IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 5


Recap: Dhaani slaps Viplav…

Viplav is stunned to see Dhaani slapping him. Dhaani bursts out into tears and shouts at Viplav! How dare you?? You rich brat! What do you think of yourself? I will never ever forgive you for this. Riya comes from behind and calls Dhaani! You are over here! I was searching for you! She sees Dhaani crying and asks what happened? Dhaani hugs her tightly and cries. Viplav says Dhaani listen! Dhaani says just shut up! She does not allow him to speak and she leaves with Riya.. Viplav says just listen to me once! He runs behind them and holds Dhaani’s hand. She says leave me! Viplav takes the strip of the blouse and is about to tie.. A current flows in Dhaani’s body.. When Riya snaches it from him and says I can tie it! She shouts leave! Riya understands Viplav’s intentions were not bad! But she didn’t know what had happened between Vidhaa! So she couldn’thelp. She asked Dhaani but she kept on crying that’s why she didn’t ask her again!
Kamini explains Viplv that he should have told her rather than hugging Dhaani and all that stuff… Viplav says so you all think that it was my fault! It means that if I do good also you all will think that I am only wrong! Why is it?? Kamini says it’s OK Viplav don’t think about it much! Take rest! You are already very tired… Viplav leaves in anger…

Next day,
Dhaani is sitting on her seat when Viplav enters the class. He notices Dhaani but Dhaani gives him an angry look and looks to the other side. Viplav feels sad. He goes and sits next to her. He tries to speak to her but Dhaani ignores him! Dhaani doesn’t even look at him once. She talks with Riya and Riya sees Viplav sitting sad. She thinks I have never seen him sitting so sadly… during the break time TP, Raj and Pankaj come to Viplav and say come let’s go to the canteen.. But he refuses saying he is not in a mood to go anywhere. They think what happened to him? How can he turn silent like this? TP asks him what happened? Viplav says I don’t wanna talk, go away please! Kamini sees them and explains the whole incident to them! It’s time to leave.. Dhaani reaches home! Dulaari excitedly tells actually I forgot to ask you yesterday but how is Viplav? Dhaani’s eyes fill up with tears. She thinks not to tell her anything or else her friendship with Kanak will destroy so she says yes he’s good! Dulaari says oh great you both should be good friends Na then! Dhaani nods and says I’m feeling very sleepy, I will go and sleep. Dulaari says OK beta.
5 days pass by, but still Dhaani ignores Viplav.

Viplav tried to talk to her but of no use. He is always upset! He doesn’t know what is happening with him! But one day, when everyone was leaving home a car came in full speed and was about to hit Dhaani when someone pulled her closer and he fell on her and they rolled down! That someone was none other than Viplav. Dhaani in fear closed her eyes! Viplav looked at her lovingly!! Dhaani slowly opens her eyes and is shocked to see Viplav above her. They share an awkward eye lock. Riya comes and says Dhaani!! What happened? Vidhaa come back to senses and they get up. Riya hugs Dhaani and they leave. Viplav looks at them sadly and his eyes are filled up with tears… he calls out Dhaani!! Dhaani turns back. He runs towards her. Riya says you talk to him I will be back! Viplav comes to Dhaani and says why are you ignoring me?? Dhaani turns to leave! Viplav holds her hand and says not today! You have to reply me. Dhaani says leave my hand! Kanak comes a d sees them! She thinks what is happening between them? She goes and says Viplav! Why are you holding her hand? Leave her! Viplav says but maa!! Kanak says Viplav why are you holding her hand I came here to pick you both as we are going now for a family picnic. Dhaani takes blessings of Kanak. She blesses her.

Precap: Vidhaa’s family go for a picnic!

So guys how was the episode? Tell me through your comments!

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  1. Sujie

    Maria… Yeh udaasi ab ViDha Pe jachti nahin….. Unite them…..finish their fight soon …okay…..
    Hope precap wala picnic works for clearing their misunderstanding…. ???

    1. Angel20

      I know yeh udaasi jachti nhi par is andhere me ujala jald hi ayega☺☺
      Keep reading…

  2. Maria dear it was superb. Had thought that riya would tell dhani that viplavs intentions were good but she kept mum
    Viplavs behaviour is changing as he is in love but doesn’t know.
    Omg 5 days passed n dhani avoiding him n viplav pleading with her to tell the reason of keeping quiet reminds me of current ikrs track
    Precap is nice as in family picnic mus to be cleared. ☺☺

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Renu di☺☺
      Yes Dhaani avoiding Viplav is indeed sad!! But happy days will come soon!

      Keep reading☺☺

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh yaar feel bad for vidha 🙁 anyways I hope the picnic will make everything f9 keep rocking angel 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Jo☺☺
      Keep reading…

  4. Shruthy

    Mariiiiiia ! How are you girl?
    Ok first of all thanks for writing such a lovely fiction;
    Second, a big WOOOOOW for the episode. Haan it was sad but I loved it, because I love sad scenes na? :p Poor Dhaani she felt he got bad intentions but today I feel more pity for Viplav actually. :/ seeing him sad not able to talk to Dhaani. Pyaar to bad raha hai uske andar, bas ehsaas toh nahin uska.
    Don’t know what he wanted to say her but beech mein aa gayi, saasu maah! xD I know she appreciates Dhaani so she could have let them talk na. Only talking they could take away their misunderstandings.
    And Dulaari was asking about VIplav to Dhaani just like she was ready to ask his hand for her daughter and she wanted confirmation. DOn’t know what is cooking in her mind but hopefully both mummas will unite them…
    Cant wait for next update Mariiiiiiiiiiiia, post it soon ok? 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Hi Shruthy I am good, how are you?
      Aww welcome dear and thanksfor reading and liking my fan fiction☺☺
      Yes I know you love sad scenes.. Ha bas ehsas nhi ho raha vo bhi kabhi Na kabhi ho hi jaega 😉
      Haha dulaari was asking his hand for her daughter??
      I will update it on Saturday or early if possible! Keep reading?

      1. Shruthy

        I am good too 🙂
        No need to thank me for that :* Haha yes I know you guys know it :p everyone knows i am so pagal.
        Yeah and hopefully soon *fingers crossed*
        Yes she was actually :p

  5. maria it was a sad episode. precap sound very interesting

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Aishwarya??

  6. Maha_Aijaz

    Maria finally u have posted.. u know I was eagerly waiting for this episode..
    It was quite sad but I loved it to the core seriously I enjoyed it alot .. Poor viplav his intentions were not bad but then also he got a slap whereas dhani was also correct at her place because she didn’t know anything naa .. Oh viplav was too sad I can imagine him in that expressions in teary eyes 🙁 pyaar hogaya hai viplav ko but ehsas nahe hoa 😀 lekin woh bhe hojai ga so excited for that moment 🙂 precap is wonderful now we can read cute and lovely scenes in this track can’t wait for it so post the next one soon 🙂 <3

    1. Angel20

      Aww really you were waiting for it☺
      Thank you so much?? ha ehsas hona baki hai pyar ka 😉
      I will try to post it soon! Keep reading☺

  7. Hi Maria! Have been waiting for this nxt part since the maha epi day. A very nice one . Vips has fallen in love with dhaani though he isn’t aware of it for now. The way his sadness has been shown is Superb. Wen a person ignores u & u can’t take it, u get upset, get irritated, don’t want to talk to anyone, don’t feel like going anywhere not even wid ur friends, just eagerly want to talk to that person & clear everything, this is what we call Pyaar ki Shuruaat. And this is what is happening with Vips right now. Ooooooooooh i’m waiting for them to deeply fall in love with each other?.t ??? the rolli

    1. Angel20

      Yes Viplav has fallen in love.. Yes you’re right when a person ignores you is the worst feeling ever!

  8. And the rolling over and Viplav looking LOVINGLY at dhaani was cooooool. Hope everything gets normal at the family picnic. Good job ?? wai

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much! Keep reading!

  9. Do post the nxt part soon and kindly tell also that the nxt has been posted & uploaded ?

    1. Angel20

      I will try to post it soon! Yes i will Inform you!?

  10. Meghs

    angel not done yasr y always vidha??now in my ff too they r fighting here too looks both of our minds had connection ?? sry yaar

    Mast wala epi? keep rocking

    1. Angel20

      Haha ?? our mindshave connections.. Maybe?! Thank you so much my sweetheart! Keep reading!☺

      1. Meghs

        Ofcourse i keep reading ?

  11. Shanitics

    Goo one my Mr.impossible?.. Nice description ?

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Swe☺

  12. Hi Maria! Has the nxt epi been uploaded? Pl give the link if yes. I’m not getting connected. Kindly reply if u can. Sorry for bothering u every time ??.

    1. Angel20

      Not yet uploaded

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