Ikrs: Impossible love of Viplav for Dhaani (short story)

Impossible love of viplav for dhaani-

A girl was resting her face on her knees. The voice of her sobings was filled in the small room. An aged woman came from behind, sat beside her and kept her hand on her shivering body. She immediately turned to her once she felt her hand and hugged her tightly.
Woman: dhaani bus beta. It’s just a thunder
Dhaani: (tightening her grip) maa where were you ? These thunders and darkness was engulfing me
Dulari: stop getting afraid dhaani, now I’m here naa woh tomorrow malkin’s son is coming back so I was looking after all the managements
Dhaani: is he coming back forever ?
Dulari: hmm! But don’t worry he is a nice boy and you know that. You don’t have to lock yourself like you do when someone comes
Dhaani: I don’t have issue with anyone I’m fine as far as I’m alone
Dulari: (while breaking the hug) beta no one can live his/her life alone. You’ve to move on, there must be some one who will love you selflessly and will vanish your lonliness
Dhaani: maa please don’t say all this, your words remind me my dark past
Dulari: dhaani all men are not same
Dhaani: (while keeping her head on her mom’s lap) but for me all men are same, there is no place of love and marriage in my life. I hate this word, love.
Dulari: dhaani, kyun pareshan karte ho mujhe. I want to see you settle but.. (wiping her tears) just think for awhile if one day something happens to me then this room will also snatch from you as they’ve given this shelter because I work here, they’ll throw you once I’ll die
Dhaani: maa what are you saying, nothing will happen to you and if something happens to you then I’ll also die as I’m alive for you, I’ve no wish to live this meaningless life
Dulari: (closes her eyes tightly to control her tears) dhaani!

Scene shifts to three boys who were sitting in a plane which was ready to take off
…: Finally we are going back to our home after 5 years
…: Haan at last our studies are complete and finally we’re free. Kyun viplav ?
Viplav: (looks at them with a curve on his lips) hmm! But I’m more happy that I’ve fulfilled my parent’s and kaaki’s dream of becoming a lawyer, now I’m very excited to meet them
Raj: if you’re excited to meet kaaki or to meet kaaki’s buchiya ?
Viplav: are you mad ? She’s married now and why I’ll be eager to meet her. I didn’t even talk to her, hi-hello was maximum conversation between us in short we didn’t even see each other properly. Kuch bhe
Pankaj: Arey he was just joking yaar, why are you getting serious and giving clarifications
Viplav: because she is married and it’s not appropriate to take her name like this, she is someone’s respect
Raj: Acha bhae theek hai. You’re excited to meet your family. Ok ? But just imagine what if your mom is planning to get you marry. What we say in typical words ?
Pankaj: hath peele karna
Raj: (laughs) haan wohi
Viplav: jee nahe, she knows very well that I won’t marry yet. I want to feel love first. I want to love someone deeply, immensely and madly
Pankaj: Acha prem k pujaari
Raj: viplav maybe you’re going India to meet your love, to get your life partner as you didn’t find her in London
Viplav: I too think so. Everytime I feel like someone is waiting for me in India, something which I left behind is in pain but now I’ll find that someone, I’ll unfold all mysteries
Pankaj and Raj: (together) one day, you’ll for sure!
Voiceover: how viplav will fall in love with dhaani, why dhaani don’t believe in love, what is the dark past of dhaani, how viplav will make her believe in love and how viplav will make her his after all odds ?
Is this love story has meant to complete or it’ll remain incomplete ?
To know the answers, stay tuned for the episodes!
For now I’ll say, yeh ishq nahe asaan viplav baabu bus itna samjh lejie ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob k jaana hai.

Thanks for reading!
Hey friends, how was the prologue ? I’ve already written it before one week but wasn’t getting time to post. Though I’ve given prologue but will post episodes on January or after January. Hopefully you guys will wait and will not forget this story!
This story will somewhat relate to ishq ka rang safed. Many at times it’ll remind you ikrs, viplav’s selfless love for dhaani and his support. Excited ? Even I’m. So wait patiently for first one.
Oh I forgot to tell my name, look below and you’ll find but before that tell me, did you know that I’m the one whose name is mention below ?
Don’t forget to drop your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling!
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. prologue was very nice maha… 🙂
    And i will wait for ur next episode it seems to be taking more episodes thts why i am excited…
    keep smiling bye…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Lalitha! Yeah it’ll be a proper fiction. Keep supporting dear❤

  2. Sujie

    Maha ….meri jaanemann….ye hui na baat…. Maai ki buchiya and Viplav baabu…hayee hayeee….. seriously…. i am feeling like watching that first promo…TUM UPAR WALE SE DUAA MANG RAHI HO…AUR HUM UPARWALE SE TUMHE…..THAT FEELING….. literally i miss IKRS everyday…and watch few episodes daily….made me nostalgic yarr….and haan…take your time….. intezaar rahega tumhaara…and seriously I am sorry for not posting either MRDL OR SM….. TOTALLY OCCUPIED WITH ASSIGNENTS AND PROGRAM CODINGS..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hayee my sweetheart! Really well that’s an honor for me though it has no speciality like ikrs first promo but I’m glad that you felt so, I too miss it every second yaar even I watch it daiiiily, it’s my routine to watch at least 2-3 episodes and seriously I never felt bore or something. I just love them a lot everytime I love and adore them even more!
      I’ll try to make this fiction some nostalgic by reminding some scenes of ViDha, their magical love and viplav’s strong support ❤
      Thank you so much dear for your support!
      Yeah I’m missing them a lot yaar but I can understand your busy schedule as I’m also going through the same situation so take your time but not much time ?
      Take care!

  3. Angel20

    I’m so sorry for the late comment, actually I had read it much before. Ok so this prologue is really very interesting! Looking forward to it. Post soon!

    With Love?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s Ok dear! Thanks a lot. Keep reading!
      Take care ❤

  4. Meghs

    Awestruck prolgue. I’m waiting for jan now. Welcome back maha. I knoknow it sounds stupid? but ur really strting new ff after all os n ts so u need welcome back?

    Chal time shortage hai. I’ll see catch u on jan

    Till then see ya
    Keep smiling ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Megha! Hahaha Lol! Well shukriya for the welcome. Keep reading
      You too!
      Take care<3

  5. Lakshmi

    maha di wow…. so many stories… i appreciate ur talent… keep going…

    1. Lakshmi

      oh is this the one u told to forget..? ok ok i got it

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