IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 7


A dense jungle is shown and in between there’s a girl calling out for help.. Yes it’s our very own Dhaani! She is scared, drops of sweat is falling from her head. She is tensed.. Unknown to the place where she is. Someone comes from behind and shouts in her ears bhauuuu!!!!! Dhaani screams ahhh and falls when that man holds her and bursts into laughter! Yes it’s our Viplav. Dhaani sees him laughing at her! Her expressions changes into an angry one. Viplav stops laughing and adores her. They have a cute eye lock. Dhaani stands straight and says why are you here? Go away! Viplav says acha madam! Ok bye.. Spend your night with animals! And he turns to leave! But Dhaani holds his hand and says no pls don’t go.. I’m very scared of this jungle.. Viplav says aww so cute.. Ab tum itne pyar SE request kar rahi ho to mana kaise karu? (You are requesting with so much love then how will I say no?)

Dhaani feels awkward! Viplav says are you still angry? Dhaani’s eyes fills up with tears and she says Viplav and hugs her tightly! Viplav thinks what happened to her? Viplav asks what? Dhaani says see there’s a monkey up there! Viplav bursts into laughter and says so you are scared of monkey also?? I think the monkey will be scared of you. He separates her from himself and holds her shoulders and laughs. Dhaani says you are so rude! She sees up again and finds that the monkey has gone! Dhaani says ek Bandar to chala gaya dusra mere samne khada hai! (One monkey has gone and another one is standing in front of me!) Viplav says do I look like a monkey? Dhaani yes yes! And she bursts into laughter! Viplav stares her lovingly! Dhaani sees him looking at her, she stops laughing and says I want to go back to mom dad! Viplav says ohh so the kid wants to go to her parents.. Chalo we will go! Dhaani smiles. They realize that they are stuck in the jungle! And it’s already getting dark!

Both the families are worried for their children! By then they call the forest department to search them! Kanak and Dulaari cry bitterly, Shambu and Mohan console them! Here Dhaani cries thinking that she will not meet her parents now! She is lost! Viplav consoles her and says I will find some way out! Dhaani says it’s all because of you! Whenever you are with me there’s some or the other problem! Why did you come in my life? Viplav says what’s my fault in this? Viplav says Dhaani what happened in the past was not my fault! Dhaani says stop it Viplav! Just leave me! Viplav has tears in his eyes again seeing Dhaani cry. Dhaani feels cold and shivers when Viplav wraps his coat around her. Dhaani feels warm in his coat! She looks at him with her eyes filled with tears… they talk through their eyes..

Viplav tries to explain her that it was not his fault! But Dhaani looks somewhere else. Viplav thinks how will I explain her how much I lo.. He thinks what am I saying? He looks at Dhaani again and smiles.. He thinks what is happening with him? Dhaani says I’m feeling hungry. Viplav says ohh there’s no network in my phone otherwise we would have ordered a pizza! Dhaani says shut up! Viplav says I’ll be back don’t go anywhere! Before Dhaani could say anything Viplav vanished! Now Dhaani was scared to death! She calls out Viplav but no response! After some time Viplav comes with a watermelon in hand. Dhaani sees him and runs towards him and hugs him!

Precap: Vidhaa sleeping in each other’s arms…

I hope you all liked this episode! Do not forget to drop your comments! Bye…

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  1. Sujie

    Maria…. this Junglewala ViDhalicious episode is superb….
    🙂 keep rocking dear …go on 🙂 🙂
    and precap….awwww moment 🙂 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much☺☺

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Maria it was epic, filled with feelings though first part was quite funny but last part was so beautiful.. loved it? precap is just amazing so post the next one soon☺

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much!❤ I will try to post it soon!☺☺

  3. Porkodi

    Lovely episode Maria…

    1. Angel20

      Thank you Porkodi☺☺

  4. Shanitics

    Good one?

    Waiting for the nxt arms sleeping episode ?

    1. Angel20

      Thanks you Swetha☺ keep reading☺?

  5. Mariyam123

    Maria di it was very funny? I m not talking about the whole episode but Dhaani calling Viplav monkey was hilarious? And Viplav telling he will order pizza when he gets network was just ????

    But I have one complaint from u? U r posting very short episodes? Plz try to post little longer ones? And also post it ASAP?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you, happy that you liked it!☺☺
      Are I don’t get time yaar? I guess I will end this fan fiction in 2-3 episodes as my exams are also starting from Monday…

  6. Maria it was a very episode ??
    All the best 4 it exams☺

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Aish☺☺

  7. Areeb

    Finally completed reading from start. Bech me thora tempo toot gaya tha Maha Episode nahi mil raha tha. ? Kay, so. Maria yaar, bari experienced ho gaen hein aap to wesey hi. Aik k bad Aik nae story that too with maintaining your title ‘ Suspense Maker ‘. So story is very good. Sub sy achi baat that needs to be appreciate is Kamini of your story – She has been excellent till now! ?? Loved it till now! ? Precap is good!

    Btw, forest sy kuch zayada affection hai kya? ? If I’m not wrong, It’s not my fault me bhi ViDhaani got stuck in the JUNGLE. But jo bhi hai, I’m enjoying it! ?

    1. Angel20

      Very good! Finally read kar liya??
      Haa yaar I’m obsessed with forests?? oh thank you for giving the title suspense maker..☺☺

      Oh thank God you liked kamini..
      Thank you so much❤ keep reading!☺

  8. Hi Maria, a cute one this was ?liked the the sweet nok jhonk btwn Vidhaani. And dhaani calling Vips a bandar & then bursting into laughter & Vips looking at her lovingly was?? do post a long one nxt, will wait for it eagerly( coz always eager for the nxt epi?) & patiently (coz ur exams r starting??) and my best wishes & good luck for ur exams ???

    1. Angel20

      Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you…
      Yeah I will try to post a longer one..?
      Thank you..☺☺

  9. Meghs

    Awwe so cute epi it is so cholly for late comment u know naa i busy in studies? my clg starting itself loaded with studies. .

    Jungle naa i love it? becz all lovers r share good time only on forest he na?? first part is funny waiting eagerly to nxt part..
    Pls Don’t hurry to end it write after exam naa? pls

    1. Angel20

      I also love jungle?? yaa I will write…
      Keep reading and supporting..☺☺

  10. Renuverma

    Maria dear sorry for commenting late.
    Episode was fabulous n jungle romance did remind me of it wasn’t my fault.
    Vidhani ab rafta rafta ek dusre ke dil ke mehma ho rahe hai. Filhal unko ilm nahi hai.
    Bahut khoob. ???

    1. Angel20

      It’s OK di..☺☺
      Thank you so much☺☺ glad that it reminded you of that ff… Keep reading..

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