IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 7 – Part 1)


Episode 7 – Part 1

7 years later, Banaras
The same Banarasis walking on the roads, the same devotees purifying and removing all their sins in the saint Gange. Everything remained the same in Banaras… well, almost everything.
Morning time. Sun rises and wakes up the devoted Banaras with its beautiful rays. Each house was getting ready for their morning recital. The women were preparing their taali to go to the temples, to listen to his prayers.
Prayer time has already started at the temple. Salesmen were busy selling flower garlands and other stuffs for prayers. Slowly, climbing the stairs of the temple to reach His murti, we could hear a mesmerizing and soulful voice. A tone singing God’s grace, that impressed all the devotees there. Coming closer to the temple, Banarasis were seen standing there next to each other attending the recital.
Eyes closed, everyone was clapping the rhythm of the song while the pandit was venerating God with the divine melody of his bell and showing him the diya.

“Durga maah ki … JAI!”

That was it. They rang the last words of their prayers to the Goddess Durga. Panditji comes with the taali of diya and showers the devotees of blessings. Suddenly he bends quite down, like he was facing someone shorter than him.

Panditji : Betha, here you go! Take the prasad.

Two soft and little hands get forwarded towards the pandit and the latter gives the prasad. Holding the prasad, slowly the camera, coming from his back, focuses on the face starting from the neck part. Discovering the face, we get to know it was a little boy.

Little boy : (smiles at the pandit) Thank you panditji.

Suddenly the little boy looks around him searching for someone while the pandit looks at him confused.

Panditji : Who are you looking for betha?

The little boy then looks at the pandit, smiling and showing victory.

Little boy : For them.

He then turns back and runs down the stairs, reaching a group of women who were standing in front of the flower stands. He suddenly stops his race and because of the speed of his feet, falls on one of the ladies, who was wearing some coloured clothes while the others were covered by the color of purity.

Little boy : (hugging the lady’s legs and looking upside at the face level) Mumma!

Feeling the contact of the small thing, the lady, who was showing her back, shows a smile on her undiscovered face (only her lips were shown curving).

Lady voice : My baby has come kya ?

One of the white ladies look behind her and slowly gets down next to the little boy.

Lady : And here is our little super singer. Taaliyaan!

She starts applauding, when the others follow her gestures, making the little thing show his cutest smile.

Little boy : Raji khakhi, how was my recital ?
Lady : Fantastic! After all, it was Raji khakhi’s sweet super singer na ?
Little boy : (eyes plaited and mouth widely open showing his little teeth set) YES! Then (forwards his hand) where is my ice-cream?
Lady : Awww! How can I forget that? (pats her forehead) Stupid girl!

She stands on her feet.

Lady : (forwards her hand to hold his) Let’s go to buy ice-cream.

Suddenly, a familiar voice makes its entry.

Lady voice : Nahin Rajlakshmi!

Raji khakhi turns her head to look towards that voice, and reveals her identity.

Rajlakshmi : What happened ?
Lady voice (showing her from the back) : No more ice-cream.
Lady #2 : But betha, let him eat na. He wants to eat one only. Nothing will happen to him.
Lady voice : No badi amma, he already had two yesterday. If he does the same everyday, then…
Badi amma : But….
Little boy : (looking upside quite sad) Mumma !

Hearing her son calling, she turns back to look at her and, slowly, her face gets shown and reveals Dhaani playing the mother role. She gets down closer to the little man with that confidence she will not get convinced.

Dhaani : (cups his face) Dhanush betha!

Dhanush looks at his mother sadly.

Dhaani : You are my good son no? If mumma tells it, then mumma has a reason behind.
Dhanush : Hmmm.
Dhaani : (caresses his cheek) Good boy!

She kisses on his cheek.

Man voice (shown from the back, looking at the ladies) : Ice-cream anyone?

Hearing that voice, the little boy gets a smile on his face and turns his head on his right to fall on him.

Dhanush : (with a bigger smile) YAAAY ice-cream!

The little thing gets off his mother’s grip and runs to that man when Dhaani looks on, shaking her head negatively. Once reached the man, Dhanush raises his head and looks at him.

Dhanush : I want ice-cream.
Man voice (voice heard still showing Dhanush) : Haan haan of course you will have one na. How can my champion not have one ?

He slowly bends down and once facing the little boy, forwards an ice-cream to feed him. But he stops suddenly his move and takes back his hand.

Man voice : You will have one in a condition.
Dhanush : Condition ?
Man voice : Where is my thank you for bringing ice-creams?
Dhanush : Papa, how can I thank you without tasting it?

Slowly, the man turning his head on the left, we can discover our hero, “vakeel babu”‘s face.

Viplav : (looks on the right side) Arey haan! That’s also correct. (looks at Dhanush again with his thinking but cute expression) What to do now ?

Dhanush looks up fixing his thinking pose on his face and then, showing a smile on it, looks back at his father.

Dhanush : Idea!

He takes the ice-cream from Viplav’s hand and slowly covers his lips of the soft vanilla cream, while Viplav was looking at him confused but smiling. Suddenly, with his ice-cream wala mouth, he gets closer to Viplav’s face and kisses on his cheek. Viplav smiles widely amused because of his gesture while Dhanush gets off him. The latter faces his little one with love and smile which makes the little boy smile also.

Dhanush : (licks the ice-cream on his lips and then smiles showing his teeth) Thank you papa.
Viplav : (pinches his chubby cheek) You’re most welcome baby.

He forwards his arms and lifts his son in his arms. Once standing on his feet, he looks and smiles at his son, and then looks at the other ladies with that same smile. Suddenly he falls on her face which was clearly showing anger and loses that smile.

Viplav : (staring at Dhaani) Hmm (coughs) champion! Let’s go to our car now hmm?

Dhaani crosses her arms looking at him.

Viplav : (looks at his son) We have to meet Daadi and give her prasad na.
Dhanush : Yes papa. Let’s go!

The cute boy turns his head to look at his mother who was still standing there.

Dhanush : Mumma, chale?

Dhaani smiles at her son and goes to him. She then forwards her arms and holding her son in them, goes from the place leaving Viplav alone. The latter stares at her going when suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder. He looks at that hand and that person, which brought a smile on his face. It was Badi Amma.

Viplav : I know, I need courage to face her now.

Precap – Viplav is driving stealing glances at his wifey. He then looks in front of him when suddenly he hits the break because of a car which coming from the other direction, was to be hit with them.

Hey beautiful people!
Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Alright, it has been so long that I haven’t posted anything on the platform, mostly one month I guess. And I couldn’t even write properly on free times too. Either I was not inspired when had time, or I didnt have time when inspired. But I made my maximum to make it possible and here I am with my next part.
I know it might be quite short and look quite boring, but I am posting with hopes that next ones will be much better.
I am also writing two other ones for Telly Updates so I hope I will be able to bring them too.
Thanks for reading once again. I really missed you all.
With lots of love!

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  1. Sujie

    Shruthy….you took a break and see you gave us a wonderful episode after coming back….. It was not at all boring…okay ????
    Dhanush….. Cutie pie…I don’t know why but I imagined Atharva as Dhanush..and trust me …I enjoyed the whole scene…..
    Keep going dear ??

    1. Shruthy

      Oh well it’s up to your imagination dear, but haan he is 7 years old here and not 4/5 ☺️

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey shruthy! So finally u have posted ;-p Episode was amazing.. Starting was too adorable re the way u described the scenery was awesome.. Then the way u introduced raj lakshmi, dhani, viplav and badi amma was wonderful.. How can I forget that kid.. My goodness he was looking too cute, his antics were super cute.. Loved it
    Hopefully u will post the next one little sooner <3 eagerly waiting for it as entry of vidya is left.. wait is she alright I mean 7 years back something happened in hospital that mystery is to be reveal yet.. Haaiinna ? khair waiting for the next episode!

    1. Shruthy

      Yes finally xD after ONE MONTH of absence.
      Thanks <3 Glad you liked the way they were introduced. Wanted to bring that entry of a new world wala feeling, like all leaps.
      Haha I haven't talked a lot about him, may be that's why. Or may be one month of absence made you forget the story xD
      Hopefully yes. Working on them.
      Yeah so many things to happen indeed in the next updates. Hopefully I will be at the level of your expectations and won't disappoint you.

  3. Areeb

    Shruthy Shruty!!! MashaAllah you are very talented! ? You should really think about writting something seriously other than the casual stories! You’ve really gotten a spark of emotions in your writing. You can easily make one dwey-eyed.
    Episode was so fime & pure! Those lips dipped in Vanilla ice cream- That little kid with his Daddy! ? Love! ?
    That night at hospital seven years back. Something happened that brought a rift in ViDhaani!! I hope not!!
    Very curious to know why Viplav needs courage to face Dhaani- the past incident.

    1. Shruthy

      OMG this is way too much dear. You are such an inspiration! <3 Glad I can make you feel the emotions. But I don't deserve so much. I am seriously not that skilled in writing.
      Thanks for liking those scenes with the kid.
      Haan. Revelation very soon. More to be known soon. And don't worry, it's not a rift. Just reassuring you in that fact.
      Haha well husbands need courage to face the angry wifey na :p

  4. Aiswarya

    So sorry for not commenting in the previous episodes
    Di it’s a mind blowing episode as always ?? I like ur style of writing very much
    Di u are sooooooooooooooooooooo talented ?? u should start writing novels or u can publish ur ff’s . It’s tooooo good di

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