IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 9 – Part 2)


Hey guys! Small recap before reading : Dhaani and Viplav are in Banaras with their son for Shalu’ godh bharaai function. We get to relive the bondings of Dhaani with her in-laws, but this time, Dhanai came back with more a strong mind able to afford all the tantrums and mockeries, especially when she has Viplav’s true love, and Daadi, Shalu and Pankaj’s support.
On the other side we have a new entrant child, Gayatri, seen illtreated by her mother, Shamli Rani ; she is growing up with her nanny Shanta, a poor and young woman who lives in the small guest house behind.
Now, let’s continue the show.

Episode 9 – Part 2

It was around 2pm, when Gayatri was playing in her room with her dolls, but mentally she seemed lost in loneliness. She was swinging the doll in her hand side to side while staring at its smile. At that same moment, the door gets opened and her nanny breaks the little girl’s space of privacy with Nancy the super doll.

Shanta : Gayu baby! Look what I have brought for you. Your favourite gulab jamun.
Gayatri : (not looking at her) My favourite is not gulab jamun but gol…

She keeps saying turning her neck to look at her nanny holding the small tray with her favourite items. The saddened mood disappearing, she faces her Shanta di with a broad smile.

Gayatri : (mouth open and letting her holed teeth set be discovered) HAAA! GOL GAPPE!

Shanta smiles proudly realising she made her small doll smile while the little angel stands on her legs to reach her.

Gayatri : All these are for me ?
Shanta : Not all this. Otherwise you will get ill.
Gayatri : Arrey Di, nothing will happen to me.

The naughty girl takes the entire plate off Shanta’s hands and starts running before the young nanny holds her.

Shanta : Gayu baby, don’t run. (running behind the little one) You will fall down.

But the little one doesn’t listen and continues her childish game with her favourite Di.

Shanta di : Gayu baby, please stop na. Look, Shanta di is completely exhausted running.

The little girl stops finally once reached her little bed, the small plate on it. And she starts her rounds of sweets, smiling naughtily at the young woman. The latter acting like being angry, Gayatri stops her nautanki and tries to convince her forwarding one from the plate.

Gayatri : Sorry di.

She smiles at her doll and holding her hand in her grip, she takes the gol gappe plate in her other one and reaches the small table in the bedroom. She opens the liquid covers and holding the one the little girl was, fills it of her special flavour and feeds the small one.

Shanta : How is it ?

Gayatri nods her head cutely while licking the upper lip meaning how tasty it is.

Gayatri : Yummy !

She then takes one very crispy in her tiny hand, takes the spoon and filling with her nanny’s favourite flavour, feeds her the sweet.

Gayatri : Now you also have one.

Shanta got quite emotional. That child was really God’s gift, she has always felt. She felt her mother’s embrace in her tiny hand while feeding her with so much care.

Gayatri : How is it Di ?

The emotions made her giggle a smile at her question and she takes her small hand to kiss the soft fingers. Gayatri was not her sister, but, left orphan by her relatives at a young age, she found shelter at the Sharma’s and today, a little sibling from another mother.

Function starts and guest start blessing the soon-to-be-born and his or her mother. Wearing a beautiful rose and orange lehenga, Shalini was glowing in the entire place. Pooja, lifted by her maamu, wearing a pretty white and blue churidhar, was looking so happy seeing her mother in the middle of everyone, gifts surrounding her.

Pooja : Woow! Are all these gifts for mah ?
Viplav : Haan betha! All are for your mother only.

An irresistible smile appeared on those small lips and she made him let her down. Once on her feet, she runs to stay with her mother and the latter makes her sit next to her. Smiling at them, he then looks around him, his eyes searching for someone.

Viplav : (softly to himself, his eyes spying all the corners of the hall) Where are Dhaani & Dhanush gone?

Pankaj comes to him holding Dhanush’s hand and recording the moments in his camera, and Viplav gets a bit of relief seeing his little boy.

Viplav : (looks down at Dhanush) Oh! (bends down to Dhanush) So you were with Pankaj phupha.
Dhanush : (holding the camera’s band around his wrist) Yes papa. We were taking photos and videos. (forwards him the device) Have a look!

Pankaj smiles at him.

Viplav : (looking at the pictures) Arey wah! They look so good. (pinching his chin discretely) My baby is such a good photographer.
Dhanush : (looks at his camera) Thank you papa!
Viplav : Acha betha, have you seen mumma anywhere ?
Pankaj : Uhh Viplav, (Viplav raises up his head) she was working in the kitchen. Why, any problem?
Viplav : No. Just that I didn’t see her since the function started, that’s why.

Dhaani was busy cooking for guests, along with the workers. Viplav comes there and noticing his pretty wife under severe work, goes to her confused.

Viplav : Dhaani, what are you doing here ? (Dhaani looks at him) Function has already started.
Dhaani : I know. (continues her work) But there are lots of kitchen work that I have to finish before Viplav.
Viplav : But… workers can make it na. And you have already finished. Now what is this new one more work ?
Dhaani : Halwa!
Viplav : (ironical smile) My sweet and beautiful lady! There, it’s your husband’s sister, means your own nanand’s baby shower. And you are here working. (More serious and cute expression) Leave this and come to attend the function. There are plenty of cooks for that.
Dhaani : That’s what I am saying also Viplavji. It’s my sister-in-law’s function, so I will do all the work on my own. And you can’t say anything about that.
Viplav : Alright then! If you work, then let me help you.

He goes to hold the big spoon to mix the ingredients in the stove but gets his finger burnt with the hot handle. He jerks his hand and gets it off the ustensile when Dhaani looks at him terrified.

Dhaani : Viplav!

She can’t afford any pain of him. Even if the scratch is very low that it doesn’t hurt him, the single presence of blood coming out through his cut skin makes hers boil.
She holds fast his hand and checks deeply his finger. She takes him to the water tap and cools his burnt finger before the pain worsens.

Dhaani : Oh God! What is this childishness Viplav?
Viplav : (looking at his wound) Dhaani, it’s nothing. I am fine.
Dhaani : What fine ? Have you seen how red your finger is now?
Viplav : (teasing tone) Fingers are reddish usually Dhaani, because of blood.
Dhaani : Chup!

She shuts his mouth and puts on some salt while Viplav was admiringly looking at his woman.

Dhaani : Hmm, it will recover faster now.
Viplav : Ok! Now come with me. Otherwise I will put my entire hand in the stove. Your son would also start searching for you.
Dhaani : Don’t take Dhanush’s excuse for your own advantage.
Viplav : As long as you get it.
Dhaani : Viplav you are seriously mad. You first need a psychiatrist.
Viplav : (proud smile) I know. (holds her hand) Now let’s go!

Dhaani smiles at his childish behavior and follows him. Seeing his cute parents coming, the small Dhanush runs to the mother and draws immediately her attention. The little boy making her hold him, she gets off Viplav’s hand grip and lifts her littler man.

Viplav : Dhanush, can’t you stand on your feet even for a while? Always seeking someone to lift you.
Dhaani : (frowning her eyebrows, showing her confused anger) Viplav, what are you saying? Why are you shouting at the child?
Viplav : Because of him, you even got off my hand grip.
Dhaani : Huuuh?

She giggles sweetly, hiding her face in her son’s small chest, while Viplav was looking cute with his frowned brows.

Shanta : (looks at Gayatri emotionally) Baby! What will you do if one day, I get to leave you ?
Gayatri : (shocked of her question) What? You… you will leave this place.
Shanta : I… no…

She gets interrupted when the angel took her in her adorable embrace, calming her wiping heart immediately.

Gayatri : Please don’t leave me alone na di.

She breaks the hug sweetly.

Gayatri : (swearing on her neck with her finger hold) I promise you. I (shakes her hard enough forcefully that her hair fly in the air) will never be naughty anymore. I will never run everywhere. I will stop crying at nights. I will do whatever you ask me to. But please, don’t get angry and leave me.
Shanta : No baby, I can never get angry with you. And I am not saying that I am going anywhere. But I just mean that…

She gets interrupted when her phone starts ringing. She looks at the displayed screen desperate as she was expecting the worse to happen. She has a look at Gayatri discretely and suddenly cuts the call.

Shanta : (looks again at Gayatri with a fake smile) Because (holds her soft body with her two hands around her chest) life is not sure. Anything can happen. And that’s what I want to teach you. That whatever happens, we have to be strong and get ready to face any hurdles, even when (marks a little pause) you are left alone.
Gayatri : But promise me, (shakes her head in no) you will never go and leave me alone.
Shanta : Whatever happens, I will never leave you. You will always be my Gayatri baby.

She gets again interrupted when her device started singing her ringtone. She looks at the screen tensed and holding the phone strongly, she stands on her legs, the little eyes following her moves.

Shanta : (cups her chin) I will be back hmm?

And she goes away from there leaving a confused and innocent being, thoughtful.

Everyone was enjoying the function, but Viplav was all amazed and busy admiring his Dhaani. Carrying a simple yet elegant red-and-gold-embroidered designer saree, a gift of his for their 5th wedding anniversary, she was portraying more of beauty through her innocence. Seven years gone spending her life in city, her look completely changed. The suits she is now used to wearing more instead of her housewife sarees, the discrete yet attractive facial makeup, the long and straightened black tresses she wave-curls at the end and that she let open today. She smartly managed herself per locations, though Viplav has always been completely fine with her older attire. However, that was also true he could not resist to her new modern look.
He cutely swings side to side, willingly hitting her by her shoulder. Which makes her jerk holding the child. Seeing him smiling, she couldn’t miss shying.

Dhanush : Mumma, can I go to play with the others ?
Dhaani : Betha, there are so many people. What if you get lost ?
Dhanush : But mumma, we are in our house na. So what will happen ?
Viplav : Dhaani, let him go if he wants to play. And we are here right. Nothing will happen. (to Dhanush) Dhanush, don’t go far away. Stay inside and play.
Dhanush : Sure papa.

He gets off his mumma and goes to play with his little friends. Once him gone, Viplav finally takes the beautiful opportunity and holds Dhaani’s hand again while she looks at him surprised.

Dhaani : (trying to get off his tight grip) Now why are you holding my hand ?
Viplav : (frowning his brows in confusion and smiling) Why ? Should there be any reason for that too?

Dhaani smiles and shakes her head in no staring at him. She then cutely envelops his left arm and safely lays her head on his shoulder. And both enjoy the function staying in between the wall separating the living room and the temple’s corridor.

Precap – ViDha enjoying the function when they get hit by a flashlight on their faces. They get surprised seeing who it was.

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  1. Shruthy

    Oh yeah! Now I remember.
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    But I worry if people start disliking the storyline. If it’s the actual fact, please let me know. I always accept any critics that could improve my story. Because I write not only for myself, but you readers. So don’t hesitate. ? (Commenting from my phone which explains the emoji present)

  2. ohhh its a very very intresting story…. plz continue ur story like this only…
    i am waiting since long for ur update… thanks for updating ur ff shruthy… 🙂 🙂
    And also waiting for vidya uniting with her family…

  3. Sujie

    Shruthy AIFF leke aagayi…. i knew it….was a cute wala episode….hayee… Dhanush baby and Gayu baby and Pooja baby…..packets of love….could imagine their cute smiles..
    and coming to Dhaani…i am honestly imagining her as Eisha jo sar pe pallu dalke used to roam in whole house working all day long…..hayeeeeeeee… this is so cute….
    and Viplav is cute too……aur haan…. no one is disliking your story okay…. atleast not me…and I bet none from our family…..
    Seriously more than number of comments..its upsetting to see how gradually readers are declining…but koi nahi…they will return to their home soon…Aakhir when a bird roams out all day long….last mein toh it has to fly back home…don’t be upset….. we will be together once again …very soon… I guess…..
    lots of love dear….keep rocking

  4. Angel20

    Hayy meri jaan! Again a fabulous episode! Loved it to the core, Vidhaa scenes and also the bond between Shanta and Gayatri. They are so cute together. Okay so I may sound stupid but I wanted to ask who are they? I mean Shanta and Gayatri. I read about them fir the first time in your story.

    But apart from that it was really amazing. I’m just waiting for the next one. I want to know who has come in the picture now. So please post it soon.

    And about other stories which you have thought, please post them soon yaar. Eagerly wait them!

    And your story is just superb, don’t worry about it 😉

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