IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 8 – Part 2)

Episode 8 – Part 2

Viplav : But for now, let me show what maamu and maami brought for you from Mumbai.
Pooja : (excited tone) Gifts ?

Dhaani, smiling stands up and goes towards the bigger luggage and takes out a gift wrap. Once the small parcel in front of her, the little girl rushes on opening to discover what surprises were waiting for her. She finds first a pink schoolbag which, open, was containing a pencil box, and notebooks.

Pooja : Wooow! Cinderella! (hugs her Dhaani maami) Thank you so much maami!
Viplav : (while Dhaani was hugging back her little doll) Hey! I bought you this. I deserve the hug.
Pooja : But I know it’s maami’s choice. Because she knows how much I love Cinderella.

Viplav pouts cutely sad when Dhaani smiles and whispers something in Pooja’s ear. Suddenly the latter jumps on Viplav and hugs him.

Pooja : Thank you maama.

And she cutely drops a kiss on his cheek making him smile again. Holding the little girl under his arms, he cuddles her and kisses on her hair.

Dhaani : Now next one.

Pooja puts again her tiny hand in the gift bag and holding something, tries to take it off.

Pooja : (struggles to takes it off) Hmm it’s so big.
Dhaani : One minute!

She helps her taking the thing off the bag and it was a blue-and-white-colored princess dress.

Pooja : (eyes and mouth widely open) Haaaww! Princess dress!
Viplav : Only for our little princess !
Pooja : (looks at Viplav) Can I wear and show it to everyone ?
Viplav : Of course.
Dhaani : (forwards her hand towards Pooja) Come, we will get ready to impress everyone.

They go away leaving the men alone.

Viplav : (talks to Dhanush) Chalo Dhanush! Let’s go meet bua and phupha betha.

He takes the child in his arms and letting him walk on his own legs, both reach downstairs. A while later, the ladies followed them and joined the family.

Pooja : (runs to her mother and father who were sit in the couch) Mah, baba, look how pretty I look.
Shalini : (takes the little girl in her arms and hugs her) Aww my sweetheart!
Kanak : Arey wah! My granddaughter looks so beautiful today. Just like a princess!
Pooja : Haan naani! Isn’t maami’s gift so beautiful?
Kanak : Because my granddaughter is wearing it.

Dhaani smiles while Viplav was hiding his annoyed reaction behind his frowned brows. And the little Dhanush, unable to understand the hidden talks, was looking at all this silently.

Shalini : (looks at Dhaani) Really bhabhi, the dress is really pretty. (talks to Pooja) Betha, say thank you.
Pooja : Thank you maami.
Dhaani : Why are you all thanking me? It’s Vi…
Viplav : (cuts her words) Oh oh Dhaani! When people praise you, do listen to them. Don’t behave modest ok?

Dhaani understands his intention. “Mad you are”, she smiles.
The day continues on their expectations. Dadaji coming back home from his trip to an Ashram, gets overwhelmed to see his grandchildren, and welcomed the little ones, as he didn’t want his Viplav baba to realize he was ignoring Dhaani. Years have flied, but neither Viplav realized his family’s misdeeds, nor Dhaani was enough strong to argue with him again, and create the same scene 8 years after. Though she felt missing that family atmosphere in Banaras, 9 months of being separated from her Viplav were more than enough to build courage to ignore all of this. And she never wanted Viplav to suffer because of her. She has been enough unfair to have made him move to Mumbai with her.

(flashback scene in Mumbai)

Dhaani : Viplav, I dont want to force you to stay away from…
Viplav : (his finger in front of her lips cutting off her words in middle) Shhhh! How long will you keep worrying for this yaar ? I have told you that I won’t go anywhere, leaving you and our son alone. (caresses her cheek warmly with his hand) And I am not selfish to make you stay somewhere you don’t feel comfortable.
Dhaani : Viplav, that’s not like…
Viplav : (convinces her) I know Dhaani. You don’t have to give me reasons. (covers her shoulders with his arms) I am your husband, and I love you more than anything else in this world. (smiles) And by the way, we were basically supposed to go to Boston after marriage na. So be happy we at least remained in India.

He makes her smile and stamps his forehead on hers, getting his face closer to hers, and then slowly his lips at few millimeters distant of hers. She was shyly smiling at each inch decreasing when he gets stopped by some loud shouts. His face contorts and turns to look at the crying baby sit on the bed while Dhaani stays in that same position, giggling and staring at her cute and angry husband.

Viplav : (annoyed reaction) Lo! “Laadla” is searching for his mumma’s pallu. Your son cannot leave you alone na.
Dhaani : (laughs) He is your son also Mr. Viplav Tripathi. But no, when he starts being naughty, he is only mine, right ?
Viplav : Arey! Can’t he let his mumma alone for a while ? Even papa needs mumma na. (pouts)
Dhaani : (teasing smile) Don’t you dare say anything about my son! And now that you have become a father, be like a father. Don’t remain a child!

She laughs and assist her 1-year baby boy, while Viplav smiling at them, continues his work.
(End of flashback)

Viplav never missed to care about her and Dhanush, but also their Mumbai family. And Dhaani got adapted to the life in city. She felt her small world with Viplav and their child finally built. And they used to come to Banaras for special occasions as she knows how much attached Viplav is to his Banaras and family. She also wanted her Dhanush to know Banaras. After all it was his parents’ love symbol. And even Dhanush got enough close to his Sushma dadi, Shalu bua, Pankaj phupha and their pyaari si Pooja. She was his only and close friend in this small town. And now, Dhaani’s only wish laid on having a better and happier family atmosphere, solving all the misunderstandings between her and her in-laws, so that she could happily reside in her sasural, and shower a happy family surrounding for their son. Until then, she preferred ignoring all the insults and letting Viplav live peacefully.

It was night time and all the patients were sleeping peacefully. Except that one room…

Viplav (younger look) : I don’t get it sir. (angrier tone) How can such a mistake happen in this place ?
Nurse : Sir, it’s not our fault. And we are trying to find out what happened too.
Viplav : Not your fault? Of course it’s not yours but ours, that we believed you and left my wife and child alone for a while.
Police inspector : Mr. Tripathi, please calm down.
Viplav : I cannot calm down inspector. My daughter has disappeared in a hospital, within few hours after her birth. My wife is in a complete destroyed state there, and you want me to calm down?
Prem : (his hand on Viplav’s shoulder) Viplav, relax! Go and console Dhaani, we will take care.

Viplav looks down to sigh and then looks at his desperate and statued lady, who was already being consoled by Radha. He goes close to her and sitting next to his wife on the bed, he tries to wake the mostly-dead soul of a crying mother, whose tears weakened slowly her body.

Viplav : Dhaani, please. Say something.

But she remains silent and motionless.

Viplav : Dhaani…

He was weakened as well. The loss of their child just took away all the happiness that could have freshly restarted the family they wanted. He slowly lays his head on Dhaani’s shoulder, bursting out his pain.

Radha : Viplav bhaiyaa, don’t worry. We will find our Vidya.
Viplav : Hamari bachi…

Suddenly they hear a baby crying from another ward, which wakes Dhaani up.

Dhaani : My baby!

She stands up on her feet confusing Radha and Viplav, and runs away with a smile of relief.

Viplav : Dhaani, where are you going?

He follows her running steps and once in the corridor, finds her seeking for something very special around her. He gets closer to her and makes her speak.

Viplav : Dhaani what are you doing? Let’s go inside.
Dhaani : Viplav, I… I heard..

She gets interrupted seeing a nurse coming there with a new born. She smiles broadly and runs towards that person to take the child in her arms.

Nurse : Madam, what are you doing ? Please give me the child back.
Dhaani : She is my child. (shaking hard her head negatively) I … I won’t give to anyone. She is mine only.
Nurse : Madam, this is not your child. Please give back the baby to me.
Dhaani : No she is mine.

Viplav joins them completely shattered seeing this Dhaani. She was behaving like a mad woman, and his poor heart was not at all able to see that.

Viplav : Dhaani, what are you doing? Give me the child.
Dhaani : (looks at him like a sad child) Viplav, (showing the child) she is our child, and this nurse is trying to snatch her from us.
Viplav : Haan haan, now give me the baby to me.

She handovers the child to the man with belief but it happens in the opposite as he gives back the child to the nurse.

Dhaani : Viplav, what..
Viplav : (talks to the nurse, reassuring he will take care of his wife) You may go.

The nurse goes, and Dhaani’s feet following her, Viplav takes her wrist in grip in a way to make her land on Earth again. He then tightly holds her arms and makes her stand properly in front of him.

Dhaani : (looking at the nurse going) Viplav, she is taking our child.
Viplav : That’s not our child.
Dhaani : (crying annoyed, her face contorted and some tears voluming and glittering her tired eyes) She is my…
Viplav : SHE IS NOT OUR DAUGHTER! (tears making his throat worse) Don’t you recognize my daughter ? She … she has the same eyes like you, and a nose like me. The softness of her mother and the smile of her father. (indicates the child who was gone by a finger of his over his shoulder) This child has no ressemblance like our Vidya.
Dhaani : (crying and a trembling voice) Then… wh… where is our child ?

Viplav had no answer to give but an other tear falling from his eye. Dhaani suddenly gets back on her senses remembering what happened around one hour ago. The way she lost consciousness trying to discover what that strange odor was coming from, and then woke up to hear the little girl has been kidnapped, disappeared. Her mind going through all the last pictures, few tears following each other, covered her cheeks. She falls on the floor, getting away of his grip, and bursts out into tears, a devastated heart unable to be consoled for a while. The man bends down and side hugs his wife, covering her under-neck part with his arms and leaning his head on hers.

Dhaani : (cries loud) Mera bacha! MERA BACHA!

Dhaani (present day) : (gets up all by sudden, screaming) Vidya!!!

Precap – Viplav and Dhaani’s conversation.

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Hey guys! How are you all?
I hope you like this part of IKRS-AIFF. There is a lot to happen in the further episodes. Sorry, I didnt have time to correct the mistakes if present. And haan, please keep telling your suggestions about something I should change or add. All idead are welcomed!

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Shruthy chaa gae ap tou! Seriously it was commendable?? I’ll give u 200 out of 100 on this? apart of defining scenes there was much more to be appreciated like first part where u showed their family bond? viplav’s cute behavior and his wife’s sweet nature❤ they played a very nice role of maama and maami? though kanak again proved herself as a most irritating women but I’ll not pay a heed to her as poor lady got a single dialogue only so jaane do??
    Then the way u opened up the mystery *wondrous* hmm! Tou my guess was correct the li’l girl has been kidnapped, feeling very bad for dhani as it’s too difficult to loose someone who is dearer to us and she lost lost her daughter woh be soon after her birth? u described it very well, their dialogues, state, emotions and pain can easily be imagined and u made it clearly visible to us!! It seems like Allah naa kare I was going through it *Hats off for this*
    But who kidnapped the girl, *million dollar question* I guess kamini as her chapter wasn’t close and maybe tripurari is helping her.. my gut feeling says that kanak aunty and Daada jee is not involved in all this as there will not get any benefit by doing those deeds!!
    Dream was indeed painful? but where was dulaari mayi, she wasn’t present hopefully she is fine, curious to know about her! Precap seems to be a lovey dovey one so excited for the next one however now it’s time for ‘Baarish’ which is on the way *I guess*
    Anyways u rocked as always girl, I’ll give u a pat on your back for this *shaabaashi*?
    Take care!

    1. Shruthy

      Oh no that’s way too much na. It’s not that valuable. ?? hai na? A cute and young family. ?
      They love their niece a lot indeed. Especially as she is smaller than Dhanush and she is like their own ?
      Haan tried a kinda flashback through dreams. Glad you liked it. Yeah it’s very sad. Losing her own child, woh bhi at the moment she gave birth and got reunited with her husband after long time. Thanks, happy you found my flashback good. ❤️☺️ Of course, neither do I want any woman or parents to have such a tragedy in their life. It’s as worse as aborting a child because it was already unwell?
      Woh toh… Pata chalega. Let’s see what my imagination goes through.
      Dulaari maai and Maya didn’t come to hospital. Prem didnmt want to make her tense more so they kept her at home. But of course she is aware of the fact. ?
      Haha all ViDha moments are lovey dovey na ?? Hmm actually I am not going to post Baarish for now, I have to make some changes.
      Ouch! Your pat was quite painful ?? itna zor se nahin … ?
      Love you. ?

  2. lovely episode hats off to you. this is my favourite ff.
    by the way, isnt louella updating the ff which continues the real ikrs???

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks butterfly.☺️ Awww that’s way adorable of you. So touched and flattered ❤️
      I don’t really know. She is quite busy so…

  3. Sujie

    Arey waah waah waah?????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️???
    The first half was lovely to imagine…..kids and ViDhaani ????????
    The last part …….OMG ….. Broken Dhaani….and soo is Viplav seeing his Dhaani shattered …..
    Ignoring Kanak Tripathi…..episode was emotional …heart touching….showing us layers of emotions …… Keep going dear…..
    And yes …..extremely sorry for commenting late ?????

    1. Shruthy

      HAHA thank you so much Sujie ?
      ViDha are so cute with kids na. ?☺️ Haan finally seeing what happened 7 years ago. Thank you so much for your kind words. ❤️ Oh don’t be sorry, it’s ok.

  4. Sujie

    And I have faith that you would be revealing the mystery soon in the coming parts ……???

    1. Shruthy

      Which mystery?

      1. Sujie

        Mystery of ViDhaani’s daughter…..I guess.
        Don’t tell me I took it wrong to understand…. MAIN MARR JAAOONGI???????
        Otherwise ….. I am loving every bit of it dear ??? keep going….and do read MOHE RANG DO LAAL by me

    2. Sujie

      It’s heart wrenching to lose your new born ….. Cruel world ???

      1. Shruthy

        Tho woh sapna kya tha ? ?? Or are you asking me to tell what happened after? Like where is she? How? Etc…

  5. Areeb

    Finally read, after a week tho. ?
    Like always, the Oh-So-Dreamingly-Perfect family munch! ❤ The Kids, The Couple, all just Ideal sort of complex – one could imagine of. ?
    The gift- doll and the snow white dress! ? Pooja ko tou sach me achay Uncle-Aunt mil gaey! ?
    Next, the devastating horrible hospital night, shook my whole body. Was way too SAD and Unfortunate! ? But obviously all credit to the writer, for bringing out that scary-emotional-current equally to us. And so with the constant feel, finally at the corridor scene, I decided to take a break. I just took some easy breaths.. Stare the ceiling.. And continued again, but it was ended of course, again leaving me in a distress, I was like; Kya yaar! Banda precap me hi kuch hont dy deta hai.
    Only conversation! ? Chalo let’s wait, wait for the day!

    1. Shruthy

      LOL that’s ok dear. I am already happy I have readers. ? Which is a miracle !
      True. Who eouldn’t want such a perfect family gang? ? Haan, all Princess wali care. HAHA laadli jo hai. ☺️❤️ Awww glad you felt the emotions reading. That brings butterflies in me reading such cute and lovely comments.
      Now you described perfectly you reading. Something I got to read of you. You must start writing too. Your English is way better and perfect ?
      LOL it was already longer than my usual posts. I have a level of around 1200/1250 words per parts. This times 3 is equal to 3600/3750 words and that’s what equals the length of an IKRS-AIFF episode. But to write this much I need good imagination and time. So do you prefer having small and regular parts or longer but late episodes? And I am already not punctual. ?? And about precap : SUSPENSE! Anything can happen before, during and after.
      Kuch zyaada hi bola, sorry. ?

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