Ikrs: vidhani’s hidden love (Two shots by Maha) 2

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Viplav runs behind that girl and was shocked to see her standing in the middle of the road while a truck was coming towards her in full speed.. it was about to hit her but a strong hand pulled her and due to that force her face falls on viplav’s chest while he wraps his arms around her.. she feels secure in his arms, holds his shirt tightly and burst into tears.. he was also having tears and was caressing her hair both were silent but their emotions were talking, after some seconds she realizes her position and frees herself from viplav’s grip.. she wipes her tears..
Viplav: (clutches her shoulders and shouts) Are u out of ur mind ? What were u trying to do
Girl: (looks in his eyes then looks aside) why u saved me.. I was ending my life.. (shouts in frustration) do u have any problem ?

Viplav: (tightens his grip) yes I have problem.. how can u even think of it.. u were not like this before, don’t u remember ur words.. (she looks at him speechlessly because she doesn’t remember her last meeting with viplav) tell me.. why are u standing like statue ?
Girl: (tears were falling from her eyes because he was tightening his grip even more which was now unbearable for her) please leave me, it’s hurting (he realizes and leaves her but was continuously looking at her while she holds the side of pallu) had we met before ?
Viplav: (gave a surprising look) don’t u remember ? (she shook her head in no) strange! Well yes we met before three years in temple.. yaad aya yaah..

Girl: (interrupts him) Oh yes! I remembered.. u were quite stressed that day
Viplav: that’s true I was stressed but because of u I became normal or strong enough to take up the responsibilities.. u are my inspiration as because of ur words I changed myself but now I am too hurt by ur act.. u only said that we are lucky as God select us among all for His exam and we should thank him for giving courage to face those problems than how can u end ur life and run away from those problems..
Girl: I am not running away it’s just I am tired it has been three years I am bearing all this but my patience is finished now and those words are ordinary.. I don’t know how they changed u but I am not an inspiration for anyone so please..

Viplav: sometimes little or ordinary words can change one’s life.. ur views were too strong that’s why u became my inspiration but now talking to u is useless because u are not the same girl whom I talked that day..
Saying so he turned his face
Girl: (was little hurt by his words) I am not changed its just my endurance is expired! My views are same but now I don’t want to give pain to anyone.. I am inauspicious for everyone that’s why I want to end my life so that…
Before she could complete her sentence he holds her shoulders and pulled her towards him.. both were looking in each other’s eyes
Viplav: I don’t believe it how a person can say inauspicious to himself.. see God has made us equally, we are equal for Him it’s we who keep dividing people in such categories so please change ur mentality (she looks down in embarrassment as deep inside her heart she was also agreeing to him whereas viplav frees her from his grip)

now come on.. tell me ur parents home’s address..
Girl: (tears again starts falling from her eyes) My parents are not with me.. I have lost them
Viplav: (raises his hand to wipe her tears but then stops himself) I’m sorry! But don’t u have any relative or friends ? (she nods in no, he looks at her in disbelief and then thinks for awhile) Ok then u can stay at my home.. (she looks him surprisingly, viplav noticed it) hey! Don’t be surprise.. I’m offering u as I know u are a nice lady and then u shouldn’t be afraid as I don’t live alone my sister lives with me so u are safe there
Girl: I.. I can’t!

Viplav: (interrupts her) fine! If u don’t wanna come than that’s ur wish but don’t complain me afterwards that I didn’t asked u.. one more thing u are not safe here as u know this world is dangerous for an alone girl
Saying so he walks towards the car, his POV: God please make this plan work! Madam say yes..
He was slowly walking suddenly a voice stops him in mid
Girl: (comes to him while viplav turned back) Ok I will come that’s because u are insisting a lot (viplav lifts his eyebrows and grins, she looks at him then turns her head to left side) actually I don’t have place to live.. that’s why! Thanks for offering.. I’ll do all work like cleaning and..

Viplav: (interrupts her) hey! hey! Stop! No need of that because servants are available in my home so that’s completely fine.. now come on! (looks at his watch) it’s getting late we should leave, my princess must be waiting for me..
She stares him quizzically after listening princess but didn’t ask anything and sits inside.. later they reached the home.. both gets down from the vehicle and walks towards the main gate! She was hesitating to enter, viplav noticed her state so signs her not to worry and get inside.. she nods and went inside while “ishq ishq rang rang ishq ka rang safed plays”.. viplav takes her to guest room, both together enters the room. She was staring the room shockingly, viplav looks at her and gave a wired expression

Viplav: what happened ? Don’t u like ur room
Girl: no, nothing like that.. but are u sure this will be my room. I mean, I can live anywhere.. I don’t need a lavish room
Viplav: this is ur room only.. don’t take tension! (he was about to leave but then turns back) suno, (she looks at him and gave a questioning expression) what’s ur name ? That day also I didn’t get chance to ask ur name because u were in hurry and I was not in the position.. but now would u like to tell me ur name..
Girl: my name is.. dha.. dhani!
Viplav: oh dhani! Nice name, haan.. and u will not ask my name obviously but I will increase ur knowledge my name is Viplav, Viplav Tripathi.. (she smiles) Ok then freshen up and u may need some dresses don’t worry I will ask shalu to order it for u..
Dhani: umm! Viplav jee I can wear only white saree
Viplav: yeah I know don’t worry about that
Saying so he leaves from there and goes to his room where vidhi was busy in playing with her dolls and a maid was sitting beside her but after seeing him she left from there.. he unbuttons his blazer and sits beside her
Viplav: (takes her in his arms and makes her sit on his lap) what my princess is doing ? (she shows her doll to him and said “baba aiish-cleam” [ice cream] viplav pats his head) oh God! Baba forgot to bring ice-cream (vidhi pouts and turns her head) princess don’t get angry.. I have chocolate, woh bhe big wale! (She shook her head in no and replied, “no! Toclate [chocolate] aiish-cleam” viplav smiles) Ok queen Victoria! Let me change then we will go.. Ok! (She starts jumping in happiness and said, “tank o [thank u]” but u have to give a kissi first (vidhi kisses on his cheek) yeah my left cheek got a kissi now it’s turn for right cheek (she turns her head and said “no, bush [bus]”) vidhi please yaar don’t show attitude.. promise it will be last! Please princess (she pats her head cutely and kisses on his right cheek and then said, “bush ab aul nahe [bus ab aur nahe] while viplav smiles broadly on her overload cuteness” yeah queen Victoria it’s enough (kisses on her cheeks and makes her sit in bed) baba is coming in five minutes than we’ll go..
He was about to go just then he heard some noise, he holds vidhi in his arms and rushes to downstairs where he saw shalini and dhani are watching each other shockingly..
Viplav: (while panting) moti why were u shouting ?
Shalini: (points to dhani) bhai who is she ?
Viplav: she is dhani, actually she was in problem and has no home to live that’s why I brought her here.. but why did u shout, it seems like u have seen a safed bhootni (both burst into laugh but then controls themselves after seeing her upset face whereas vidhi was crying and forwarding her arms to dhani) vidhi what happened bacha ? (Vidhi while crying said “mama” all were shocked to listen this precious word from her for dhani) beta she is not mama, come on! Let’s go in (she starts crying louder and was was continuously trying hard to go in dhani’s arms and because of this he stops and turns to dhani) why she is saying like this ?
Dhani: I don’t know.. where is her mom ?
Shalini: she is not alive..
Dhani: I am sorry but I don’t know why she is saying like this
Shalini: it’s ok! Bhai please handover her to dhani.

Viplav: but shalu.. how can I..
Shalini: (interrupts him) bhai please otherwise she won’t stop crying
Viplav nods and handovers the baby to her.. vidhi stops crying as soon as she goes in her arms and lovingly said, “mama”.. dhani caresses her face with teary eyes
Viplav: take care of her and if she need anything than call me..
She nods and goes inside her room while vidhi was so happy and relieved in her arms as if she found her mom.. seeing her like this viplav stands beside the wall with teary eyes.. shalini comes to her and keeps her hand on his shoulder..
Shalini: (wipes his tears) bhai are u thinking the same.. do u remember her last words
Viplav: how can I forget shalu..
He thinks something..
A flashback is shown-

“A woman is shown laying on hospital bed.. she is breathing heavily and viplav is standing beside her..
Viplav: (he sits on his feet and holds her hand) bhabi please stay strong.. nothing will happen to u
Bhabi: (while breathing heavily) V.. viplav take care of my daughter.. never leave her alone, u are his father! Promise me viplav u will love her like a father
Viplav: bhabi I promise but please take rest..
Bhabi: no, viplav let me speak.. I know I won’t live long and can’t give her motherly love but viplav she will select her maa by herself.. she will select ur soulmate, she will automatically attract to that girl in whom she will find her mom..
Viplav: (trying to control himself) bhabi why are u talking like this.. please don’t say like this, we need u!
But then she closed her eyes and left them alone.. viplav cries badly, stands on his feet slowly walks towards shalini who was standing before the door and hugged her tightly.. after awhile nurse came with a baby girl and handovers her to viplav.. he takes her in his arms and gently holds her small fingers.. he was smiling but tears were continuously falling”
Flashback ends
Viplav was lost in his thoughts when shalini slowly pats his shoulder..
Viplav: (looks at her) I don’t know why she called her like this but I am not able to forget her words those words are continuously revolving in my mind.. if she is the one… (sighs) I don’t know
Shalini: bhai I have also seen a strange happiness on vidhi’s face but don’t think much about it.. everything will reveal soon! Now go and change I will get ready the dinner
Both leaves to their respective places, after awhile all gathers at dinning table and takes their seats except dhani who was standing far from the table with vidhi..
Viplav: where is dhani and vidhi? Call them (shalini signs him to look back, he astonishingly turns his head and saw her) dhani why are u standing there.. come on! Have a seat and eat as much as u can..
Dhani: (walks towards them then makes vidhi sit on the table) viplav jee I can’t eat this all.. I can have simple meal only.. don’t worry I will eat later, after cooking my own food
Viplav: Arey but food is ready than what’s the need of cooking separately.. please yaar dhani I am not in a mood to argue so please sit and eat quietly because these rules and regulations are made by human not by God..
Dhani: but..
Before she could complete her sentence vidhi pulls her pallu and said, mama! Have a sheat pleashe (have a seat please)
Viplav: see even vidhi wants u to eat so please at least listen to her
She nods and takes her seat then shalini fills her plate with food..
Viplav: Ok so now princess it’s time for dinner.. (he takes a spoon filled with rice and brings it close to her mouth but she pressed her lips and pulls dhani’s pallu and said, “mama! Ap sey” viplav gave a surprising look) but vidhi, u used to eat from me then..
Shalini: (interrupts him) bhai let it be! If she wants to eat from her then let her eat naa..
Viplav: (feels hurt but composes himself and smiles) yeah! dhani please khela do
Dhani nods however she knew that viplav is hurt by all this but she can’t do anything as both (dhani and vidhi) are naturally attracting to each other.. later after having their meal viplav takes vidhi in his arms
Viplav: so princess, what about ice cream (she replied with yes happily) Ok then let’s go..
He was about to leave but she stops him saying, “mama”
Viplav: (sighs) kia vidhi u are ruining our privacy (vidhi stares him cutely as she doesn’t understand his difficult words) Ok theek hai we will take ur mama along with us.. (she becomes happy while he turns to dhani) dhani please come with us as she is not going without u..
Dhani: but where ?
Viplav: we are going to have ice cream..

Dhani: theek hai chalen
Viplav: but before that if u want to change or something than u can
Dhani: no I’m ready!
Viplav: wow! That’s great because normally girls take more than an hour to get ready like this moti.. (dhani giggles)
Shalini: kia bhai ap bhe..
Viplav: acha acha.. if u want to come
Shalini: no I want to take some rest u all go but don’t forget to bring it for me..
Viplav: (turns to leave) yeah but it will melt so what’s the use of bringing..
Shalini: (shouts from behind) bhai I am telling u to bring, no matter it melts or not I need it..
Viplav: yeah yeah moti don’t cry
Then they leaves to ice cream parlor.. after awhile all were seen sitting inside it and having their favorite flavors of ice cream.. while dhani was hesitating, he noticed it
Viplav: dhani relax! Why are u looking here and there they won’t eat u because they are busy in eating ice cream
Dhani: (gave an upset look) actually it had been long I’ve visited a good place so that’s why feeling like this..
Viplav: yeah I can understand.. u will get used to it..

Both were busy in talking while vidhi was about to fall from the table but both saved her from falling, they share a cute yet beautiful eye lock! (Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara plays) vidhi amusingly claps and said “mama baba” both comes to their senses and feels awkward, then he pays the bill and all leaves to home.. meanwhile phool chand and that boy (who was about to slap dhani but viplav holds his hand, hope u guys remembered) saw them when they were on their way.. both of them fumes watching her happy then leaves from there.. Days were passing like this dhani and viplav were coming close with the passage of time but he was unknowingly getting jealous from dhani-vidhi bond so one night they all were going to their rooms when viplav stops dhani..
Viplav: dhani, vidhi will sleep with me tonight..
Shalini stops in mid listening viplav in this tone..
Dhani: but viplav jee she won’t sleep with u but then also if u want to..
Viplav: (interrupts her) I am not asking u, I am telling u.. before u
she used to sleep with me so please don’t teach me
Saying so he takes her from dhani’s arms while vidhi starts crying loudly..
Shalini: (takes vidhi from viplav’s arms) bhai have u gone mad ? U know naa she likes to stay with dhani than why are u acting weird..
Viplav: (irritatingly) because she is snatching my princess from me first God took my loved ones away from me now she is trying to make distances between us.. I can’t live without her! Everything was going good before her but now she is messing up everything
Dhani can’t take anymore so she runs to her room cryingly whereas viplav was standing there painfully
Shalini: bhai this is not u.. how can u say such things to her ? U weren’t like this before.. how can u think like this in fact u should be thankful to her as she is taking care of her more than a mother.. I can understand u (keeps her hand on his shoulder) but she is not here to snatch her from u so please don’t think like this..
Viplav: (feels hurt, he closes his eyes and regrets past few minutes) I am such a jerk.. how can I be so harsh to her. She is so innocent as she didn’t say anything rather than stayed silent, I am feeling sorry..
Shalini: so go and apologize plus take her with u and handover her to dhani happily
He smiles and proceed to her room along with vidhi.. after reaching there he knocks the door, listening the noise she wipes her tears and turns back with a fake smile..
Viplav: (enters inside and makes vidhi sit on the bed then walks towards her) no need to show this fake smile.. I know u are hurt and the sad thing is that the reason behind ur pain is me.. I am really a jerk! (holds his ears) I’m sorry.. even sorry is a very small word.. it’s just I can’t able to control my emotions so blurts out those harsh words..
Dhani: it’s ok I am not hurt because I can understand but I don’t want to create distance between u both.. I’m not a mother but seeing her I feel like she is someone special to me she gave me the feeling of motherhood! I don’t know why she calls me mama but listening this word for her is something very special something which cannot be define.. but trust me I don’t..
Viplav: (keeps his hand on her mouth) please don’t give clarifications because u are embarrassing me more by doing this so please.. (then he removes his hand from her mouth while dhani stares him)
Dhani: how ur wife died
Viplav: wife ? I haven’t married till now so when this wife came
Dhani: (surprisingly) if u aren’t married than how can vidhi be ur daughter
Viplav: oh actually she isn’t my daughter.. she is my brother’s daughter but then also she is more than a daughter to me..
Dhani: then what happened to ur brother her wife and ur parents ? Where are they all ?
Viplav: (sighs and sits on the bed) my parents and my brother died in an accident.. before three years this house was filled with people, maa baba bhai bhabi me and shalu.. unfortunately one day all were going for shopping but suddenly bhabi doesn’t feel well as she was expecting because of her shalu also stayed at home to look after her and I didn’t join them as bhabi and shalu were alone at home because bhabi might need something any time , I was sitting in hall checking some emails on mobile just then my telephone beeps when I received that my life was almost finished..(he become silent again dhani comes forward and keeps her hand on his shoulder, viplav sighs and continue) It was the call from hospital he told me that a big lorry had hit their car and they died on the spot they asked me to come and receive their dead bodies, I was freezed at the moment, time had stopped for me.. I sat on sofa with no sense just then shalu shouted and listening her voice I rushed to upstairs and there I saw that bhabi has fainted because she had also heard that dreadful news through her landline we immediately took her to hospital meanwhile shalu was continuously asking me the reason behind my tears and her state but I was not in the position to tell her anything as I don’t want to loose her now.. after awhile we reached hospital she was immediately admitted and took into operation theatre while operation doctor comes out to inform me that her condition is critical as she is not responding to our treatments it seems like she doesn’t want to live her life so we can’t save her but baby is safe.. I was shattered even more after listening it then shalu comes to me and asked me again I had no option left and told her everything she too broke after hearing that news.. I was consoling her but those consoling words were not enough later she was shifted in room and as soon as she gained conscious she called me.. I went her room with no energy, she holds my hand and ask me to promise that I will take care of vidhi like my own daughter and will become a responsible father and saying so she closed her eyes leaving us alone.. That one day snatched everything from us then after their funeral I wasn’t read to take up the responsibilities.. I always used to complain God but that day I met u and our small conversation and ur views changed me completely.. I started living my life again with vidhi and shalu! (wipes his tears and smiles)
Dhani: vidhi is indeed lucky to have a father like u..

Viplav: no dhani, actually I am lucky to have a daughter like her! But now tell me something about urself
Dhani: my life has no important aspect so what should I tell u ?
Viplav: but how did u become a widow and what happened to ur parents ?
Dhani: (walks towards the window and stands before it) I used lived in Mumbai.. we were leading a poor yet happy life.. my father was a clerk in office then also he was trying hard to give us a good and respectable life.. I was very good in studies and because of my good results I successfully get a scholarship that helps me a lot in becoming an advocate only two years were left for my lawyer’s degree but soham’s alliance came for me as they were good and well to do people my family immediately agreed though I wasn’t ready but seeing my parents happy I accepted this alliance and left my studies in mid.. I was sad but convinced myself with the passage of time! Everything was going good I get married to him and we shifted to banaras from Mumbai, soham was of good soul and so as his family.. it was only one month of our marriage and he died because of heart attack.. everything was changed once he died his family blamed me for his death, I became a widow, my all dreams were broken as widows have no right to be happy and enjoy life, after some days my parents informed me that they are coming to meet me but unfortunately the train through which they were coming met with an accident and they left me alone in this cruel world.. I was already inauspicious for everyone and after that accident I became more.. days were passing like this but then maa and my brother in law asked me to work somewhere to earn money.. I can be a teacher or can do a respectable job but no one was ready to employ me that’s why unwillingly.. (she becomes silent)
Viplav: (comes forward and keeps his hand on her shoulder) no need to tell more because I know the rest so don’t increase ur pain by remembering those bitter moments..
Dhani: (turns to her and smiles) I want to open a trust or something for the women like me or for the children who don’t have the place to live so, that place will become their shelter where they will live with respect and will receive education.. I want to become a lawyer to fight for those young girls who are sold for money and want to punish those men who don’t know to respect a girl but these dreams can only be dreams..
Viplav: no, these dreams can become reality but u have to work for it.. why don’t u continue ur studies ? (She looks at him speechlessly) what! Don’t u want to ?
Dhani: I want to.. but how can I as I can’t take admission in university because u know people..
Viplav: (interrupts her) yeah I know people.. so u can study privately, tutor will come to teach u, see nothing is impossible all u have to do is hard work rest I will manage..
Dhani: but why are u doing all this for me ?
Viplav: umm! Because I like to do good things with good people and u have impressed me more by sharing ur dreams with me so I want to see ur dreams becoming true
Dhani: (smiles while tears were making the way from her eyes) thank u so much.. even Thanks is not enough! (Walks towards vidhi who had already slept she covers her through blanket) u are a really nice person..
Viplav: well thanks for the compliment! And see vidhi falls asleep by herself..
Dhani: yeah! She must be tired.. u also go and sleep now it has been quite late..
Viplav: yeah going and sorry once again
Dhani: no need of that
Viplav: so tomorrow ur studies will start.. get ready for that! Good night..
She smiles and wishes him back.. later she was sleeping in her room when two masked men jumped inside her room through window and silently walks towards her and keeps a handkerchief which was having chloroform on her nose because of that she falls unconscious then a man holds her in his arms and vanished from there..
It was morning all were sitting in dinning room and waiting for vidhi and dhani..
Viplav: shalu go and check where is dhani
Shalini: bhai she will come by herself.. may be she is getting her ready
Viplav: yeah! It was a day when I used to make her ready but now things are changed..
Shalini: bhai are u still..
Viplav: (interrupts her) no moti, in fact I am very happy for her
Both were busy in their casual talk just then they heard vidhi’s noise.. viplav runs upstairs and saw that she is crying badly and calling “mama” he takes her in his arms and goes inside dhani’s room where she was not present..

Screen freezes!

Thanks for reading..
Ok so basically this is not the end.. I will post an epilogue for ending, because there are many things left which I can’t wrap so fast so that’s why will post an epilogue in which I will give a perfect ending.. I guess! Sorry if have confused u but literally I was having no idea that it will become too long otherwise I would have used three shots instead of two but ab ghalte hogae.. if u are having any question feel free to ask as I know this story is quite complicated! I thought to post it next week but I was unwell these days so have time he time because was free from studies that’s why I got quality time to write.. Yeah! Don’t forget to share ur opinions as they means a lot..

Haan most importantly many members are missing from this site and day by day this page is becoming silent so please come back though I know those members aren’t reading it but then also I am requesting and singing “O nadaan parindey ghar ajaa” Lol!
Keep smiling and supporting!
Sorry if there is any mistake because this time it isn’t proof reading
Love u all!

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  1. Aiswarya

    I was super duper shocked n surprised (but i like suprises)when I read BHABI so vidhi is not his daughter but they share a very cute bond .i thought she was his real daughter but she is not less than a daughter to him .the way vidhi called dhani mamma was really amazing their bond it
    too cute ?last few words told my bhabi
    was emotional n touching .di three year old child speaks very clearly my neighbours child is three years old she speaks so clearly to me .dhani’s dreams are like mine me too wants to become a lawyer to fight against injustices ?but my parents wants to make me a doctor like them? viplav feelling jealous ?but it’s common as if the one we love the most will ignore us we often get jealous. Who was the two masked mens it must be phool chand n her brother in law ?
    Easterly waiting for the happy ending ?what happened to u? ?? Even I’m as not well but when I ur ffs name I couldn’t control myself from reading n commenting
    Post the next part whenever u are free?
    Love u ??
    Take care

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh my first commenter! Yeah actually I can’t show that viplav is already married and if he is married than he must have loved his wife tw according to me love can’t happen again.. I can only see viplav with dhani.. u know quite possessive in it -_- Really ? I didn’t know that actually my cousins have started talking late so I thought.. Sorry by the way, my bad! Oh acha so u too want to become a lawyer but ur parents must have thought something good about u that’s why they would have ask u to become doctor and trust me by becoming doctor also u can help people in getting justice because according to me a person must be morally good and strong then he/she can help people in any way no matter what field he/she may select.. well that’s my POV! For knowing that ur guess is right or wrong, u have to wait little more 🙂
      Nothing, bus fever and flu actually I am allergic to every single thing so that’s why its normal for me but what happened to u ?
      Yeah will post it as soon as I get time!
      Love u too sweetie <3
      U too take care :-*

      1. Aiswarya

        Di me too I also an allergic ?my cousin gave me viral fever now I have n cold also .yesterday i fained 2 times so blood test was done n when result of blood test came it showed I have very less count of haemoglobin its 6 instead of 13 .vomiting was also there but mom told to take a medicine after that there was no vomiting
        Me too believe that it can only happen once u too believe like me
        I has seen ur belief in ur os in that at last dhani understands she never loved that guy she married n finally understand her love is for viplav only?
        Sorry di i was not knowing that. I thought everyone will talk like her at the of three?
        Aww I became ur first commenter for the first time I think. When I was feeling better I came here ?

    2. Porkodi

      Hi aish….take care of ur health dear….

      1. Aiswarya

        Ok di?

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh take care dear! Eat well and take rest☺

  2. Shruthy

    OMG this was ASHOOOME!!! VERY VERY ASHOOOOME! <3 Literally in love with this Three Shots *___* (yeah will call it so as it has 3 parts.)
    Vidhi is semma cute machi!! <3 Such a doll man! Viplav's love for her is so wonderful. Like she is not his real daughter but he is way much attached to her like she was his own blood. Kash all children had such opportunity to have a loving a father or support. There would be less orphans in this world… Anyways!
    I was quite shocked reading that jealous Viplav wala part. Like he really yelled at Dhaani for being so close to Vidhi. But I know he was not really conscious doing so. He is too much close to Vidhi and so he couldn't bear. But happy now he is fine.
    Wooow finally our guess was right. That girl is indeed hamari Dhaani chellam! <3 Very happy Dhaani finally got a secure place to live in. And the way Vidhi started crying "Mumma" seeing her. It was like her inside heart told she was her mother. Poor baby. She must have missed that mother warmness from her birth. And she saw a mother figure in our Dhaani. Just like Vidhi's mother predicted, the one her daughter will call "mumma" will be our VIplav babu's companion. =D Vidhi our little Cupid. <3
    I cant wait for next (and unfortunately last) part. Though it will end soon, I just want to tell you THANK YOU for bringing such a wonderful short story for us.

    1. Porkodi

      Hi shruthy…how r u? Hope u r doing well… happy to see u here….Pls all ikrs members try to comment… missing all badly…. anybody knows when will mishal start new project?

      1. Shruthy

        Hey Porkodi?? I am good how are you?
        Missing all too… No I dont sorry :/

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww! Thanks a lot? yeah it has become three shots actually? but viplav is her chachu, so loving her like this is natural.. haaiinaa! Hmm true.
      Yes he wasn’t in his senses that time so blurts out those words, he was feeling insecure but then realized his mistake! Oh yeah she is our dhani, vidhi had found her mother.. Thank u so much for ur lovely comment??
      Keep reading?

      1. Shruthy

        I am happy it has become. And I can understand it. Even when I imagine one thing, I end writing more than that ? and it’s better you detail it well than rushing on the stories. ❤️
        Oh well, dont wanna be harsh, but I don’t think relatives are this sincere and lovable with each other. ? But well, as a fiction, and knowing Viplav’s nature, it is indeed obvious he loves his niece. ?
        Yeah that’s the best part. He is a nice person and was able to realize his mistake quickly.
        Yes so happy! ?? Oh well no mention but each time I feel forgetting some points ??

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Porkodi, no one knows that when he will come with a new project because in sangharh shukla naami actor has finalized so don’t know when he will come.. eagerly waiting for him!

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah that’s true shruthy! But I am not that much good in defining scenes just improving myself! Hmm that’s true actually, relatives are not sincere but in my family there is an example so I thought people might be like this but forgot that world is filled with these kind of jerks.. however Viplav is a perfect person so this is absolutely suitable for him! Really ? No yaar u have mentioned each scene it’s me who can’t mention all scenes?

      1. Shruthy

        Of course you are. So shuuush ? I have enough experience, don’t worry. Just talking seeetly to cheat us … Anyways!
        Haan it is suitable for Viplav babu ?
        No yaar I always remember I have missed some points at the end. Like asking how you feel now –‘

      2. Shruthy

        Again I forgot!
        Your DP is ??? missing MiSha/Vidha damn much

    5. Maha_Aijaz

      What have u missed ? I didn’t get..
      Aww! Thanks even I too missing them alot that’s why usually at night in fact daily at night I catch up all the old and beautiful episodes on youtube.. it feels good to watch!

      1. Shruthy

        I miss to note spme points in general..
        I always think to do that but then I get busy writng and doing so, I fall asleep

    6. Maha_Aijaz

      Ohk now I get it! But it’s ok.. it happens!
      As u know chote chote shehron mai aise bari bari baatain hote rehte hain?? Lol?

      1. Shruthy

        HAHAHAHA I agree xD

  3. Porkodi

    Hi maha…super duper hit… awesome episode…little busy…so I didn’t commented on first shot…I just loved ur style of writing…. I can able to visualise the story…
    Unexpected twist on viplav ‘s past… really unpredictable…viplav,dhani and vidhi bonding was nice…. thanks for giving us such a nice story….

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      OMG! I’m so happy to see ur comment? Thanks alot for sharing ur views! It’s Ok I can understand? Glad to know that u like my writing style.. thank u so much?
      Keep reading!

  4. Porkodi

    Maha u r devakshi fan too? Did u watched ek duje ke vaste from Sony…such a lovely show…I used to watch…after ikrs my favourite show is edkv…U also try to watch…U can catch all episodes in YouTube…

    1. Angel20

      Hi Porkodi!
      I’m also a Devakshi and Shraman fan.. Especially shraman??
      I also write ff on Devakshi.. You can read it if you want??

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Actually I am it’s brand new fan but I didn’t find difficulty to know it’s story as my mom used to watch this and edkv.. I have replaced kasam to krpkab because kasam has become too boring so I quit that serial but yeah krpkab is a very beautiful drama, it’s story is unique, no heavy make up and jewellery and most importantly I love dev’s mom though she is little bit villain but she is so sweet in reality however I think she is not that much bad it’s just she is little possessive for her kids as she has faced many difficulties.. haan but I love devakshi, they are too adorable.. Sakshi is so sweet and innocent..
      I don’t watch edkv but will try to watch it! Thanks for telling me..

    3. Areeb

      Hi Porkodi ma’am. Hope your are doing good. I agree no one is commenting these days. Most importantly the old members. ?
      I too watch KRPKAB! ? From start I’ve been watching it cause the storyline was so good! ? Andd Shaheer too! ?❤
      Maria do tell me your fanfic name on Devakshi. And how are exams going, I hope flawless haan! ?

      1. Angel20

        Hi Areeb! Talking after a long time.. Ya my exams are going very well.☺
        My fan fic’s name is her dance made me fall for her. Do read it and tell me your views 🙂
        Here’s the linklink


      2. Porkodi

        Hi Areeb…very happy after seeing ur reply… where is Renu,arshi,latha,saraswathi,nimisha and all members… missing u all… pls come and comment how u guys r doing…

      3. Areeb

        In fact I was happy seeing you asking for everyone. ? I don’t where they are.. I talked to Arshi , she is busy with her studies side by side she is discovering Delhi. She said she’ll come on getting quality time. Besides I’m searching for Renu ma’am she never takes a long break from the page I hope she is okay and she come back soon. Others too are missing. ?

        Maria, I will right away read! ?

  5. Angel20

    Hi appi! Here after a long time.. As I was busy with studies, my exams are going on so really not getting time to comment! But yeah!! There’s a weekend so I’m back!
    I had read your 1st part also and I guess I didn’t comment! It was just awesome! Something different! Vidhu is so cute yaar.. I just love her. Both Vidhaa have sad stories.. That’s sad! But the two shots were awesome! And this was soo long… But I enjoyed reading it! Full paisa vasool!
    But is this the end? I mean I want to read more.. And don’t feel bad but I felt it was an abrupt end! I’m so very curious to know what happened after that! So I want you to post one more shot please! 🙂
    Come back with few more shots, enjoy reading it! Ok bye.. Meet you soon with another (hopefully) part 🙂
    Take care
    Love you..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Maria! Good to see ur comment?? hope ur exams went well! Thanks for liking it.. No, no! This is not end I have mentioned at last that I’ll post epilogue for ending as there are many things left that’s why.. sorry if I had confused u! Thanks alot?
      Love you too?

    2. Porkodi

      Hi Maria…Ur sharman dp???? I won’t watch krpkab….but I will try to read ur ff…how ur studies r going?

      1. Angel20

        Thanks dear!

  6. Maha……meri Jaan…..love you for this ?????
    Deep inside my heart…..Ek khwaish thi…..k vidhi’s mom should be someone related to Viplsv except his wife…… The word Bhaabi made it clear……however the family members ofviplav had a sad demise…. Story needed it…and you did the job gracefully ….. Superb story……
    I might sound like a story teller…. But I wanted to write one story like this…… Viplav living his life for someone dear to him….. When Dhaani comes in his life to complete that vacuum…….but you did it….and yes?????
    Vidhi is soooooo cute….. ??
    Keep going dear……
    Rock it nail it………?????? I know the story is not complete…be back soon with season 2 types…..okay ???????

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  8. Sujie

    Maha….Meri Jaan ???????? toooooo good????
    Deep inside my heart……El khwaish Thi…..Ki Viplav should not have got married in past….vidhi’s mom should be someone among in his relation …except his wife…… And yes…..you granted that wish…….
    I might sound like telling a lie….. But I too wanted to write a story like this…much before your story came….. But I am glad that you wrote it….and I didn’t …warna I could not have re joyed your creativity…….l??????????
    Good job Maha……
    Keep rocking like this ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Ok so basically I selected this comment for replying? and I enjoyed reading ur all comments.. Thanks a lot Sujie! Yeah even I can’t show viplav with some other girl, can only see him with dhani.. No, why lie! U are an amazing writer and I have told u before so I would love to read something like this from u, and that’s why it’s my request to come with this kind of story some day as because every person has its own way of imagination so ur dialogues might be different from me.. Ok tw mai abhi sey he excited hogae hn parhne k liye??
      Thank u so much??
      Love u loads! ?

  9. Sujie

    Enjoyed….I meant……
    And yes….thank you for the story……
    And and and…..don’t let that FOOLChand and company torture Dhaani……

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah will never let them torture her in fact mai kia viplav he sab sambhal ley ga??
      Plus it won’t be season 2, it’ll be an epilogue or u can say last shot!

  10. Areeb

    Maha!! Dekha! I wasn’t wrong in putting it on the top of your writings! ? This is really a striking story man! ? Precisely, of my type – That I can relate to reality. ? So far moving brilliantly! ? Never I repeat Not a single point where story derailed from the original plot! A perfect cut to cut lined up story. ?
    Coming to the this part. Okay. So, I’m very bad in expressing! Yet very lazy to type down my whole emotions! ? Anyways, summarizing the whole, it was just too perfect! From the Viplav-Vidhi bond. ? Babies!!! ?? I could actually imagine Viplav being Daddy!! That taking her to his lap. ? Asking for the kissies. ? Bribing her with chocolate. ? Taking her out for the ice-cream. ? Cute af! ? Next loved that Viplav convincing Dhaani to bring her back to life! Again very well written Maha! ? Specially that much true thing he said, God has made us equal it’s his people only who discriminate in the light of cast, colour and wealth.
    And yes I didn’t tell but I had a strong feeling that Vidhi will not be his own daughter. And that’s true! Wahh! ? Both flashback stories were good. ?
    This Phoolchand is such a jerk! ? And the other guy with him.. I’m assuming Tripurari. ? They took Dhaani. Oh Good!! ? Ab ayega na mazaa!! ? Excited really very!
    You are right about page. ? Everyone has disappeared slowly. Missing the old days!
    And take care of your health.
    And post the last part sooner! ??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      OMG! Ur comment made me double happy today.. Thank u, thank u, thank u so much for loving it that much! No, actually this is the most longest comment from ur side for me so I am happy shappy? Glad to know that u loved those scenes plus that flashback part.. yeah u can imagine tripurari but I was imagining Raja while writing?? hmm! I too love those scenes in which heroine is in difficulty and hero comes to rescue especially when we are talking about vidhani.. Oh God! That’s why I love 18, 19th December episodes a lot.. Hope u remembered those epic episodes!
      Yeah that’s true but they might be busy!
      Thanks a lot dear will post as soon as I get time..
      Love u loads?

  11. AanyaSingh

    Hello dear? & sorry for being late again in commenting, actually am a little busy these days as our religious samaagam is going on. So, i may get late in commenting but i will definitely comment, this i can assure u?.

    So coming to the actual job now. Well, it was another excellent one

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey! It’s Okay, I can understand.. Aww! That’s so sweet of u <3
      Thanks a lot dear :-*

  12. AanyaSingh

    Sorry for that incomplete one, by mistake the post button got tapped.

    So, this is another excellent one.?. Everything was so flowing yaar, that’s y i said that ur writing style is very natural. It doesn’t seem that anything has been consciously created or written, everything just seems to happen naturally at their own pace. The first thing that i liked was wen while saving dhaani, she &Vips unconsciously came closer to each other. Both were silent but their feelings were talking. Beautifully described??. And then it was Vips’ turn to convince dhaani to stay strong as she was before without bothering abt anybdy &anything. Great line that God has made us all equal & equally sees us but it is we who unnecessarily create partitions among ourselves giving one excuse or the other. And it is indeed the bitter reality of life. The “safed bhootni” was amusing ???. Vidhi & Vips’ scene was so cute?. The roothna and manaana btwn the two was soooooo???????. Vidhi speaking in her sweet chidlish voice was so adorable. Vidhi calling dhaani ‘mamma’ the moment she saw her & yearning to go to her shows how pure a child’s soul is & how pure r her instincts that at first sight of her only she knew that her mother was there for her. Again Superbly described???. Vips’ jealousy was a little surprise though it wasn’t smthng that cudn’t b related to. He brought up Vidhu as his own child since her birth, there was so much love, so closeness btwn the two of them but wen that suddenly got diverted towards dhaani, he missed that love perhaps, the attention which her baba used to get from her princess and so the sudden reaction from him though it was completely Unintentional. But his apologizing to dhaani for that was so sweeet.?. The painful part was Viplav narrating his loss of family so much so that reading it i felt myself going thru that unbearable pain of losing one’s loved ones. Dhaani’s past was also very sad. But after talking to each other both felt relieved as it is said na that after sharing sorrow gets lightened and happiness doubled. Dhaani telling abt her dreams and Viplav so eagerly supporting & encouraging her was very sweet. But dhaani getting kidnapped at the last moment was like ‘ohhhh, now what’??. It must b that clumsy minded phoolchand & that guy (if my guess is right, though one of my earlier ones of Viplav as a widower proved to b wrong although it was a welcome one?). But to know i will have to wait for the nxt & as always i’ll b eagerly waiting for it??. Great job again yaar, keep rocking like this???????.
    Well, i think i have spoken too much, no, so i shud better stop. Post the nxt one soon?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh my goodness! Well I was bit surprised when I saw ur first comment because usually ur comments are quite long so I thought u might be busy that’s why u didn’t get time to type more but when I saw this I was too happy seriously.. Precisely it was a perfect analysis of my episode, perfect summary u can say! Literally u have defined each and every scene tremendously?? I have enjoyed reading it! Yeah that guess was wrong but this one will be correct hopefully (I guess?) Thank u so much for ur lovely words, I am so overwhelmed by reading ur views!
      Thanks again and will post it ASAP??

  13. AanyaSingh

    Omg, this got pretty long. Please forgive me if u get tired reading it?☺

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      No why are u asking forgiveness re! Seriously I enjoyed reading each and every word of ur comment.. Apne tareef sun’na kise bura lagta hai? No, no just kidding!
      But love u loads??
      Enjoy ur samaagam..

      1. AanyaSingh

        Jab koi tareef k laayak ho to tareef to honi hi chahiye & all the writers in our family deserve this tareef 100%. So i try to shower it as much as i can on everyone (i mean whose ffs i have read &am reading )?? though smtimes i really fall short of words for them ????☺.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Well thank u! Yeah that’s true each and every person here has great writing skills even old members who used to write fictions are my inspiration..

  14. Sujie

    Keep rocking dear…
    Sunke accha laga…that yiu want me to write something similar to this….. but uske liye I need to manage time……
    Busy with my studies..And Thinking about wrapping my SOULMATES after bunches of episodes……
    Have a great day dear…..lots of love

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u! Yeah come with this one whenever u get time.. no problem we are always here to wait! Oh yes eagerly waiting for “Soulmate’s” episodes..
      Thank u and same to u!

  15. Lakshmi

    oh my maha di…i know I am bit late here.but trust me I think i was the first one to read this becoz that time I was reading the written updates of ersk then only i find this one posted fresh.then started to read.very very lengthy but amazingly explained every bit of the story.i am quite surprised with the epi.becoz u told me to reveal the mysteries and look u have done most of them.i am very glad that i got most of the question’s answers form this epi.well waiting for the next one i think probably the last one, right..?but personally I am requesting u to come back with fresh ideas. i know u r quite busy. but plz manage to be available here. and the reason for my late comment…haan my classes restarted previous monday. so i am busy with my works. then our parent’s meeting held in the school. that tension also. but I was reading every ff. but never get time to comment.

    and coming to the ff’s inner side…… I thought vidhi was sach much viplav’s beti. but u shocked us with the twist of bhaiya and bhabhi. and haan their accdent news was very emotional. and about the dhani. first I thought viplav’s wife was dhani who is dead in the accident. but u again rocked by giving another surprise as the girl herself is dhani. major identity revealed. the trio shalu viplav and vidhi’s bond is very much cute. and haan I loved the last words of bhabhi. look that got true. dhani came into vidhi and viplav’s life. first I got misunderstood by the name of vidhi that she is viplav’s and dhani’s daughter. anyways almost most of the mysteries r revealed now…and haan now onwards we can see a lovely mother daughter bonding other than a father daughter duo. and ya very well nervous abt the precap. iss phoolchand kabhi sudarogi nahi.. 🙁 i hope everything gets fine very soon. waiting for that.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Okay so I am happy to see ur comment! Well that’s cool? I am happy that u were the first one? Esrk, which serial is this ?
      Yeah that is lengthy I know but then also I can’t able to wrap everything? Yes next one will be the last one! Aww.. sure I’ll post another OS after this but that will be the last thing from my side for this year! Oh so ur school had started I thought u have gone for outing.. Hmm! Tw enjoying school! So how was the twist ? Hope u liked them.. I have given u guys shock pe shock? Thanks a lot dear for ur appreciative words??.. keep supporting!

      1. Lakshmi

        hi di sorry for the late reply… 🙁
        even i am so happy 🙂 😀 :$
        ersk is ek rishta saajhedari ka on sony tv
        di i love the lenghty ones….it never disappoints us…oh ya the next one will be finished by the end of the year right? so u post another one in 2017…
        no di my school has started…but last week it was holiday…but i couldn’t come here because of some problems…
        haan aapka twist toh mujhe bohat acha laga…keep going like this di….haan shock pe shock was a shock for all of us…
        welcome di…thanks toh mujhe aap se kehna hai…u r such a talented writer…

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s OK! Acha, I don’t watch it actually so don’t know..
      No, the next one will also be of single episode and there are two stories which are on pending and once after posting them I’ll bid bye to writing!! Oh I hope everything is fine!! Thanks dear <3 Hehehe Lol! No yaar ab tum mujhe sar par charha rahe ho ;-P
      Well the next one is posted u can read it now!

      1. Lakshmi

        watch it di…superb story…
        hmm ya waiting di..
        don’t say like that..after sometime u really want to come back…and we also wish the same..
        haan fine….
        welcome di.. eh..? u r my sweet di na.?
        yeah i read it…it was lovely..awesome…

  16. Lakshmi

    oh my I think pehli baar main itni lambhi comment kar rahi hoon… :0 :O

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Haan even I was amazed but was too happy after reading ur comment.. seriously I enjoyed reading it! Keep loving dear??

      1. Lakshmi

        oh really…thanks di

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