah he loves him, we both are crazy for him, but as he is a boy so he loves eisha more? yes she is, moreover she is swasan fan! However I don’t like swaragini at all, a meaningless story.. dono behnein larte rehte hain, wired! How can a girl try to kill her own sister for a stupid boy? and then un k parents he nahe aik ho k dey rahe.. Gosh my blood pressure increases while watching all this crap! I used to ask my sister that how can u tolerate all this and her typical answer “for swasan”.. u know I had stopped watching kasam too as it has gone bskwaas, though was watching it with keen interest but now? don’t know which serial to watch, as after ikrs nothing good is coming on tv apart from Kapil sharma show! Huh!! Apna dil halka kar kiya? sorry for eating ur brain?
      Yeah u are right, jab pyaar kiya tw darna kia?

      1. Aiswarya

        Di me too don’t like swaragini at all I has seen only one episode of that
        With that episode itself I was fed up .My cousin used to see it I used to tease her ? . She used to make fun saying about tripurari u must not be believing i used praise him?

  5. Meghs

    Perfection maha.. wow amazing work.. it was just perfect. Even u mentioned u made mistakes but when reading in flow we never realised any mistake to be honest ur amazing writer … hats off to ur marvellous job.

    Coming to story all character r justified. It is called experience writing. Well will waiting for ur nxt stry. No doubt ur best writer indeed u deserve it.

    By reading ur work i have song for u.

    Anythings u write will become best
    Because u urself best
    And now what will be story next
    Will be waiting for it we rest

    Sry i made bad try naa?? chalo koi nahi new try h maaf kardo…

    Keep it up.. love u loads ??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Megha! Yeah actually I was sad when I saw the mistakes and thought that they may confuse u all so that’s why mentioned them.. Oh please yaar I’m not at all experienced writer! But thanks for ur appreciative words? u are sending me on cloud nine by ur words re.. OMG! Ur song is driving me crazy?? u are multi talented yaar? no, no, not bad it was really very great!
      Love u too?

  6. Shruthy

    Mahaaaaaa! How? How can you still roam around saying you are not a good writer. I will give you a tight one and wake up your blind mind.
    I was literally overwhelmed to have read this beautiful three shots. I mean this was cool and so beautiful. I just loved this part. The way Viplav came to face all those people, and then married her to save her… Gosh so great!
    The way you mean the feelings, the emotions… Just FANTABULOUS!
    Viplav and Dhaani loving each other but Viplav realising it earlier… Then Dhaani realising her love but she gets shattered misunderstanding his words. And none was to blame in this. But she left home, left her Vidhi and her Viplavji. And the latter in her quest finds her as an orphan. Loved their confessions. <3 Sad but damn cute.
    And then the ending was so cute too. Dhaani became an advocate and also Vidhi gets married. Very happy.
    Btw, just a stupid question. If there was a leap of 20 years, and they have a 20-years-old son, does it mean she was pregnant in that court scene? I know it is not really important, but I had a doubt xD You know me na, I can have some sudden thoughts like this…
    Anyways waiting for your next work as I know it will be as good too <3 Loads of love and kisses xo

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hehehehe Lol! U will give a tight one to ur pyari se pari?? ab yaar I can’t praise myself naa otherwise u would have think that I’m so arrogant or proudy! And then I’m not at all perfect many things are to be furnish yet and agar yeh baat hai tw u guys are much much more awesome than me! Ab bolo.. hmm!
      Well glad to know that u loved those scenes, yaar u won’t believe it but I don’t know why I was not getting satisfaction while writing the first part and I was thinking that why I added this scene, I was literally pissed off and was too sad so consequently, I erased the first half and wrote that again but still was not satisfied however now after reading ur all views I am really very overwhelmed and happy! Thanks alot, I am so grateful by reading ur comment!
      Oh yeah even I was thinking the same last night while I was going to bed so yes she was expecting in that court scene, imagine karne mai kia jata hai but haan I’ve to admit I had done a mistake as I should have give 21 years leap instead of 20 years, it became a blunder? sorry to confuse u!
      Aww! That’s so sweet of u.. thanks again!
      Lots of love, kisses and hugs for u too??

      1. Shruthy

        Agar zyaada hoga tho haan xD I know I can understand.. But do believe, you have improved sooo sooo much. I am so happy and I am going to save this for sure <3 You caught me :p
        No it was reallly good. May be you feel due to political and religious reasons but it's completely fine darling. Glad we made you feel so. πŸ™‚
        LOL it's ok. You didnt confuse me, it's me who gets such sudden thoughts… It's ok πŸ™‚
        Umaaaaaah :*

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah I know as I consider my fiction as the most lower one but now I’ve improved by reading ur and other’s fictions so thanks to u all.. Hmm! May be.. Thanks again yaar!

      1. Shruthy

        Reading mine ? i don’t know what you can learn reading mine ??

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah like defining scenes and all! And not only from u, I have learned from every writer present on this platform!

  7. Sujie

    And yes finally……. Itni tariff sunne ke baad….if you still think that you are not a good writer……toh Mentos khao…..DiMagki batti jalao…..and sudhar jaao???????? love you for this wonderful story ??????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Haan mai maan gae that I’m a good writer but not more than u guys! Ab theek hai naa? wese I’m saying it without eating mentos?? thank u thank u thank u so much literally I’ll start crying! Itne tareef hazam nahe ho rahe??

      1. Sujie

        Good girl…..
        Wese….I had no idea…. I would write ff for IKRS…… but DIL KYA KARE JAB KISIKO KISISE PYAR HO JAAYE……
        Keep rocking dear

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Seriously yaar even I wouldn’t have think in my dreams that I will write something but IKRS or may be Mishal made it possible??

  8. Areeb

    Happily Read the Final Episode! But now? ? Do start writing a next fiction Maha!!! I’m shouting out loud!!! ?
    Chalo khair coming back to the story. I was expecting a lot from this last part but, let’s just clear it, I didn’t really liked it that much. Cause may be really loved it? Possible. ? Oh yes I loved it yaar! Well it had already became my good favorite since it’s very first serving of first shot! ? You lnow what at times! Many at points! I was like.. Did she really write it!? God so improved with the might skill in a way mature thinking ability! I simply loved the whole story! The main plot! ? Really want to thank you for such paragraphs of affection and relationships! ?
    Up next the last shot! Behtreen! ? With the episode started, I was so clueless about how Viplav is gonna know about Dhaani’s whereabouts but thanks to the security guard! Pheww. Next the recreated scene of real IKRS was so kind of incredible feel to imagine that scene all over again! ? Loved it. But was worrying that Dhaani will scold him but Shukar it didn’t happen! ? After that loved everything came next, gradually increased attraction between them.. the family bond grew stronger in a cute way.. ? Dhaani left Viplav thinking for his happiness and then Viplav scolding her on finding her was well written! ? And lastly, the post leap family! ? Love’em cute circulatory targeting each other. ??? And yes thus the ending was real beautiful one! ❀
    Good job Maha! ?
    I hope you consider my request I did in the start. Really wish to get some more epic stories from your side! Villain proof na bhi ho to chaley gi. ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey! Aww will surely write something because ab raha nahe jata, u can say, it has become my hobby? and yeah working on a next OS actually two stories are there and both will be of one episode and then consequently I’ll bid bye to writing!
      Now coming to ur tareef? Gosh I was like what she didn’t like it but then I read further and Pheww! Thanks for stopping my breath? as I was getting quite scared while typing this one, I don’t know why but I was like why I added this scene and was too frustrated but after reading views I am very grateful so yeah for me too these shots are best from my side, fiction was the first thing which I wrote so that was not very good!
      Oh really! Well I’ll take that as a compliment because all this is written by me, and mazy ke baat there is no one to help in all this? I’m happy that I improved myself! Nahe nahe why gussa, he has saved her life so she should be thankful naa? thank u so much?? I’m glad to read such appreciation, really very overwhelmed! Yeah will consider ur request in fact, no need to request re seedha bolne ka? Acha but currently the story which I’m typing is something different, I mean I don’t know pasand aige yaah nahe, kind of worried?
      Thanks again! Love u?

  9. AanyaSingh

    Hello dear?. I think the most late to comment this time, sorry for that. ?.

    Well, what an epi and a power-packed one ????. Seriously yaar i’m just not finding words today. Viplav getting to know abt dhaani being in trouble, driving like insane trying to find her& saving Dhaani from the crowd was so so nostalgic, the whole episode of IKRS where Vips running on the road after seeing dhaani caught by Tp, stopping a car & taking it under his control & then saving dhaani likewise from the crowd came before my eyes. Beautifully described by u??. And the gradual, smooth pace of the story after this was Superb. Dhaani’s initial hesitation after the sudden marriage, how it slowly fades away, Vidhi -dhaani bond getting stronger, Vips & Dhaani coming closer day by day & finally both realizing their HIDDEN LOVE (which is the title of the story) for each other was absolutely mind blowing. And the final confession after the misunderstanding was too good??. Seeing dhaani as a lawyer again shows what a perfect husband Vips is, so Supporting, Encouraging, so Loving, so Caring. And the last part of the story, the cute family tit bits, the never ending love & of course the romance btwn Vidhaani and the scenes with both the children, very well ended. A PERFECT LAST SHOT?????????. Fantastic job?????.

    As usual will always wait eagerly to read the nxt by u??. And one folded hand request to u : Please DON’T ever GIVE UP writing????, please please, please. You write so well & i can say this for sure that with every new one of urs, u’ll go become all the more perfect. So please it’s a request, don’t even think of giving up ur writing. I hope my request will b accepted.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww! U are so sweet first of all shukriya and second thing sorry for saying so much thank u’s.. Ab nahe bolun ge sirf aik dafa bolun ge.. Fine naa ? U are too good yaar <3 Thanks automatically comes out from my mouth after reading ur lovely prayers :-* But now I'll try to control!
      Love u loads <3

      1. AanyaSingh

        Yes, absolutely fine. Me too love u lots.????

  10. AanyaSingh

    Hello dear?. I think the most late to comment this time, sorry for that. ?.

    Well, what an epi and a power-packed one ????. Seriously yaar i’m just not finding words today. Viplav getting to know abt dhaani being in trouble, driving like insane trying to find her& saving Dhaani from the crowd was so so nostalgic, the whole episode of IKRS where Vips running on the road after seeing dhaani caught by Tp, stopping a car & taking it under his control & then saving dhaani likewise from the crowd came before my eyes. Beautifully described by u??. And the gradual, smooth pace of the story after this was Superb. Dhaani’s initial hesitation after the sudden marriage, how it slowly fades away, Vidhi -dhaani bond getting stronger, Vips & Dhaani coming closer day by day & finally both realizing their HIDDEN LOVE (which is the title of the story) for each other was absolutely mind blowing. And the final confession after the misunderstanding was too good??. Seeing dhaani as a lawyer again shows what a perfect husband Vips is, so Supporting, Encouraging, so Loving, so Caring. And the last part of the story, the cute family tit bits, the never ending love & of course the romance btwn Vidhaani and the scenes with both the children, very well ended. A PERFECT LAST SHOT?????????. Fantastic job?????.

    As usual will always wait eagerly to read the nxt by u??. And one folded hand request to u : Please DON’T ever GIVE UP writing????, please please, please. You write so well & i can say this for sure that with every new one of urs, u’ll go become all the more perfect. So please it’s a request, don’t even think of giving up ur writing. I hope my request will b accepted.

    And who cares abt the mistakes wen the story u r reading is so captivating that u just can’t leave it. Don’t u even bother abt that yaar?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey! No no it’s completely fine as I know u are busy aur phr mujhe poora yaqeen tha k late sahi but u will definitely comment?? Thank u so much for ur lovely comment?? Glad to know that u loved those scenes and double happy to know that my title does justice with the story as I was bit confused moreover I’m very bad in selecting names or something? thanks again!! Arey ap request mat karen woh bhe with folded hands no way that’s not needed?? ap ka hukum sar ankhon par (I hope I’ve written correct) will surely post something as whenever get some leisure hours I’ll start typing!! Thanks a lot for ur support?? I’m so grateful to have such readers like u all??

      1. AanyaSingh

        Hello dear, wanted to say smthng to u. First of all u r not bad infact u r very good at selecting names and titles. The titles & the stories of all ur FFs have done perfect?? justice to each other. All were aptly chosen. Secondly, y so much thanks yaar. I respect ur feelings, i know that wenevr any person in any field gets encouagement or support, one feels thankful or may b grateful even but among friends even if it is not there, it’s OK. At least with me it’s perfectly fine.(Actually wen u thank so much naa, toh i start feeling smwhat guilty, i don’t know y?). But i want to say that I am & will ALWAYS ALWAYS be there for ALL of U( i mean all the writers in our family) and i will ALWAYS encourage ALL of U to keep writing and never ever give it up. Bcoz there are many things that keep getting better & better with every new story that one writes. But if one leaves it altogether or even thinks of giving it up, then how will things get accomplished. So it is my FOLDED HAND REQUEST again to ALL the WRITERS of our family to please CONTINUE writing and give wings to ur imagination, ur creativity, ur talent and let them SOAR HIGH IN THE SKY… And it is my heartiest wish(what u say dili tamanna) that ALL of U become the Best & FAMOUS Professional Writers one day and i get to read the best & top selling fiction from ALL of U?????. I really really wish this & much more for all of u and i sincerely & humbly Pray to God to Please GRANT this wish of mine. Well, i think i’ve spoken too much, hai na, so i stop here. Love u too??? and will wait Eagerly for ur nxt. Love to all others too?????

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Uffho by mistake I’ve replied above but koi nahe woh comment bhe ap ka he hai!

  11. AanyaSingh

    Ohhh, first it wasn’t going & now it is there twice.??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah and I enjoyed reading it twice but in 1st one last three lines weren’t present?
      Thank u for commenting??
      Love u!!

  12. Lakshmi

    maha di…main kya kahoon..? i’m confused. because u r such a superb writer. i’m love with this one, the epilogue. it reminds me the original ikrs. i’m missing it. vidhi and vishal..:) viplav bhi toh bacha nikli..hahaha πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ ;D πŸ˜› ;P though it was lengthy i enjoyed it a lot. thanks di. dhani accomplished her mission as a perfect mother….and viplav toh pehle sabith kar diya tha…and the hidden love btw the two was the highlight of the epi… i loved it… more expecting from u di…plz come back soon…i will really miss u maha di… love u a lot di… may god bless u…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      U are too sweet yaar.. Thanks a lot dear <3 Glad to know that u loved those scenes!
      Yeah will surely come back!
      Love u too and may God bless to u too sweetie!

      1. Lakshmi

        Woh toh main hoon πŸ˜‰
        Welcome di πŸ™‚
        Yeah that’s the real good news…the spirit…
        Ab bas bhi karo di…yeh sweetie bulakar aap mujhe diabetes bana denge kya…? πŸ˜› sorry di i was just joking…main aapki pyaari behen hai na….? Aap toh meri pyaari maha di hoon… πŸ˜€
        May god bless us both..correct di.?

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Hehehe Lol! No I didn’t mind ;-P Yeah woh tou tum ho in fact TU na mujhe itne larkiyon ke appi aur di bana diya mera shoq poora hogaya hai even I’m elder among my siblings too πŸ˜€ Actually I love sweet dishes so I use this word a lot ;-P
      Absolutely correct!

      1. Lakshmi

        πŸ™‚ ya ya u r our badi behen…. in my father’s family i’m the eldest child…but in mother’s family my aunt’s son is eldest…
        oh yeah ab samjha πŸ˜‰ mujhe bilkul pasand nahi hai πŸ™

  13. Porkodi

    Maha, power packed episode… very interesting…this episode took me to old ikrs… loved the moments between viplav and dhani…. today only I got time to read… so I commented very late dear..hey maha pls come with another ff…we r waiting

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh so finally u have commented, its Ok I am happy that u read it..
      Thank u so much, Glad I did so :-* Yeah sure will come back but not with long story it will be an OS and hopefully u will keep commenting!

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