IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 4


The episode starts with a madam calling all the couple’s for dance. She wanted to see whether everyone is performing well or not as one more college was going to come in their party. They wanted to show their best Na! 😉 Viplav and Dhaani come but Dhaani hesitates to look at him. Viplav angrily says I don’t want to dance with this girl!! Kamini looks at him confused. The madam asks but why? Viplav leaves from there angrily. Kamini says mam I will convince him pls. The mam allows her to go. Kamini comes to Viplav and says what happened Viplav? Why don’t you wanna dance with her? Viplav explains her the class incident. Kamini says so yes you were wrong! Viplav says tum bhi! Kamini says she is a very shy girl, she does not like to mingle with anyone but you are torturing her and hurting her by your words so you tell me will she like it? No Na? Viplav realizes his mistake and feels bad for her. He says I will have to say her sorry Na?

Kamini says no no go and torture her more! Viplav says shut up! He runs inside and kamini smiles as well as goes with him. Everyone is dancing and Dhaani is standing with a sad face. Viplav comes and says I will dance with her sorry mam. She says OK get started! He goes to Dhaani, but Dhaani hesitates to go with him. Viplav understands her and kneels down and forwards his hand and says will you dance with me? The teacher says Viplav stop being filmy? Everyone laughs. Viplav says Dhaani… she keeps her hand on his hand?? They both dance… and everyone claps for them.. The teacher says you both are a perfect couple! They both leave each other. The teacher says do more practice so that you will be the best! The scene ends…

Kanak calls Dulaari and says you know there’s party tomorrow in Viplav’s college I want you also to come with your family! Dulaari says really?! There is a party in Dhaani’s college as well! Kanak says oh she is Stars law college right? Dulaari says yes.. Kanak says oh great Viplav is also in the same college. Dulaari says oh wow so we will meet tomorrow! Bye! Dulaari asks Dhaani whether she knows that boy. Dhaani asks which boy? Dulaari says oh I don’t remember his name..? will tell you later. Dhaani says OK. Next day, Dhaani gets a call from an unknown number. She asks whose this? Someone says me the don!! Dhaani says what?!! The guy says yes don ko pakadna mushkil hi nhi namumkin hai(to catch don is

impossible!)?? Dhaani says have you gone made Viplav! Viplav says how do you know yaar I was trying to fool you! Dhaani says that was very lame! Now tell me why did you call me? Viplav says today dance practice at my house for the last time. I will send you the address. Be there in an hour OK? Dhaani says but is it necessary? Viplav says of course my jaan! Dhaani asks what did you just say? Viplav says are sorry yaar I was just joking!?? Dhaani cuts the call. She gets ready to go.

In some time she reaches his house. Viplav says hello! Dhaani smiles slightly. Viplav says so ready for practice! He plays the music and pulls her closer. Dhaani feels uncomfortable again but she resists. She thinks when will this practice end?! Viplav asks what are you thinking? Dhaani does not say anything! Viplav says I am sorry for what I did and told you! Will you forgive me? Dhaani looks at him and they have an eyelock! She gets teary eyed. Bolna plays… She says no.. Never! And she runs away but clashes with Kanak. Dhaani looks at her and says Aunty you? Kanak says Dhaani?! Viplav is confused! Viplav asks mom do you know Dhaani? Kanak says yes yesterday we went to her house. Her mom is my childhood friend. Kanak says come in Dhaani have some snacks. Dhaani says no Aunty it’s OK I am already getting late! Viplav thinks how to say her sorry! Kanak says but have something Na pls.. Dhaani says no Aunty and she runs away! Kanak says what happened to this girl?! Kanak asks Viplav about her! Viplav says we are dance partners in tomorrow’s party. Kanak says oh really?! Great! Carry on… the episode ends!

Precap: Surprise!!

Do drop your comments! Tell me if you liked it or not! Till then bye!!

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  1. Renuverma

    Maria i liked vk for first time as she convinced viplav to dance with dhani n apologise too.
    Loved the way he knealt down n then mam scolded him.
    Mam told them a perfect couple. Great??
    So now viplav knows about dhani being her mothers freind daughter.
    Great waiting for surprise ???☺

    1. Angel20

      Haha you liked VK Na! 😉 thank you for loving it☺ yes there’s a surprise!! Wait and read 😉

  2. Meghs

    Wow angel?? its amazing kamini convincing viplav to dance with dhani..and the way he apologies. ..

    Mam asking stop being filmy and perfect couple is just wonderful ??

    Good going

    1. Angel20

      Thank you Sweetheart… ☺☺ wait for the SURPRISE 😉

  3. Latha

    Wow Maria superb episode. The way viplav asking dhani to dance with him so sweet and mam asking stop being filmy and perfect couple great. Now Viplav knows that dhani was his mom’s friend daughter. Waiting to know the surprise Maria???

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Latha☺☺ Wait for the SURPRISE! 😉

  4. Interesting, keep going.? waiting for the next.

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Anya ☺☺ keep reading! 😉

  5. Hey, one thing more, do u upload daily?

    1. Angel20

      Yes mostly I try to upload it daily!

  6. Sujie

    Keep going Maria……
    Loving it ?????
    And precap…

    1. Angel20

      Thank you di☺☺ Precap is a SURPRISE!! 😉

  7. Awesome episode Maria loved it sooo much ????.
    And precap??

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Aishwarya ☺☺ Precap is a SURPRISE!! keep reading 😉

  8. Shruthy

    Oh Maria! Oh Maria! Oh Maria oh Maria!
    Mariiiiiiiia darling! What do you want me to tell re ? Everyday I feel like saying the same, praising you so much. I seriously need to find out new words for it. But, never mind…
    Finally Viplav ko bhagwan ne sat budhi di. May be in Kamini’s avtar, but still, he now knows and realized how hard he behaved with that poor girl. That was funny when she days “no, no. go and torture her!”. Hayye!! The way he kneeled down and asked her to dance. OMG that was like a fairy tale moment. Teacher praising ViDha, that was funny actually xD BOth mummies know now that ViDha are collegemates LOL and later on, VIDha knows about their mummies’ friendship. Well Dhaani knew it, but she wasn’t aware of Viplav being Kanak Aunty’s son.
    That was cute when he called her home by the way. Calling her jaan and all… Hmmm kya bhaat hai! xD Anyways finally he is quite cool cool with Dhaani now, that’s a good thing. The beginning for a … friendship story. Haha :p And then he pulls her closer to her and makes her get disturbed and she asks him when it will end. For what, Viplav has to give a mysterious answer… ANd then Viplav asking sorry for his misbehavior. AWWWW! But Dhaani couldn’t forgvie him yet. So sad 🙁 But I can understand her. He scared her a lot. Bechari..
    Anyways ! Precap is quite thrilling. You say it’s a surprise. I dont know what type of surprise it will be but I am sure you won’t disappoint us, I believe you. And haan longer episodes are always welcome :p just kidding. Carry on the wonderful job dear. I am waiting (Thalapathy style)

    1. Angel20

      Awwww thank you so much!! Your comments always make my day?? you cover each and every scene in your comment! ?? haha long episodes are welcomed?? I will try as I don’t get much time 😉
      I will not disappoint you, the SURPRISE Will be really different!! Just wait and read 😉
      Love you❤
      Keep reading☺☺

      1. Shruthy

        Hayye hayye and you touched my hear with your words re B) I didnt know people do even like my comments. xD I actually cover each and every scene I love. Which means I love each and every scene of the episode. Which means I love the episode. <3
        I was just kidding sweetie. Take all your time. I will be always waiting.
        Oh woow that sounds interesting. Now need to wait around 17 hours to read the next part :'( that's way too long. GRRRR
        But still will be patiently waiting for it. OM!!!!!!!

    2. Angel20

      The SURPRISE is on the way… It will be posted soon!

  9. Maria it was wonderful.. Loved it loved it and loved it :-* first time liked kamini as because of her viplav danced with dhani and realized his mistake .. so kamini love u for it .. no no maria love u for making kamini like this 😀 loved their mam’s line “u both are best couples <3" Viplav's conversation on call was hilarious 😀 my jaan 😛 their dance practise at home was so adorable .. loved it enjoyed it alot .. Eager to know what is the surprise so post the next one sooner :-*

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Maha..☺☺ for the surprise you have to wait, I have submitted.. It will be posted soon 😉

  10. Hi Maria, the next part is not opening, showing ” page 404 error, not found”. Hasn’t it been uploaded? Waiting to read the surprise. ☺

    1. Angel20

      It has been uploaded..

  11. Maria, can u pl send me the link to the nxt part, i tried every way but nt getting connected or kindly tell me how to find it.

  12. 4nshika

    Awww… ! That was a great one 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Thanks 4nshika☺☺

      1. 4nshika

        welcome dear 🙂

  13. Arshdeep

    OMG i love Kamini girl?? She is really so kind hearted here. She made Viplav realise his mistake. Thank god ??

    And yeah that filmy sequence??❤ Loved it ?

    Aaye haaye yes meri jaan.. my face lit up reading it?? And then i just glanced at my room mates if they are noticing it and to my good luck they are sleeping right now??
    I am very excited as i want to know whats Viplav gonna do for Dhani now??

    Precap emmm?? thats not fine han…????

    1. Angel20

      Haha?? you were reading it in front of your classmates.. Good that they didn’t notice you??

      Thank you so much for loving it??

      Precap is good yaar, it’s a Maha episode of mine and meghs di’s ff??
      Just read Love makes our heart beat fast… It’s the next part..

      Keep reading?

      1. Arshdeep

        Ohh okay thanks for telling
        Actually i was going in each one’s profile and was reading so didnt notice that mahaepisode.. will catch it now. Thank you??

  14. Lakshmi

    hey maria very nice……
    atleast here vk will be a good one….and i hate the show…becoz they are going to wrong tracks….and whenever that vk will be out of the show i will resume watching it….
    so about your ff….fresh ideas…good attempt dear..more on the way huh? waiting dear

    1. Angel20

      Hi Lakshmi.. After a long time..
      Hmm I know the show is not doing well..
      Thanks dear☺☺
      Keep reading..

  15. Hi Maria! Hw will i come to know that u’ve posted the nxt part? Shud i check the link for it on this page only?

    1. Angel20

      Hi Anya.. Yes I will post the link on this page..

    2. Angel20

      I will post the episode tomorrow

  16. Thanks for the info Maria, i posted a comment on the maha epi page also, pl ignore it.

  17. Hi Maria!! Has the nxt part been uploaded? I’m not getting connected to the page.

    Sorry 4 bothering u so much.

    1. Angel20

      Hi Anya, I have submitted the next part, it will be posted soon! I will post the link on this page OK..

  18. Thanks Maria. Will b waiting eagerly 4 that. ?

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