Ikrs: Vaada Raha (Short Story) Part:3

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Vaada Raha-
Viplav stepped inside his head quarter with full attitude and seriousness, his eyes were red due to the tears he was wiping continuously plus due to the anger which was revealing through his face. Seeing their commissioner, everyone greeted him with a salute but he, being unaffected didn’t notice anyone as his complete attention was to enter inside the interrogation room
“I’ll kill you both with my own hands”, he shouted aggressively as soon as he entered inside with a bang

“Sir please calm down and try to understand”, Inspector tried to make Viplav understand but he wasn’t in the position to listen anyone
“So you’re finally here Commissioner”, a man among two spoke with a smirk
“First time I’m seeing helplessness and tears in your eyes, is there some special reason”, another one said stepping towards his partner
Viplav after listening their instigating dialogues lost control from himself and grabbed their collars once reaching them and gave a tight punch at both of their faces, Raj ran towards them seeing the scenario and tried to hold his senior’s arm
“Sir please, they don’t deserve to be punished by you, they should be punished by Dhaani ma’am”, he said trying to convince Viplav
Listening his Dhaani’s name, Viplav came to his senses and looked at those culprits with rage
“Sir killing them in this room will make them great, people will assume that honest politician’s sons were killed due to enemity”,he said softly looking at him
“Yes sir, we should prove them culprits in front of media and people so that they’ll be punished in front of everyone”, another inspector put his view
“If they opened their mouths?”, Viplav asked being understandable
“No sir, not till now but we’ll make them confess soon”, Raj replied determinedly
“I want their confession till tomorrow Raj, keep beating them until they open their mouths”, he ordered loudly
“Tomorrow we’ll be realised in front of your eyes and you couldn’t do anything”, both criminals said in union
“Mr. Raja and Mr. Soham, you’re in wrong hands this time… just keep that in your mind”, Viplav said being unaffected to their words
“You’re saying like you did something when our father turned your life into tragedy”, Raja confronted while wiping blood from the corner of his lips
“We’ve our father’s support Commissioner, don’t ever forget that”, Soham accompanied his brother proudly
“You and your father… you all will pay for your sins”, Viplav announced with blood shot eyes before leaving the place
Tripathi Mansion:
Viplav gets literally shocked after listening his wife’s scream, he ran towards his room as fast as he could. Once reaching the room, he gets devasted as his love was crying miserably while the maid was trying to control her, he without wasting a second went inside and hugged her tightly
“Dhaani relax! I’m here, it’s ok”, Viplav said while caressing her hairs
“No leave me, leave me please”, she almost beg with closed eyes
“Dhaani”, he shouted while breaking the hug “look at me, open your eyes”, he ordered in between his tears
“I don’t want to see anyone please”, she requested in the verge of crying
“Dhaani please don’t break yourself like this else I’ll be finish forever”, he requested with teary eyes “it’s me viplav.. just look at me once”, he pleaded cupping her face
Dhaani couldn’t protest more as his request melted her from inside and gradually she opened her eyes only to find Viplav in front her, she after looking at him started to cry loudly while viplav engulfed her into tight hug letting his tears to fall.
Viplav was standing before the window staring at Dhaani who was sleeping holding the comforter tightly. He, then shifted his gaze to moon while reminiscing another happy moment
XYZ Park:
Viplav was pacing from left to right impatiently as he was waiting for Dhaani from half an hour
“Boo! I’m here”, Dhaani exclaimed suddenly jumping in front of him
“Where were you yaar, I was waiting for you since half an hour”, he complained sadly
“But you told me to come at 5”, she said softly looking at her wrist watch whereas Viplav realized that he was there before time
“Oh I forgot to check time”, he said biting his tongue while rubbing his forehead
“So you should better start eating almonds”, she advised him with a serious look
“Yeah from today I’ll start”, he agreed looking at her and soon both burst into laugh
“You’re really funny”, she told looking at him
“Thank you”, he thanked for her compliment
After it, there was an awkward silent between them as they didn’t know what to talk now.
“Emm! So why did you decide this meeting?”, she asked trying to finish that silence
“I.. I didn’t, you too decided it”, he said immediately
“Haww! Liar.. you only asked me that when will we meet again”, she spoke while doing his mimicry
“Haan tou?”, he asked with normal expressions
“Haan tou yeh k if you don’t have anything to say then I’m going. Bye”, she was about to step forward but a strong hand grabbed her wrist softly
She turned to him with surprise, both shared a cute eye lock.
“Sorry”, he said as soon as he let go her arm
“Fine.. but from next time don’t lie in front of Dhaani”, she ordered with a grin
“Yeah ok”, he said while rolling his eyes

After a round of walk and some bits of chit chat along with arguments they sat on a chair
“Dhaani can I ask you something”, he asked looking at ground
“Hmmm, sure”, she replied
“Why you don’t like singing?”, he asked without taking much time
“I haven’t told this to anyone till now”, she answered with a smile “but will tell you as you saved me from those dogs yesterday”, she added
Viplav chuckled lightly on clearing her position
“Actually Viplav I don’t like singing because it makes me weak, I mean whenever I do sing something… my heart, I don’t know start feeling different, it makes me emotional in short”, she concluded
“That’s because your heart is pure and you sing with emotions”, he confronted after listening her confusion
“Thanks, but I sing on and off”, she said
“Yeah but if everyone at your home wants to listen your voice and gets so excited after listening you then for their happiness just sing two to four lines every week”, he suggested her with a curve on his lips
“I’ll try”, she said looking at him
“Thanks”, he said
“No need, after all you’re my friend.. special friend, I mean”, she replied softly
Viplav eyed her with a loving expressions but shifted his gaze at front as soon as she looks at him
“So I should go now”, she said while standing up from bench
“Yeah! Time passes so fast”, he complained with a sad face while dhaani smiled “by the way what do you do? I mean studying or something”, he added with a questioning expression
“I’m a school teacher”, she answered
“Oh nice”, he said lightly
“Tou bye. Take care!”, she said waving her hand
“Yeah bye wesey now we’ll keep meeting each other”, he said smilingly
“Hopefully”, she added cutely before turning to go.
Viplav’s POV:
We’ll definitely meet, (sighs) this feeling (keeping his hand on heart) it’s really new. I really love talking to her and maybe she too loves to be with me
He came out of his thoughts and smiled widely as Dhaani turned to him for waving him bye before exiting the place.
A tired voice diverted his attention and he turned to find dhaani, who was asking for some water with same closed eyes, Viplav walked towards her once after filling the empty glass with water. He, then gently helped her in drinking it and she again laid down as soon as she finished her drinking
“dhaani won’t you talk to me or…” he couldn’t complete his sentence because of her interruption
“I want to be alone”, she replied gulping her tears
“But why? You know we became one to finish our loniliness then…”, he again got interrupted before he could finish
“Please”, she said with half opened eyes which had swollen due to redness while her back was facing him
Viplav walked off while wiping his unshed tears as he couldn’t resist that ‘please”.
Viplav brings a trolley which was decorated with breakfast inside the room and gets happy after finding dhaani sitting on bed but soon his happiness vanished as she was sitting lifelessly, without even blinking her eyes, it was clearly visible that she was thinking that dreadful incident. Viplav almost gulped his tears looking at her state and walked towards the window for putting of the curtains
“Please, put them on again”, she abruptly jerk her head as soon as sun rays fall on her face
“But why? You don’t like darkness. Right?”, he questioned her with an extremely soft voice
“Nothing is like before now, can’t you see. I’ve become dirty.. just put on those curtains else all will laugh at me.. they’ll hate me.. they’ll get to know that I’ve become impure”, she said lost in her own world whereas Viplav skipped his heart beat seeing her condition
“Dhaani.. no one will laugh at you. You’re same like before, come to your senses please”, he pleased while holding her shoulders tightly
Dhaani looks at him, then at her shirt and walked inside washroom after getting herself free from his grip without saying anything. Viplav too followed her and gets shocked to see Dhaani, who was standing below the shower with closed eyes
“dhaani.. what’re you doing?”, she said pulling her to him with full energy
“Leave me, can’t you see these stains on my shirt.. I’ve to remove it”, she said while trying to realise herself
“There’s nothing like that.. it’s just your illusion. You’re pure like before dhaani”, Viplav shouted while shrugging her
“Leave me”, she asked rudely
“No, I won’t”, he replied with a stern voice
“I said leave me, where were you when I needed you the most.. when I was begging for help, no one came to help me at that time”, she shouted in a verge of crying while Viplav free her being numb on what she said “why you all are here now, for giving me sympathy.. I don’t need it, do you get that”, she said sitting on floor while crying loudly. Viplav on the other hand was deeply hurt, he felt like someone has stabbed him straight on his heart. Still he, pulled himself together and bends down to take her in his embrace. Both remained in that position for awhile letting their pain to flow in form of tears.
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      Thank you very much Sujie and yes this is entirely different from the ones I’ve written till now, but glad you liked.
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    Both of the culprits are very rude yaar…even they are not realizing what they did after doing that sin…ONLY because they are the sons of polititions…hoo god plz save people from these kind of devil mindsets…..
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