IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 7 – Part 2)


Recap – 7 years leap in ViDha’s story. Introduction of their son Dhanush singing bhajans at the Temple prayers, and sharing a sweet bond with his parents and his Rajlakshmi maasi. Viplav offers his son an ice-cream while Dhaani was against, which made her get angry with him.

Episode 7 – Part 2

He then goes from there joining his wife and son to his car. He sees Dhaani setting Dhanush on his back seat and goes close to her, while the lady was still unaware of his presence. Once her work done and Dhanush continuing his ice-cream, she stands straight on her feet and returns back to take her seat when she gets surprised to fall on her naughty husband. Seeing him, she again shows anger on her face.

Dhaani : Get off my way, I want to get in my seat.
Viplav : (naughty smile) First … I want a smile.

Dhaani shows a fake smile which makes her husband laugh.

Dhaani : Because you have done such a great job na.

She erases her fake smile and then, pushing him, walks towards her seat while Viplav looks at her going, smiling. He then sits on his driver seat while Dhaani was sitting next to him. Both put on his seatbelt when unwillingly, his hand touches hers. She furiously looks at him while he was trying to convince her.

Viplav : I.. I am sorry. Accidentally…

She turns her head towards her side window crossing her arms and he holds the steering, unaware of how to convince his lovely wife.

Viplav : (looks through the rear-view mirror and talks to Dhanush) All set my boy?
Dhanush : (mouth ful of ice-cream) Yesh !
Viplav : (laughs) Good! And (bends quite towards Dhaani, his eyes in the corner of their sight) what about you madamji?
Dhaani : Go now!
Viplav : Alright! Then let’s go.

He starts the car and drives back home. Driving, he keeps stealing glances at his wifey who, noticing it, gives a dare look and looks through the window. Viplav smiles and looks in front of him when suddenly he hits the break because of a car that coming from the other direction, was to be hit with them. Dhaani, who was not expecting either, looks forward falling and to get balance, rests her two hands on her front. The speed of his break shook the vehicle, and so the little Tripathi dirties his red sherwani.

Dhanush : (bending down due to sudden break) Mumma!

Dhaani, hearing her son calling, turns to look back. She gets scared seeing he bent down.

Dhaani : Dhanush!

She takes off her seat belt and getting off her place, runs to the back seat.

Dhaani : (sit next to her son) Dhanush betha, are you ok?
Dhanush : (stands right on his seat, with a broad smile) I am fine mumma! But…

He suddenly has a look at his dress which was, as he guessed, decorated of white cream. He slowly raises his head up to his mumma who stares at the dirt with surprised eyes.

Dhanush : Sorry mumm…
Dhaani : No worries baby! Why are you asking sorry? (takes the ice cream from his hand) It happens.

She looks for her purse and takes out a handkerchief. She cleans his little mouth and, following it, his dress.

Dhaani : Hmm look! It’s mostly gone. (smiles at her son) Once back home, mumma will clean it, ok?
Dhanush : Ok.

She then looks back at Viplav but he was not in his seat. For a second, she actually forgot they were going to meet with an accident. But thanks to bhagwanji, everything was going well. She notices him talking to someone, a man who looked quite angry.

Man : Are you blind? Can’t you drive properly?
Viplav : I am extremely sorry. I actually…
Man : Is this road on your dad’s name?
Viplav : No but …
Man : If you want to argue or romance with your wife, then please keep all this at home. Not in public!
Viplav : (quite angry) Sir! I am asking sorry na. Then why are you bringing my family in this? If there were any damages, I was also ready to pay you for them. But fortunately, there is not even a scratch.
Man : Oh! Because you wanted our car to have one also.
Viplav : Sir, you are getting too much now. Do you know who I…
Female voice : We are really sorry sir. Hopefully your journey remains safe.

Viplav turns back to see his Dhaani standing there.

Man : Hmm… Alright! I am letting you go free this time. Just because this woman is telling it.

Viplav was getting angry hearing his sudden change of tone. How dare he tries to talk like this?

Man : (addressing to Dhaani) I am sorry for all the trouble madam. I hope you are not disturbed.
Dhaani : No I…

Dhaani feels embarrassed and looks down when Viplav makes a fist of his hand.

Man : By the way madamji…
Viplav : Oyyye! Biwi hai hamari! Viplav Tripathi’s wife! Better you keep your limits bhai saab.

That man was indeed shocked of Viplav’s sudden interpellation. He might be a non-Banarasi not to know who Viplav Tripathi was.

Man : I… I … I am sorry.

Viplav’s tone was so hard that hearing, the poor man ran away from the place getting to his car, while Dhaani was giggling at the entire drama. Once the guy gone, Viplav turns to look at Dhaani who suddenly changes her expression into a serious one and faces Viplav.

Dhaani : If everything is done, can we go back home? Dhanush needs to change his dress. Your ice-cream dirtied it.
Viplav : H…

But before he could even breathe to tell the word, she goes away from there. He looks at his angry young woman and sighs discretely.

Viplav : I can even manage a world, but this woman…

They finally reach the Ayodya Nivas and Viplav stops the car engine. They take off their seat belts and both get down the vehicle. He then opens the back door and takes care of their little boy who was waiting for his parents’ arms to get down while Dhaani takes the small purchases in her hands.

Viplav : (holds his son by his arms and takes him out) Aaja aaja aaja! (Dhanush’s head above his shoulder) Let’s change… our dress.

He takes his son out and closes the door to lock it out while Dhaani was also ready to enter in, quite lost in thoughts.

Viplav : (looks at Dhaani) Dhaani!

She gets waken up and faces Viplav with a confused look.

Viplav : What happened? Let’s go inside na.
Dhaani : Yeah sure.

The three of them finally go in the residence together. Reaching the door, they step in and fall on Ramdeen khakha who was cleaning the small table in the middle of the living room. He notices the young family standing there and standing up, goes to bring some water for the three of them. Viplav and Dhanush keep smiling while Dhaani was still feeling confused.

Viplav : (smiles and looks at Dhanush) Finally home!

He lets his son down on the floor and once on his feet, the little boy runs to meet his Badi Daadi. He knew where she was as always. He reaches the little mandir and he gets happy of his correct guess. The eldest woman of the house was indeed involved in her daily prayers at home. Eyes closed, she didnt notice the little man standing next to her looking at her. He slowly gets something out from his sherwani pocket and forwards his hand towards his Badi Daadi. Meanwhile, Viplav and Dhaani slowly join them and get a smile on their face seeing their little star. They feel so happy and proud of their own child.

Dhanush : Daadi!

Hearing that soft and childish voice, Daadi opens her eyes and looks down on her right to fall on her adorable great-grandson.

Sushma : Arey re! Look who is here.
Dhanush : Daadi, I have brought some prasad for you. (smiles)

She notices his small hand in front of her face and that small bit of prasad he brought for her.

Sushma : Awwwn! Is this for me?
Dhanush : Haan! This is for my daadi!
Sushma : (takes it) Thank you.

She takes a small piece and feeds him while the latter does the same to her.

… : Ramdeen!

That voice attracts everyone’s attention, especially the little boy’s scare. That person comes near that mandir where, she falls on the 4 of them. She doesnt take time to even shows irritation to Dhaani and smiles at Viplav who replies the same.

Kanak : Oh! Back from the Temple Viplav betha!
Viplav : Haan mah!

The mother-in-law then looks again at Dhaani who was standing next to her son with an annoyed expression (like always). The young woman, not even caring for her single spoon of attention, goes to Dhanush and after taking blessings from her Daadi, lifts him in her arms.

Dhaani : (looks at the little boy showing a smile) Let’s go betha! We have to change your dresses na.

They walk away from here while Viplav was looking at his wife and son going quite sad and annoyed of the daily tashan between his family women. It has been approximatively 9 years Dhaani has become his but his family didn’t accept her. And whenever her mother calls her as the little daughter-in-law, that was certainly to taunt her. Except his Daadi, none was enough willing to understand his deep love for her.

Kanak : (goes to Viplav) Betha, have you had your breakfast? Come, I will serve you.
Viplav : Ji. I will get freshened up and come back.
Kanak : Ok!

Precap – Viplav, Dhaani & Dhanush’s family scenes in the bedroom.

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Hey guys! Ok, it has been a while I haven’t posted anything on the platform, and I am extremely for it. But I was quite busy and didn’t even get proper time to log on through my computer. Finally that I am on weekend, I have decided to post the next part not to long more.
Thank you once again for opening the page, reading, feeling, and sharing your opinions. Signing off until coming with the next part.
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  1. Sujie

    Shruthy…….its awesome…….
    Truly….. you are amazing writer……
    Don’t know why but I imagined Viplav’s sarcasm…and Tana tana tana tann tann…… shown when Viplav says his full name with Tashan…and attitude …..
    go on dear….. loving this little bundle of joy…Dhanush….
    Kanak raani….. Really she has not changed a bit…..
    She have not accepted Dhaani…bit have accepted their family’s continuing heir Dhanush….from Dhaani…. Kalyug…this is…..
    go on Shruthy….keep rocking

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Sujie chellam :* But no I am not. I am just a debutant 🙂
      I actually loved whenever he shows that attitude telling “Viplav Tripathi ki/ka …” and I thought to use it xD but glad you liked it.
      So do I! Dhanush is a cutie pie. <3
      Woh toh aise hi rahegi :p I didnt say she has accepted him … Kalyug??
      I am shining because my stars are brightening my days <3 So as long as you are here with your love and support

      1. Sujie

        Shruthy…… ???
        I meant Kalyug ….where people are just like a vessel without base…that can roll anywhere ……
        KANAK RAANI ….. MAYBE she pretended to accept him …..
        But jo bhi ho……
        Dhanush hamara cutie baby ….. And ViDhaa❤️❤️❤️❤️
        Keep rocking dear

    2. Shruthy

      Thanks dear ! Right now writîg the next episodes while breaktime.

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing! Amazing! and Amazing! Maza agaya parh k seriously.. that man was quite ajeeb he was too rude with viplav but after seeing dhani he became too soft well it happens in reality too so that part was natural! Poor viplav he is trying hard to convince dhani but our dhani has become quite stubborn as a cute wife.. Dhanush is too cute yaar his dialogues are less but filled with cuteness.. kanak tw phr kanak hai, she will not change so easily.. I wonder if she loves Dhanush or not, good that dhani ignored her saasu maa.. Is dt changed ? And dhani has started living with them even though she knows their reality.. last thing where is that baby girl well to get these answers I have to wait patiently.. Anyways episode was lush as always.. u nailed it!
    Post the next one little sooner yaar please please!

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks my pyaari si pari <3 Oh glad to know that <3
      LOL don't worry he is gone xD haan it happens unfortunately…
      Haha but that's not too much don't worry. Usual nok-jhoks xD
      Haan tho I am quite clueless of what to make him say. Cute bhi hona chahiye, so it's hard…
      As usual yes. Actually I havent written proper scenes of them yet so for now cant say anything.
      Lol yeah Dhaani is still distant actually.
      Actually more will be known in the next episode so… wait and read! 🙂
      Will try for sure. Working on all stories at the same time because I dont have inspiration for one everytime. So always changing…

  3. Aiswarya

    shruthy di….its mind blowing…………literally it was awesome ………..you write so good di…..kanak is still the same not changed a bit .
    Dhanush is too cute
    di where is our baby girl did anyone kidnapped her ??????
    i know i have to wait to know all these
    try to publish your works
    plz post the next part soon

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Ais <3 Oh man you flatter me so much :*
      HAha yes she is indeed..
      Keep reading to know exactly what happened.
      Hopefully I will finish the next part very soon and post it. Working on many stories actually so it's harder to post everyday

  4. Areeb

    Much cute Family Bond! ❤ Loved the whole car wala scene. ?? Kanak didn’t accept Dhaani!? ? Why!? If I’m not messing up the story, I remember when Viplav got to know about Dhaani expecting his child and Kanak knew this still she throw Dhaani out of AN.. Question is what initiative Viplav took on this ? I’m unable to recall, did Viplav confronted them about the same?
    Anyways, good going. Tell you what amongst all writers here you are the one who writes in detail. A proper bit by bit lengthy yet convincingly complete scene. So applause for that.

    And And And.. Now I hope you are working on Barish. Cause I’m desperately waiting for that!! ?

    1. Shruthy

      Haha glad you liked that scene. <3
      Kanak has never accepted her, and she is a vamp. SO…
      Actually Viplav was quite upset indeed but more on himself. And yeah Kanak didn't accept Dhaani even after hearing the news, and Viplav stayed at the ashram till the delivery in Mumbai. After that what happened will be revealed little by little, progressively, in the upcoming episodes. 🙂 Hopefully what I will bring will be enough satisfying and realistic though.
      OMG that's way too cute of you to say. I am glad you actually like that. I am indeed maniac and I so want readers to imagine the same I do. So I prefer to detail the most but haan sorry in case it bores you sometimes, because reading such long and detailed scenes can sometimes bore a lot.
      Aww really? Don't worry I thought to post it next so working on it too. Glad you like it also.

      1. Areeb

        Oh that’s it I wanted to confirmed that I didn’t miss anything. ? Nope. Not at all. I love detailing. ?

    2. Shruthy

      Well sorry if I confused you at any moments in the storyline. Hopefully you are clearly getting it right now ?
      Oh well that’s nice to know. ?

  5. Lakshmi

    oh shruthy…it was perfect…I think I am reading this one after a long time….but well it was superb….
    and haan I think I didn’t read the part of leap…never noticed their son..especially his name dhanush…tell me the truth…r u a dhanush fan..? so u give this name to vidha’s child…right..?
    anyways he is so cute….not only him..viplav and dhani bhi bohat ache lag rahe hai ek sath…
    and no worries yaar jab chahe upload karna….

    1. Shruthy

      sorry the reply got separated, dont know how –‘

      1. Lakshmi

        its ok dear 🙂

  6. Shruthy

    Thanks Laki <3 Ohh well, I have the previous part around the end of August I guess… Well I dont really remember.
    Oh really? Anyhow! Here you can find all the links, so in case you want to remind anything… https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aEFi_5NzmvlgJoup3QyYLy1pinsXiThvqiyTGVGMAUU
    Of course I am his fan. But that's basically because Dhanush means the arc, like Shiva's dhanusu… And as Dhaani is quite religious, and that was a name starting from "Dhan", I put it. Simple at it is. :p But I actually took Dhanush's reference in a flashback scene, if you remember. xD
    Haha that's the cutie family na. Young and adorable! <3
    Thank you :*

    1. Lakshmi

      ok will use this to cover ur previous ones….anyway thanks dear…
      u cares abt tiny things while writing….its really appreciable…i loved ur views…
      no dear not…no idea..
      haan it is…like our ikrs family….
      welcome dear..:)

      1. Shruthy

        Cover what?
        Glad you like that ☺️ true ❤️

    2. Lakshmi

      hey i mean i had missed some epis of urs….so will cover it by this.. 🙂

      1. Shruthy

        Oh ok sorry xD

  7. Any one plzzz tell me is show ki.timing….

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