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Dhaani went inside and made sure that either sound quality is ok, viplav arrived there along with pankaj but he changed his direction and sat beside his shalini whereas viplav walked towards dhaani.
Viplav: (speaks looking at her with a broad smile) why all these preparations ? It seems like you’re performing
Dhaani: you’re correct, I’m all set to dance, after me bhai and shalu will perform
Viplav: (astonishingly) really ? They didn’t inform me
Dhaani: (resting her hands on her waist) you too can accompany me
Viplav: naa bhae, I can’t dance

Dhaani: (lifting her brows) why ? You may dance quite well
Viplav: Haan but (making an annoyed face) no practice
Dhaani: haan tou then also you’re a perfectionist
Viplav: (coughs in surprise) what is happening today ? Miss. Dhaani is praising me (keeping his hand on her forehead) are you alright ? (removing his hand) yes you’re, then what’s the matter exactly ?
Dhaani: (smiles innocently) woh actually, you appreciated my beauty so thought to reward you
Viplav: (in deep thoughts) when did I say that ?

Dhaani: Arey before some minutes
Viplav: oh that time, I just..

Dhaani: shut up! Now you can’t change your words
Viplav: (moves little backwards in fear) chashmish, why you get angry in small small things ?
Dhaani: what ? Chashmish ? How dare you to call me chashmish ?
Viplav: (giggles) sorry woh by mistake, my tongue slipped
Dhaani: next time it shouldn’t happen
Viplav: promise chashmish next time I’ll not call you chashmish
Dhaani widened her eyes and moved from there in anger while he followed her singing
“Baat meri suniye tou zara, meri baat sun k yeh btaye k iss k baray mai hai ap ka khayal kia
Itna kyun ghuroor ap mai hai, itna ap mai hai naaz kis liye btaye k kis na yeh sikhaya ap ko
K jo bhe tum ko chahe, tum ko pyaar sey mile usi sey tum raho khafa khafa

He held her wrist making her turned towards himself then lifted his brows with a grin, she while glaring him sang,
“Baat meri suniye tou zara, aise hum nahi hain lekin hum agar ho aise bhe tou iss mai kia hoa
Kyun naa ho ghuroor hum ko, kyun naa hum ko naaz ho k hum haseen logo k he thokro mai hai zamana, jis ko dekhye humara hai deewana.

She slightly pushed him and while keeping her strands behind ears
“Hum kise ka dil bhe torr den kise ko aadhe raste pey chorr dey tou os ko bhe yeh duniya kehti hai adaa

Both looked at each other proudly and sang the rest of the song with arrogance. Viplav after finishing the song stood beside pankaj, both did hi-fi and laughed whereas dhaani was staring viplav with annoyance. Now it’s turn for bride and groom’s performance all were excited to watch their dance, soon they came on stage, holding each other’s hand while the song, “Enna sona kyun Rab ne bnaya” played. They danced like a cute couple on that beautiful song, viplav looked at dhaani with a wide smile, who was busy in adoring her bhai and bhabi. After completing their dance both came down while the hall was vibrated due to applaud
Pankaj: dhaani now last and mesmerizing performance of yours is left
She smiled and went to stage, soon the light goes dim and a spot light focused on her, she was standing there holding a red chunri, when the song began
” Navrai majhi laadachi laadaachi ga
Avada hila chandraachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachi navasachi ga
Apsara jashi indraachi indrachi ga played

She then turned her face towards the guests making her chunri go round
Choonar mein iske sitaare
Saare chamkile chamkile chamkile
Kangan main iske bahaarein
Paajeb hariyale hariyale hariyale

Viplav was surprised, he was looking at her with a smile and was admiring her as for him she was the one whom he want, he stood there fully freezed but soon joined her when,
Suniyo ji isko, rakhiyo jatan se
ye badi naazuk hai, naazuk hai, nazuk
Kali yeh anmol, kali yeh anmol
Aao ji aao thumka lagao
Zara behko ji, behko ji, behko
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol..

Both came down while dancing, twirled Shalini then all four shared a cute friendship hug once the song finished.
Later viplav and dhaani were sitting beside swimming pool, keeping their legs inside water
Viplav: (while looking at the full moon) today everything went awesome
Dhaani: hmm, I enjoyed a lot in fact we all enjoyed
Viplav: (smiles) and the best thing was your performance, I already knew that you can dance very well
Dhaani: (chuckles) Acha Mr. You-know-a lot-about-me, you too accompanied me amazingly
Viplav: well thank you

While they both were talking, shalini came from behind and pushed them inside pool
Dhaani: (keeping her hairs at one side) shalu ke bachi, what have you done ?
Shalini: (laughingly) enjoy your time my dears
Viplav: motu mere hath aa tu zara
Shalini: for that you’ve to come out first bhaiya, wait I’m coming there
And she too joined them, trio spent some good moments, splashing water on each other. Next day the sun peeked in through the window, it’s rays disturbing the sleep of two beauties, shalini was awoken by the hugs showered by dhaani while she was getting irritate but she wasn’t in a mood to leave her and cheerfully shouted at her ears “Happy Wedding Day”. Shalini sat down with a jerk while rubbing her eyes in a half sleeping position
Shalini: (sighs) you won’t let me sleep ?
Dhaani: (smiles mischievously and in a overly sugar coated voice) Good morning to you too shalu baby
Shalini: (rolling her eyes) yaar dhaani you should understand naa with all this wedding excitement, no one is letting me in peace now don’t tell me that you too have joined don’t-let-shalini-let-in-peace bandwagon
Dhaani: (pinching her cheeks) I’ve started that bandwagon, my darling
Shalini glared her while taking a pillow and soon a peaceful conversation turned into a pillow fight. They had met each other after a long period but then also they were so compatible though their relationships were going to change but then also the bond they share was beyond beautiful. After getting tired they jumped on the bed in lying position
Shalini: (looking at the ceiling) I didn’t know that one day our relationships will change
Dhaani: haan but our new relation will not affect our old bonding
Shalini: (rolls at her side) absolutely correct, it’ll be more strong
Dhaani: and if in case, you guys try to forget me then I’ll come over and will start sleeping between you too
Shalini stared her with wide eyes for a second and they both burst out laughing. When they were busy in their own world someone knocked at the door with full power, both exchanged wierd looks
Shalini: go and check I’m not in a mood of getting up
Dhaani: yaar kia hai, motu
Shalini: please
Dhaani: (sighs) fine, lazy girl
Then she got up and opened the door, viplav was standing there in traditional look, all set to attend her sister’s wedding, he was just lost in staring the girl, wearing casual trouser and shirt, her silky hairs covering her big brown orbs was so mesmerizing for him.
“Jeene laga hun pehle se ziada, pehle sey ziada tum pey marne laga hun” played

She gathered her hairs in her hands, trying to tie them in a high pony
Viplav: dhaani khule he chorr do, you look good in open hairs
“Mai mera dil aur tum ho yahaan phir kyun ho palkein jhukai wahan, tum sa haseen pehle dekha nahe, tum iss se pehle thy jaany kahan” played

Dhaani after listening this, eyed him with some surprise. Shalini too came there and smiled looking at both
Shalini: (coughs intentionally) earth calling, earth calling!
Her voice brought them out of their trance. Dhaani embarrassingly looked at other side, while viplav cleared his throat to speak some words
Viplav: sorry was lost in some thoughts
Shalini: thoughts ? Whose thoughts ? Who is that lucky charm, of whom my bhaiya is thinking about ?
Viplav: chup kar moti!
Dhaani: (steps forward) why are you dressed up ? I mean abhi tou bohat time hai
Viplav: haan woh I’ve some work too so got myself ready before time
Dhaani: oh and what brings you here ?
Viplav: a letter for shalu from her future husband
Dhaani: my God! I didn’t know that my bhai is this much romantic
Shalini: leave all this (in an excited tone) and give me the letter (forwarding her hand)
Viplav: (smiles seeing her excitement) shalu I thought you’ll (placing the paper on her hand) shy but you’re quite bold
Shalini: (once taking the paper turns to go) baqi baatain baad mein
Dhaani: viplav I’ll catch you later, as for now I too have curiosity about that letter in fact love letter
Saying so she followed her while viplav gave an impossible look to both and left from there
Dhaani: (sits beside shalini) what’s written in it ?
Shalini: (blushes after reading it’s content) nothing special
She tried to hide that from her but dhaani was still acting stubbornly
Dhaani: (with all frustration) show me naa
Shalini: boundaries sweetheart
Dhaani: (pokes the tongue out) even I’m not interested in reading your so-called love letter, come on it’s your wedding let’s take shower (shalini shifts her gaze from letter to dhaani in surprise) I mean one by one, kia tum bhe
Shalini: (laughs) haan, then we’ve to get ready too
Then the two girls after taking couple of hours got ready. Both were looking damn beautiful, any guy would love to loose their hearts for them, that’s not because they have done some make-up or have worn heavy dresses or jewellery, it’s just their inner purity and innocence which was reflecting on their faces and was increasing their glow. Someone knocked on the door, dhaani opened up and smiled looking at the guy
Dhaani: another love letter from my bhaiya

Viplav: (who was completely bowled over her smiles without blinking his eyes) no it’s time, maa has sent me to bring you both downstairs
Both looked towards him and looped their arms around his. While descending the stairs, viplav whispered in dhaani’s ear “You’re looking pretty in the dress which I had selected for you”.
“Rehte ho aa k jo tum paas mere, tham jai pal yeh waheen bus mai yeh sochun” played

She blushed but composed herself after hearing his words. Both shared a cute eye lock
“Sochun mai tham jai pal yeh paas mere jab ho tum
Chalte hai saanseein pehle se ziada, pehle se ziada dil teharne laga” played

Shalini raised his head to look at them
Shalini: Ehmm! Ehmm! And what about me ?
Viplav looked at her while dhaani looked below
Viplav: oye my motu behna you’re looking awestruck
Shalini: bus bus rehne do I know what is running inside your heart
Viplav: yaar kuch bhe bolte ho shalu
As they were coming down all were staring them with what they called “hasrat” boys were cursing their fates that they lost the chance of making those girls their, whereas girls were getting jealous that they didn’t get such cute, lovable boys in their lives. Pankaj came towards them and took shalini’s hand
Pankaj: you’re looking gorgeous to-be Mrs. Pankaj
Both shared an intense eye lock
Dhaani: (giggles looking at them) love birds save some romance for tonight
Shalini playfully hit her shoulder and both walked towards the alter. Dhaani unconsciously tightened the grip of her hand which was looped around his arm
Dhaani: viplav ?
Viplav: (who was feeling ghoosebumbs looked at her lovingly) what happened ?
Dhaani: (leaning his head on his arm) this is the kind of love which I wish to have someday in my life
He silently listened her with a broad smile on his lips. Then after few minutes wedding rituals started. Meanwhile Viplav and dhaani were looking after all the arrangements, leaving not even a single chance to make their loved one’s wedding perfect. After awhile everything was set to bid bye to shalini, all were having teary eyed. Viplav moved towards dhaani wiping his tears
Viplav: why are you crying ? Shalu will going to live with you
Dhaani: I don’t know, maybe I couldn’t control my emotions seeing her, it’s too painful to leave the place where you’ve lived your half life
Viplav: but it’s natural, one day you’ll also has to go through this time
Dhaani: no, I will not marry as I can’t leave my house
Viplav: even if any boy will love you deeply or sincerely, then also ?
“Tanhaiyon mai tujhe dhoonde mera dil, har pal yeh tujh ko he soche bhala kyun” played

She looked at him speechlessly while he was lost in her eyes
“Tanhai mai dhoonde tujhe dil, har pal tujh ko soche
Milne lage dil pehle se ziada, pehle se ziada ishq hone laga” played

Dhaani: (looking at the other side) maa is calling me so I should go
He nodded understandably. Then over the next few days, both used to meet at each other’s home or at cafeteria. They usually spent their evenings with one another, everything was witnessing by shalini and pankaj, one day they made a plan and fortunately they found a right time to implement on it
Shalini: Arey come inside bhaiya, thank God you’re back else I thought you’ve no plan of returning
Viplav: shalu I’ve gone for a business meeting only
Shalini: Acha and what is this (pointing on the bags which he was holding)
Viplav: these are some gifts for you
He took a pause while his eyes were searching dhaani, shalini noticed his gaze and smirked mischievously
Shalini: dhaani isn’t at home bhaiya, she went outside for some work
Viplav: Arey nahe I was looking for pankaj
Shalini: (naughtily) acha
Pankaj: (while entering inside the hall) here I’m brother-in-law
Viplav: (stood up to meet him) dude, it’s viplav for you too, brother-in-law sounds me like 45
Pankaj: (laughs) haadd hai, wesey you came on right time as today some guest are coming to see dhaani
Viplav: (confusedly) who’re coming ? And why they are coming to see dhaani ? If she is unwell ?
Shalini: ohoo bhaiya nothing like that, actually we’re thinking to fix her alliance
Viplav felt like he had got a 1000 volt shock
Viplav: what ? Why ? I mean..
Pankaj: (trying to control his smile) what do you mean by why ?
Shalini: bhai do you know someone who’ll be perfect for our dhaani
Viplav: (closed his smile and in one go) yes I know, who’ll be better than me for her
Pankaj: what did you just say ?
Viplav: (opens his eyes) OK now it’s time to tell everything (sighs) I love your sister and not from today but from the day when I genuinely came to know the meaning of true love though I don’t have guts of confessing it to dhaani because of the fear of rejection but then also..
Shalini: who told you that she’ll reject you, she too feels for you
Viplav: how do you know?
Shalini: bus I know, now go and confess your love
Viplav: but if she loves me than why she didn’t tell me before
Shalini: because girls don’t propose first, it’s boy who should step forward
Viplav: and in which book this is written
Pankaj: I’m somewhat agreeing with viplav
Viplav: (doing hi-fi with him) deykha, I’m always right
Shalini: stop it, you both
Viplav: see shalu I’ll not going to propose her first, dhaani will confess first
Pankaj: impossible
Viplav: I’ve an idea which will make it possible
And he said something which was muted
Shalini: no way, I’m not part of it

Pankaj: but I’m with you, it’ll be fun
Shalini: Pankaj, are you mad ? And bhaiya why are you bringing this stupid ego again
Viplav: yaar motu please naa, it’s essential
Pankaj: shalu please
Shalini: fine, but if I’ll see a single tear in her eyes then I’ll tell her everything by myself
Viplav: Acha theek hai dhaani ke chamchi
Pankaj: so from tomorrow mission-dhaani-will-propose-first starts

Viplav looked on with a broad smile. Next day dhaani went to office as her bhaiya asked her to join her in business, she entered inside viplav’s room
Viplav: (takes a deep breath) hey dhaani, what a timing. I was about to call you
Dhaani: really ? Is everything OK ?
Viplav: yeah woh actually I want to introduce you with someone
Dhaani: (questioningly) Acha (looking towards the girl who was standing beside him) and who is that someone ?
Viplav: (clears his throat) meet my girlfriend, I wanted to tell you before but then thought to give you a surprise so she is Priya (looking at Priya) and Priya this is dhaani, my best friend
Priya: (forwarding her hand for a handshake) hey dhaani, nice meeting with you
She was not believing on her ears, she was shocked so didn’t respond
Viplav: what happened dhaani ?
She without saying anything walked out
Viplav: plan is working, thanks yaar
Priya: (smiles) no need buddy
Scene shifted to Pankaj and shalini’s room
Dhaani: (while pacing from left to right) how dare he ? What did he think of himself ?
Shalini: (looking at pankaj trying to control her amuse smile) sweetie I didn’t know that bhai affect you that a lot
Dhaani: (irritatingly) he and affect me, nice joke (in a shouting tone) hell no, he don’t
Pankaj: then why are you rubbing your heels on the floor from past few hours
Dhaani: bhai you don’t get my point, I’m not affected it’s just why he hid it from me, he should have told me before
Shalini: are you sure ?
Dhaani: obviously yes
Shalini: yaar dhaani I think you l..
Dhaani: what the hell shalu ?
She threw her hands in air in surrender and dashed off to her room. Once she left pankaj kept his cellphone on his ears which was already dialed
Pankaj: are you sure viplav ? If your plan will work ?
Viplav: of course yaar, no doubt is there. Her jealousy is revealing her love
Pankaj: but she’s very stubborn
Viplav: not more than me
Shalini: (takes the phone in her hand) bhaiya she is pissed off, I don’t know about the results but she’ll surely kill you if she gets a chance
Viplav: hayee! Humen tou yeh bhe manzoor hoga
Shalini: woah! I didn’t know that my bhaiya is this much romantic
Viplav: (mockingly) look who is saying the girl who herself is..
Shalini: (coughs) Acha bhai talk to you later. Good night
Viplav chuckled and hung up the mobile. Later Pankaj went to dhaani’s room to call her for dinner but he was all shocked to see his baby sister’s condition. She was enraged, hurt, frustrated and broken
Pankaj: (moves towards her and while sitting beside her) dhaani, what have you done with yourself ?
Saying so he pulled her in his embrace, cursing himself for helping his best buddy. He felt like he is failed in fulfilling the responsibility of a brother and so he decided to tell her the entire truth, viplav’s plan right away though he didn’t want to spill the beans but now no option was left that’s why he told her everything clearly, he closed his eyes in the fear of getting a slap which he was expecting from her but was shocked to listen her chuckles and opened up his eyes with a jerk
Dhaani: (while punching him on his chest) you guys are so selfish but now it’s my turn
Pankaj: matlab ?
Dhaani: matlab yeh k, viplav knows that you know everything and you know that I know everything but viplav doesn’t know that I know anything so let’s don’t tell him that I know everything
Pankaj: what ? I don’t get this know-everything part ?
Dhaani: bhai arrange me a guy as now it’s pay back time
Pankaj: guy but for what?
Dhaani: for playing the same game which he played with me as picture abhi baqi hai mere bhaiya

Pankaj: I hope you know what exactly you’re doing
Dhaani: of course I know bhai
In morning, dhaani came out from her house pretending as if she haven’t noticed viplav who was waiting for her in car. He after seeing her reversed his car and stopped in front of dhaani
Viplav: (while putting off the goggles) dhaani I was passing from here so thought to give you lift
Dhaani’s POV: you can’t even think how fool you’re looking right now, I know you were waiting for me and this was the reason I came late. You could’ve told me clearly but well you didn’t so now bear this game
A boy on his sports bike stopped beside car, dhaani smiled widely and walked towards it
Dhaani: no thanks, viplav my ride is here (while sitting on it) oh this is my boyfriend, since you gave me surprise then how can I stayed back. Chalo see you in the office
Before he could speak, that sports biker started his bike and went from there, leaving viplav in all terrific state, he in frustration slapped the steering and clutched his hair. He wanted to punch him right on his face but couldn’t no because he left but because he was wearing helmet so in anger he called pankaj asking him to come outside, he came and sits inside the car
Pankaj: what happened bro ?
Viplav: who is that guy ?
Pankaj: which guy ?
Viplav: dude the guy with whom dhaani went
Pankaj: (pretends as if he is listening something new and after coming out of deep thoughts) oh he is her friend
Viplav: friend ? But she told me that he is her boyfriend, I’m getting scare now. What if she forgets me oh God what have I done
Pankaj: viplav don’t worry, it’s nothing like that. Stop assuming and let’s live to office
He unwillingly started his car and drove like a maniac while pankaj looked outside the window to hide his smile, within an hour they reached
Viplav: why haven’t they come till now ?
Pankaj: because he mustn’t be driving like you
Viplav: yaar I’m not in a mood of joking
Pankaj: they might be on their way viplav, ab chalen
Both got down from the car and dashed off inside office. Dhaani was dropped outside the office by that biker, he will removing his helmet
Boy: here you go buddy
Dhaani: thanks yaar for becoming the part of this drama
Boy: no need yaar, you’re like my sister, my bestie and as you know a friend in need is a friend indeed

Dhaani: (smiles) so phase one complete now it’s turn for second plan
They went inside and straightly walked towards the cafeteria, ignoring viplav who was standing at the reception with pankaj
Viplav: (fuming in anger) this is way too much, she didn’t even bother to talk with me
Pankaj: maybe she didn’t notice you, think positive yaar
Viplav: I want to punish myself for playing this stupid game, how couldn’t I realize the possibility of loosing her
Pankaj: Chalo ab don’t worry, everything will be alright soon
Viplav: I’ll tell her everything by myself but for now I’m going behind them
And without hearing his reply, he walked off after reaching cafeteria he became irked. They were laughing, chatting, giggling and enjoying as he couldn’t tolerate more so left his coffee half away. Dhaani saw him going and smiled widely
Dhaani: he is burned to the core
Later she was in her cabin engrossed in work when viplav came inside with speed, she stood up and while moving towards him

Dhaani: what happened? What are you doing here?
He pushed her because of that force her back hit the wall
Viplav: (with a tight grip on her wrist) let me tell you one thing clearly, I don’t want to see you with that guy
Dhaani: who’re you to take my decisions, if you can have a girlfriend than why can’t I’ve one boyfriend
Viplav: (shouts) dhaani (closes his eyes and takes a deep breath) that was all a game just to make you confess first
And there he conveyed her the entire prank, now he didn’t care of proposal and all, he only wanted her that’s it. Dhaani laughed a bit while telling him the rest Viplav: so this pointless dramatic game became a bit overdramatic
Dhaani: (while hugging him) you could have told me easily
Viplav: (hugs her back and keeping his chin on her head) same goes with you
Both sighs and said simultaneously “I love you” they smiled broadly realizing on what just happened
…: Finally! The problem is solved
They got apart from each other and fall on viplav
Viplav: yaar pankaj leave naa, don’t be a bone
Pankaj: (with a fake shocking expression) I’m becoming a bone, after all you both played me like a piano and here I’m calling as a bone
Dhaani: (walks towards him and while hugging him softly) oh my drama queen, you’re acting like a 1960’s heroine
Trio laughed and spent some funny moments once after reaching the home.
Next day viplav and his family arrived at dhaani’s home to fix the alliance, all were happy for their children. After deciding the dates dhaani stood up to bring the sweets from kitchen, seeing her going viplav too followed her by making the excuse of drinking water
Viplav: (standing beside her) seems like someone is very happy and why not after all she is marrying to the world’s best boy
Dhaani: (lifting her brows) seems like someone is suffering from the serious disease of khush fehmi as he is forgetting that he is marrying to the girl who has beauty with brain
Viplav: (laughs) okay so in this way we both are lucky
Dhaani: haan kind of
Viplav: what do you mean by kind of ?
Dhaani: nothing I was just thinking that you didn’t propose me properly, I mean bending on the knees, saying some lines and Emm! and (shrugging her shoulders) you know
Viplav: but we’ve already confessed our feelings than what’s the need of all this
Dhaani: I don’t know viplav, you’ve to propose me properly else I’ll live in some other room after marriage
Viplav: (confusedly) kia ? (Sighs) Ok fine, wait for me at terrace after few minutes
Dhaani: (excitedly) OK done
Then as decided, she waited for him at terrace and he without further delay reached there with guitar
Viplav: so to-be Mrs. Viplav Tripathi are you ready for a mesmerizing proposal
She nodded in yes with a cute smile
Viplav clears his throat and starts singing playing guitar with his fingers
“Yeh kesi raat hai aj, khamoshi hai aas paas
Mere dil ko zubaan dey do, mujh se meri zindagi ley lo”

He remembered some childhood memories while singing, some cute fights at shalini’s home
“Every time I try to tell you the words just come out wrong so I’ve to say I love you in a song”

His eyes meet her, both were looking at each other lovingly. He then bent on his knees, keeping the guitar on his back
Viplav: dhaani, I want to spend my present and future with you, I want to fight with you on silly things because I love you the most and I’ll be the happiest person if you’ll choose me as your better half so will you marry me ?
Dhaani: (cheerfully) yes I’ll viplav (makes him stand) this was perfect, a proposal for which every girl dreamed of (hugging him) thank you so much
Viplav: (hugs her back) you won’t believe but I was so nervous huh! It was a difficult task for me
Dhaani: I know as you’re sariyal
Viplav: haww! I did all this hard work for you and what I got in return, sariyal
Dhaani: (mockingly) so what else you want ?
Viplav: three words
Dhaani: Kon sey three words, I don’t get it
Viplav: (in a serious tone) nothing
Dhaani: (chuckles and whispers to his heart) I love you too
He happily tightened his grip on her
Dhaani: so have you found your biwi number one ?
Viplav: Emm! Not exactly. Still on search
Dhaani: what ? (raises her head to look at him and pinches his nose) now tell me
Viplav: Aah! Dhaani just kidding yaar, I have already found her, she is the girl who is in my embrace now please leave me
Dhaani: (smirks mischievously while leaving his nose) yeh hoe naa baat
Viplav: huh! You’re so cruel and silly
Dhaani: maybe I’m cruel and silly but all yours
Viplav: (caressing her hairs) yeah all mine

They both shared a tight cute hug below the sky which was covered with number of stars.
And in this way love won over their egos and here the journey of their love begins.

Thanks for reading!
Done with these shots by the grace of God. Hopefully you all have enjoyed it, I think I’ve given quite importance to Pankaj and Shalini which is a new thing. Right ? Sorry if any mistake is there in update as it’s not proof reading. Don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.

Friends as you know many members are missing among us though I tried to bring them back but went in vain so now I’m requesting to at least those members to be active who are authors because many members visit this site just to post their stories, that’s it! They’ve no work with other’s work which is rude, except Sujie, Lalitha, Maria, Swetha, no one comment on other’s article which is selfishness at least for me when inactive persons are asked for the reason behind their absence their irrelevant reply comes “we are busy in studies or in some other work” I mean come on yaar if we aren’t busy, if we aren’t studying, how many fictions are posting twice a week, hardly 2-3 how can’t someone take out time for commenting on them, 14 days aren’t less guys. You know if we authors only comment on every post then this page will automatically become strong but no one is ready to cooperate, however now I’ve taken a decision from now onwards I’ll comment on those fictions whose authors will be regular and will comment on ALL STORIES because we all need each other’s support, each other’s back. Sorry for my harsh words and rudeness but this is essential as the members who were active have also become inactive which is not good just visit those pages whose serials are finished but still they are so alive but ours *sighs*.
Heartiest apologizing again if I’ve hurt anyone though my intentions aren’t wrong, hopefully you all will understand.

As this year is ending so I pray to God that with the new year may Mishal come up with a new rocking serial, do you remember last year Viplav took Dhaani on a date, dancing on gerua song. Hayee! Kia din thy yaar. I wish to bring back those moments.
Keep smiling!
Love you all<3

Take care!
Happy new year in advance. May we all get what we want in the upcoming year.

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  1. HAPPY New Year d…………
    About episode it’s just mind blowing yar it’s just amazing amazing and so sweet yar it was so funny nok jok wowww I just love mission dhaani will propose first :-* :-* love you d…. and last but not the least I am your fan man …. you just rock it ….

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Eisha!! Thank you so much for your lovely words, it means a lot! Fan ? Aww don’t be my fan be my friend?? hopefully you’ll keep commenting not only on my fiction but on all’s work!
      Last but not least do check out my Prologue and Teaser of Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed which you can find out on ikrs TU 1st page!
      Take care dear?
      Stay in touch!

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        One more thing, Welcome to IKRS/ViDha family dear!

  2. Angel20

    Hey Maha appi,
    This episode was spectacular!! Just loved the way Vidhaa kept chasing each other. That was seriously hilarious! And their confession was really very cute! Just loved the proposal also. And I’m sorry for not commenting on your new prologue, actually I was in Auranagabad, for a family picnic, where I was hardly finding time to read.

    And about the discussion, I really agree with you! If the authors are only not commenting on other ff’s then how can they expect comments on their ff. And you missed out Shruthy di!

    Rest everything was perfect, and yes I remember those times! The best times indeed. And yes very true I myself visit two pages where the serials have ended, but the number of ff’s and comments are really very high! I hope some day it happens on our page also!

    With Loads of love?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Maria! Thank you so much dear and I know you might be busy that’s why I’m not angry with you darling and have mentioned your name among active members ?
      Hope you’ve enjoyed with your family! Yeah I’m talking about all inactive persons including Shruthy. I too miss those moments a lot now I just pray for Mishal’s rocking come back and one day it’ll happen inshaAllah!
      Love you too
      Take care!

  3. Amore

    You are right Mahaaijaz… You might not know me but I’m also an author… i actually don’t write ffs much but write Chapter-Series…

    I’m not here in IKRS page it’s my first time here as i really liked the title so decided to read…

    I am actually really BG so read all the stories really late and today i was free so finished this one in a go which i had saved when it was posted…

    I even was a silent reader since long… and have recently started commenting as well… it is because i read some story after a week it is published… so i didn’t feel to comment before as i use to feel embarrassing to comment on 2nd chappy when 11th is published…

    But lately i felt that a single word of appreciation can make someone more passionate towards his or her writing…

    Trust me it hurts as i myself belong to the category of author who has less audience… I wanna b a writer but I’m not able to due to less audience… it’s not that i need good comments i actually need good feedbacks…

    But I’m satisfied in a sense that at least i have 3/4 loyal audience who not only appreciate my work but also suggest me if its not up to the mark…

    I myself have felt it so thought to share…

    AND BY THE WAY i was attracted by the title which u marked it…

    Hey wait… it clicked me here… are you maha from MMZ page?!?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey dear!
      Welcome in Ikrs/ViDha family.
      Which chapter series ? I’ve a request do write something on ikrs. We’ll be pleased to read something written by you and yeah stay in touch keep commenting on all posts whenever you get time.
      You’re absolutely correct a single word of appreciation means a lot and I felt happy after reading your comment.
      Do read my Prologue and Teaser of Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed which you can find out on ikrs TU 1st page.
      Thanks dear and stay in touch!
      No I’m not that Maha even I haven’t visited that page ever page kia I haven’t seen that serial ever.
      Take care dear!

      1. Amore

        Its Smile by Amore and Hatred By Amore

        You can get my works on http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=by/amore

        Do read and let me know about your views too

      2. Amore

        Sure I’ll do write and ViDha are there in the upcoming chappies dear.. i have already written that and will be publishing too… My sis is actually a big fan of ViDha so I was writing for her

    2. Amore

      Its Smile by Amore and Hatred By Amore

      You can get my works on http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=by/amore

      Do read and let me know about your views too

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Links aren’t opening dear, it’s showing that the content which I’m trying to find isn’t available so give me some other link.

      1. Amore

        oopsie… its http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=by+amore you will surely find here… Thank you for the effort dear… It seriously mean a lot

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      No need of thanks yaara, I’ll surely read it within some time.

    5. Maha_Aijaz

      Yar I’ve read half chapter of hatred but I didn’t understand as I wasn’t aware of the characters, however your writing is damn good seriously it’s just awesome, I don’t know why you’re not getting feedback, I have a request do write something on ViDha, I bet you’ll get good response from here. Keep rocking dear<3

  4. Sujie

    Arrey waah…..Perfecto!!!Superbbb…. but you know wgat these kinda stiries give me butterflies on my tummy….hayee…. koi kissise itna pyaar tashanke saath kaise karsakta hai…haan our ViDhaani…they are toh exceptional….good job yarr…. AWWWSOME epispode….
    Coming on your request…. I know you are saying it because of your love for this family….agar pyaar na hota toh you won’t have given attention to this thinvmg ghat who visits here regularly…. THIS IS YOUR LOVE FOR THE FAMILY THAT HAS MADE YOU REQUEST like this…. love you dear….for this…. kisiko bhura nahi lagega because yeh toh humsabke liye tumhara pyar hai jo thoda sa gussa thoda sah I MISS THE IKRS family feeling milkar bana hai aur bahar aaya hai…..
    I know everyone must be busy…but bhoole nahi honge hame….I myself am not being regular to post….and I guess it will be delayed till the 2nd week of JANUARY…Kyoonke ASSESSMENT TESTS are on the way….. toh Maha meri jaan….i know we should be regular amd everyone must be trying…. hope that those old days would return once agaian….. and waiting badly for Mishal to come onscreen once again…. I can imagine TSUNAMI OF COMMENTS….woh bhi abhise
    so have faith…..family hain…humesha rahenge….pyaar karenge….khoosiyan batenge….. keep calm and spread love meri jaan….. love you ……

    and lastly…..HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR……..

    Happy new year IKRS FAMILY…..LOVE YOU ALL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks jaani?? actually I wanted to write a full mazy wale shots and I’m happy you all enjoyed it.
      Haan yaar the silence in this page is so killing, I just want to bring back every person who is missing. Bhoole nahe hain but they’re taking it lightly or maybe *taking a deep breath* I don’t know.
      Koi baat nahe I’m not angry with you yaar, take your time after all you’re the most active member here and the back bone too, God bless you ?
      Just waiting for that day eagerly yaar in fact ab tou intezar nahe hota.
      Yeah now I’m all calm and good. Thanks dear but comment tou mai nahe karun ge shayad till the day those authors become active.
      Love you loads. Ummmmaaaah??
      Happy new year to you too. May the warm and adoring memories brighten up your upcoming years. Be happy and positive always.

  5. Hello Maha.. Thank you so much for ff.. You write so beautiful.. I will always be around to read your side of story and other too as well as support all the aurthers..thanks to all of you who are continuing to entertain us and for keep us all together.. And Happy New Years to everyone on this page :)!!!

  6. Hello Maha.. Thank you so much for ff.. You write so beautiful.. I will always be around to read your side of story and other too as well as support all the aurthers..thanks to all of you who are continuing to entertain and time for keep us all together.. And Happy New Years to everyone on this page :)!!!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Amisha! Thank you so much dear for your comment? that’s so sweet of you I’m happy that you’re reading all of us stories. Don’t say thanks dear, we just need your support so keep in touch!
      Same to you and take care ❀

  7. hii maha , before talking about ur ff first of all i want to appreciate u for writing important discussion… i am also thinking like u only but i didnt show in any comments i have given because i am afraid if anyone gets angry…

    oh god maha mind blowing game by vidha and awesome proposal by viplav ahhhhh…
    you rocked it yaar…

    thanks for updating ur last episode of lbe…. πŸ™‚


    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Lalitha! We all are thinking in the same way so don’t worry and say freely whatever you want to as you’re also part of this family dear.
      Thank you so much sweetie for liking it throughout. Don’t say thanks yaar just keep reading!
      Same to you and take care ❀

  8. Maha di.. Aww.. ?? Kya talent milla hai meri di ko… Ah.. Mujh pein gayi hai ? Kya karu..? As usual this too was an o\s work by u… Soory fr late cmntng.. Kya karu.. My mobile is playing pranks… If TU gt open.. Then within 2min it got vanished … Thn again open.. Again close.. At last now it got opnd…

    Thn abt discussion.. Yeah.. It’s true.. When there was the serial on air.. I usd to visit this twice di.. Nw only once.. To read the ff and reply to cmnts.. Yes,it’s true that mny hav evn stppd vsting ths page fr sme reason.. While othrs wnt back as silent readers..

    Yes,for an author a comment means a lot.. I wish all the silent reader becomes a cmntr and a mem of our family.. I wish and hope the beauty and the mst active,which once lost,also shape up bck…

    Yes,I remember the page… It was an indeed experience and a good teacher.. And a good family in short.. It were the amazing and bst days of 2016…?

    I don’t know ? being the youngst mem of ths family Am I supposd to say ths.. ?

    Last but nt the least Hw cme u write such lng epi’s.. Ur eyes are nt paining uh???

    Belatd nw yr wshes..

    Ths is lngst epi I’ve evr written it seems…?

    Love u

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hahaha! You comments always makes me laugh yaar. Thank you so much dear and yeah it’s all your effect *tears of joy* No need of sorry dear, you came that’s the best thing for me. I too miss them a lot yaar.
      No my eyes don’t pain because I usually take 4-5 days to complete a shot. Lol!
      Thanks and same to you <3
      Yeah I've realized, Shukriya!
      Love you too!
      Take care <3

  9. *cmnt nt epi?

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