IKRS special diwali

Hi friends,
How are you all?? I am always curious about one thing, that how our IKRS friends are doing…..? past days I couldn’t visit the IKRS page frequently….. Finally today I got chance to post it…. Actually I am not at busy but I am making myself busy with other things all that days?…

IKRS show ended well but still our IKRS (beautiful) story is still going on….. Through all our beautiful fan fiction….. I could see that in all current fan fiction story…..???? yes after seeing all fan fiction on IKRS I am really happy….. I couldn’t read or comment for past those days even though I feel happy after seeing all fan fiction because I miss it so much….. ??? ?feeling happy?

Maria, meghs, swara, shurthy, sujie, aishwarya, lakshmi, piyali, siddi, Goldie…. I haven’t say this daily, but today I should say, that you guys are doing great job….. you guys are amazing and rocking…. Go ahead…. Keep going??

I missed you guys…..?

Well today is diwali, I am sure everyone preparing for diwali….. Sweet, crackers, new dresses everything is well prepared for special event ena…..?
so today I want say something, nothing much but I should say this today…..That we are all from different states, speaking languages are different, different kinds of cultures have practiced…. Even though we took care of each other, on this telly updates page we can see our little unity, caring, acceptance, some bonding, fondness…..? these little things are called love?….. Those little things making our country more colorfu,l even more brighter and beautiful among all other countries…. ?

This diwali I wish make our beautiful India to even along with more colorful and brighter india by our love and affection…..??
Once again I wish you all a very very happy and safe diwali….. ???

Oh I totally forget to mention about my name, I hope you guys remember me, yes this is pethu sri (kaviya) finally today I got registered to submit this article so you can find my name below…… ?Thank you have a great diwali…. miss you all???

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  1. Shruthy

    Missed you so much, how are you chellam?
    Finally you got registered. Can message you easily now.
    When will you bring us a new story (if you have one in mind)?
    Anyways. Wishing you a happy and safe deepavali! <3 God bless you.

    1. Hi shurthy yes long time no see dear…?i am fine ma…. Nenga eppadi irukinga? I hope u r doing great….
      Yes I got registered so we can chat easily ….?ok
      Yeah sure if my head pop out new story I will come with new story OK…..?
      I missed you very much dear especially your long comments??…. Thank you my dear…..
      Happy diwali….. Iniya diwali NAL valthukal….???

      1. Shruthy

        I am good girl☺️
        Yes we can and we must. Missed you a lot. Still having your fantastic ff running in my mind at certain moments. ?
        Aama kandippa! ?? Lol my long comments…
        Hope you had a wonderful deepavali celebration πŸ™‚

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Sri! Missed u so so so *giving stress on so* much.. since u weren’t registered that’s why I couldn’t have messaged u privately else I would have done it by now?? but really very happy to have u back on this platform again?? don’t try to vanish from here, now onwards? Yeah Ikrs ended on a happy note but fictions are still making ikrs, ViDha their love and this page alive??
    Well I don’t know much about Diwali festival but wishing u and everyone a very happy Diwali?? May the glow of happiness, joy and prosperity illuminate ur days in the year ahead??
    Honestly speaking when I read the title itself I thought it’s Sujie but then read Kaviya and I was little clueless that if it’s same Kaviya yaah daal mai kuch kala hai?
    Now that u have registered so I think chance of getting a new story from ur side is possible now.. Right?
    Missed u too in fact now giving a tight break to missing wissing as hopefully u will keep commenting and will stay in touch?
    Welcome back!!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      God! My memory? I forgot to add one thing actually u forgot to mention my name though it’s ok but thought to tell u?? u know my nature? Never mind karo?

      1. Yeah this is maha na….? how could I forget you my dear….. I missed you very much and your ff too….???…. I miss you all……
        Today diwali na I should wish my friends so I came to wish you all…..
        A very Happy diwali to you and your family dear….???
        Yeah sure I never vanish out maha…. I will visit like this and check out how our IKRS friends are doing OK…..
        And I got registered so we can chat easily…. I will stay in touch ok??

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yes yes.. same Maha? Glad u didn’t forget me? Yeah that’s like a good girl? Sure! Why not! I’m master in disturbing u can ask anyone??

      1. Kaviya

        Yes maha I never forget you dear… ?… Let’s disturb each other OK I am your side….?…. Thank you???

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah I’m on it? let’s gear up the paddle and bring back the old members?

  3. Aiswarya

    Akka………HAPPY DIWALI???……I when I read the title I thought it was louella …I was not expecting that it will turn u. ……now I can chat with you…
    Akka I’m badly missing your stories……now that you have got registered you can publish any new ff I don’t mind ??

    1. Hi my little sister….. ???Happy diwali dear…..?? Aishwariya after seeing your “ff trapped with millinar” do you know how I had feel….. Wow my little sissy writing fan fiction….. I am really happy about my dear….. Keep going…..???
      Well I got registered so we can chart as much want and yes if I got new story line I would come back ok ….?if I would I’ll inform you first OK…..?
      Once again happy diwali my dear….. ???

  4. Sujie

    Hello Kavi di….. I am soooooo happy that you do remember me…… I also miss everyone in this family of ours….sooo many are missing….but still bound together by this lovely platform……
    As I always say…. I had no idea One click filled with Curiosity would give me an entire family…. I am blessed to have all of you in my life….Talking about fanfictions by the ladies gang…….. every ff is my favourite….and not only ladies’ but Chotey Avijeet’s ff is also close to my heart apart from the ff by we THE GIRLS…..
    WISH you all a very happy Deepawali……
    Tiharai aayo…lau jhilimili….a suna hajur bhailini aayen aangan………….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Hi sujie dear ….. ?I am badly miss your ff and comments….. As I thought you’re such a lovely girl to me…. Always lovely and sweet my dear….???
      Me too miss everyone badly…..? like you said we still have bound together….. So let’s happy about that…..
      Keep writing….??
      Happy diwali dear…. ????

  5. dear kaviya.. Thanks for post we could comment n connect through this. .

    Thanks a lot for ur wishes n wish you too a great diwali n prosperous days ahead…

    I too miss ikrs family a lot. ..
    my regards to all dear friends .. from br madam to princess louella…

    Take care friends. . try to keep in touch.

    1. Kaviya

      Thank you saras…. Happy diwali…..yeah let’s keep in touch OK??

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Saras ma’am! Hope you are doing well? kahan gayab hain ? BTW do u remember me??

  6. happy diwali to u too di.. u remembr me !!! hpe so…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Swetha.. long time no see? kahan ho yaar ? This page is becoming silent day by day which is killing me?? stay in touch yaar?.. naam tou suna he hoga?? hope u remember me!

    2. Kaviya

      Thank you very much shanitics?…. Yes I well remember you….?god bless you dr ??

  7. Areeb

    Hey Kavya! So good you came! ? Like I should not delay in saying the very obvious thing that your stories are being missed as much as you are! Hoping to get something from you again with the best of your ability. πŸ™‚
    Ah-Oh! I’m late, chalo phir bhi friends Belated Diwali Mubarak sub ko. Surely, you all would have enjoyed the eve, wish you all more colorful and happy days ahead! Like, may your every day be Diwali! ? Bright & Shine with the loved ones! ?
    By the way, I can’t stop myself from telling my experience, since I eyed this special post. ? Meri Diwali bhi bohat achi thi, Or jaty jaty reward mein headache bhi deke gae. ? Tgat happens when you too get engrossed in the crackers stuff with the kids. ? But my favorite thing of the eve is the sweets. ?? Which comes every year from Papa’s friends home, the home made sweets.. ? Being a sweet tooth. ?

    1. Kaviya

      Thank you areeb….??? This is a one of the sweetest wishes Dr…. I hope you well enjoyed diwali with your favorite sweets….??…… and sure if I can I would come with new ff areeb…. once again thanks for your lovely wish…. ?

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