IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 5 – Part 3)


Episode 5 – Part 3

She hands over the child to Dhaani who holds the little thing in her arms, both Viplav & Dhaani looking at the child. Their happiness touched the skies. Both look at each other smiling and then at the child again, who was still crying.

Dhaani : Oh ! Why is my chanda crying ? Hmm ?

Dhaani slowly brings her child near her face and puts a soft kiss on that little forehead, which made him stop crying. She laughs as he stops crying and while Viplav who was smiling at them.

Viplav : You won.

Dhaani looks at Viplav.

Viplav : The first one is a boy, like you wished.

Dhaani laughs softly and he then forwards his arms while she smiles at him handing over the child.

Viplav : (takes the child in his arms) Come to papa come to papa!

He was looking at the child with a big smile while Dhaani was looking at them smiling. Suddenly, again getting pain, her face expressions change into tension. She holds Viplav’s shirt in pain which makes him look at her. Seeing her again in pain, his smile gets vanished away and quickly holds her hand, his child on the second arm.

Viplav : Dhaani! Dhaani, relax! (looks at the doctor) Doctor, what happened to Dhaani?
Doctor : Don’t worry Mr. Viplav! It’s just her labor pain once again. They are twins na?

Viplav realizes that fact they were having twins and looks at Dhaani.

Doctor : Mr. Viplav, now that she is ok, you can wait outside, we will handle everything.

Viplav looks at the doctor and suddenly he feels Dhaani tightening her grip, making him look at her. He then looks at the doctor.

Viplav : No. I won’t leave Dhaani alone. I am ok here.

Dhaani closes her eyes in fear and Viplav bends his legs again to get closer to her face.

Dhaani : (crying) Viplav, it hurts a lot. I feel like dying.

Viplav looks at her tensed.

Viplav : Dhaani, look at me.

Dhaani opens slowly her eyes and looks at Viplav.

Viplav : Will you go away (shows her the child) leaving your child and me alone? (shakes his head) I won’t let you do anything like this Mrs Viplav!

He looks at the child indicating her to look at him.

Viplav : (speaks softly) Just wait and see, in 10 years, we will be walking on the beach with our 10 children.

And even in pain, Viplav made Dhaani laugh, which made her relax. She again tightens her hand grip more, hurting Viplav’s palm pinching it unconsciously. But Viplav couldn’t even feel that pain seeing Dhaani crying. She suddenly shouts a last time standing up a bit and slowly falls on the bed with relief. Seeing her breathing relieved, he looks towards the doctor again and smiles again in excitement realizing his guess was right. He then looks at Dhaani who was relievedly breathing, her eyes closed, and intensely kisses on her forehead. Feeling that kiss, a smile appears on her lips.

Dhaani : Both children are safe Viplav…

Viplav gets far from her face.

Dhaani : (eyes still closed) and me too.
Viplav : I told you right? I will never let you go far from me.

Dhaani opens her eyes and looks at him.

Viplav : These 7 months were enough for me to understand my mistakes and stupidity. Now and for the next 7 births, you are only mine and I will always be by your side.

Dhaani smiles listening to his words and then looks at their new born the doctor was holding, while Viplav stands up again.

Doctor : Congratulations once again Mr & Mrs Tripathi. After a little boy, now it’s a little girl. Now there won’t be any issue between both wishes. (laughs)

Both Viplav and Dhaani laugh, while the doctor hands over the little girl to her mother.

Doctor : Really! This is just a medical miracle. I still cannot believe that the three of you are safe finally.
Viplav : It’s God’s grace.
Doctor : I guess that more than God’s grace, it’s your true love towards each other that didn’t separate you from each other.

Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and smiling, hold their hands.

Viplav brings the baby boy out and shows it to others. All get a big smile and tears on their face seeing the little member. Viplav goes to Dulaari while the others gather behind Dulaari.

Viplav : Congratulations khakhi, (hands over the child) you have finally become naani.
Dulaari : (holds the sleeping child) Arey! Look at him.
Maya : (holds the baby’s hand) He is so cute! Just like his mother.
Viplav : Actually, (cute smile) this cuteness comes from me.

Dulaari giggles.

Maya : Oh really?

Viplav nods his head cutely and everyone smiles.

Prem : By the way how is Dhaani ?
Viplav : She is fine. Taking rest in her room.

Viplav smiles.

Radha : But… it was supposed to be twins right?
Nurse : (comes to them) Here is the baby girl.

They all look at the nurse and the child in her arms.

Maya : (jumps on the nurse) Hayye! Give her to me, I want to hold her.
Prem : Maya, careful! It’s a child, not a toy.
Maya : UFFO! Bhaiyaa I know.

She holds the child and looks at it amazed, while Radha joins her.

Maya : Such a doll! Bhabhi, look at her. Isn’t she so cute ?
Radha : (smiles) Of course she is.

Viplav looks at them and realizes something.

Viplav : Oh! Because of tension, I completely forgot to introduce myself. (goes to Prem) Hi! I’m Viplav, Viplav Tripathi.
Prem : Hi. Prem. Maya’s brother. And (shows Radha) this is Radha, my lovely wife.
Viplav : (smiles) Hi! Happy to meet you all.
Radha : (looks at Viplav and folds her hands) So are we!
Maya : Dhaani told us so many things about you.
Viplav : (shocked) Did she?
Maya : Haan. Her story, then the story of both you, like how hatred changed into friendship, and then love. How you guys got married and all.

Viplav smiles.

Maya : And that you are a lawyer also. I am also a law student actually.
Viplav : Oh wow! That’s great.
Dulaari : (look at them emotionally) They gave us shelter when we came without any identity to Mumbai.

Viplav goes to Prem and shakes his hand with his.

Viplav : Thank you so much Prem. If you guys were not there, then maybe I would have lost.. I don’t know how to thank you enough. What you have done is really something that I could never forget.
Prem : Don’t say so Viplav. I guess you would have done the same if you were me. And Dhaani is like my own sister. How can I not help my sister?

Viplav hugs him friendly while all look at them emotionally.

Radha : (looks at Viplav) Now that Dhaani is part of our family, then you and the two little ones are also part of it, right bhaiyaa?

Viplav smiles at Radha.

Precap – Everyone was in the room gathered around the babies and smiling.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Well first of all a very BIG sorry to those who were really worried thinking about what could have happened to Dhaani but it was actually her labor pain. Everyone forgot the second child kya? Poor little girl xD Anyways finally both children are born safe and healthy, and so is the mother.
And one more thing, vey IMPORTANT thing. Now that I have been posting everyday, I have nothing to post anymore. So, I am sorry, but no more posts for a while until I have something fully written and ready to be read. I am telling this especially to some of you like (won’t mention but they will know I am pointing them)… Just kidding! I am not blaming you girls, but just informing you I won’t be posting for a while. But if you want, I will post some episodes of my second short story on ViDha till I have something to post about IKRS-AIFF. But anyways, I will see what I can do.
Thanks once again for reading. Get ready for anything as always. Suspense is just such a wonderful feeling… :p
With lots of love!

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  1. Arshdeep

    First of all sending Big big hugs to youu…((((((Shruthy))))))???????

    Girl you may call me a drama queen but next time i am gonna make a video of myself ?while reading it.. To show my expressions and my helplessness after reading for how to praise you.?
    You described the whole delivery scene so well..??? I knew it was labor pain again thats why asked you to please safeguard that child and Thank you so much you did not let anything happen to three of them.?????
    I could feel all of their smiles..their happiness?? as if viplav dhani ke nhi mere hi bache hue hote h.. Hahahaha..????
    Lovely episode?
    Finally the family is complete now❤

    And no problem shruthy. You have given us two twins to play with..? You take your time.. Till then we will play and spend some time with the twins??

    1. Arshdeep

      And yes shruthy till then please post the another ff you started something like destiny is our love story i think.

      And ya forgot to mention when the baby boy stopped crying when dhani kissed his forehead was a wonderful scene. Loved it???

      1. Shruthy

        Alright! Should I post the first part again or you guys will find it in case you need to read? Or otherwise, do you know how to add links on posts?

        Haan wasn’t that so adorable ? ?

      2. Arshdeep

        No need to post it again.
        I remember each and everything

        In case anyone else needs so you may give the link
        Here is the link

        Ask maha or someone else who posts ffs. They can help you out to add link

      3. Shruthy

        Arey wah ! You found the link immediately ?? You are just incredible man… Anyways thanks for the link and haan I will ask someone for that thanks. ❤️

      4. Shruthy

        Yes make it and send me. ?
        Why would I laugh at you for this? It’s a good job na 🙂 hahaha lol than alright, if it was interesting for you to read ?

    2. Shruthy

      Big hugs to you too ⛄️❤️? LMAO make it. I also want to see your real reactions when you are actually reading. ? And of course you are a drama queen, my pyaari si drama queen ?
      Actually I felt so awkward writing it like isnt it too detailed for you to read?? Who knows? There are so many little children here … Oh I see! You knew it. Good good. Dont worry. I didnt make it be twins for nothing ? So many things to happen darling.
      KYA? Your children? ?? You are incredible man… Tum bhi na!
      But thanks you liked the episode sweetheart.
      Yeah finally family tho complete hua hai ?
      Acha? ?? Then ok! You keep playing with them, I will continue writing ???

      1. Arshdeep

        Haha will surely make it one day and send you?
        You know what..dont laugh at me please.. i want to be a gynaecologist.. So that bit was so interesting for me to read offcorse?

  2. Sujie

    Yeh chori Badi drama queen hai…… ????
    Thank you so much for saving my life ….that I was about to lose because of the heart attack …. I knew you can’t be thaaaaat cruel to let anything happen to one of those babies ……love you so much for this…..
    So nice depiction..you did…. ????
    I did not just read it…..trust me I felt it…. Those moments inside the labor room…. That anticipation….that patience…that happiness …..
    Blend of all the emotions…. ????
    Love you for this…. And I mean it
    And do take your time to post it…till then I will read re read it …..???????

    1. Shruthy

      Haan I am ! ?? Hahaha you are welcome. Otherwise we were in the hospital too, we could have appointed you there immediately ? Just wait and read what happens ? Awww glad you were able to feel it reading sweetie. ? I actually always imagine and feel the scenes I read and I wish what I write can be also well imagined and felt. So thanks a lot for that. ❤️
      Ok thank you ! I have to write a lot now because I really have nothing to post ??

      1. Sujie

        I am talking about me….as a drama queen…. Shruthy…. khair…you are also not less…..okay
        Jokes apart… thanks a ton for this lovely story…… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH..

    2. Shruthy

      Oh acha sorry ?? yes I am for sure!
      Thank you so much for liking it! ?

  3. Mariyam123

    Shruthy it was so so so amazing. The way u mentioned everything was just superb. My heartbeats were getting faster and faster when I read about the delivery scene. Then when the doctor said it’s a girl, I was like smiling reading. I could not control my happiness. Very well done. I know who u were pointing and even I m in that list. Plz post it regularly or I will not talk to u. Plz post it regularly or u ask Arshi di about my anger. She will tell u. If u don’t post I will just throw all my anger. Plz post it tomorrow. Pleaaseee.

    1. Shruthy

      Haan ladki hui, like Viplav wished to. ? Awww glad you like it. Thanks ???
      I knew it. You are telling it but you didnt post regularly also ? Throw all your anger, I dont care. I wont be able to post tomorrow IF I cant write anything today

      1. Mariyam123

        I know I m not posting regularly but I m very busy. U r not busy na. So u can post na. Okay I will shower all my anger. Go don’t post. Katti hu ab aapse.

    2. Shruthy

      Oh really? Who told you that I am not busy? ? I dont even get time to update my insta page so please ??
      Alright! Let’s meet on your next post ?

      1. Angel20

        Oh you are on Instagram what’s your ID?

      2. Mariyam123

        Ok ok calm down. Okay let’s meet but don’t know when I will post. I m a lazy girl man so u have to understand. I think u have now understood how lazy I m when it comes in posting my ffs.

    3. Shruthy

      I leant the post of tours today, journey of love? ?

  4. Meena

    Ohhhhh????????chweeeeettttoooo… Baby girl name vidha… But the baby boy name??? Anyways it was cute,lovely,emotional,……………… No words………

    1. Shruthy

      Actually I am not going to call her Vidha :/ everyone uses it and I dont want to copy. And we have already our cute Vidha on screen 🙂 here I am going to use different names 🙂
      Thank you <3

      1. Meena

        As you wish my lord…??

  5. Angel20

    Lol I know one of the girls is me???
    I had a big smile when I read that line
    “I am telling this specially to some of you??”
    But I think so but the actual girl could be someone else also?
    Ok now enough of this rubbish, coming to the episode! Finally??

    Three of them are safe?? Loved it Loved it Loved it!! Just loved it yaar how can you? I am so very jealous of you??? lol
    But seriously epic episode!! Ok I know you always get bored reading my comments so this time a small appreciation.
    So you are not going to post it?? but it’s OK I want something good to read so can wait? And please post the another story!
    Chalo bye bye
    Love you di??

    1. Shruthy

      See! How you feel being pointed out.?? Maria, tu kitna smart hai re. ???hahaha awww always keep smiling sweetheart ? Oh well there are many, you are not alone ?
      Haan everyone is safe ? Aww thank you! How can you matlab? ?? Dont be jealous, you write much better than me (btw where is the next part?)
      I will never get bored reading your comments ❤️ Haan sorry re. I want to write a lot before I can split into parts. Actualy I could have posted in episodes not splitting into parts but if I do so then it would have been so long to read and i wouldnt be able to post often ? haan you are absolutely right, there must be something good to read so please wait ?
      Will try to post it if you guys really want to ☺️

      1. Angel20

        It’s Maria tu kitni smart hai oops correction?. No yaar you write better than me? And I have ended my ff so which next part are you talking about?

      2. Angel20

        Good that you are splitting into parts☺☺ I love this idea of yours??

    2. Shruthy

      Oops! Finger mistake while typing. But that’s true that my Hindi is very ?? oh! I think I got confused. There have been so many that I forgot. Very sorry! ?
      Lol otherwise episodes will be too long :/

      1. Angel20

        No yaar not so bad I can help you keep trying??

    3. Shruthy

      Oh so you want to teach me ??

      1. Angel20

        Yes if you want??

    4. Shruthy

      I have 3 Instagram IDs actually ?
      – indianmusicx
      – shrucreationsx
      – viplav.dhaani

      1. Angel20

        Omg 3 accounts??

    5. Shruthy

      Well i am not forcing you to

      1. Angel20

        It’s your wish??

  6. Shruthy it was great yaar finally both twins are saved and so as mother.. For me u were the doctor because it was in ur hand to save them? .. but I knew that u will not be that much cruel? .. loved the way viplav supported dhani and when dhani kissed the baby just then he stopped crying was awww. When dhani tightens the grip which was hurting viplav but he didn’t realize was beautiful..
    Yar it was too beautifully written that trust me I was feeling myself there and today I realized that labor pain is so horrible actually i thought scissor is difficult and painful but by reading ur ff my thoughts are changed and it scared me very much hehehe? .. I wish we all get a husband like viplav? anyways it was brilliant and marvellous finally vidhani’s wish for both girl and boy fulfilled.
    And yeah take ur time. U know naa I am a good girl mai na kabhi tang nahe kiya? .. but till then post ur 2nd ff chutti nahe mily ge ??
    One more thing what are u studying and from which city u belong ?

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you so much Maha! Yeah finally everyone is safe ? Hahaha Dr. Shruthy ?? That’s so ironical, I wanted to be a doctor before but…
      Viplav will always be there to support her. ? Glad many of you liked that part actually, thanks a lot ❤️
      Hahaha poor girl! But the happiness of becoming a mother is so much bigger that you can bear any pain for. But yeah both are painful. ? Hahaha I changed your thoughts, I never expected that. ?? haan but Viplav tho ek hi hai iss poore Earth pe ?Haan a baby boy and a bany girl ??? yeah yeah pf course i know how good and sweet you are! I know how you will be patiently wait ???
      Yeah will try to post it but i fear you guys might get confused between both –‘
      I am doing accountancy, some higher studies. And I was born in Paris (France) but originally, I am a Sri Lankan Tamil 🙂

      1. Hi shruthy dear . Loved to the core. ? entire episode is awesome ?✌??☝ a big round of applause ??????? agree to maha u r Dr shruthy ?☺ finally happy reunion with a complete family ?? just loved yr way of detailed explanation which was undoubtedly such as if it was happening in reality.u r correct labour pain is the worst anyone can have but indeed best as it gives u the pleasure n satisfaction which is infinite. Bless u take care.

      2. Yeah shruthy becoming a mother is a blessing but I don’t know why I always get scared by only thinking about this huh !! But abhe bohat time I should enjoy my life instead of fearing? and I am not asking for viplav pagli I want a man like viplav, supporting caring loving handsome and well to do.. oh it become a long list I guess?? but mil jai ga hehehe joke are part
        And don’t worry we will not get confused because both has different stories so post it .. Ok that’s a order by great Maha??
        Oh accountancy interesting and Paris is my favourite place even I have planned to visit it once with my prince charming?? .. I will surely come to meet u okay even if u don’t want bin bulai mehmaan ban jaun ge??

    2. Shruthy

      I can understand your fear??? but yeah you have lots of time for that so relax!
      I understood what you said but someone like Viplav… It is possible? ?
      Acha great Maha! Will post it today then.
      Oh really? Arey aao toh sahi! I will welcome you and your prince charming on your trip ??

    3. Shruthy

      Thanks Renu! Glad you liked it 🙂 yeah that’s true. Happy you were able to see the scenes ❤️

  7. Latha

    Awwww shruthy again awwwwwesome episode????. The way you narrated was superb. You are really very much talented????. I don’t think anything happens to dhani and babies because this ff is full of positives and again loved a lot????. I was wondering the way u expressed the labor pain was good . I could feel all of their smiles and happiness especially my pyari viplav?????. The scene which that baby boy cried and dhani kissed on his forehead was again superb???. You blended all the emotions. I really loved the scene in which viplav asking the baby come to papa❤❤❤. I don’t know how to express awwwwwesome episode. finally the family is complete???? . Take your own time shruthy no problem u r giving such a wonderful ffs. Love uuuuuuu soooooo much??????????

    1. Shruthy

      You know what ? Reading your comment, I got that same smile Mishal has on your profile picture ? Tho I wont look good like him ?? Jokes apart!
      Thank you so mich. Glad you like the way I narrate my story 🙂 that’s the most important thing when you write and I am happy to knownyou guys like it. ?Oh well! I wont say anything, but just know that I am sadist ? I love making my leads romance and get happy as well as I love making them cry too ?? just be ready for anything!
      Haan Viplav’s happiness of becoming papa would have been so nice to watch live na? ?
      Everyone loved that part where baby stopped crying once Dhaani kissed on his forehead. ☺️? Haan complete family now! ??? thank you Latha ? Love you too! ?

  8. Latha

    Shruthy try to use little Tamil words. I will be very happy….

    1. Shruthy

      Are you Tamil? Oh wow! But… where do you want me to use it ?

  9. Latha

    Yes shruthy I know Tamil wherever u want there u use it…..

    1. Shruthy

      I meant to say in my story or like I should talk to you in Tamil?

  10. Latha

    Thank you soooooo much shruthy for asking me where to use it. After seeing that u r a tamilian I just excited and post that comment. …

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