IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 6 – Part 2)


Episode 6 – Part 2

Both smile at each other while the others were looking at them.

Maya : Woow ! Vidya & Dhanush.

Both Viplav & Dhaani look at Maya who seemed surprised and admiring.

Maya : I like it.
Prem : Yeah guys, I also like your selection a lot.
Radha : (smiles) And see, they have chosen it regarding their own names.
Maya : Arey haan! Vidya like papa Viplav and Dhanush like mumma Dhaani.

Dulaari look at Viplav and Dhaani who were looking so happy and takes the bad eyes off them rolling her hands around them.

Dulaari : Always stay happy.
Viplav : (in slow motion like Mishal does) Arey khakhiji! You must take the bad eyes off them first. I think that’s more urgent. (laughs)
Dulaari : I will take it off them too na bachwaji, don’t worry. (laughs)

And she takes a mark of her kaajal and applies black dots on the babies’ cheeks.

Dulaari : Hmm! Two for each one (looks at Viplav) Now happy? (laughs)
Viplav : Very happy.

And they all were having their happy and laughing moments cherishing the two children.

Later, in the evening,
Everyone except Dhaani and the children are outside, the ladies sitting on the bench while Prem was leaned on the wall, his arms crossed. A nurse is seen in the room checking Dhaani’s needs and then the latter goes to sleep.

Nurse : Alright madam. Good night!

Maya : (looks at Dulaari) Aunty, I think you need to take rest. Let’s go back home now.
Dulaari : No betha, I am fine. I don’t want to leave Dhaani alone.

While Viplav comes there taking some fresh air outside.

Radha : Prem & me are here na, and Viplav bhaiyaa also.
Prem : Yes aunty, you go home and take rest. We will stay here with her.
Viplav : Don’t worry Prem. You can all go back home.

All look at him.

Viplav : I will take care of them.
Radha : But Viplav bhaiyaa, how can…
Viplav : Dont worry, I can manage.
Prem : But …
Viplav : You guys go back home and take rest. You might be tired after the function also. Go and get freshened up.
Dulaari : Alright betha, as you wish.

Dulaari stands up from the chair along with Maya and Radha who help her. They get together with Prem and look at Viplav.

Prem : Ok as you wish. If there is any need of help please call us.
Viplav : Don’t worry, I will.
Maya : (looks and holds Dulaari by her shoulder) Let’s go aunty.
Radha : (looks at Viplav) Take care bhaiyaa.

Viplav smiles at them and they go from there leaving Viplav alone. Once all gone, he turns to look at the room door and walks towards it. He opens the door and looking at Dhaani who was laid in the bed along with their daughter, gets into it. He goes close to the bed and looks amazed at his sleeping beauties. He then turns his head and sees the baby boy sleeping on his own bed. He smiles at him and takes him into his hands.

Viplav : (taking the baby boy in his hands) Oh! Oh! (holding him near his face) Everyone left my baby alone kya? (gets his head sticked to his son’s and cradles him) Huuh? Has mumma left my son alone? (gets his son off him and smiling at him) Don’t worry little champ, papa is here!

He starts walking holding the child and talking to him.

Viplav : I am so sorry betha.

Those words coming out, their sound interrupts Dhaani’s sleep.

Viplav : I let your mumma suffer so much in these 7 months, when she needed me the most.

Dhaani slowly opens her eyes. She looks at her doll who was sleeping peacefully next to her. Hearing a voice behind her, she slowly turns her head back and falls on someone standing there showing his back and holding something.

Viplav : And I even had to be separated from you both. I am sorry!

Dhaani realizes who it was and stands up to be able to sit on the bed.

Dhaani : (thinks) Viplav ?
Viplav : (looks at the child) If that day, I knew that your mumma was …

Slowly a tear falls from his eye and rolls down his cheek slowly while the latter was still looking at the child. But before it could fall on the floor, someone from his back, forwarding a hand, holds the drop in its palm. He gets surprised seeing the hand and turning his head to look behind him, gets even more surprised seeing Dhaani standing there.

Viplav : Dhaani? You… Weren’t you sleeping ?
Dhaani : I was, but the voice of my husband woke me up.
Viplav : Oh! (smiles) Your husband feels really sorry for disturbing you.
Dhaani : You tell. What were you talking with our son?
Viplav : Actually I…

Dhaani slowly circles round Viplav’s arm with hers and puts her head on his shoulder, looking at the sleeping baby.

Dhaani : Viplav! Please, let’s forget everything na! And start something new.

Viplav looks at her.

Dhaani : Where only you, me, and our two kids will live.

Viplav looks straight forward and smiles.

Viplav : If it’s your wish, then I will surely fulfil it. We will live in our own world, where only ViDha & little ViDha will stay.

Dhaani gets her head off his shoulder and looks at him while he also turns his head and both fall into a deep eye lock. Slowly their heads get closer and their foreheads get glued to each other, making both pair of eyes closed. She then breaks the contact and looks down shy with a smile before looking at him again.

Dhaani : I really missed you.
Viplav : I missed you more.

Suddenly they hear a crying sound. Both look towards that direction and see their daughter crying. Dhaani rushes to her and holding her in her arms, sits on the bed.

Dhaani : I think she is hungry.
Viplav : Haan I think so. Hmm… You take care of Vidya, I will also bring some coffee for us.

He walks away when suddenly he gets stopped at the door because of a voice.

Dhaani : Arey! Are you going out with the baby in your arms?

Viplav realizes the little man was still in his arms and smiles looking at him. He then slightly turns his head on the right.

Viplav : Why? Can’t I? (looks at his son) Papa and chanda, both will bring coffee for mumma. (looks back on his right) We will be back soon.
Dhaani : But…

Viplav goes away with the child while Dhaani was looking at him amused.

Dhaani : This man is so mad! Completely mad. (looks at her daughter) See! How your papa behaves like a child. Becoming one along with you both. (laughs and then looks at the door)

Viplav stands in front of the canteen holding the child in his hand and looking at him sleeping. Then he notices a man coming out with a coffee container towards him.

Viplav : Thank you so much bhai saab. (gives him the money) Here you go.
Canteen staff : (takes the money) Thank you sirji. Careful with the child!
Viplav : (smiles) Don’t worry. Viplav Tripathi’s son bhaisaab, I will never let anything happen to them.

Dhaani makes Vidya sleep cradling her on her warm and motherly laps when, under the door, some smoke started appearing and came to cover the room slowly. Dhaani doesnt notice anything until she smells something strange, and quite scary.

Dhaani : What is this? (smells) Where is this weird smell from ?

Precap : Dhaani stands up on her feet and walks towards the door. Suddenly she starts feeling dizzy and faints.

Thanks for reading. Keep comenting and telling your views.
Alright this was quite emotional (like me xD). But hopefully you liked it.

Moreover I have two things to tell you guys.

First one, I have made a special google document regrouping my two stories’ episode, from the beginning, so that you guys can get access to them whenever you want.

I will update it each time I post the episodes.

Second one, I am going away on a 2-weeks holidays. I actually might get internet access from there so I will be able to read the updates and your fictions, but I won’t be able to post any new episode from there because I don’t think I will take my computer from there. I can use the server from my phone but it’s not really working well. If I take the computer with me, then let’s see but I can guarantee anything. And I think it will be better to spend quality time with family on night times. And I will try my level best to even reply to your messages and comments on updates and will try to follow the new posts. But I guess, I might write during these holidays so I will have some stuffs to post once back.

If I get a chance, I will post the next episode tomorrow before going.

Until then, keep reading and telling your views.
With lots of love!

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  1. Sujie

    Shruthy……. Lovely episode….. ????
    Start to end….. There was a wide smile on my face reading this entire piece…..
    Thank you for the lovely story……
    And yes….. If it’s possible you can post… Otherwise I will patiently wait for next episode??…. But spending time with family is much important….
    Enjoy your trip….will miss you

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Sujie <3 Awww I feel happy reading such comments dear :*
      HAHA I might post the last part today indeed. I am quite maniac, so cant leave the episode not ended like this. SO it might be posted soon.
      Yeah true, and we will be so many, so I have to spend time with them also
      Thanks! Will miss you too <3

  2. Shruthy episode is nice depicting dhani n viplavs emotions n care towards their children.
    When viplav was at canteen n i read a man coming witb container it was scary as i thought baby shud be safe.
    Precap is scary as dhani smelling strange fumes. Looking forward for next.
    Understand that you r going out for 2 weeks so family time is important. Would wait for yr comeback.
    Wish u a happy journey. ??

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks, glad you liked it <3
      I meant it that careful it is hot. xD
      Will maybe post it before going 🙂 I actuallly to finish with the episode 6 so that I feel relaxed. I don't to leave the episode not ended.
      Yeah exactly 🙂 Thanks for understanding. Thanks will be missing talking to you all too 🙂

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Shruthy it was too lovely and beautifully written? it was filled with feelings from start to end.. dulari was so adorable in starting the way she applied black spot on babies face.. Aww !! Super cute moment was that.. when they were heading to leave I was like yahoo?? now vidhani will spend quality time with each other?? then when viplav holds that baby boy in his arms and said “oh oh everyone left my baby alone” he must be looking adorable while saying that?? then his dialogues to that baby were too emotional and when dhani woke up and their conversation was so lovely and wonderful.. he is a very cute father? like ours?.. overall a beautiful episodes beautiful dialogues everything was just perfect? .. keep rocking and post the next one whenever u get time because spending time with family is more important so enjoy ur trip..
    And I have some questions please answer them
    1. If viplav knows everything about dada ji and kanak ?
    2. Radha and prem had adopted their baby boy naa so why they didn’t take him along and why viplav is continuously saying that he is my son ?
    Waiting for answers?

    1. Shruthy

      Aww glad you liked that moment. I missed that innocent wala Viplav <3
      LMAO you killed me :p but yeah they needed to get privacy for that =D
      Haan tho he is adorable, and so does he look. In fact both ViDha looked cute (according to my imagination), now I hope they indeed looked so for you 🙂 like ours?
      thank you <3
      1. no he doesnt but once he came to know Dhaani was pregnant, and then left Banaras, he was quite upset so he left home, and he didnt want to go back home and stayed at the ashram waiting for Dhaani. Otherwise he doesnt know anything about their acts
      2. they didnt adopt him. Dhanush is still ViDha's child. But I just meant that as godparents, they have rights. Little ViDha are the children of the entire house, so they can parent. I understand, I even felt that part was quite confusing for you, I was quite struggling to explain it writing :/

  4. Angel20

    Wow yaar!! You have written this episode so beautifully!! I just loved it.. Vidhaa conversation.. Was so cute.. I just loved it.. But precap sounds scary! What happened to Dhaani? What is this smell? Eager to know! So you are going on a vacation! Enjoy yourself! And try to post it Tomorrow itself.. Because I can’t live without reading it now!! Shruthy!! Thank you so much for this ff!!

    1. Shruthy

      Awww thank you so much Mariiiiiiiiiia <3
      Well you came to know what happened, but still it's a mystery 🙂
      Belated thank you <3
      Thanks to you all for reading and liking actually :*

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