IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 6 – Part 1)

Episode 6 – Part 1

Few hours later, they enter in Dhaani’s room where she was already awake and thinking.

Dulaari : (comes to Dhaani) Dhaani! (caresses her head)

She looks at her mother showing a smile.

Dulaari : How are you feeling betha?
Dhaani : Much better. And I can’t be happier ever.
Dulaari : And what about us? You gave us the most beautiful gift we could have ever had.
Dhaani : Maai, where are they?
Maya : (comes close to them holding the baby girl) Here is the baby doll!
Radha : (holding the little boy) And here is our little champ.

Dhaani, smiling, forwards her arms to hold her daughter and Maya follows her orders. She holds her baby girl and then looks at her son before looking at Radha. The latter understands it and goes towards Dhaani. Smiling, she hands over the son in his mother’s arms and goes next to Prem quite sad while he was looking at her.

Prem : (softly to Radha) Radha ?

Radha looks at him.

Prem : What happened ? Are you alright ?
Radha : Yeah of course.
Prem : Are you sure? You know that you cannot lie to me.

Radha looks down. And even Dhaani notices Radha’s sudden change on her face, while Dulaari and Maya were playing with the children.

Prem : (holds her hand) What ? Are you…
Radha : If only we could have had a child. (lets a tear roll down her cheek)

Shocked and sad, Prem looks at her and takes her hand close to his face to kiss on it while Radha was looking at her hand all the way. Dhaani heard everything and looks on sadly. She then smiles and looks at her mother.

Dhaani : Maai! Can you please hold her? (indicating the baby girl)
Dulaari : Yeah give! (takes the girl smiling big) Oh! My child. Come to naani!

She holds the girl while Dhaani looks at her baby smiling. She then looks at Radha and slowly gets off her bed holding the baby boy. She goes towards Prem & Radha while Dulaari and Maya were looking at her going, quite confused.

Dulaari : Dhaani! Where are you going re?

Dhaani comes in front of both husband and wife smiling while the two were wiping their tears and look at her showing a teary smile.

Dhaani : Bhaiyaa, Radha! Will you be my children’s godparents ?

Prem & Radha get shocked and look at each other not understanding. They then look back at Dhaani who was still smiling at them.

Dhaani : Why are you looking at me like this ?
Radha : What did you ask us ?
Dhaani : UFFO! I asked you if you would agree to be my children’s… I mean their godparents?

Radha was quite confused.

Radha : What are you saying Dhaani? How can we …
Dhaani : You all accepted us as family. (With a sad face) And from now on, you guys should never say that anymore. (smiles showing her teeth) These two are like your own children alright?

Prem & Radha were speechless.

… : Dhaani is correct.

The couple look behind them towards that voice while the others also look behind the two. Seeing that person, Dhaani smiles.

Viplav : (walks towards the others) When you guys are our family, (stands next to Dhaani) then you have (puts his arm around Dhaani’s neck) all the rights of parenting. (looks at Dhaani) Right Dhaani?

Dhaani nods her head looking at Viplav.

Dhaani : (looks then at Prem & Radha) Yes of course.
Prem : But… how can…
Dhaani : Bhaiyaa!

Prem looks at Dhaani.

Dhaani : If you consider me as your sister, then he is your nephew na? And maamu has all the rights on his nephews.

Viplav smiles looking at Dhaani and then looks at their son. He takes off his arm from her and forwards his hands towards the little man.

Viplav : (to Dhaani) Give me the child.

She gives him the baby and Viplav takes him into his hands smiling. He then looks at Prem and forwards him the child while Dhaani looks at Prem and Radha smiling. Prem looks at Viplav surprised and looks at Radha, who was looking at the child, letting her tears express her surprise and happiness. Prem smiles shedding some tears and then looks at the child. The child, once in Prem’s hands, opens his eyes slowly which surprises everyone.

Prem : Look at this everybody! He is opening his eyes.

Dulaari and Maya look at each other surprised and join them along with the little princess. Everyone gathered, they admire the two babies’ cuteness and smile.
While other kept smiling, Dhaani feels something touching and caressing her hand. She looks at it and notices someone else’s, which makes her smile. She then looks at that person and notices he was looking at the babies still laughing. Smiling, she admires Viplav’s innocence in his happiness and smile that she used to cherish every single minute of her life these last months. Slowly, he holds her hands and tightens the grip while Dhaani leaves a salted tear coming out from her eye, and Viplav looks at her discretely. They share an eyelock of happiness smiling at each other, and she puts her head on his shoulder, while Viplav lays his head on hers, looking down. They then look at their kids and, taking off their heads from each other’s contact, laugh.

Maya : Now we need to find a name for them right?
Radha : (looks at Maya) Yeah you are right Maya. And I guess (looks at Viplav and Dhaani) they might have something in mind.

All stare at Viplav and Dhaani who look at each other again.

It was late in the evening. Viplav is in the room writing something sitting on his bed when Dhaani comes out from the bathroom, changed and ready to sleep. She falls on a concentrated Viplav who was looking so cute with that baby angry face kept tearing the sheets and throwing them on the floor. She looks at Viplav shaking her head in negative smiling and then looks at the waste sheets. She bends down and takes one of them. She slowly opens the sheet and reads something written in big.

Dhaani : (looking at the paper carefully) Mi… Mith…

Viplav hears her voice and looks towards her.

Dhaani : Mi.. thra.
Viplav : (gets a broad smile) Wow Dhaani!

Dhaani looks at him.

Viplav : You have learnt to read so fast.

Dhaani walks to him and sits on the bed. She then pats on his shoulder seeing him laughing so at her.

Dhaani : What do you think? (Viplav looks at her) That I cannot read anymore. Thanks to masterji, now I am even able to write letters, understood?
Viplav : (getting his face close to hers pulling her arm anc dkso ) UFFO! I was just joking baba.
Dhaani : By the way, what are you doing ? Aren’t you sleepy?
Viplav : (keeps writing) No! I am quite busy.
Dhaani : Which work keeps you busy at this time ? Any new case ?
Viplav : No. I am searching some nice baby names.
Dhaani : Baby names ? Why ? For whose children?
Viplav : Ours. Who else?

Dhaani looks at him surprised and bursts out into laughter while Viplav looks at her confused.

Viplav : Why are you laughing ?
Dhaani : I must say Viplav… I have never seen anyone being this excited about children. Especially when we are not even expecting one.
Viplav : Yeah but one day we will right ?
Dhaani : (laughs looking down, and then looks at him) But why don’t you do all this that day ?
Viplav : We won’t get time after. That’s why.
Dhaani : (giggles) You are such a child really! Do you know something ? Pregnancy longs for 10 months. So you would get 10 months to choose a name.
Viplav : (innocent smile) Last day’s conversation came into my mind. That’s why… I felt I have to get into preparations.

Dhaani looks at him smiling with widely opened eyes.

Viplav : (sits on the bed his legs crossed) Now you also suggest me something na.
Dhaani : You also Viplav! Alright … (looks up thinking) If it’s a girl then…

Viplav looks at her smiling.

Dhaani : … Then (looks at Viplav) I want a name that starts with “Vi-“.
Viplav : “Vi” ? Like Viplav ?
Dhaani : Haan.
Viplav : Interesting. Then what about …

Viplav (present) : Vidya!

Dhaani (flashback) : Vidya! I like it.
Viplav : Hmm! Now if it’s a boy, then why not a name starting by “Dha-” ?
Dhaani : Hey copycat! (laughs) Alright…. I want my son to be named …

Dhaani (present) : Dhanush!

Viplav (flashback) : Oh Dhanush! That (singing) “Raanjhanaa hua main tera” (again talks) wala Dhanush ?
Dhaani : (looks at him confused) Who ?

(voices echoing in ViDha’s mind)

“Dhaani : Anyways! So? What do you think?
Viplav : Names are indeed really cute. I am ok with it. Then decided. Vidya Viplav Tripathi or Dhanush Viplav Tripathi.
Dhaani : Great. Now go to sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow. I need to go to the temple.
Viplav : (ironical tone) Yeah yeah Mrs. I worship God before my husband! (puts his notepad and pen on the small lamp stand next to the bed) In fact, even I also have to wake up early, going to meet some clients. So (sound of someone taking off the bed cover and going inside it to sleep) GOOD NIGHT!

He goes to sleep while Dhaani stares at him.

Dhaani : (softly) Before becoming papa, he first should get more mature and not behave like a child. Otherwise I won’t know who to consider a child.

Dhaani laughs.”

Both smile at each other while the others were looking at them.

Precap – Viplav and Dhaani talking to each other.

Thanks for reacing. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Hey guys, finally back with IKRS – AIFF. Tell me how it is. And yeah won’t tell anything because you guys will scold me again.
With lots of love!

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Finally our IKRS- AIFF is back 🙂 when I saw ur cover photo I was like yahoo she is back :-* It was as usually awesome lovely and amazing <3 I love the way u desceibe each and every scene .. It looks like we are watching ur ff 🙂 Starting was adorable when dhani ask prem and radha to take that baby boy I thought viplav will deny because its difficult to handover ur child to someone but he fully supported dhani that was a heart touching scene and I loved that alot .. Their eye locks, their happiness Oh God that was amazingly defined.. then that flash back was incredible the way he was thinking about baby names then dhani gave him an idea.. loveeed it to the core.. Vidya and dhanush, unique and wonderful.. ur flashbacks are always different and great.. Overall an incredible episode, u nailed it shruthy .. enjoyed alot <3 keep rocking and post the next one whenever u get time I will wait like a nalla ponnu I promise .. love u for finally posting it today <3

    1. Shruthy

      Yaaay finally xD I have been so slow with this one. But it’s basically because I continuously posted everyday na :p so at a certain point I had nothing to write. was completely not inspired…
      awww! so you remember my cover photo. how sweet! <3
      aww thank you :* glad you do like the way I describe my scenes, becaus eI try my best to make the scenes look good =D
      haan though it's theirs, she gives the full rights to Prem and Radha too 🙂 haha you are right but well Viplav is not an egoist person. after all, he also appreciates the fact they took care of his Dhaani and his children these days and he is thankful to them. and then he knows that unable to become a mother and then seeing another mother playing with children might hurt Radha inside, so he felt fair to at least give them rights of parenting 🙂
      As I havent written some lovey dovey scenes, I just enjoyed writing, like the way he was caressing her arm and she recognised his touch etc.. well tried my best to express their lost happiness coming back in front of them. =)
      hahaha I wanted to bring that cute and innocent yet loverboy Viplav. Like that speed desire to become dad but still behaving like a kid himself. xD oh thanks, glad you did. yeah I didn't want to put ViDha as everyone used that name, so as I wanted to be quite different, I chose them. It was quite hard as I wanted to find a special one (you might understand in the later episodes why) xD
      aww thanks! I actually love flashback moments. they might look quite emotional but I love. just to show how they used to be happy before <3
      thank you thank you thank you. (I know I said thank you loads of times but still it was really needed). well not like a nalla ponnu because you are :* well I felt I had to, it has been so long na 🙂

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yeah I can understand it’s hard to maintain both things .. studies than ff.. I can totally understand.. yeah viplav is so sweet we can’t expect anything else from him.. Ok so it will reveal later .. we will wait for sure. Yes they were emotional lovely and adorable.. no need to say thanks warnaaaa why I should remind u again and again? oh thanks for calling me good girl.

    2. Shruthy

      Yeah also. But actually I am on holidays since June beginning xD It’s just that I got busy with other works :/
      Yeah true, he is the sweetest na <3
      Well that's not really THE big deal but still :p HIHI yes they were
      Well it was needed when you praise na, so as a fiction writer I say thanks to my readers <3
      You are a nalla ponnu :*

  2. Sujie

    Finally you are back…….
    Loved all the smiles with tears ….. Prem and Radha got a baby…. They became parents too…. And Dhaani Viplav’s happiness 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for a lovely story dear..
    Vidya and Dhanush 🙂 nice names …keep going dear

    1. Shruthy

      Haha I was not lost man xD just kidding.
      lovely analysis : smiles with tears <3 yeah they officially got rights of parenting <3 now both babies belong to the big family 🙂 haan they look so happy, after so long…
      aww that was so sweet! <3 thanks for your non stop support sweetie.
      thanks, I had to change a bit na 🙂

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    finally u r back nice episode and nice vidya and dhanush wow so cute

    1. Shruthy

      hahaha yaaay <3 thanks for the welcome =D thank you <3

  4. Angel20

    Finally you are back!! Yayyyy!! ??
    So this was the cutest episode.. Vidhaa thinking about how they decided the names.. Vidya and Dhanush.. Nice names actually perfect.. Oh so Dhaani gave one child to Prem and Radha.. How cool Na!! Haah before becoming a father you should get more mature??
    Loved it.. And I will not say post the next part soon?? ??

    1. Shruthy

      Lol thanks Mariiiiiiiiia <3 but I was always here ;p btw I dont know why I call you so but that's quite funny and it became an habit
      oh really? thank you thank you <3 I felt the next one wold be better but well happy you liked it 😉
      haan again flashback. I actually feel I added so many flashback moments in the story omg xD
      glad you like the names 🙂 Well I didnt give the child, I just made Dhaani give the parenting rights to them xD
      lol yeah you should be mature xD ok thanks for not saying :p

  5. Shruthy der aye durast aye.
    Loved the way u narrated dhani with her little ones n the way she went ahead to give the rights of her most precious ones to PRADHA.N TOP OF it viplav too supported her. The sense of satisfaction in both couples could be felt.
    Flashback of deciding names prior to dhani’s çonception was nice. A minor correction it’s 9 months not 10??
    Looking forward for next.

    1. Shruthy

      HAHA lol thanks <3
      Aww you gave them a couple name too, that's so sweet =D Haan everyone is happy <3
      Oops sorry my mistake. I got used to hear 10 months everywhere, like you know movies and all that I wrote it so. Sorry
      Alreayd posted next part 🙂

      1. No sorry dear. Luv u.

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