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Dhaani after greeting her kanak aunty and Shambu uncle and having a light chit chat left to her room. She was assembling her clothes in cupboard and once after completing her work, she sat down to read a book though her eyes were on it but attention was missing. She was drenched in numerous thoughts, she was reminiscing the way viplav hugged her and was staring at her, a drop of tear fall from eyes by remembering the childhood moments and his rude behavior, viplav was passing by there but stopped in front of her room. He noticed her tears and felt little hurt. He moved towards the door and knocked at it, dhaani after listening sound looked up and composed herself.
Viplav: (walks inside the room) may I come in ?
Dhaani: (without looking at him) you’re already in
Viplav: (smiles while striking his hair) woh, sorry!
Dhaani: sorry for what ?
Viplav: sorry for everything
Dhaani: (smiles mirthless) viplav I’m reading this book right now so can you please..
Viplav: (while lifting his brows) you’re reading the book like this ?
Dhaani: (raises her head up and in questioning voice) what ?

Then she realized that the book which she was holding, actually was upside down
Dhaani: (bites her tongue) yeah woh I was trying to (thinks for awhile) read like this, you know trying to do something different (smiles innocently)
Viplav: (giggles after listening her answer) oh! Good! Keep going (sits on a chair which was placed right in front of the bed) so.. Emm so (giving stress on “so”)
Dhaani: if you’ve nothing to talk then..
Viplav: (cuts her in mid) no, no I want to actually it’s been awhile in fact long ago talking with you so feeling..
Dhaani: little bit scared or should I say you’re getting nervous
Viplav: (let the chuckles out) maybe you’re correct, I’m getting afraid after seeing your last attack seriously my foot is still paining. I didn’t even think in my dreams that you’ll become this much bold, your dangerous avatar has forced me to be careful
Dhaani: (smirks) yeah I’ve changed a lot actually now I don’t like to irritate anyone or don’t want to run behind someone
Viplav: are you taunting me ?
Viplav: (while staring at her book) yes!
Viplav: (in a little sad voice) I should leave now
Dhaani acted as if she didn’t listen or maybe she was ignoring him, viplav stood up to leave but before he could move kanak stopped him
Kanak: (while entering inside the room) beta here are the list of some things go and get them in fact take dhaani with you
Both looked at each other with confusion
Viplav: (takes that list from his mom and with an annoying expression) maa, still something is left ?
Kanak: haan these are few essential things
Dhaani: (stands up from the bed) aunty how can I go, I mean..
Kanak: (confusedly) how can you mean ? Viplav will take you, already you’re meeting each other after so many years so accompany him and then in this way you can explore banaras
Viplav: maa let it be, if she doesn’t want to come then don’t force her as some people have become quite boring
Dhaani: (while glaring him) aunty I’ll go with him because someone should be there to irritate him. Kiyun viplav, am I right ?
Viplav: (in a casual tone) if you’re changed then I’m also not like before so now I don’t get irritate from Miss. Dhaani
Dhaani: (roles her eyes) whatever!
Kanak: chalo stop talking and go, viplav drive safely!
Both left to parking lot, dhaani was about to sit at back seat but viplav held her wrist

Viplav: where are you sitting madam ?
Dhaani: can’t you see ? I was going to sit inside the car
Viplav: why at back seat ? I’m not your driver
Dhaani: (mockingly) oh I forgot that you aren’t my driver
Viplav: so I hope now you do remember ? If yes then go and sit at front
Dhaani: (shouts) haan tou first leave my hand
Viplav: (while leaving his hand) don’t shout on my ears yaar!
Later they were on their way, there was a pin drop silence. She looked at him then turned on the radio
Viplav: thank God! You still love songs else I thought this habit has also changed
Dhaani: concentrate on song!
Viplav: (mimics her) concentrate on song. Akroo!
She rolled her eyes while the song “koi bole tujhe hi hello handsome, koi bole tujhe aaja aaja samsung, koi bole tu chikna hai bara, koi bole tujh mai bara hai dum, mai sab sey bolun aik he baat aik larki hai mere sath sone jaise baal hai us k chaandi jesa tan woh hai, woh hai, woh hai, woh hai meri biwi number one” played on FM
Dhaani: (stares at viplav and smiles mischievously) look! Which song is coming. Biwi number 1 shalu has told me that you’re searching for it.
Viplav: (giggles) good to hear that you and shalu used to talk about me, that means you didn’t forget me
Dhaani: very funny! By the way I was thinking to help you in this matter and you’ll surely going to like her
Viplav: no need of that, I’ll find by myself
Dhaani: and when ? I don’t want you to get old in all this. Oh yes! What about that chipku tanya
Viplav: tanya and chipku, no way! She wasn’t chipku, she was a nice and cute girl
Dhaani: haan chipku tou mai thi naa
Viplav: no you’re my..

Dhaani: bus bus leave it! I know who I’m
Viplav: arey! I think you’ve taken some special classes from UK for fighting or arguing with me
Dhaani remained silent, they were passing by Ganga lake, viplav shifted his gaze from window to dhaani and smiled
Viplav: see! Do you remember something (takes a pause) we used to play here, time flies so fast
Dhaani: (smiles looking outside the window) hmm I remember, and this was the place where you asked me to stay away from you
Viplav: (pushes the brake pedal with a jerk and looks at her with little anger) how many times will you repeat this and how many times should I tell that it was a childish mistake and then I tried to apologize but you weren’t ready to listen
Dhaani: so don’t you remember the way you talked with me, you always praised that chipku tanya in front of me
Viplav: oh God! You still remember this, it’s nothing like that yaar I just wanted to tease you but haven’t thought that it will affect you this much
Dhaani: Mr it didn’t affect me but yeah it hurts, khair ab start your car
Viplav: (while starting the car) I hope now you’ll stop taunting me
Dhaani: if you were regretting on your mistake then why you didn’t contact with me
Viplav: (smiles mischievously) nice question but I think you were missing me badly out there. Right ?
Dhaani: ziada khush fehmiyan nahe rakho and don’t change the topic, tell me the answer
Viplav: that’s because you didn’t contact me even didn’t bother to inform before leaving
Dhaani: so you were at fault that’s why you should’ve talked with me, you should convince me but you didn’t (rolling her eyes) egoistic!
Viplav: so what you did is called maahanta that’s too called ego
Dhaani: fine we both were at mistake and I’m ready to forgive but first hold your ears and say sorry
Viplav: (pokes his tongue out) no way!
Dhaani: ok then stay like this, I’ll never talk with you
Viplav: (irritatingly) kia hai yaar (sighs) fine, sorry
Dhaani: no, not like this after all you’ve hurt me and because of you I didn’t able to enjoy that time as every time I used to think about you
Viplav: (confusedly) which time and what’s my mistake if you kept thinking about me ?
Dhaani: not about you Mr, about your rude behavior
Viplav: (frowns his brows) uff! (presses the brake pedal and turns his face towards her) sorry
Dhaani: a little louder
Viplav: (holding his ears) I’m sorry dhaani for hurting you, you were always my best friend but avai that day I became rude, please forgive me
Dhaani: (acts as if she’s thinking whereas viplav was impatiently waiting for her reply) so I think.. (cheerfully) it’s ok now don’t dare to do this again

Viplav: yeh hoe naa baat, so finally everything is resolved
Dhaani: it could’ve happened before but..
Viplav: leave it yaar, the best thing is that you’ve come back by the way that whole speech wasn’t a drama I was genuinely saying that
Dhaani: I know, so friends forever ?
Viplav: yes, friends forever
Dhaani: (looks on with smile) now start the car
Viplav: why ? We’ve already reached
Dhaani: really ? Chalo go then
Viplav: you aren’t coming ?
Dhaani: no I’m here only
Both got down from the car, viplav walked towards her
Viplav: if you aren’t coming then why you came outside ?
Dhaani: because I want to have some fresh air
Viplav: ok then stay here!
She nodded while he took a leave from there, dhaani was standing alone reconciling past few minutes and smiled widely. She was lost in her dreamworld when two drunkard boys, who weren’t able to walk properly due to consumption of alcohol, slowly moved towards her while humming some tunes, she looked at them with little fear
Boy: (to his companion) see angel is here
Second boy: (rubbing his eyes) yeah beautiful angel
Dhaani: (surprisingly) angel ? (touches her face) if I’m an angel!
Boy: yes God has send an angel for us
Dhaani: (thinks for awhile and smiles mischievously) yeah I’m an angel actually God is very happy with you so He send me here to reward you
Second boy: reward ? (walking towards her) give us right now
Dhaani: (moves backward) hey stop right there! I’m giving you but you’ve to close your eyes first
Both did as per dhaani’s order and once they closed their eyes, she started running from there, they realized the noise of her foot steps and opened their eyes with a jerk, seeing her running away they too followed her
Dhaani: (while running collides with viplav and sighs in relief) thank God you’re here!
Viplav: (shockingly) yeah I was coming to ask you that whether you need anything but what happened to you ? Why are you so scared ?
Dhaani: woh (turns back to point those boys) they’re behind me, help me!
Viplav: (chuckles) behind you ?
Dhaani: what ? Can’t boys run behind me ?
Viplav: I haven’t said that
Dhaani: leave all this and help me
Viplav: ok stay behind me
She stood behind his back tried to hide from them

Viplav: (while walking towards them) kia hoa bhaiyon ? Are you searching anyone ?
Boy: yeah angel
Viplav: (astonishingly) angel ?
Second boy: we have seen a girl who’s an angel and she’ll reward us
Viplav: oh that girl! (thinks for awhile and smiles broadly) so basically she fooled you by giving false hope of award. Bhai you’ve misunderstood her actually she is a ghost who keeps lingering here at this time
Listening this her eyes got wider and she slightly slapped his back while viplav was controlling his smile. Their legs started shaking after hearing “ghost”
Boy: (while stammering) that means she isn’t an angel in fact she’s a gh.. ghost
Viplav: aby haan naa! Now she’s after you guys, don’t know how you will be save
Boy: (joins his hands) please save us, we won’t misbehave with any girl from now onwards. Promise
Viplav: (smiles looking below, then looks at them) how can I help you guys, I’m an ordinary man, wait! (becomes silent for awhile) have you listened something (both boys look at each other speechlessly) Arey! She’s coming, I think that ghost is coming, go, go, go. Run as fast as you can, don’t think about me I’ll manage somehow
They without thinking anything ran away with full speed, viplav started laughing once they disappeared from their sight while she came out from his back and stared him angrily
Viplav: (keeps his hand on mouth and was avoiding her gaze) yeah! Yeah! No need of thanks, it was my responsibility
Dhaani: (clutches her fist) thank you my foot! How dare you to call me ghost. Like seriously am I look like a bhootni ?
Viplav: (mockingly) are you asking me ? (She looks at him in disbelief while he smiles) yaar you should praise me for saving you in unique style but you’re getting angry
Dhaani: (in questioning voice) unique style ? This was a fuzool style
Viplav: so do you want me to fight with those boys like a hero ?
Dhaani: haan maybe, you should’ve fought with them
Viplav: but fighting is injurious for health and then already they were too scared
Dhaani: (frowning her brows) you’re impossible
Viplav: (casually) ok I get it, now at least say thanks
Dhaani: thanks. Arghh! Now come on or you’re planning to stay here forever ?
Viplav smiled while brushing his hair and both left to shop for buying the things mentioned in that list. They were passing by a shop where his eyes fall on a beautiful “Ghaagra Chowli”. He stopped in front of it and imagined dhaani instead of that dummy. Dhaani who was busy in walking and talking with viplav realized that she was actually talking to herself, so she turned back to watch him who was smiling seeing the dress, she astonishingly moved towards him and slightly patted his back. He looked at her then looked at the dummy with a surprising expression, he stretched his hair remembering his silly imagination
Dhaani: here I’m talking with you and you’re busy in staring those girls
Viplav: (confusedly) which girls ?
Dhaani: (pointing to the girls who were inside the shop) those girls
Viplav: (gasped) you’re brainless though I was fed up of your gossips but that doesn’t mean I was doing this
Dhaani: Acha then what’re you doing ?
Viplav: look at this dress, isn’t it looking beautiful ?
Dhaani: yeah it’s amazing but why are you taking so interest in it ?
Viplav: (ignores her question) do you want me to buy for you ?
Dhaani: I said I like it but didn’t say anything about..
Viplav: but I want to purchase it for you
Dhaani: (cheerfully) Really ? Then let’s go I’m ready
Viplav: (smiles broadly) you’re always ready

Then they both entered the shop and after checking some dresses, she finally purchased the one selected by viplav. Next day dhaani was guiding the workers to work properly, she was so excited and why not after all it was her best friend’s wedding.
Dhaani: (to the men standing on the stool) kaaka not like this and have you seen the wall pictures, they’re so dusty. You may come down, I’ll clean this
The man got down from the stool and she stood up to clean the dust from those antique pictures. She was so busy in cleaning that she didn’t notice her dupatta has slipped from her shoulder and now was on floor, viplav was passing by there but stopped seeing her, he silently walked towards her and hid her dupatta behind his back, dhaani realized that her chunri is missing and touched her neck astonishingly
Viplav: are you searching something ?
Dhaani: (slowly turns to him) yes my dupatta, it was with me don’t know how it vanished
Viplav: (shrugging his shoulder) I too don’t know
Dhaani: (while forwarding her hand) give me your hand I want to come down
Viplav: why ? Have you done your work ?
Dhaani: (lifting her brows) hath dey rahe ho yaah nahe
Viplav: Acha acha, wait. Some people even ask for help with so much attitude
Dhaani: whatever
He forwarded his hand with a smile and she kept her hand on his palm and came down. Once standing on the floor she started searching her chunri
Dhaani: where it is yaar, ajeeb baat hai, no sign of my dupatta
Viplav: (smiles mischievously) is this the thing you’re finding ?
Dhaani: (glares him) batameez you’ve started hiding my chunri too
Viplav: batameez tum hoge, and I haven’t hid it basically you didn’t know how to handle dupatta while working
Dhaani: Acha, you’re saying as if you know very much about it
Viplav: yup I know koi shak!
And he placed the chunri on her shoulder and wrapped the rest around her waist slowly, she widened her eyes in disbelief while viplav was smiling seeing her condition
Viplav: (after completing his work) done!
Dhaani: (gives an impressive look) you know very much about handling dupatta and all
Viplav: (proudly) haan bus dekh lo
Kanak came there and interrupted their conversation
Kanak: you guys are still here, go and get yourselves ready
Dhaani: jee aunty I was just checking some arrangements
Viplav: don’t worry. You may go, I’ll manage rest
Kanak: you both go as work can done afterwards too
Viplav: maa I’ll go after talking to caterers wesey bhe girls usually take more time than boys
Dhaani: jee nahe, boys take more time and example is my bhaiya
Viplav: (sighs) Pankaj has ruined boy’s name
Dhaani: (giggles) let’s see who will get ready first me or you.
Kanak: beta we’ll continue the remaining fight after getting ready. Ok!
Both looked each other and smiled. After awhile guest started to come. Hall was filled with number of people Dhaani along with Shalini too came down, they were descending the stairs, when pankaj gave a flying kiss to her, shalini shyied, dhaani noticed their moves and whispered in her ears “control your shyness else you’ll soon turn into red tomato” Shalini after listening this patted her shoulder playfully. She took her to sofa and made her sit beside Pankaj on a sofa which was specifically designed for bridal and groom. After making her sit, she turned back to search viplav. She looked everywhere and finally found him talking with someone on phone, she pushed him from back and he with a jerk turned towards her

Viplav: pagal ho kia ? Why did you push me ?
Dhaani: I’ve searched you at every place and you’re here
Viplav: ooooh so you were missing me
Dhaani: no I wanted to tell you that I won as I got ready first
Viplav: (chuckles) madam it’s wrong, I’m here from an hour, you’re late
Dhaani: (resting her hands on her waist) really ?
Viplav: hmm! But it’s ok! By the way why you didn’t wear that dress
Dhaani: I’ll wear it tomorrow as tomorrow is the main function
Viplav: oh Acha (giving stress on “Acha”)
Dhaani: but ain’t I looking good in this lehanga ?
Viplav smiled and leaned close to her, she stepped backward in surprise but to her luck, her back hit the wall which was indicating that there is no place left, viplav kept leaning and finally stopped, she closed her eyes due to the proximity while viplav smiled naughtily and whispered in her ears
Viplav: you’re looking beautiful
She smiled and slowly opened her eyes, once she raised her lashes viplav walked off. She looked down and thought everything again
“Dheere dheere yun laga mujhe jesey tu ne kuch kaha,
Teri sargoshi thi koi yaah thi pagal hawa,
Kho gaya hai mera dil kahan,
Lag raha hai naya yeh jahaan plays”

After awhile when dhaani got free from applying henna quickly ran to viplav to tease him as she knew that he don’t like the smell of henna.
Dhaani: (stands beside him) Viplav look at my hands aren’t they looking good ?
Viplav: (moves little far) yeah they’re looking great but please stay away from me else I’ll feel nausea
Dhaani: oh come on viplav, you’re still like before. Just smell it for a second
And there he started running away from dhaani to avoid it’s smell but dhaani wasn’t ready to leave him, they came inside lawn while running, viplav took a break for having breath but dhaani wasn’t aware of it that’s why she with full speed came running and because of their childishness, her feet tripped and she fall down on viplav, first viplav gave an annoyed expression but soon he got lost in her beauty and innocence.
“Thami thami se saanseein thami thami, jeene lagi hain tum sey jo mil, jo mil gae
Asar yeh kesa teri chaahat ka hai mujh pey hogaya, zara zara mere dil ka woh tujh mai he kho gaya
Meherban woh Rab barsa hai jab sey tu hai mil gaya, tujh ko paa k aisa lage k khud sey hun mil gaya
K rang jo lagyo re plays”

Dhaani realized her position and shaked him
Dhaani: viplav utho, where have you lost ?
Viplav: (while blinking his eyes) haan, no nothing woh chalo get up
He helped her in standing and looked on embarrassingly once on their foot
Dhaani: (trying to reduce embarrassment) laga tou nahe rang ?
Viplav: ab tou lag gaya
Dhaani: kia ? Mehndi ka rang ?
Viplav: nahe tumhare p…
…: You guys are here. All are calling you both for performance
Dhaani: (pats her forehead) ohoo I completely forgot about dance
Saying so she left from there while Pankaj moved to confuse viplav who was lost in his thinking
Pankaj: kia hoa viplav! Is everything OK ?
Viplav: yeah everything is great, why ? Is something looking wierd
Pankaj: no I was asking just-like-that but why are you so tense ?
Viplav: nahe woh bus I’m thanking God that you came on time else I would have said something which I shouldn’t
Pankaj: what are you trying to say ?
Viplav: nothing, come let’s go in else shalu will come outside to search his lover boy
Pankaj laughed and both walked inside
Screen freezes!

Precap: Viplav and dhaani in their respective rooms are determined that they won’t propose first later viplav introduce dhaani with her girlfriend with a mischievous smile.

Thanks for reading!
A big hello to everyone. First of all really sorry for getting super duper late but was unwell then was busy in studies, but now here I’m. I’ve given precap too for compensation.
I’m extremely sorry for not commenting on AIFF and Heart beat actually was really short of time but I’ll. Here!
You guys rock.
Shruthy: you’re doing amazing job yaar, this function is so good. Just loving chota packet (dhaanush) and ViDha’s scenes, eagerly waiting for Vidya’s mystery to reveal.
Megha: it was so good, loved her proposal, your song choice is always beautiful. Keep rocking!
So don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.
Maria special sorry to you because you were asking me to post fast and I became more late but kia karun was so busy.
Hopefully you all enjoyed it, next one will be the last one inshaAllah!
Keep smiling!
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. hahaha its very funny… their egoistic nok jokes with love are amazing.. i loved it yaar..
    Please dont stop ur ff i am enjoying alot… 🙂
    thanq maha for updating ur ff…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Lalitha dear! It has to stop yaar because it was only of three parts.
      Arey don’t say thanks yaar I should thank for your throughout support as everytime I feel so happy to find your comment on every post so thanks a lot and keep the support going on!
      Take care.

  2. Angel20

    You know what?! I’m really very angry on you, I was waiting for this so eagerly but you… You are seriously disappointing me by posting it late. Chalo enough of anger now coming to the episode, it was just amazing! I’m really out of words today. Their nhok-jhoks were really awesome! And Viplav saving Dhaani from goons in a unique style was really hilarious!?

    Then he chose a dress for Dhaani was too good. And I seriously loved it very much! And finally Viplav has fallen for Dhaani was the best part of the episode! The way he was about to say ‘Tumhare pyar ka rang ‘ was just fabulous!

    And the precap is really interesting. Eagerly waiting for the next and the final part? but please don’t make me wait do ling again. Post it very very soon!

    Love you❤
    Take care?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Sorry Maria darling! I was really busy that’s why got late, please accept my apologies madam.
      Thank you so much dear for loving those scenes! Yeah will post the last one soon maybe on next week don’t worry!
      Also read Impossible love of Viplav for Dhaani prologue. Okay!
      Take care ❤

  3. Sujie

    First of all toh your DP…..HAYEE…. YAA HAI WOH RAAT..11September….. yet again making me nostalgic….and coincidentally…this afternoon after returning back from college…I watched the episode in youtube….aur haan….. I am superrrrr happy with these nokjhoks of ViDhaani….
    that part….. laga toh nahi mehendi ka rang…..
    han….mehendi ka nahi…tumhare p(yaar ka) …..hayee….gave butterflies
    ….and that unique style of teaching lesson….reminded me of the IKRS EPISODE 11TH DECEMBER….When those boys in bike comment ill sayong…jaate jaate jannat dikhayenge..and Viplav coming and saying….. humka lejaeye…. mazaa aagaya yarr….good job Maha dear….superb….keep rocking meri rockstar…. 🙂 🙂 lots of love

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Haaiinaa day before yesterday I got this picture and used it! Even I’m watching it right now the scene where he made her wear coat, hayeeee?? though till yesterday I was watching those episodes where viplav was fighting dhaani’s case, woh raja wala track Allah I just love the way he supported dhaani, please Mishal ko bolo naa wapis ajai!
      Thanks dear! You always find me fiction some what similar to ikrs and that’s an honor for me, thanks again my love ❤ keep reading
      Take care!

      1. Sujie

        Each and every scene of ViDhaani was magical….woh haste toh hum haste….woh rote hain toh hum rote hain…… lajawaaab acting by both Mishal and Eisha….. and yes… while reading I do search for common grounds in fictions on ViDha that lands me on a different si duniya…jahan main hoon khayalon ki raani…..and I dream of things …..unconditional love….woh support…woh ehsaas…. isliye I myself feel that I am kinda JHALLI…..paglagayi hoon mai…seriously yarr

        merre bas mein hota toh Mishal ko jaane hi nahi deti yarr…bas I wish he does not take long break like before aur jaldi se aajaye…..

      2. Sujie


    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Absolutely agreeing with you, the magic ViDha has created is phenomenal and we can’t find it in any serial and I can bet for that! Even me too yaar, I can relate everything to IKRS either it’s a different serial or be it someone’s life? Mishal ka magic SAR charh kar bolta hai. You know I’ve seen each and every episode a number of time, I can’t even count on my fingers ? Proud to be a Mishalian??
      Yaar do you remember December is the month of love for ViDha as well as ViDha’s fans because viplav realized his love in this month plus Dhaani confessed her love, hayeeee kia din thy yaar! Wesey tou every day was amazing when ikrs was running, even Feb is beautiful as they got married in that month. Huh! Now don’t know what to watch, apart of Moray Saiyaan, there is nothing to watch for me.
      Haan naa I’m also praying that may Mishal come soon. Ameen! But usually he takes very long break and now that he has started his production house so can’t say anything, still we can hope! By the way will you catch the serial of his production house, I’ll, depending on the story. Bus just hoping for Mishal to come back till then ikrs hai!
      Kafi hogaya naa, Chalo I should stop else you’ll start crying in irritation.
      Lots and lots of love for you too, my love ❤

      1. Sujie

        Na na…koi irritation nahi hai….

        I am toh super proud ke I am a MIshalian….. hayeee…..
        Ofcourse I remember…that signature dialogue of ViDhaani after realizing love….. Viplav Tripathi tumhe Dhaani se pyaar hogaya hai….that declaration infront of entire Banaras….those hands of Viplav cupping Dhaani’s face….. and aankhen band karte hain toh tumhi dikhayi dete the…aankhe kholte hain toh tumhiko dekhna chahte hain….sab kuch itna ajeeb….. HUM NAHI DARTE KISISE….Aaj hum keh dena chahte hain sabse….ki hum tumse pyaar karte hain….aur hum nahi rehsakte tumhare bina…..hayee….. kya din the sach mein….. vidhaani saath ho toh pura saal hi full of Love hai yarr…. missing these two together badly…. Lets see ….. Web series accha hoga kyunki Mishal has hinted he might act in initial ones…. it depends yarr…. bas woh jaldi aajaye waapis…. MEIN GHAR MEIN HI GANGAA NAHAAOON…..

        love you yarr Maha…. Ikrs ki batein…ViDha…MiEisha ki hatein to kabhi khatam nahi hongi….so take care yarr….baki batein baadmein…warna tum so nahi paaogi….

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Allah you remember every dialogue like me and why not after all we have watched every episode a number of time so collars up!
      Web series ? That means he is coming back ? If yes then I will distribute sweets yaar
      Sahi baat hai baatain tou khatam he nahe hnge and about that 18 dec episode I’ve downloaded it in face I’ve downloaded mannny episodes for catching them anytime.

      1. Sujie

        Me too yarr…have downloaded such scenes and saved it in my phone..computer too…dialogue toh yaad hona hi hai…. 🙂 Because I love it from heart…..
        I am not sure but in one of the recent interview in newspaper…it was written Mishal might come back on screen in one of his webseries produced by his brand new production house MANGO LAKE PICTURES,….. wish to see him soon…. and don’t know why… BUT I HAVE A FEELING KE AAJ EISHA KE BIRTHDAY KE DIN HE WILL WISH HER IN HIS SPECIAL ANDAAZ…don’t know why I am feeling like this???
        Aur sahi kaha….agar baat karne baitho to Mishal ki baatein kabhi khatamm nahi hogi….
        love you dear…take care

  4. Meghs

    Wow??? I think I’m really in love with ur stry.. wah kya kamal hai. Your all stry r unique and finally confession tome you deserve it your best.

    Thank god at least thistime comment box still open even though I’m late. Maha u making this page more active i must say. All os ts urs r too good.

    No words to describe. I really liked it. So in short its stupendous. Here u go full form of maha

    M marvellous
    A amazing
    H hilarious
    A awestruck


    Your marvellous amazing awestruck writer. Reading ur ff is hilarious thing for me.

    Keep smiling always

    Thank you for ur comments though i missed ur comment in my ff. I just gotta know u read it know. I actually thought u won’t miss my ff?

    So see yaa…

    1. Meghs

      See my first ever big comment i did it???

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear. I’m over whelmed after reading your lovely words but I’m not that much good as I’m just an ordinary writer and it’s not only me who is keeping this page alive, we all are trying our level best, especially Sujie, she is always their to support everyone so she’s the one who should be appreciated.
      But tonnes of thanks again plus sorry yaar was short of time but I’ll read it always, who can miss it yaar actually I’m somewhat busy in exams preparation so that’s why just capturing all fictions through screen shots.
      Yeah long comment I’m happy for you *tears with joy*
      Take care!

  5. Shanitics

    Kyun kar rahi hai di asa.. Toddha short kar lethi.. My throat needs water now!!?

    Insha’Allah kya ff hai!! Sad ki ab sirfh ek hi epi bachi hai!!?

    Bt this is a marvellous epi di?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww! Kia karun yaar I took a looooong break so this was compensation, advance sorry because next one will be probably lengthy!
      InshaAllah yaah MashaAllah *tears of joy*?
      Thanks a lot dear!
      I’ve just now informed you about this one on your fiction but you’ve already commented so thanks a lot plus don’t be sad because I’m back with a fiction so do read it’s prologue “impossible love of Viplav for Dhaani” it’s a short one so you don’t need water and I’ll try to post short episodes of that story. Ok ?
      Take care!

      1. Shanitics

        Tats soo nice of u tat U r cmng bck again.. Jst waiting fr Jan to read ur ff?

        Mash Allah Srry na kaho ji.. ?

  6. Lakshmi

    maha di very nice one.. waiting for the next one… u made laugh me…it was so funny..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Lakshmi, I’m happy that I made you laugh. Keep reading

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