Ikrs: Vaada Raha (Short Story) Part:1

Vaada Raha-
Part: 1
“How’s she now?”, a boy in chocking voice and trembling state asked from a doctor
“She’s not fine Viplav. I’m sorry to say but she’s brutally raped”, he replied while keeping his hand on Viplav’s shoulder
“Pankaj please don’t take that word, it kills me from inside”, he said with extreme pain
“I can understand but please stay strong as she must be devasted at this stage”, Pankaj said in consoling tone
He slightly nodded while wiping his tears.
“Do you know who did this with her?”, he asked
“Yes I know, and they’ll get such death that death will also shiver”, he said with blood shot eyes
“But before doing anything you’re needed to submit medical reports of her”, he said trying to keep his words as simple as he can
“No need of it, I don’t want any report as proof. She’s my wife, commissioner Viplav Tripathi’s wife and he’ll pay for this sin”, he said with firm expressions
“But they’re not ordinary people Viplav and you know it very well. They’ve strong political background, try to…”, he said trying to convince his friend but was interrupted in mid
“No one is powerful in front of me and after all what he did”, he sighed while gathering some will to complete, “I’ll make sure he gets worst than torturing life that he himself will beg for death” he completed his phrase in stern tone
“I’m sure they’ll but still I’ll advice you to rethink about it as test can be done within 24 hours out of which 3 has been passed”, Pankaj said before leaving him alone in the corridor.
In ViDha’s room:
Viplav was siting beside his wife, his love while holding her hands softly. He was eyeing her with pain, a girl who used to be so chirpy, lively and bubbly was laying lifelessly in front him and he couldn’t do anything, he placed a soft kiss on her knuckles while thinking about his first meeting with her.
“Thank you so much for visiting this place Mr. Viplav”, a lady said while welcoming a man dressed up in Commissioner’s uniform
“It’s my pleasure Miss. Helen, please don’t say thanks”, he replied with a deep smile
“But it’s really an honour for us that such a brave officer has visited this orphan to give us donation with so much respect”, she said in order to praise his nobleness
“Actually I really feel happy in visiting such places because like them, I too have no one in my life”, he said while hiding his deep inner pain
“Your parents?”, She asked out of curiosity, though she was cursing herself for asking such question all of a sudden
“They’re no more”, he answered straightly with a weak smile
“Oh I’m sorry”, she took a pause before continuing​ “but wherever they’re they must be proud of you”, she completed her sentence with a light smile
“No, I’m proud of them and always be” he said while taking a deep breath and straight head
She looked at him confusedly as she didn’t get what he tried to say. Meanwhile a group of girls was rushing towards a room happily and excitedly altogether
“Where’re those girls going with so much excitement”, he asked astonishingly as soon as his eyes fall on that group
“Come let’s see with your own eyes” she replied while standing up from her place
Viplav while looking at her surprisingly followed her. Once reaching that mysterious room, he tried to enter inside and with much difficulty he went in while requesting some girls to give him some space. He and Miss Helen stand at a corner whereas the girl was facing her back to that excited group as well as Viplav and that lady.
“Keh raha hai dil deewana jaane ja kha k kasam, hum ishq mein mar jain ge”, she sang those beautiful lines in her melodious voice unaware of the crowd which was standing behind her
“Kuch bhe sanam kar jain ge, chorren ge naa daman yaar ka vaada raha vaada raha vaada raha pyaar ka”, she continued her singing while closing her eyes, though music wasn’t available but who needed it after all she was doing complete justice without instrumental music.
On the other hand Viplav missed his heart beat listening her pure and sweet voice. He was feeling as if she was promising him something through those beautiful lyrics. He wanted to see her face but he knew, it’ll be awkward to try in front of everyone so remained still at his place
“Surprised?” Miss. Helen asked with a smile
“Yes, I’m. She has a beautiful voice” he complimented surprisingly
“No doubt, and for listening this voice these girls even beg in front of her but she being stubborn don’t listen to them and sing once in a while” she said with a sad face
“But why?” he asked being confused
“She didn’t tell us the reason so we don’t know exactly” she replied shrugging her shoulders.
Once that girl finished her singing, she turned herself only to find those glowing faces
“You all here, don’t know what’s in my voice that you guys gets so attracted”, she said while keeping her hands on her waist
Viplav was adoring her beauty which was increasing by her innocence, her smile which was playing on her lips, her cheeks which were so pink even without any blush-on, her hairs which were tied in a high pony tail and above all, her eyes which were reflecting how sacred she’s.
“Your melodious voice attracts us”, Viplav answered unknowingly
“And who’re you?”, she asked getting shocked of his sudden reply
“I’m..” he was about to tell his name but to his luck she went on trying push everyone out
Being obedient all left the room within some seconds but he didn’t move an inch, she stares him in disbelief and walked towards him
“Do you need some kind of invitation”, she asked frowning her brows
“For what”, he asked with a grin
“For getting out of my room”, she replied with an extra sweet smile
“You really don’t know hospitality”, he said trying to realize her straight forwardness
“So you want to see my hospitality”, she said while stepping forward whereas Viplav stepped back due to her mischievous smirk
“Beta getting free with me will cost you a lot”, she said while raising her brows
“I’m not getting free, actually I was trying to say that you sing really well Miss,” he stopped as he realized he doesn’t know her name
“Dhaani, my name”, she helped him by telling her name and letting him complete
“Yes Miss. Dhaani so you have an excellent voice”, he smiled while complementing her
“Thank you, but now you can leave please because I want to change”, she said trying to be as soft as she can
He smiled a little and went outside, as soon as he walked out she shut the door without even glancing him but inside the room she was smiling widely while thinking about him
“She’s kind of straight forward and what had happened to me, my tongue wasn’t supporting me in front of her even my legs were stepping back, coward boy got scared of a girl”, he mumbled under his breath while patting his forehead
Viplav came back to reality once he heard the knock at his door
“Sir a policeman has come to meet you”, a maid after informing him left from there
Viplav stared at his wife’s face which was so pale then her neck which were having the signs of her misery and gets determined to punish those devils that no one in the world could raise his eye in front of any girl. He after gently keeping her hand at her tummy placed a soft kiss on her forehead while wiping tears from the corner of his eyes. Once standing up he left the room as soon as he lightly shut the door.

Thank you for reading!
A big hello to everyone friends. I’m here after a long time maybe after 2-3 months. I’m thinking to continue my previous story but I need some time for that as I’m writing a story on SanVeer, and I’ve to complete that first then only I’ll think about HHMIKRS. But till then I thought to post this one on ViDha as it’s already completed, only editing is required so you can expect updates little earlier, also it’s short story so don’t worry you don’t have to tolerate this emotional mess for long time. Hopefully you liked this one, don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page because your response will depend on the continuation of my previous story.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Oh my god mahaa!!what a story yaarrr really an emotional and the conclusion based story….
    Oh no dhaani ke saath aisa karne ki ithni himmath hai uss aadmi ko…??
    Acha toh viplav commissioner hai…aur ithni choti Umar me commissioner????
    Okok I can understand that it was just a story hey na…

    Thanq very much for returning mahaa…I am very glad that atleast 3 writers are active in this page….plzz update ur next part dear….??
    Keep smiling…
    Keep writing…..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Lalitha! Talking with you after a long time. Thank you for commenting. Yeah it’s an emotional story so be ready ??
      Choti umer? If we suppose viplav of 28, then I guess his post will be appropriate!
      Yeah I’ll update next one soon ?

  2. Sujie

    Viplav as a commissioner….?good one dear…But Dhaani and her condition made me cry….Don’t let those sinners get free….
    Aur haan in flashback…Dhaani ko thodi hospitality seekha dena okay??keep rocking meri jaan

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Sujie! Yeah it’s actually a sad story so many emotional scenes will come. Be ready!

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