IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 6 – Part 3)


Episode 6 – Part 3

Dhaani makes Vidya sleep cradling her on her warm and motherly laps when, under the door, some smoke started appearing and came to cover the room slowly. Dhaani doesnt notice anything until she smells something strange, and quite scary.

Dhaani : What is this? (smells) Where is this weird smell from ?

She lays the baby girl on the bed and stands up. Once on her feet, she walks towards the door with the instinct the unusual odour comes from there. However, at each step of hers, smoke keep increasing its volume. It becoming stronger, Dhaani starts feeling dizzy and not walking properly. She suddenly falls unconscious on the ground, unaware of anything that happens around her.
Viplav comes towards the room smiling with his child when the room door gets open from the inside. Someone was coming out from the room. Who it is, that is something unable to know because of the dark corridor, and so was that someone, fully covered. Viplav didn’t give any attention to anything except his child, which helped that person to go away. Unfortunate, that person hits itself on the small bench and gets noticed because of the sound. Viplav who heard the hit, looks up and sees that person. Unaware of being noticed, he goes away from there rushing while Viplav was staring at him confused.

Viplav : Why does that person look quite strange to me ?

Viplav goes to the door of the room and opens it when he sees Dhaani laid on the floor unconscious. He gets shocked and gets down close to her.

Viplav : (touches her shoulders) Dhaani!

He tries to make her turn on her back when he notices her unconscious state, which makes him get more tensed.

Viplav : Dhaani! (shakes her shoulders) Dhaani wake up. Dhaani!

He feels quite uncomfortable on holding the child. So he decides to lay him on his bed. He gets closer to the bed when he looks shocked.
Dulaari was in her deep thoughts while Radha was making her bed. Maya who was coming in the room to talk to Radha, notices the aunt being lost somewhere else. Confused, goes near her and takes her seat next to Dulaari.

Maya : (puts her hand on Dulaari’s shoulder) Aunty, what happened ?

Radha gives her attention to her words and look at both of them.

Dulaari : (looks at Maya) Nothing betha. Just like that.
Radha : Aunty, should I bring some coffee or tea for you?
Maya : Bhabhi, you relax. I will bring.
Dulaari : No betha, I dont need thank you.
Radha : Why not ? You didn’t even anything at dinner. I will bring at least some milk. Maya, stay with Aunty.
Maya : Ok bhabhi.

Radha goes from there leaving Maya and Dulaari alone.

Maya : Aunty, do you believe me as your daughter like Dhaani?
Dulaari : (smiles) Of course. You all are like my own children.
Maya : Then why dont you want to share your pain with us ?
Dulaari : There is nothing like that Maya. I was just thinking about Dhaani and bachwaji.

Prem, walking on the corridor, gets to hear the conversation.

Maya : You mean Viplav bhaiyaa ?
Dulaari : Yes.
Maya : What happened between them aunty ? They seem to love each other so much. Then why were they separated?

Dulaari lets some tears roll down her cheeks. At that same moment, Prem enters the room.

Prem : Maya, what are you saying ? Why are you hurting aunty ?
Maya : No bhaiyaa you took me wrong. I was just asking aunty…
Prem : Enough Maya! Stop your childishness.

Radha was coming there with coffees and milk for all when she sees the siblings fighting.

Dulaari : Prem betha, why are you scolding her ? She didnt ask anything wrong.
Prem : No aunty, she should know she has limits.

Radha puts the tray in the table located in the middle of the room.

Maya : Bhaiyaa stop it. I am not a kid.
Prem : But your acts are so.
Radha : Oh God, stop it both of you.

She goes near them and stands between both.

Radha : You both siblings have nothing else to do seriously.
Maya : Bhabhi, tell him na. He started the fight.
Prem : Radha, tell her to stop being childish.
Radha : I said stop it.

Having spread a silence in that warm atmosphere, she sighs a deep breath.

Dulaari : Prem! You three are family now. There is nothing to be hidden between us.
Prem : (holds her hands) Aunty! I know, how much you both have suffered. Especially Dhaani during her pregnancy. We all might have been around, but deep inside, a voice was certainly asking for Viplav. She would have wished his side during these precious months. But now, he is back to her, and not ready to leave her alone. I have seen that pain in his eyes.
Dulaari : I know betha, that he won’t leave her. I trust his love and his concern.

The three look at Dulaari smiling.

Dulaari : There was a time when we both used to avoid him whenever he was trying to help us. (some flashback scenes are shown : Dulaari not liking Viplav staying in the ashram, especially being close with Dhaani). What you guys see now, was not the same at the beginning. In fact, (ViDha’s first meeting when Viplav asked for prasad at Dhaani with that smile while she looks at him embarrassed, and tried to avoid him, Viplav offering sweets to the widows and Dhaani refusing (imagine those flashback each time reading what Dulaari says after the brackets)) both’s meeting was actually (Viplav throwing colours on her white dress) a wrong beginning. At that time we didn’t know he would (Viplav and Dhaani looking at each other shocked at the court for the first case hearing on their ashram) become our lawyer and help us to save our ashram. And then, following it, (ViDha’s nok-jokhs and cute fights) Viplav & Dhaani always got into arguments. (Viplav trying to talk to Dhaani but she used to show anger on her face and go away) Viplav tried to befriend buchiya but she was not trusting him. However, the other ladies with whom we were living in that ashram (Viplav shown dancing and singing with Rajlakshmi, Viplav smiling and talking cutely with the olderwomen, Sita Maai crying when Viplav was leaving) really loved him so much. He was always (Viplav making fun, laughing with the ladies) having fun and laughing so much. But we (Dulaari yelling at Viplav, Dhaani crying and scolding Viplav while the latter didnt say anything, Dhaani slapping Viplav) blamed him of so many things, though he kept helping us, and he was always silent. He still kept friendship with Dhaani and she was also appreciating him but so many misunderstandings made that bond get broken often, and kept a distance between them. We never believed his words (Dhaani misunderstanding Viplav stole the ashram papers because of Dadaji, Dhaani blaming Viplav and going far away because of Kanak) but others’. He has even saved my buchiya’s life (Viplav saving Dhaani when she fainted and changed her drenched dresses) many times, especially (Viplav standing in front of Dhaani saving her from people who were throwing stones, Viplav saving her when Banarasis were trying to get her married and burn her alive) from Banaras people, as he disbelieved on all these rituals and traditions. He always stood by widows’ side. It took long time for me to understand and know him well. Slowly, they even (Viplav in love with Dhaani and looking at her lovingly at Sarla kaki’s shelter, Viplav confessing his love in front of the Banarasi people, Viplav confessing to Dhaani in the temple, Viplav trying to woo her, his smiles seeing her, Dhaani crying when Viplav was “going” to Boston, Dhaani finally confessing (imagine that from eqch scene, only a single moment and important one is shown, because otherwise you wouldn’t get time to imagine everything reading the small sentence :p)) fell in love and (ViDha’s sweet moment in all their marriage rituals) were ready to marry. But still, (misunderstandings following between ViDha because of people around, Viplav shattered after his father’s death, Dadaji & Kanak’s plannings to break their marriage) the world wasn’t ready to accept them. Fighting against that world, (Viplav applying sindoor on her hair line and making her wear the red colour thread, ViDha smiling at each other) both got married in secret and then (Viplav meeting Daani on nights at the ashram, ViDha’s sweet moments) love kept blossoming (Viplav hugging Dhaani, Viplav asking Dhaani for his special “sweet”, Dhaani attending Shalini’s marriage rituals as her bhabhi in secret) between both. But it had to get revealed (Viplav getting angry at the court and shouting his true relationship with Dhaani in front of everyone who look at them shocked, Kanak slaps Dhaani in front of
everyone, ashram ladies being happy hearing the news but not Viplav’s family members, Rajlakshmi faking anger with Dhaani and those cute moments in the ashram) in front of everyone when she was blamed again. After that, (Dhaani’s bidaai) bachwaji finally took his bride to home (Dhaani being insulted by Kanak and Viplav seeing it upset, Viplav supporting Dhaani against Kanak) against all the hurdles. His love (Viplav romancing with Dhaani, Dhaani wiping her tears before Viplav sees them, Dhaani being happy alongside Viplav) made her stronger. But still fate was not happy. It started (Viplav and Dhaani facing problems in the house, Viplav and Dhaani arguing because of the others, Dhaani crying feeling alone against the in-laws, Viplav leaving Dhaani in front of the ashram breaking all the relations, Dhaani crying thinking about Viplav) bringing thunders in my children’s
life. And then what was when she knew (Dhaani vomiting, doctor check up) she was expecting. And we were not in town to announce him. Fate brought us here and after that, you guys know what happened.

The three were looking at her with tears and were consoling her. Suddenly Prem’s phone rings and the latter goes to attend it.

Prem : Hello! … (shocked expression on his face) What ?

Precap – 7 years of leap. :*

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Hey guys! So it was a long one I know, so I hope it was not boring :p oops sorry for that word! It got to be a special episode about ViDha’s love story so hopefully you liked it.
I wont post for now so let’s meet in 2 weeks for another post. Until then lots of love.
WIth lots of love!

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    A big thank u shruthy for posting it .. Episode was fantabulous starting was mysterious really very curious to know what happened to dhani seriously my heart beats were increasing while reading it .. I think that man was tripurari :-/ poor vidhani just now they met and problems came 🙁 Then sis bro fight was a cute moment 🙂 dulari telling about everything was very lovely as it reminded us all sweet sad and adorable moments from starting to till now .. overall a perfect episode.. Thanks alot for sharing this .. precap is very interesting 7 years leap very excited now :-* .. Anyways enjoy ur trip .. love u <3

    1. Shruthy

      No problem 🙂 Haha that’s the suspense. But actually even I don’t know what to write precisely about that. I am quite confused and tired …
      THere is no life without problems unfortunately :/
      Haha that was something that came writing on its own… I always wished to have a big bro, as I so cherish this kind of bade bhai-choti behen rishta.
      Haha even that was smething unexpected. I mean that I was watching the old episodes often so I made it happen and then writing I felt it could be good if I try to dedicate a small part to ViDha’s story 😀
      awww it was not perfect ok? :p but thanks though

  2. Sujie

    Shruthy….. Each time Dhaani forwarded her step towards that smoke…. Heart beat stopped…but I didn’t die because I have to see the happy moments in this ff which are yet to come… You made me nostalgic….. Those golden episodes of IKRS keep flashing in my mind…..??? good job dear……keep rocking ???

    1. Shruthy

      Hahaha this made me smile indeed. I am happy you won’t die not seeing the happy moments :p I have to make it for your wish at least 🙂 I dont know if you are happy I made you feel nostalgic but well glad you could have imagined the scenes reading 🙂 thanks darling <3

  3. Sujie

    And precap….. 7 years leap….hope their is no more pain in Viplav Dhaani’s life ?????? do some magic…. And make upcoming moments gpfantabulous??????

    1. Shruthy

      I dont want to give any hopes and hints so just wait and see 🙂 I will certainly mix both happy and sad moments, but knowing me I might make it sad indeed :p but even I dont know what I will write as I have no time to write

  4. Renuverma

    Shruthy dear episode was nice but suspense kayam hai.
    What happened to dhani n who was that person who wanted to kill dhani n kids must be dts hand in it.
    DULARI telling each n every thing from episode till preleap was pretty nostalgic ?? 7 years leap is exciting. Longing for yr comeback.

    Wnjoy yr trip.?????

    1. Shruthy

      Haha I love suspense 😉
      Hmmm to know it keep reading IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction :p
      Thanks glad you liked it <3
      Thank you. I also miss writing a lot but enjoying the time spending visiting 🙂

  5. Angel20

    Wow you made me remember all those scenes once again!! The ashram scenes, cute knok-jhok , Viplav confessing his love in front of the banarasi people, Viplav confessing his love to Dhaani in the temple, Viplav trying to woo Dhaani, then Boston, Dhaani running and finally confessed her love to Viplav! Chup chupai scenes of ashram, sarla kaku’s house incidents… Those were the golden episodes!! Thank you so much for refreshing my mind!! And meet you with the next part after two weeks! And the precap!! 7 years leap! Omg!! Let’s see what you have in store for us!!

    1. Shruthy

      Glad you could have imagined the scenes Mariiiiiiiiiiiiia <3
      Yeah I even agree. Starting from those Sarla kaki wale scenes, ViDha scenes became even better though I also loved that naughty and cute Viplav scenes at the ashram, like when he used to irritate Dhaani and all…
      Well I am sorry but I dont think I will have the next part at my comeback :/ will still try to write.
      Haan indeed let's see what I have (because even I dont know :/)

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