IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 7 – Part 3)


Episode 7 – Part 3

Viplav : I will get freshened up and come back.
Kanak : Ok!

Viplav reaches the bedroom door. It was that same one, the one he used to share with his Dhaani, on their first days of marriage life. The same decorations and lights he made for her queen beautifying the architecture, and bringing that essence of his love for her.
He gets in closing the door behind him and falls on Dhaani and Dhanush laughing and playing while changing his dirty dresses, Dhaani sit on the bed and the baby boy standing in front of his mother. A broad smile on his lips, he leans slightly on the wall, arms crossed, and admires the adorable scene.

Dhaani : (the dress finally worn) Hmm! Now where is mumma’s (indicating her cheek, her index on it) kissie? Baby didn’t give a kiss to mumma since morning.

Dhanush doesn’t even hesitate for a second and sticks his soft lips on his mumma’s cheek. Viplav, who was in full admiration, stands straight and goes to them.

Viplav : And Papa also!

Dhaani doesn’t get enough time to have a look at her mad husband that he suddenly drops off his own lips mark on that same cheek of hers while Dhaani, surprised, widely opens her eyes. He finally gets off her leaving a freezed woman who slowly turns her head to look at him.

Viplav : Done! (broadly smiles)

Her poor face get reddish as he was staring at her with his smile that could kill any girl in the world.

Dhaani : (whispers) Viplav!

She eyes him the little boy standing next to them while Viplav laughs discretely.

Viplav : (teasing tone) So what if he is here?
Dhanush : If you both need privacy, then please do not hesitate on telling me. I would go.

And he runs away from there, leaving his cute lovebirds, as he knew his papa so well and that he might not finish for now. Once back on her senses, Dhaani gets ready to stand up to follow his steps, when she gets stopped by his hand grip. She turns to look at her smiling hubby.

Dhaani : Mister! I think we have to go down. Dhanush & Daadi will be waiting for us.

But, contrary to her thoughts, he expressed seriousness on his face, standing up. He holds her hand tightly, his eyes facing the floor.

Viplav : (looks again at Dhaani) Are you… ok ?
Dhaani : Haan. Why are you asking me this?
Viplav : I don’t know why, but today I feel you quite upset and lost in thoughts. What happened ?

The sound of coins being shaken in a silver plate rings her memories while she was staring at him.

Again on their drive back home, waiting for the traffic signals to be green, Viplav was on full conversation with Dhanush, while the mother was looking at her two men with a smile. Suddenly she turns her head and falls on the outside view. Her eyes suddenly get widened, and opening softly her mouth, she lets some sudden tears falling down, witnessing a little girl child on the roads begging to people bigger than her for some money or food. Dhaani gets flooded into emotions before this scene. Her heart just wanted to run to that child and give her a hug. Suddenly she sees an elder woman, with that same allure coming close to the child holding a small baby in her arms, sitting next to the girl.

Girl : Mah, I am hungry.

The poor mother gets out a small bun in her hand and gives to the craving child, satisfying her own hunger seeing her kid smiling, still looking at the scene, feels upset and again looks straight. Viplav, who was still conversing noticed her saddened expression.

Viplav : Dhaani! What happened?

Dhaani looks at her caring husband with a fake smile.

Dhaani : Nothing. I am fine.
Viplav : (smiles) Ok.

End of flashback

A tear rolls down on her cheek which tenses the caring husband. He puts his hand on her shoulder and asks for an explanation.

Viplav : Dhaani! Why are you crying ?
Dhaani : (gets awake and wipes her tear) Nothing. (searching for a reasonable excuse) I… I was just missing Maai.
Viplav : (laughs) Mad girl! When you have (covers her shoulders with his arms) such a (gets his head closer to hers at each word) caring, loving, handsome husband and the most adorable and cutest son next to you, you are crying thinking about khakhi.
Dhaani : (smiles) Leave that. I just…
Viplav : (cups her face, with a loving tone) Hey! Dont be sad na. Otherwise I will start crying also.
Dhaani : (back on her senses, giggling) Actually, I am not mad, but you. Still a child inside.
Viplav : Haan! (looks at her lovingly) But this child knows to do (forces the tone) loads of things.
Dhaani : (laughs shyly) I know!
Viplav : And … (reassuring tone) don’t worry, we will meet khakhi very soon, after the functions.

Dhaani nods her head convincing him she was ok.
The family members were joined together for breakfast. Dhanush sit on a chair in between his parents, was fed quietly by his mother while Viplav was looking at him with a smile, having his own breakfast.

Viplav : (talks to the little boy) Is it yummy ?
Dhanush : (looks at his papa) A lot.
Viplav : Then congratulate your mumma, because she has made it.
Dhanush : I know that papa. (looks at his mother) I know mumma’s cooking very well. (looks again at Viplav) You don’t worry.

Dhaani giggles while Viplav stares at her angrily.

Daadi : Dhaani betha!

Dhaani turns to look at Daadi after feeding the bite of paratha in her hand to Dhanush.

Sushma : Eat something. You didn’t touch your food.

Viplav looks at Dhaani’s plate and notices it was full.

Viplav : (swallowing) Arey haan Dhaani! Eat something. (brings Dhanush’s place close to him) I will continue with Dhanush.
Dhaani : It’s ok Viplav! I will eat later after feeding Dhanush. And by the way, I am not really hungry.
Sushma : How can’t you be ? You didn’t eat anything since morning.
Kanak : Mahji, leave it!

Dhaani looks at her.

Kanak : If she is not hungry, then let her go.
Viplav : Alright! You keep feeding the child, and I will feed you.

Dhaani widens her eyes and slightly opening her mouth, goes backwards, while the innocent child was smiling big.

Dhaani : No no no ! I am ok. (looks at Daadi) Daadi, please tell him that I am fine. (looks at Viplav) Viplav… I promise. I will eat once Dhanush finishes.
Viplav : (points his plate) Have you seen his plate ? If you will wait, then be ready to wait for hours.
Dhaani : He is a child Viplav, it will take time na. And … I am fine. Not really hungry.
Viplav : At least let me continue feeding him na.
Dhaani : Viplav! First finish your breakfast. (teasing expression) And women in the house always eat after men and children. So I just follow that rule.
Viplav : But I won’t let MY wife follow that ok? Beacuse MY wife, MY rules, MY orders!
Dhaani : (frowns her brows) Oh! Stop giving your manly orders to wife. You are just the typical …
Dhanush : (eyes closed and shouts) AREY! (looks again at his mother) Mumma, if you have finished arguing with papa, then please give me my spoon. I can eat on my own.

Dhaani and Viplav look at each other and, embarrassed of their childish nok-jhoks, calm down and sits properly on their seats.

ViDha : Sorry!

Seeing the cute naughtiness of the young family, Daadi gets a broad smile, while Kanak makes some annoyed expressions.

Viplav : By the way, when is Daadaji coming back ?
Daadi : Don’t worry, he will be back for tomorrow.
Dhanush : Mumma!
Dhaani : Yes betha!
Dhanush : I am done. Can I go outside to play ?
Dhaani : Not now betha! Mumma & Papa haven’t finished, and you can’t go out alone na ? Go upstairs in the bedroom, I have brought your favorite games.
Dhanush : Yaaay! Thank you mumma.

He gets off his chair and runs to the bedroom.

Dhaani : (looking at Dhanush going) Careful betha! (looks at Daadi) By the way Daadi! At what time will Pankaj bhaiyaa & Shalu come here?
Shalini : We are here bhabhi!

Precap – Mystery to be revealed in the next chapter.

Thanks for reading! Keep commenting and telling your views.
Hey lovely IKRS family pellows! How are you all? Hope you are all doing well?
First sorry : sorry for having written a long part. I dont know if people like or not, so sorry. But I can tell you that I love that. Especially when it’s a story that I would be be waiting for ages.
Second sorry : I am actually sorry because I have had this part ready for long but still didn’t post. Why ? Because I am literally being pagal in my mind… No but seriously. I could have posted it earlier but got busy with college.
Anyhow! Finally finished 7 chapters!! My goodness I am feeling so happy. 7 chapters means 21 posts of IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction.
I cant believe it has gone so far. Recently I was reading the story from the beginning and I was like “Did I really write all this?” I was completely stunned! xD
But here we are. And chapter 8 is also on the progress of its second part. And I don’t think I will post only IKRS-AIFF parts. So that I could take time to shape up everything.
And I recently got a new concept thanks to a close friend of mine, a kind of mutifandom story about college life. I won’t post it I think because I dont want to mix other stars with IKRS family members but it was juts to tell you that I am having so many fictions in mind and in pending that once I get inspiration for one, I start writing that story and I concentrate on the other ones only when I am not inspired on a story. I have basically 8 draft pages on my mailbox that I daily use. I am literally pagal…
I don’t even know why I am blabbering this much right and wasting your precious time. Once I hold this keyboard, I just start typing, typing, and typing… Sorry for this loooooong message. It’s not going to change your life so dont read it. You might be thinking “Why is she telling this after we read all?” right now.
Thanks for reading once again. Let’s meet on my next post.
PS : For those I couldnt comment yet, I have read all the stories but just got my computer in hand and being free, I will comment. Pakka!
With lots of love!

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing yaar! So finally girl’s mystery is revealed though it’s a bit one but will wait.. Dhanush my goodness, he is damb cute baby and our vidha, never change a bit, feeling very happy to see I mean imagine them like this aur kanak rani ko full on ignore maaro as she isn’t worthy to talk about! Overall wonderful episode.. keep going!

    1. Shruthy

      It will be revealed, abhi tak revealed nahin hui. xD
      Awww thank you. I actually don’t know how to talk like a baby so I write proper dialogues but still trying ti bring innocence in his talks. ViDha tho, as always. Nok jhoks and all.. <3 Aww glad you do.
      LOL you killed me. But yeah she is … chudail saasu mah like Eisha said. xD
      Thank you thank you thank you <3

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yeah I know but at least it’s shown that she might be kidnap by someone that’s what I understood after reading this! No yaar u have given epic dialogues to Dhanush! Gosh I would have give him a tight kissi if he would have present in front of me! Hmm she is actually! But apart of kanak I like kajal nishad, she is quite beautiful!
        No welcome bus keep entertaining us!

      2. Maha_Aijaz

        OMG that was “no thank u just keep entertaining us!” Pata nahe kia hogaya hai mujhe?

    2. Shruthy

      Soon you will know 🙂 I have finished writing that part. Don’t know if it will e enough satisfying but well…
      I meant to say the baby language, like you did with VIdhi. Woh mujhe aata nahin :/ But glad you liked them. You know what? even I wanna kiss that boy. Whhenever I write his scenes I am kinda melting.
      Like she is cute. And the all crew & cast are indeed close to each other.
      Theek hai! Will try my best to entertain you.

  2. Aiswarya

    dii the episode was simply mind blowing………………….actually i was thinking maha di ,maria and goldie mam has posted the next part so i thought that u will also post n i was super duper happy to see ur ffs cover pic . i like ur writing style very much n u have a very good potential in writing .
    Dhanush is so sweet .love his character very much .there is a actor named dhanush na ????
    oh mystery is going to get revealed i’m so exited to read the next chapter .di u are not wasting our precious time instead u are making it precious .why kanak is not changing ????? how sweet will be their family when kanak n dt will turn positive .
    how are u di ??hope u are doing well n how is ur classes going on???
    love u too
    post the next chapter whenever u are free

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Aiswaria darling. <3 Oh yeah I havent seen that coincidence but glad it happened like you thought 🙂 Awww that's too sweet :*
      Glad you like him. Yes the Kollywood actor Dhanush 🙂 but I chose the name mainly because Dhaani is too religious and the son is quite attached to his mother na, and also because it easily starts with "Dhan" like her name.
      Yeah hopefully, if I don't get to add too much stuffs in between, you guys might come to know what happened on that night 🙂
      Aww that's too overwhelming, so sweet of you to say!
      I know it will be, but it will be the end of the story. i want to keep that tashan still…
      I am not really good, having an earache since Thursday morning and it literally hurts me to death. Like it's burning, hurting. I think it is swollen inside of my ear and so it hurts and I feel it closed. ANyhow leave it. How are you?
      Classes tho… as usual. Going on…
      I am actually waiting to write more to be able to post. And I might post eBeacsue DEstiny Has Become Our Love Story before it… Just not to post the same story

      1. Aiswarya

        Did I consult a doctor? ?

    2. Shruthy

      Couldn’t get an appointment and then weekend. But now feeling much better. I guess the swolen part will also get better.

  3. Sujie

    shruthy……it is awesome rey…..
    fantastic…… mystery revealed….
    Ignoring Kanak Tripathi…. Hayee….every part is awesome…..
    Dhanush is sweetie pie….. He knows Privacy kya hoti hai….
    Viplav’s kiss on dhaani’s cheek…. awesome…… Riding on a nostalgia wala train since last few days….
    You are awesome…. And it feels soo good to read such nice stories….. NO need to apologize at all…..
    and one question….. When will you post other ff of yours….

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Sujie. <3 Hmm no it's not the mystery, that child is unknown to Dhaani. She just got emotional seeing her.
      HAHA thank yoy so much. But I had to show her too na, like that chudail is still there…
      Yes he is 🙂 HAHA yeah too smart. He knows his father and he is quite clever to know he wants them to be alone.
      Wanted to bring that romantic Viplav who always kept following Dhaani wherever she goes.
      Nostalgic train?
      Awww that's way encouraging and overwhelming. Thank you so much <3 Glad you like the story.
      Baarish has been posted. Actually, its chapters wont be posted on the IKRS page, as characters' names are different. So TU post them on "Fan Fictions" section. If you want, you can go through the list of posts in my profile page. And this is the link to the 3rd episode of Baarish : http://www.tellyupdates.com/baarish-episode-3/
      Because Destiny, I am on process, let's see if I can post it soon. But I have already written more than an episode, but it depends on my time ability.

  4. Areeb

    Hey Sruthy the writer! ? Okay. So basically, want to show my emotions but can’t really do so with words, *a bit bad in writing* so appreciating with a applaud for the whole narration parts! ? Phenomenal to it’s own bench mark of cuteness, smart and affectious way of describing the enacting emotions. ❤
    The Dhanush Baby- I’m afraid he is gonna snatch the much cute Vidha’s place with his way cute antics. ?
    The breakfast table part was my favorite of today’s lot. ?
    Flashback was again very well written yet was making it’s way to my eyes. Sad but moreover anxious to read about the mystery!!
    Shalu & Pankaj too came! Great! ?

    1. Shruthy

      Hey Areeb the criticiser. <3 Glad to see your comment. 😀
      Awww you are not bad. You have better language capacities than me. i am just a learner.
      Thank you thank you thank you *bows down* I feel honoured you are liking my narration. Trying to improve it though :/ And yeah hopefully I am enough satisfying as to reveal the emotions clearly.
      Awww that's so sweet. But kya kare? He is literally the fruit of Viplav&Dhaani together. Tho double cuteness in one single person. The three of them make the "Cute Young Family". *__*
      HAHA glad you liked that scene. Even I enjoyed writing actually. I don't wanna lose that ViDha nok-jhok spirit. <3
      Oh! So it made you feel. Happy happy!! <3
      It will be here in the next chapter, I have already written it actually but don't know if it will be up to expectations.
      Haaan. A lot to know soon…

    2. Areeb

      Who? Me? ? Okay Okay. Now when here on TU the foundation has also led so, I should accept the title. ? *Bows Down*
      Well, if this blown away narration is just your draft then God only knows what will be the final submission. ?
      Waiting for the next now! Ah! You always do amaze us! ?

      1. Shruthy

        Haan you xD Taaliyaaan! <3
        LOL you cant imagine how many mistakes and changes I do each time I read the part. Mind is getting new ideas at every reading.
        Awww way flattered chellam. Thank you <3

  5. Angel20

    This was awesome yaar! Amazing really!! You are too good! And it was long but I enjoyed reading it!! ?? And what is the mystery? I’m not getting it!! Which mystery? I guess I missed a part! Ok so post the next part soon!

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Mariiiiiia darling. <3 Glad to know you liked it. 🙂
      Yeah sorry. Trying to trim the parts but it's harder as I have to fill the scenes and cut at a suspense point too. So either it's short or long.
      Mystery matlab, something that happened 7 years. As the leap was started with a suspense. (Chapter 6 – Part 3)
      Will post it once I have written enough, promise 🙂

  6. Lakshmi

    hai shruthy…. the epi was awesome..viplav’s naughtiness..cute nhok jhok of vidha…dhanush…haan perfect..feeling very sorry for that girl..i think she should tell this to viplav..he will surely do something..i think hum sabko kuch na kuch toh karna hai, right..? yeah waiting for the mystery revealed…
    and ya its okay…we accept ur sorrys… 🙂

    1. Shruthy

      Hey Laki! Thank you <3 Glad you liked those moments 🙂 WHta? About what the girl incident?
      Kya karna hai?

      1. Lakshmi

        😉 i think some misunderstandings… 🙁 actually i was reading in a hurry burry.. so will read it again and clear it… sorry dear.. lagtha hai main hi kuch galath mathlab nikal diya..

    2. Shruthy

      No may be I didn’t get what you asked.

      1. Lakshmi

        chod na yaar kuch nahi

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