IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 12


Hi guys,
I know I’m super duper late. Sorry for that my exams are going on Na! Ok today I’m posting this episode because I have a weekend ahead! So let’s start,
Recap: I know you all must have forgotten my story also 😉 so lets see the recap:
Vidhaa ,, Pankaj, shalu, kamini, Raj play truth and dare game. Viplav sings for Dhaani and also proposes him. Dhaani is now going to stay with Tripathi family.
So let’s see what happens next,
Viplav feels happy from inside when he gets to know that Dhaani is going to stay with him rather with Shalu. All of them move to the breakfast table, all the couple’s sit together but Vidhaa are left alone so they also sit together. All of them talk and enjoy their breakfast, they crack jokes and Dhaani was laughing but Viplav was just busy looking at Dhaani sorry staring at Dhaani! He loves the way she laughs.
Kanak: Viplav! Kya hua? You didn’t like the joke or what? Everyone looks at him and he comes back to his senses. Dhaani looks at him when he was looking at her. Viplav quickly looks somewhere else
Viplav: no I was just thinking about something. That’s OK you all continue.
Dhaani feels this weird. When all of them left are having their breakfast,
Dhaani stops Viplav: hey Viplav, yesterday night whatever you said was it true?
Viplav: what?
Dhaani: as if you don’t know what am I saying!
Viplav thinks for a while and says: that was just a game yaar! Why are you taking it so seriously?! Don’t think too much about it!
Dhaani: ohh really I didn’t know that it was a game! Anyways thanks for telling. Bye.. Saying so she leaves.
Viplav feels bad. And his eyes were filled with tears. Pankaj who was standing far away saw all this. He went to Viplav.
Pankaj: why did you hurt her?
Viplav: when did I hurt her?
Pankaj: then why are you crying.. Where did these tears come from?
Viplav: no I’m not crying.. Maybe dust has gone in my eyes nothing else! Why will I cry?
Pankaj: You know you can do everything but you can’t lie! And can’t hide the fact that you love her!
Viplav: Are you mad! I don’t love her. She is just a friend.
Pankaj: One day or the other you have to accept the fact that you love her! Ok I’m leaving I have some work.
Viplav thinks what Pankaj was saying but then he ignores.
Dhaani was busy setting her clothes when Viplav stops by her room and stares at her. Dhaani turns back but Viplav hides. He thinks why is he doing this? Why is he getting attracted to her? He decides to avoid her! He walks away from there.
Next day:
All are doing preparations for sangeet ceremony which is after 3 days. Everyone is deciding their partners for the sangeet! Raj-Kamini decide to become partners not only dance but life partners.
Kanak: OK so all partners decided?
Kamini: yes Aunty!!
Kanak: So tell me who all are each other’spartners. Everyone tell but Viplav and Dhaani are silent.
Kanak: Viplav Dhaani?? Who are your partners?
They nod their heads.
Kanak: so you both be the partners na!
Viplav: no maa! I don’t want to dance!
Kanak: but it’s your sisters sangeet! You have to dance.
Viplav: I don’t have a partner.
Kanak: Dhaani is there Na!
Viplav: no I don’t want to dance with her!
Everyone raises their eyes.
Raj: but you look perfect with Dhaani! I mean during the college dance competition also you both were partners Na…
Dhaani was quite upset noticing Viplav’s changed behavior. She has tears in her eyes, she wipes it and says Maa I don’t want to dance I am not feeling well saying so she runs to her room.
Kanak: but Dhaani…
Viplav also tries to leave but Kanak holds her hand: why Viplav? What is your problem? Why can’t you dance with her?
Viplav: I don’t want to! I said Na once.
Kanak is stunned by his behavior. She goes to see Dhaani.
Here Dhaani was crying thinking about what happened down.
Kanak: Dhaani..
Dhaani wipes her tears and says yes maa
Kanak: don’t feel bad I’ll convince Viplav don’t worry.
Dhaani: No maa I don’t want to dance in really not feeling well.
Kanak: but beta.. It’s your best friends sangeet Na!
Dhaani: yes maa I know but I can’t dance. If he also doesn’t want to dance with me then why should I plead him! Anyways I have other work also.
Here Pankaj understood why Viplav was behaving like this.
Pankaj goes to Viplav,
Pankaj: why are you doing this to her Viplav! Again you are hurting her! What do you want?
Viplav: I don’t want anything I just don’t want to dance.
Pankaj: Then why are you avoiding her, uh?
Viplav: I’m not avoiding anyone! His eyes had turned red! He leaves in anger.
Pankaj thinks what should he do go make him realize his love for Dhaani.
Next day,
A surprise,
An old friend from their college comes to attend Shalu’s functions. Everyone is very happy seeing him. Everyone talk to him as he has come after a long time as he had shifted to USA for studies. Viplav and all his gang were chit chatting. Dhaani didn’t know him because earlier in college she was not very friendly with everyone. Dhaani and Karan shake hands. Just then Riya enters,
Riya: Mujhe bhool gaye kya? (Did you forget me?)
Karan: Are hi Riya how are you? They all chat with each other. Dhaani and Karan also talk a lot as they had many similarities. They laughed.. Viplav was fuming looking at their closeness.
He holds Dhaani’s hands and takes her inside.
Dhaani: Leave me Viplav what is your problem?
Viplav: you! You are my problem!
Dhaani: it’s hurting me Viplav leave me! Ahh..
Viplav feels her pain but doesn’t leave her.
Viplav slowly pins her to the wall and goes closer to her.
Dhaani could feel his breath. Viplav moves closer.. He was unaware of what he was doing! Be kisses her cheeks. Dhaani is shocked.
She pushes him and slaps him.
Dhaani: How dare you? What do you think of yourself?!
Episode freezes at Dhaani’s angry face.

Precap: Dhaani-Karan are the dance partners. They practice their dance. Viplav fumes seeing them.

So done with this episode! Please comment and tell me whether you liked it or not! Love you all! Bye…

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  1. Sujie

    Tussi toh chah gaye…..
    great one……
    This trend of ignoring the ISHQ feeling mde me quite sad…and someone else has to make the lovers realize….byt that is cool….
    No matter who are dance partners…..Zindagi mein humsafar toh Viplav Dhaani ko hi banna hai…..so keep going dear …….
    Lots of love and hugs

  2. Lakshmi

    hey maria after a long time….how’s ur studies going huh? hope u and ur family doing well.
    coming to the epi…haan thoda sad tha…phir bhi adjust karta hoon…its ok..I know that day is no far which will make two love birds two soulmates one. I am waiting for that day…
    phir bhi dhani ko aise nahi karna chahiye tha..

  3. Aiswarya

    Mariaaaa it’s simply awesome. Loved it ?.viplav fuming in anger ?I will give ?marks for his anger ? dhani slapping viplav ??overall it’s awesome ??
    How is your exams going on???my exams got over n i got my marks also ?
    Post the next part when ur exam get over

  4. Shanitics

    Gud one Mr.impossible.. Bt karan? Vidha whn thy wl share lve momnts… If it goes like this??? Go.. Ahead?

  5. Angel20

    Thank you everyone for commenting☺☺

  6. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Maria! Sorry for being late..
    Episode was udham?? pankaj is too good, he is trying hard to make viplav realize his feelings? obviously viplav will take time as this fiction’s title is “Is love possible” so we are getting some impossible things? viplav is getting rude but dhani should also ignore him then he will realize his mistake? but that jealousy part was amazing I love these kind of scenes and when viplav took her with him OMG I was like ab kia hoga, and my curiosity was increasing when he was coming close to? huh! I thought he will ?? but then he kissed on her cheeks that was Phew! Overall wonderful?? precap is too interesting! Excitement is increasing a lot so post the next one as soon as ur paper finishes!
    How ur exams are going ?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much?
      Whatever you were thinking will come true in the near episodes don’t worry??
      My exams are going good!?☺

  7. Shruthy

    Mariiiia! Kya bhaat hai!!!
    That was absolutely fantastic darling. <3 Viplav's 50… acha not 50 but still many shades have been showed today. Like a man in admiration, a possessive lover, a rude angry young man, a jealous deewana, a mad in love that get romantic… I loved it so much. But… haan because of this, Dhaani bethiya suffered a lot all over it.
    And one thing, last scene was certainly jhakaaaas! I mean the way Viplav couldn't control his feelings and just burst out his stucked love and "passion". That kiss was so intense but painful as for Dhaani. Poor girl! That slap tho…
    Cant wait for next part! I am waiting….

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much.. The next part is already posted☺☺

  8. AanyaSingh

    Hello dear, sorry for being late in commenting, little busy these days.
    Coming to the epi, again a very good one??, full of so many emotions, happiness, fun, laughter,(Vips &party cracking jokes at breakfast & all), feeling of love increasing( first Vips feeling happy at dhaani’s stay, then staring at her at the breakfast table, seeing her in her room without her knowing it), friendship, jealousy & much more. Vips’ not realizing his love for dhaani makes him hurt her & hurt himself also though unknowingly. And the last scene was an intense one, the still unrealized love turning Viplav possessive for a while just making him unaware of what he is doing. Superbly described???. Keep it up?. Interesting precap, will wait eagerly for the next?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much??
      The next is already posted☺

  9. AanyaSingh

    Ok, that’s cool ???.Thanks a lot for the info☺

  10. Meghs

    Its cute n lovely good go

    1. Angel20

      Thanks di 😉

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