IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 13


The episode starts,

Viplav is very close to Dhaani and he realizes that it was his dream! The kissing scene. He is so much frustrated that he leaves her hand and goes from there.
Dhaani: ahh.. She holds her hand which had turned red due to the blood clot. Shalu comes to her,
Shalu: What happened Dhaani? Why are you crying? And this hand.. How did this happen? Say something Dhaani.
But Dhaani runs away from there to her room! She cries a lot and thinks what is his problem? Why is he hurting me so much? I’m really not understanding! Please God help me! Shalu comes from behind,
Shalu: who is hurting you tell me! Abhi Jake uski khabar leti hu!
Dhaani hugs Shalu and cries. She tells: Viplav! Why is he hurting me Shalu? Why? I haven’t done anything to him then why?
Shalu: Bhaiyaa!! What did he do?

Dhaani: he says that he has some problem with me and that’s why he is behaving like this! I don’t know what? But I’m really getting hurt by his actions. I don’t want him and I don’t like when he hurts me like this. Please tell him not to do this please. She hugs her again, shalu consoles her.
Shalu: OK I will talk to him first you stop crying. Shalu wipes her tears. Pankaj who was searching for Shalu witnesses all this and he fumes. He thinks today Viplav has to answer me. Why is he hurting her! And why is he not realizing that he loves her! He’s such a jerk!
In the evening,
Karan sees everyone dancing but misses Dhaani, thinks why is she not dancing with everyone? He also sees Viplav standing alone. He goes to Viplav:
Kya Bhai you are not dancing?
Viplav: No I don’t want to dance.

Karan: yaha hamare pas partner nahi hai and you don’t want to dance! That’s strange.
Just then Dhaani enters, with a gloomy face. She smiles seeing Karan and says Hi rather a dull Hi to him.
Karan: what happened? You were so happy in the morning and now so will.
She looks at Viplav, he also looks at her and leaves, but Karan holds his hand,
Where are you going yaar!
Viplav: I have some work .

Karan: there is no work more important than your sisters marriage! Chup chap yahi raho
Karan: So Dhaani why are you not dancing?
Dhaani: I don’t want to, and nobody even wants to dance with me!

Karan: Even Viplav doesn’t have a partner then why aren’t you both dancing?
Viplav was about to say something when Dhaani interrupts: I’m not interested in dancing with him
Karan understands that there’s some problem between them
Karan: OK so you become my partner, even I want a partner..
Dhaani: but..
Karan: no but vat! You are dancing with me and that’s final! He pulls her along with him.
Their practice starts, Viplav was just looking at Dhaani and she was also looking at him. Both had an eye contact.
Karan noticed this and says: look here Dhaani you are dancing with me not with him.
Dhaani: hmm…

But they were still looking into each other’s eyes fiercely.
Karan kept his hand on her chin and made her face towards him. Viplav fumes looking at them. Karan was standing very close to her and went more close while dancing with her. Dhaani also didn’t resist and she went more close to him while dancing just to tease Viplav. Viplav was now hell angry! His eyes had turned red. He just felt like punching that Karan. But simply he couldn’t. Kardha (Karan+Dhaani) were just lost in each other and dancing. Karan had no wrong intensions. He had understood that Vidhaa loved each other, and he just wanted to make them realize that. They kept on dancing. But unfortunately while dancing Dhaani’s leg slipped but Karan held her at the right time. They shared an eyelock. Karan tucked her hair behind her ears which were blocking his view. Now it was enough, Viplav left from there in anger! Pankaj went behind him. Whereas everyone saw kardha in that position and Kamini clears her throat so that they come back to their senses. They get up, Dhaani thanks him for saving her.

Pankaj: Viplav wait!
Viplav: I don’t have time to listen to this rubbish!
Pankaj: that’s not rubbish! It’s the truth of your life! That you love her. And you can’tsee her dancing with Karan.
Viplav: just shut up Pankaj!
Pankaj: one day you will realise that I was not wrong! But till then it will be too late that’s why I’m saying accept it!
Viplav: There’s nothing to accept and he leaves in anger.
Pankaj: when will this boy understand?!!
Shalu consoles Pankaj: You think the same Na I also think that Bhaiyya loves her and he is not able to accept it! That’s why he is hurting Dhaani

Pankaj: I want to do something for them.
Viplav goes to the bar and drinks a lot thinking about Kardhaa’s dance rather their closeness.
He breaks the glass from his hand, blood comes out from his injured hand! He has drunk a lot and was unable to even walk properly. But somehow he managed to reach his house. It was very dark as everyone was sleeping. Dhaani had come down to take water when she sees him coming. She switches on the light and sees Viplav walking like a bevda! (A man who has drunk a lot!) She runs to him and holds him as he was about to fall. She shouts at him for drinking.
She takes her to his room and makes him sleep on the bed. She is about to leave when Viplav holds her hand and asks her to be with him. She refuses and frees her hand but Viplav stands up. Dhaani sees Viplav’s hand bleeding she quickly does the first aid.
Viplav: Please Dhaani don’t leave me alone. Don’t go Dhaani. He pulls her towards him and hugs her. Dhaani cries seeing his condition.

Dhaani: leave me Viplav.
Viplav: no Dhaani.
He hugs her tightly, and says don’t dance with that Karan please!
Dhaani: Why Viplav? What is your problem?
Viplav: I can’t see you dancing with her! Because I
Dhaani: because you??
Viplav: because… and he faints

Precap: Kardhaa practice their dance. Viplav takes Dhaani’s hand and dances with her.

Guys tomorrow is my last and final exam that too English grammar that’s why I thought to post this today! Please do comment! 

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Maria again an amazing episode! Viplav’s passionate behavior OMG! He is increasing hotness in atmosphere??
    Well that’s a joke but seriously this was superb, first part was quite shocking because I was having no idea that it will turn out to be a dream but thats good actually as I can’t see I mean imagine viplav getting slap from his dhani.. Than that dance and jealousy part was amazingly written last part was also wonderful.. Very excited to read further so post the next one soon!
    Good to know that ur exams are finishing now enjoy ur time?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much? and you know I love elaborating such scenes…?? I could imagine how you all will feel reading those scenes. Ya that was a dream!! ? And my ff on kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi is also posted ☺☺

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Okay! So I’m running to KRPKAB page for reading ur fiction :-*

  2. Aiswarya

    Maria it’s amazing as always ?? I never thought it would become a dream but it’s good actually ?.last part was awesome ?
    Post the next part soon
    How was ur exam?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Aish☺
      Yes I will post it soon!
      Love you too??
      My exam went well…

  3. AanyaSingh

    OMG! Sweetie, this was another rocking one??? and AMAZINGLY described???? what an episode ! I thoroughly enjoyed it??. The dream was quite a surprise but a welcome one though as it saved Vips from the slap???. The way Vips’ increasing love for dhaani resulting in his jealousy & his intense behaviour moment by moment has been described is Superb ??. The last part was really wonderful. Great job????. Now i’m all the more eager for the nxt epi. Post it soon?. Love to u????

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much??
      Yes I will post it soon!!!

      Love you too❤❤

  4. Sujie

    Pyar hua.ar hua …pyar se phir kyoon darta hai dil……
    loved the episode Dear…..
    Mr Karan turned cupid….. good …..
    go on dear……that say is not far when Viplav will say…… CHALO JI AAJ SAAF SAAF KEHTA HOON…ITNI SI BAAR HAI… MUKHE TUMSE PYAAR HAI….. waiting ….

    1. Angel20

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Meghs

    Wow just one word come out my mouth reading this. This is just perfect.
    Seriously i loved it.. keep it up

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much 🙂

  6. Lakshmi

    maria loved it yaar….and the precap…just waiting to read the next one…
    i hope ur eng grammer exams went well…

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Lakshmi 🙂

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