Ikrs: Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar (Two Shots by Maha) Shot:1

“Ok fine I’ll come with you. Now happy?”
“I don’t want your half hearted approval Viplav, if you don’t want to come then don’t come but please stop trying to show as you’re my victim”
“What the hell Tanya, what’s your damn problem? When I wasn’t coming with you, you were forcing me with anger and now that I’m agreeing then you’re showing this kind of stupid attitude, what should I do? You only tell me”

Tanya stood in front of him with cross arms in front of her chest, her eyes red. He was also in a similar position, they were in their living room. Tanya and he were engaged for about three months. They have been good friends since childhood and now, they were about to be married. He loved tanya according to them but let’s just say, they had compatibility issues, again according to them.

“Running away won’t work viplav, you’ve to change yourself, your rude nature”, she shouted when he was living from the room in irritation

He huffed furiously and went out. Even though he too knew going away like that won’t work but it was the best way for getting away from that tensed atmosphere, at least it’ll give him some relief. He drove through the familiar streets and reached his favorite spot. The place where he go to when he wish to be alone. And like everyday, he saw her sitting there, with a guitar which was in her hands, she was looking at the sea. He sat beside her and took out a cigarette. As he was about to light it, he heard her speaking.

“Smoking is injurious to health”
“Thanks for the disclaimer though but I don’t need it because I’m not a regular smoker”, he snorted
“You never know, it becomes habit if you’ll not leave this smoking and once you become habitual of it, you couldn’t get rid so….”, she sighed

She started playing the guitar softly while humming “Maine kiya tera intezar” tune. She was in blue designer saree. Her long hair were fluttering in air while she was continuously moving her fingers on guitar with rythm.

“Viplav throw that thing away, you know I don’t like those who smoke”, she said after giving a pause to her humming

He as per her order threw it away while staring her with annoyance. Whenever he comes here, he find her with same guitar. The calmness on that spot helped her to relax and forget all tension. The best thing, though, was HER because he pour his heart out in front of only her, and she listens it with attention and softness. She didn’t sympathize like other, she let him cry, give him advise and then bid him good bye with a sweet innocent smile on her face which was a beautiful thing for him.

“So what’s the problem today?”, she asked while continuously playing the guitar
“Tanya”, he replied in frustration
“What happened to her now?”, she instantly stopped moving her fingers
“Again we had an argument”
“Argument happen in a relationship, don’t take it seriously as you love her”
“Love”, he miffed “I love her that doesn’t mean I’ll fulfill her all commands and wishes, I’m her fiance not a servant”
“If there’s someone, whose commands and wishes were important to you and you fulfilled them like a true lover?”
“Viplav don’t spoil me by listening me every time”, a sound echoed in his ears with a tickling of her laugh
He abruptly jerk his head and looked on confusedly. It has been six months and he’s listening these kinds of phrases. Yet that voice echoed in his mind time and again.

“I always try to fulfill my mother’s wishes”, he shrugged
“Because she’s someone important to you as she’s your family and now Tanya will also going to be part of your family then what’s issue in fulfilling her wish?”, she ask sensibly

Now the problem is that he didn’t know her name. This girl, even though he has been meeting her for almost six months, but he didn’t know who she is. He has never told anyone that he use to meet her and when he thinks about her, he refer to her as ‘Miss Mysterious’. He has tried to inquire about her but went in vain because, she only listens and hardly speaks, except when she is giving him advice like a friend or more than that. For him she’s truly unknown-mysterious lady. They were silent for awhile only her humming and guitar’s tune was ringing on the spot.

“Tanya wants me to move New York for ever”
“And what do you want?”, she questioned without looking at him
“I don’t want to leave this place, I don’t know something is attached with it. I’m in love with Banaras… It seems like I’m connected to this city”, he told her completely what’s inside his heart
“It’s because you’re living here since so many years”
“I don’t remember those years, I just remember past six months”
“So those six months memories are precious for you?”
“Yeah! Those six months and something which is connecting me with this place”
“Didn’t you try to find that something?”
“I tried but no one helps me, even I’m so pissed off whenever I reconcile that accident because of which my memory wiped off”
“If you want to know your past or want to live your present?”
“Present is nothing without past”
“I think first you should decide, what you want, whom you love and what you need to know.. and by decide, I actually mean to DECIDE because I know you get confuse easily”
“Thank you Miss…” he stood up
“How.. how do..?”, he stammered
“I know you call me by that name”
“How do you know everything?”, he asked out of confusion
“One day you’ll get your answers”, she smiled “I’ll tell you who I’m, how do I know everything but only when right time will come”
“Where were you?”, Tanya asked blocking his way to room
“I was relaxing”
“I’m asking where were you not what were you doing”
“Sunset point”, he replied in order to stop the heated conversation before starting

She nodded, walked towards him and hugged him tightly. “I love you”, echoed in viplav’s ear with the same tickling laugh
“I love you”, slipped from his lips unknowingly lost in his own world
“I love you too”, Tanya softly spoke with a blush, which made viplav coming to his sense with a jerk
“Oh my God! What was I doing? To whom I was saying I love you? To Tanya or…”, smile vanished from his face with that thought
“She went there again aunty that means her memories are still haunting him”
“He must be relaxing. Don’t think much”, viplav’s mother pacified her
“Are you sure aunty?”, asked between her sobs
She nodded to calm her down. Tanya stood up only to hold a frame which was having a picture of her and viplav.

“Those were the happiest days of our life because after this moment SHE entered in our lives”, sighed “brave, young, confident Dhaani Singh. I don’t know why she was so beautiful, her eyes, her hair, her smile everything was breath taking. I know it wasn’t her fault but her beauty, her innocence stole my Viplav from me. He broke my heart which I gave to him unknowingly”, she stopped instantly after seeing viplav
“I want to talk with you in my room”,

She nodded and followed him to his room.
“Tanya what happened before these six months? Please tell me truth”, he almost pleaded
“Viplav I told you already, nothing much happened. Everything was normal, you use to handle your business and spend quality time with me, that’s it”, she replied holding her heart which was beating so fast
Viplav smiled but was still unconvinced, while she too smiled back.
“Kaka take us to XYZ cinema, we’ll watch a movie today”, she commanded driver while sitting on the back seat along with viplav
“Though I’m not in mood Tanya but as you insisted a lot that’s why coming with you”
“Stop signifying viplav”, slightly slapping his shoulder “kaka turn on the radio please, drive time show will come so they’ll play old songs”
Kaka turned on the radio. The song started playing.

Sathiya tune kya kiya..
Beliya ye tune kya kiya..
Maine kiya tera intezar..
Itna karo naa mujhe pyar..
Itna karo naa mujhe pyar….

Hearing the song, a vision flashed in mind. A man and a woman were dancing in each other’s arms in rain. The girl was laughing happily while the boy was looking at her. They twirled and danced through the narrow stone street. The girl was singing.
“Sathiya tune kya kaha
Beliya ye tune kya kaha
Yu na kabhi karna intezar
Maine kiya hai tumse pyar
Maine kiya hai tumse pyar”

He came back to his earth with a jerk after feeling a soft pat on his shoulder, she was smiling at him but he was sweating like hell, because it was the first time he saw that image, as before he only used to listen some voices.

“Are you alright?”, Tanya asked with concern after noticing his state but he wasn’t in the position to reply
Slowly darkness engulfed him and he closed his eyes to see another blur flash
A boy brought a girl blind folded in some room which was filled with number of gifts. He opened up her eyes and smiled
“All these gifts for me?”
“Yeah all for you”, he answered in deep voice
She laughed happily hugging him tightly, and this was the last thing before viplav dozed off.
“You people aren’t telling me anything. Maa, I have gone mad. For about six months, I have been hearing voices. Voice of a woman and a man and I know, that it has got something to do with my past. With those two years that I have forgotten, I swear Maa I saw an image of a man and a woman dancing and I am sure that the man was me”, he screamed holding his head.
His mother was looking at him in heart broken state while Tanya had tears in her eyes and those tears forced her to stay silent.

“Viplav there is nothing like that. It must have been a dream. Nothing happened in those two years. Get it? NOTHING HAPPENED IN THOSE TWO YEARS!” Tanya screamed with her almighty
He was stunned seeing her bloodshot eyes, for the first time. He wasn’t able to believe her because he knew she was lying. He looked at his mother who was also nodding. He stood up suddenly and before anyone could do anything, he rushed out and went back to his spot. As usual, SHE was sitting there, in a orange chiffon sari with white lace, strumming the guitar. She was always there before him and never leaves till he left. Maybe because, he never get to know from where she comes. She was seriously a total mystery. He marched his way towards her and sat down with a huff. No one among them said anything. She looked ahead with that smile playing on her lips while he looked at her smile because it was the best feature for him.

“And what happened today”, she asked fondly, while he looked at her like a child who was dieing to tell his mother everything
“Maa and Tanya are hiding something. Something which is surely connected with my past”
“Hmmm… Your past, those mysterious days. To be honest I think….”
“All of my problem’s solution lies in what happened in those two years”

She looked at him, a bit surprised. He was lost in how deep her eyes were. So brown, so gold, so beautiful and so pure And yet again, a voice came to his head. But this time, it was a male voice. His own voice.

“Everytime I look into your eyes I fall in love with you all over again.”

He snapped back to reality while her eyes were moist. A lone tear rolled down her cheek. He felt a strange urge to wipe that tear. He raised his hand and was about to touch her cheek but she moved her face away.

“The key of your happiness doesn’t lie in your past viplav. It lies in how intelligently you are able to forget that you have a past that you have forgotten” she said as she looked out.

Her words forced him to think that she’s right. He was madly finding ways to know about his past a bit too much. It was as if he was obsessed.

“Forget your forgotten past and focus on your future. The future, you are building with Tanya. She loves you, you love her. You have everything that a man wants- money, power, a successful business, a beautiful and loving fiancee and most importantly, a hope for the future. Then why are you ruining it all just to dig out your past?” she asked
As he was giving attention to her words, the girl’s voice came to his mind again.

“Why have you come back Viplav? You have everything, while I have nothing. Why are you here?”

He stood up abruptly.
“I.. I think I should leave. Maa and tanya must be getting worried, I left in a hurry and in an abrupt manner. Bye.”

She lowered her head a little with a smile and then started playing her guitar again. He walked away, not looking back.
“Had he done right by running away from there like that? If it’s right to live present and build future without any past?”, these questions were revolving around his mind rapidly.

Thank you for reading!
Hey everyone so back with a brand new story on ViDha after a long time. It must be a complicated and emotional story but what to do, I was having this idea some days back so thought to work on it. It’s maybe my last story on ViDha *probably* so PLEASE DO COMMENT. Also read “Vaada Raha” which is also written by me.
Keep smiling:-)
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  1. Fenil

    Aflatoon chappy.
    I must say i m fan of your writing same as Renima Dii.This is first ever ViDha story which i m reading.Miss.Philosopher you gave awesome dialogue to Dhaani.Loved it.can’t wait for next.cute Archi DP.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Fenil! Thank you so much for commenting bro, and please don’t be my fan be my friend which we already are ?? “Miss. Philosopher” Lol?? I’m so happy that you loved it this much. I’ll post next one soon.

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      And yes I love ArChi and this pic is my favorite ❤❤

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    Kuch kehne ki jaroorat nahi hai…..I loved it…..SAATHIYA YEH TUNE KYA KIYA….BELIYA YE TUNE KYA KIYA….MAINE KIYA TERA INTEZAAAR …ITNA KARO NA MUJHE PYAAR?is love okay….
    Sad part is how 2 years are lost from Viplav’s life….he knows nothing…
    I wonder Tanya and Viplav’s mother are good in hiding everything about the lost years or they have any hidden evil intention…..MISS MYSTERIOUS IS ❤️okay and the moment in the beach was lovely….Okay…i won’t spill the beans ….keep rocking my Mahaarita….lots of love????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Sujie! Yeah it’s an awesome and beautiful song from one of my favorite movie “Love” by one of my favorite sey bhe ziada actor “Salman Khan”??
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  3. Mahaaaa!!what a story yaaar…..
    In this story I think dhaani is dead…I think so…oh no okok I am imagining too much na?viplavs flashback dialogs were mind blowing yaarr…
    And Tanya I think she is good only but she is insecured…
    So this is urs last story on vidha….very very nice story….
    Come back soon mahaa I m waiting for it next update….
    Byee mahaa..
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      Thank you very much dear for such lovely words. I’m happy that you liked my work. Keep reading!

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    Hi Maha. I am new here. Found about this site through Sujie and must say missed so many interesting ffs on my favourite jodi.
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