Ikrs: Vaada Raha (Short Story) Part:2

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Vaada Raha-
“Sir they’re arrested and under our custody”, an inspector informed Viplav standing in front of him
“And if they opened their mouths?”, Viplav asked keeping his hands at back
“No sir, we’re interrogating in such harsh manner but they’re still head bent”, inspector answered him disappointedly
“I don’t want these excuses Inspector Raj Mehta, I want his confession at any cost”, he said in an agressive tone
“Yes sir, don’t worry they’ll confess their each and every crime soon”, he tried to calm him down through his words

“Give him such treatment that the whole head quarter gets vibrated through their screams”, Viplav ordered him in stern voice
“Sir but they…” he tried to say something but Viplav glared him which forced Raj to stay quiet
“No ifs and buts”, Viplav ended the conversation saying this phrase.
In ViDha’s room:
Viplav entered inside and stares his wife who was still unconscious, he sat beside her keeping his palm on her forehead, though she wasn’t aware of anything happening around her but once feeling Viplav’s touch on her forehead, a tear escaped from her eye. Viplav noticed her tear and wiped it looking at her face with pain and guilt, pain for seeing his love in that state and guilt for not having with her when she needed him. He gulped his tears thinking about their second meeting.
At XYZ Park:
“Help me, someone please help me”, a girl was running with her full energy while tension was easily visible on her face
Viplav, who was standing beside the lake gets suspicious to listen that pleading voice but before he could react, his jaws almost dropped down seeing the same orphanage girl. She was coming towards him with full speed and within some fraction of seconds she hit him with full force due to which both fall on ground
“Ouch! You’re so heavy Dhaani” Viplav shouted who was beneath her but cursed himself as soon as he realized what he said

“What? You’re trying to say that I’m fat?”, she almost shouted near his ears while locking her fluttering hair behind ears
Viplav closed his eyes at her high volume, “please, keep your voice low else I’ll be deaf forever”, he requested her while opening his eyes
“Shut up and get up else you can’t even imagine what I’ll do”, she snorted
“Miss. Intelligent you’re on me that means you’ve to get up first”, he said trying to make her realize her state with a grin

“Oh yeah! Wait”, she bit her lower lip in guilt
She, then stood up at her feets taking some help from the bench which was placed beside them. Sanskar too got up while removing dust from his clothes
“Why were you running so blindly?”, he asked looking at her, “in fact I should ask why were you shouting for help?”, he threw another question without giving her chance to speak
“Thank you so much for giving me opportunity to answer”, she said eyeing him with annoyance
“No need of thanking my dear”, he winked with a smile

Dhaani glared him but her attention got diverted as soon she heard dog’s barking
“They’re coming again, please help me” she almost pleased forgetting about her annoyance at him
“Who? If someone’s behind you?”, he asked being confused at her tension while looking here and there

“Yes, those dogs”, she said with trembling voice while pointing towards the dogs which were coming towards them
Viplav got literally shocked after knowing the reason of her fear, he shook his head in disbelief and walked towards the dogs, they sat down once Viplav bent on his knees
“Good doggies”, he said softly while rubbing their backs
“Look they’re so cute and you were scared of them”, he said looking at her and chuckled finding her widen eyes and opened mouth

“I wasn’t’t scared, it’s just I don’t like dogs”, she said composing herself and trying to clarify her position
“Really?”, he asked while standing up with raising brows

“Yes, any doubt”, she replied while rolling her eyes
Viplav laughs at her antics but controlled himself after feeling her warm gaze
“By the way what’re you doing here? It seems like you’re spying on me”, she said looking at him doubt fully

“What? Are you mad? Why I’ll spy on you?”, he asked unbelievably with popped eyes
“Because tumhara dil agaya hai mujh par”, she said proudly “I’m very beautiful naa that’s why”, she said while fixing her hair
“And I thought girls are shy to talk so boldly”, he mumbled under his breath being numb at her reply
“What’re you saying? I didn’t hear you”, she asked being curious to listen him

“I’m saying it’s nothing like that, I was here to have fresh air. Understood Miss. Intelligent?”, he said loudly closing his eyes
“Okay okay! Don’t shout yaar, wesey bhe anybody can come here”, she said softly in order to calm him down
Viplav smiled as he knew she’s saying this to cheer him up. Dhaani noticed his smile and sighed
“Thank God! I thought you’re angry at me”, she said looking at sky
“No I’m not angry, why you felt so?”, he asked sweetly

“Woh actually you’re a commissioner naa so that means you’re a police officer and I’ve heard that policemen are very rude and akroo”, she closed her eyes as soon as she realized what she said
“Dhaani you should glue up your mouth because someday your tongue will be the reason of your murder”, she thought in her mind nervously whereas Viplav was having a curve on his lips looking at her state
“No I’m neither akroo nor rude, you’ve heard wrong”, he between his smile spoke
“Oh that’s great”, she jumped in happiness after listening him while he gets surprised at her jumping

“So friends?”, he asked meekly
“Friends… I’ll think about that”, she answered being naughty whereas Viplav became little said after hearing her

“But thank you for helping me”, she said after realizing his sad face
“No need because I’m always there for you”, he said giving a tight smile
Both shared a cute eye lock but within some minutes they composed themselves
“So, I should take a leave now”, she spoke looking at her wrist watch
“Emmm! Yeah it’s quite late but when we’ll meet again”, he asked out of curiosity
“Let destiny decide it”, she answered cutely

“I don’t believe in destiny so better we decide ourselves”, he said looking at the ground
“Oh so Commissioner… Emm! What’s your name by the way?”, she asked realizing that she’s still unaware of his name

“Oh forgot to tell my name, Viplav… Viplav Tripathi”, he told his name with full excitement
“So yeah Great Commissioner Viplav Tripathi don’t believe in destiny. Chalo koi nahe, you may decide by yourself”, she said as she too wanted to meet him again and again
“Same place at 5’o clock?”, he questioned
“Done”, she said before waving him bye.
Viplav came out of his thought when he felt his wife’s movement and heavy breathing
“Leave me, leave me, I.. I” she again dozed off after saying those words with pain
“Dhaani, open your eyes, please see it’s me… your Viplav”, his voice chocked saying it while tears were falling continuously
“Please”, he pleaded in low voice as he wasn’t having energy to say something more.
He then took a deep breath wiping his tears and stood up in order to leave the room.
In corridor:
“Sir you don’t worry I’ll not move an inch till you come back”, a maid assured him
“Good, I’ll be back soon just take care of Dhaani”, he said seriously before leaving the place.
Thank you for reading!
So back with another part hopefully you liked it. Do share your opinions before leaving this page, also I wanted to tell you that from next part the story will be really emotional so only if you want me to post then only I’ll update because I don’t want you guys to cry because of my story.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Sujie

    Mahaa…what was this?? The pain… those tears…Rulaa daala tumney meri jaan…
    Flashback says Dhaani is bubbly,happy-go-lucky girl…and she is now in this state…who are those sinners who did this to herr??? Please be harsh on them..not on ViDhaani okay…..
    Keep rocking…. you are doing great… lots of love..bye

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah this is emotional that’s why I was asking whether I should continue it or not. But thank you for commenting!

      1. Sujie

        You should continue dear…I am ever ready for a roller coaster ride of ViDhaani’s story….You are doing it amazingly…the story is emotional here…but cute flashblacks…anticipation of another part….thinking about happy ending…makes it worth reading yaar…please continue????

  2. Superb character explanation of dhaani by her antics…she is really funny yaar…
    And Maha u should continue this story ok else I will hit u from this comment only…just kidding dear….but I really loved the storyline….
    Commussioner saab toh bahutii sweet nikili na??
    I am really happy that u have updated soon…next one also u should update soon…
    Take care mahaa…
    Love u too….

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Lalitha! Nahe nahe I don’t want to get hit by you so yeah I’ll surely continue this. Okay! Yeah I’ll post next one soon.
      Loads of love<3

  3. Fenil

    Amazing moment in flashback.
    Loved it.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you for commenting bro! I’m actually surprised to find you here but glad you read.

  4. Hi Maha,

    Too good a story.. I actually liked Viplav in the role of a Commissioner. This story has a different twist. Good storyline. Waiting for the next episode. Do post it quickly.

    Take care

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Janice! Keep reading dear.

  5. AvaniVrinda

    Hi I am new here. Quite late !! I went through some of the fan fictions and loved them.
    Loved this story . I could totally imagine Vidha in this story . Thanks for the story Missing Vidha so much !!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Welcome to ViDha’s fandom dear<3
      Thank you very much for commenting.

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