IKRS: Is love possible? Intro


Hey guys I am back with another ff! Excited??! Tell me through your comments ok?? 😉
So lets get started with the intro,

Dhaani Roy: A sweet, good hearted girl, quite shy. Does not mix up with everyone easily, her best friend is Riya. Does not talk to boys unless there is a need.

Viplav Tripathi: A handsome hunk Mishal Raheja! 😉 has a girlfriend but does not really love her. Most popular boy in the college. Naughty boy!

Kamini: Viplav’s girlfriend, but not serious about the relationship! She does not have value of any relationship! But yes she is kind hearted.

Tripurari: Viplav’s best friend, childhood friends!

Other characters:
Dulaari Roy: Dhaani’s mother, loves her a lot, her best friend actually college’s best friend is Kanak, but have no contact with each other since many years.

Mohan Roy: Dhaani’s father, loves her a lot. He is a famous businessman.

Shambu Tripathi: Viplav’s father, a famous businessman, loves Viplav a lot!

Kanak Tripathi: Viplav’s mother, loves him a lot. her best friend actually college’s best friend is Dulaari but have no contact with each other since many years.

How will a shy girl like Dhaani fall in love with Viplav? How will Viplav fall in love with such a shy girl?? To know keep reading my ff!

So this was the intro, please tell me through your comments whether I should continue or not. And this ff will be posted only on weekends!

Precap: A big college(law college) is shown and a boy is shown hugging a girl!

Do drop your comments 🙂

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  1. Renuverma

    Maria ; mohtarma bahut unda hai. But i blasted.? on reading 2 things
    Viplav’s girl friend kamini??? n the best she is kind hearted??????
    Tripurari is viplavs best freind ha ha .

    Like yr picture of vidhàni. ☺

    1. Angel20

      Haha I know I wanted to make it different and unique that’s why made Kamini as Viplav’s gf and Tripurari as his best friend??
      Thank you di keep reading!☺

  2. Oh maria again you back with bang….. It probably your fourth ff na…. I am really happy that you too love to write like me…. Its going to be rock…. All the best my dear…. ??

    1. Angel20

      Yes dear it’s my fourth ff! Yes actually I didn’t like writing but when I started writing my first ff I developed interest in writing☺☺
      Thank you dear, keep reading!

  3. Sarayumane

    Please continue, good once

    1. Angel20

      Thank you Sarayumane, keep reading!

  4. I’m sooooo exited ??.happy to see u back with another ff . I’m sure that this ff is also going to be mind blowing as your previous ff’s☺☺☺

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Aishwarya, keep reading☺

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow nice intro maria wow cant wait for the episodes sharmili dhaani

    1. Angel20

      Yeah Sharmili Dhaani! Thank you☺

  6. Latha

    Wow superb intro Maria and ha ha kamini kind hearted and viplav’s girl friend. Tirupurari viplav’s friend, I can’t even imagine like this Maria. Keep rocking…

    1. Angel20

      Thank you Latha☺☺ I wanted to make it different that’s why?

  7. Sujie

    intro is jhakaas… but I can’t digest Kaamini and TP as you have made them…but also..keep rocking Maria …waiting for the story…. Sharmili Dhaani Natkhatt Viplav 🙂 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Haha even I can’t digest that??
      Thank you☺Keep reading ☺

  8. Maria finally u are back dear?
    Amazing intro? dhani as a shy girl and viplav tw hai he handsome hunk?? kamini as his girl?? but thank God she is not serious? my goodness she is kind hearted? it will be fun to see kamini like that? dulari and kanak are best friends interesting? I think they will meet each other through vidhani.. eagerly waiting for the episodes? ..

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Maha☺☺ Yes it will be fun keep reading☺

  9. Meghs

    Oh angel ye kya hain.

    Kamini vip gf n tp his childhood frnd seriously. … unique thinking keep it up waiting for ur stry

    1. Angel20

      Hahaaha I know it’s unique? yes first episode already posted!

  10. Shruthy

    Waah re waah! <3 Kya introduction hai yaar. Looks so interesting. *__* well we have always known a naughty Viplav and a quite shy but still as you are telling he is seeing someone… Cant wait to know how friendship then love will grow between both! Post the first episode soon. <3

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Shruthy☺ first episode already posted!

      1. Shruthy

        Really? Let me check then *rushes*

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  12. Arshdeep

    That sounds exciting seriously.., I know i have to catch up lots of episodes all together and so i am happy i wont have to wait for suspense..yayy????

    Good start….keep going…??

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Arshi di keep reading☺☺

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