IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 15

Recap: Viplav proposes Dhaani.
Dhaani cries continuously, frees her hand and runs away! Viplav stands heartbroken (so by now you would have understood that dhaani didn’t say yes, it was Viplav’s dream.)
Pankaj consoles him.
Pankaj: don’t lose hopes Viplav! I know she also likes you, but hasn’t realised it yet.
Viplav: she likes me but doesn’t love me! That’s the difference
Pankaj: don’t think like that! Give her some time to think then see she will also realise that she loves you.
Viplav doesn’t say anything he goes out, Pankaj tries to stop him but Raj stops him
Raj: Let him be alone for sometime.
Viplav goes to the bar and drinks a lot.

Meanwhile Dhaani comes out in the garden of Tripathi mansion, and the function continues inside. She cries thinking of Viplav’s words but she doesn’t know why she was crying?
Rahul comes and taps her back,
Rahul: dhaani I am so sorry for whatever happened inside. He offers her orange juice.
Dhaani: hmm.. its ok
Rahul: drink this you will feel better.
Dhaani: hmm.. saying so she gulps it in one go!
Rahul: you don’t love him right? Then you can love me na! I am ready to be yours! At first I also thought that you both love each other that’s why I supported you but now that you don’t love me you can be mine!
Dhaani: what rubbish are you speaking?
Rahul: waise to many girls are flat on me! But I like you, sorry love you! And I know you love me too, if not then you would have said yes to Viplav! We have spent so many moments together and now I love you and I know you love me too!
Dhaani: what nonsense?!! I don’t love you! I consider you only as my friend.
Saying so she turns to go but rahul holds her hand,
Dhaani: leave my hand! She starts feeling dizzy
Rahul: Never!
On the other side Viplav was still drinking,
Viplav: one more!
Waiter: you have already had a lot sir! We cant give you more!
Viplav: what nonsense?!?!??!!! He throws the bottle kept on table. He stands up and drives his car to go back. He was not even able to drive properly but he still managed.
Here Dhaani askedRahul to stop but he didn’t.
Dhaani: whats happening to me? Why am I feeling so dizzy?
Rahul smirks and remembers how he mixed sleeping pills with the juice. Dhaani tries to scream but no one could hear as there was loud music being played inside. And there was no one around to save her.

He pulled her closer and closer, they both could feel each others breath. Dhaani tried to resist but just could not! As she was feeling very dizzy. She tried to push him hard and was successful but when she tried to run away, because of her condition she just could not run away. She cried very much shouting for help but in vain. Rahul was now getting angry seeing her behaviour towards him. He goes with full anger towards her and pulls her closer, dhaani could feel his breath in her neck. She was trying to push him..but now she was not able to! She was tired very much. She gave up, her body gave up! She let him do whatever he wanted! Rahul pulled her and kissed her neck, Dhaani cried and still asked him to leave but he was not ready to do so. When she tried to free herself, he grabbed her hand back and this time the sleeve of her blouse tore. Anyways she had worn a backless blouse and now the sleeve. Rahul smirks and touches her bare back and now her bare shoulders. He kissed her shoulders. Dhaani screamed as loud as she could!
Viplav finally reached his home and as he was walking he heard her scream, he turned and followed the voice and was shocked to see Dhaani in such a state! He screamed Rahul……. He ran and punched him left and right. He punched him as hard as he could. Rahul was lying dead in the garden whereas Dhaani fell down as her body couldn’t resist any longer. Viplav runs towards her and takes her in his arms. He tried to wake her up but of no use! He thought to take her inside but then thinks it will spoil her sisters sangeet and mehandi function. So he took her to a hotel. He gently places her on the bed and was crying recklessly! He thought it was his mistake that he couldn’t take care of his love! He held her hand and cried a lot. He gets up to go but is stopped by dhaani’s hand. She held his hand very tightly.
Dhaani: while sleeping she uttered the words.. don’t go Viplav! Don’t leave me and go.. that rahul he will come again! Please don’t go.. don’t go… she kept uttering those words.
Viplav sat with her and : sorry dhaani I couldn’t save you at the right time. Im really sorry. Slowly Viplav also feels sleepy, he sleeps beside her, holding her hand. During the night the scene was they were both sleeping in each others arms, hugging each other! The episode ends..

I am so sorry for such a sad episode! Even I felt the pain while writing but I hope you liked it! Thank you for your comments keep supporting like this!

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  1. Supr epi.. Nvr thought rahul had a black charactr.. Anyways thank god viplav reached thr on tme.. Flt vry srry ? 4 Dhaani.. Poor girl!! Hopes and hopes viplav wl again take badla!!
    Al bst mr.impossible
    Kerp writing ?

    1. Angel20

      Thanks so much Swetha 🙂

  2. Aiswarya

    Maria it’s a super duper episode. Never thought rahul will turn like this . Anyways our hero came on time ?? I love this kind of scenes like hero coming and rescuing his heroine.
    Post the next episode soon
    Keep rocking
    Take care

    1. Angel20

      i also love these scenes 🙂 will try to post it soon!

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Maria!! So finally it was a dream, actually I was too thinking that, dhani accepted his proposal in such a hurry.. I mean there must be some drama and lo!! U did it?
    The biggest shock; Rahul turn out to be a bad boy? OMG!! He was such a rascal? bechari dhani, mostly villains tries to come closer but in this he crossed his limits however I loved that part like viplav came on right time and showed his jalwa? Pheww!! That was close? last part was quite sad.. Okay!! So they both are sleeping with each other maybe a new drama is on the way *I guess so* Anyways now waiting for the next one so please post it soon? already u took so long?
    Go on!!
    Love u sisi❤

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Plus ur dp my goodness, it’s just amazing?? Missing MiEsha a lot?

    2. Angel20

      Yaya i will try to post it soon! ya actually he crossed his limits but i love these scenes so i included it! love you too..

  4. Mariyam123

    Maria di it was amazing.. I missed a few episodes but will catch up later. But this one was emotional.. Loved the way Viplav came to rescue his Dhaani but that Rahul.. Felt like just punching him so many times that he forgets who he is. But our hero has already done that work so no need of wasting our energy:-P But ur writing skills are really so good. Plz post the next episode soon and I m very sorry for not commenting, I had read the episode yesterday only but then forgot to comment! Plz forgive me!!

    1. Angel20

      thank you so much dear! its ok i understand! keep reading…

  5. AanyaSingh

    Hello dear?. So this was the little twist in the tale(Rahul’s villainous trait was to come out). What a despicable person he came out to be,eeeeeee, even writing abt him feels like yuck! what a twerp???he was. But all this is the effect of ur writing dear, everything so well described???. Viplav saving dhaani was so heroic,even i love these type of scenes. A wonderful epi it was, full of so many emotions. The last part was really so painful &emotional, can’t see Vips crying so much &the last scene indicates that some more high voltage drama is on the way perhaps, will wait eagerly 4 d nxt?, very busy till sunday, typing in a hurry, hope u will accept this much. Love to u???? God bless U.

    1. Angel20

      Hi Anya di! After a long time, saw your comment! Where were you? Was missing you!?? thank you so much?? yaya maybe there’s high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes! Keep reading!
      Love you too❤❤

      1. AanyaSingh

        Hello Sweetie ?, yes dear i was very busy for the last few days specially this week. Got a smwhat free today only. Will try to b regular from now. Actually my phone is also creating problem for the past some days, so i may get late in commenting but i will definitely
        comment, that’s for sure. I also miss all of u wen i’m busy bcoz i have got so addicted to all ur ffs & of course this family too that i just can’t remain without all of u now, i really ADORE ALL OF U & i pray that that we always stay bonded as a family. God BLESS U ALL & Love to all of U??????.

    2. Angel20

      Love you too di??

  6. Areeb

    Hey Maria! Eid ka chaand ho gae bhae tum tou. ? Zayada Zayada nazar aya karo bhae, we can’t afford to miss the Suspense Writer too.
    Khair, let me allow to give the first word about the episode in a way typical Indian dramatic style. Ahem.. Ahem.. *Clearing throat* ;
    ‘Naaahhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin’ *Exclamation*
    Itna scary episode! ? With Rahul’s each step closer to Dhaani, increased my jitteriness. But chalo, better late then never. Viplav made it the best for me, his entry as a typical Hero! ? But!!! ? Last scene, they are sleeping? ? That’s not a good thing.. Will land them in another trouble. ? Khair, why am I freaking out. ? I can expect a good twist obviously from Maria. ? Go on.. ?

    1. Areeb

      Up there it’s *allow me to. ?
      Major typos sometime bomb your writing. ?

    2. Angel20

      Hi Appi!! After a long time! Mai to yahi hu! Apke pas☺☺☺☺ haha typical serial type???? Nahiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Lekin yaha to sab galat ho gaya to Haaaaaaaaa!!!!?? I know mai pagal hogayi hu isiliye aisa bol rahi hu?????? sleeping together Na lovy dovy????? you should be happy tension Na le meri behna.. Next episode mai Lena abhi ke liye chill Mar??? ummm… Good twist?? Pata nahi let’s see what happens!
      Love you❤❤❤

  7. Shruthy

    I KNEW IT WAS A DREAM SEQUENCE!!! I mean I had the doubt, and so I expected …
    OMG you made us cry. Dhaani to suffer in such a way. I don’t remember who this Rahul was (memory loss, need to read the earlier episodes again) but VERY BAD BOY! I dont like him ;p
    VIplav totally drunk but still managed to beat black and blue that villain YAAAAY! 😀 I am so happy Dhaani got saved at the end. She is taken to hotel not to aim the others’ attention. Viplav cares for her so much.
    That talk while sleeping. That was so emotional. And Viplav sleeps besides her, both in each other’s arms. <3 I fear what will the morning scene but I guess Dhaani has the senses Viplav saved her only.
    Cant wait for next post sweetie! =D

    1. Angel20

      Hi Shruthy???? after a long time!!!
      Oh you knew already then what’s the use of me writing??? just joking!! Mai pagal hogayi hu. Are apna Rahul is Sharukh Khan?? he is actually their college friend! Chinta Na karo?? keep reading!

      1. Shruthy

        Hey! Haan yaar, I know… I have come sometimes to read the posted fictions but not a lot active. Busy tho hoon. :p Just kidding. I am actually writing for the stories so .. may be will post something soon, God knows.
        LOL i have commented it on the last post actually but that’s fine :p Agar tu pagal ho gayi, I am born pagal. xD
        Oh Rahul! Naam toh suna hoga B) :p
        Oh ok! I have to get back the memories. I have forgotten a lot.

    2. Angel20

      Sab bhool gayi gajini???

      1. Shruthy

        Yeah I am sister of Ghajini xD Main bhi camera ke saath hi ghumti hoon.

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