IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 5 – Part 1)


Episode 5 – Part 1

Viplav shows a smile remembering those moments but getting awake, he realizes the ashram ladies were looking at him.

Rajlakshmi : At least you got that smile on your face back.

Viplav smiles looking down.

Badi Amma : But… where have you got this from ?

Suddenly Viplav realizes that fact and stands up.

Viplav : (goes towards Rajlakshmi) Rajlakshmi can you give me my phone ?

She hands over the phone to Viplav who immediately checks the number.

Viplav : (looking at his phone) Mahji, someone sent me this by message.
Rajlakshmi : Then call her. May be she would be with Dhaani.
Badi Amma : Yes betha, call her na.

Viplav nods his head and calls that person full tensed. But none answers the call. He tries again but again, no use.

Sita maai : What happened Viplav betha ?
Viplav : Daadi, none is answering.
Rajlakshmi: Try again.

Dhaani was looking at the people when she hears a phone ringing. She looks around her and finally finds a phone on the table right in front of her.

Dhaani : (to herself) This is Maya’s phone.

She looks around for Maya but she was nowhere. The phone still ringing, she decides to answer. She slowly gets up of her chair holding her tummy with on hand and taking the phone in her hand, answers the call and puts it near her ear.

Dhaani : He…

She suddenly stops feeling something strange.
Viplav heard a voice but once it got interrupted, he was confused.
Dhaani tells nothing, but feels. She couldn’t say a word, her breath was restless. And her tears started talking for her while she closes her eyes holding the phone with her two hands.
Viplav didn’t need more time to feel there was someone on the other side, to feel that someone.

Viplav : (talking in his mind) Dhaani!

Dhaani, hearing him calling her name, opens her eyes.

Viplav : (tear in his eye and with courage to speak up) Dhaani?

Hearing him saying her name, the ashram ladies get happy.

Rajlakshmi : (softly) Dhaani!

Badi Amma sees Viplav’s tear and understands his feelings.

Badi Amma : Alright, let’s work. How long will we stay like this ?

Sita maai nods her head understanding her intention.

Rajlakshmi : But I want to talk to her.

Sita maai pats on her shoulder and indicates Viplav. Seeing Viplav’s emotional face, Rajlakshmi gets to understand and smile.

Rajlakshmi : I see! Then ok.

All the ladies go away from there while Viplav was restless. He then slowly goes to his room.
Dhaani was speechless and restless. Not even because she has nothing to speak out. In fact she has a lot to tell him, especially her feelings. But nothing was coming out of her mouth.

Viplav : Dhaani!

She suddenly remembers the incidents that separated them and gets sad.

Dhaani : (talks in her mind) What’s going on Dhaani ? You decided to go away from his life. Then why do you feel so restless to talk to him? Don’t forget, this is for your child’s well-being. Cut the phone!

She gets the phone from her ear and goes to cut the call but each time she goes to, something stops her doing so. Viplav cryingly smiles.

Viplav : Even if you want to, you can never do it Dhaani.

Dhaani hears him and stops trying. She then holds the phone near her ear.

Viplav : Wont you talk to me ? To your Viplav ?

Dhaani sighs.

Dhaani : You told it to me right, that there is nothing between us anymore? And that in front of everyone?
Viplav : Do you hate me this much that you don’t even want to talk to me?
Dhaani : You broke our relationship Viplav. You told me that we don’t have anything to talk about.

Viplav makes a fist of his hand.

Dhaani : And I think that it’s better like this.

She goes to cut the call when…

Viplav : Dhaani!

The way he calls her controls each of her movements.

Viplav : I… I am sorry.

Dhaani gets tears.

Viplav : I am really sorry. I behaved so badly with you that day, that God punished me letting me live far away from my wife … and my child.

Dhaani looks on shocked.

Viplav : Dhaani! I want to live with you only. Please come back…
Dhaani : (screaming) MAAI!

The way she screamed shocked him. He gets interrupted hearing some voices from Dhaani’s side.

… : (screams) Dhaani!

Hearing such screams, Viplav gets panicked.

Viplav : Dh… Dhaani!
… (voices from the other side of the telephone, the camera showing Viplav) : Please someone call the ambulance.
… : Maai, it hurts a lot!
… : Dhaani please calm down.
… : Maya, stay with Dhaani and Dulaari aunty I will take out the car.
… : Ok bhaiyaa.

(back to Dhaani’s side)
Dhaani shouts in pain while Dulaari was holding her shoulders to calm her down.

Maya : Don’t worry Dhaani, everything will be fine!
Dhaani : Maya, it hurts a lot. I can’t.

Suddenly Maya hears a male voice and looking around she notices her phone in Dhaani’s hand.

… : (shouts) Dhaani! Why don’t you say anything ?

Maya takes the phone from Dhaani and holds it near her ear.

Maya : Hello!
Viplav : H… Hello! Dhaani ?
Maya : No, I am her friend. Who are you?
Viplav : I am Viplav.
Maya : (with a surprised face) Viplav?

She looks at Dhaani while Dulaari gets shocked hearing his name.

Dulaari : Bachwaji?
Viplav : Hello! Hello!
Maya : Viplavji, Dhaani…
Prem (Maya’s brother) : Maya! Let’s go.
Maya : Yeah.

She keeps her phone in her hand not cutting the call because of tension and they take Dhaani to the hospital.
Two hours later, Dhaani was in the emergency ward when the others were outside tensed.

Dulaari : God! Please save my child and the kids. If you do so, I’ll serve 1008 poor people.
Maya : (puts a hand on Dulaari’s shoulder) Aunty don’t worry. Mother and kids, all will come back to you safe and healthy.

Dhaani was screaming in pain while doctors were trying to get the babies but it was harder

Nurse : Doctor, how will we do this ? This prematurity seems to be quite dangerous for the three of them.
Doctor #1 : I know. Even if we try, we can save only one person among the three.
Dhaani : (shouts) Maai!
Nurse : And we have to do it fast. Patient is struggling in pain.

Suddenly the nurse sees someone standing there, wearing a mouth mask and hospital dress. (the camera shows that person from the back)

Nurse : Who are you?

The doctors look in that same direction.

Nurse : Public is not allowed here.
… : I am not public.

Dulaari : How long will it take ? I am so tensed now.
Radha (Prem’s wife) : Don’t worry aunty. Everything will be fine. Dhaani is under good hands, you don’t need to worry anymore.
Maya : Yes aunty. Now see, everything will be in Dhaani’s favor.

Precap – Dhaani keeps crying and screaming. And slowly, she loses her energy and closes her eyes.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views. First of all, I am extremely sorry for this long wait. But I couldn’t find proper time to get a head start as it permits me to calculate where my story is and I can also shape what I write and take time to write something good. But well as you guys were quite waiting for the next part, so here I am.
Hopefully you liked it. I know it was emotional. But well you might have realised it, that I am an emotional fool who loves such scenes, one person who brings thunders often and doesn’t even let happiness to stay for a long time. So always be ready for anything with me.
Thanks a lot!
With lots of love !

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  1. Arshdeep

    OMG what an episode shruthy??
    You stole my heart❤

    Viplav-Dhani conversation…dhani’s movements controlled by viplav’s words and voice..aww…??

    And as usual very understanding pyaari badi amma…(remembering the time when she left dhani alone at aharam so that viplav could come and meet her??)

    Whose that man han??
    Twins wil be alright na?? I know you wont be that rude to us and dhani even?
    I am damn excited for the next now?

    1. Shruthy

      Hahaha you and your comments tho! ???? Awww you are so sweet girl. ?❤️ Haan Viplav is the one who controls her feelings ? She couldn’t cut the phone when he said her name. So much pyaar right? ???
      Haan Badi Amma is very smart. Always helping ViDha like as you said, when she let Viplav and Dhaani be alone, but also when she asked Viplav to take Dhaani on a date ?
      Ah! Who is that man? What happened to Dhaani and the kids? Will they be alright? … To know it, keep reading “IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction” darling. ? It’s not really expensive to read. ? Only 5/10 minutes and two eyes to imagine the scenes. ?

      1. Arshdeep

        Opss.. How can i forget the date.. 😛
        It was soo beautiful <3

        OMG.. You dont know yet its so expensive..
        It takes away my heart.. My heart beat stops for a moment.. I reach another place..right now i reached at hospital.. 😛 I keep thinking same for loong.. Isnt it expensive??

        But even then i will aford it han coz i Love it..<3

      2. Shruthy

        Yes you are xD
        Oh really ? How sweet! Now even I want to watch it 😀 <3 One of my favourite scenes.

    2. Shruthy

      Haan yaar how can you forget that date? ? That was something unique and special. ? Both were so sweet really. ❤️
      It is not. ? Huuuh? Dramebaaz kahin ki. ?
      Awww thank you. ??

      1. Arshdeep

        Hahaha i know i am the drama queen 😛

        Just because i forgot the date i watched the 31st december 2015 episode now.. Awww it was lovely<3

  2. Latha

    Again awwwwwesome episode shruthy. U nailed It perfectly. Loved very much maya’s family and big thanks to them. Not reading this really feeling watching. Keep rocking dear and really loved sooooooooo much???????

    1. Shruthy

      Awww thatnk you so much dear ? Haan Maya’s family members are good people ? I wont bring negative people from that side don’t worry ? Aww thanks but you guys maje me want to write more. You are the best! ❤️

  3. Sujie

    Shruthy…. You know what you are amazing writer…… Actually amazing is small word for your writing…you are much beyond that … Such an episode.
    …. Packed with emotions…. Go on dear

    1. Shruthy

      Oh no that’s not tue sweetheart! ?? you guys are amazing. ❤️ OMG thanks! ?☺️

      1. Sujie

        🙂 🙂 Pleasure is mine Shruthy….. keep going like this …….

    2. Shruthy

      If you guys keep supporting then it will encourage me to write more. ? Thanks a lot!

  4. Angel20

    Oh I am so sorry for the late comment. I had read this early in the morning before going to school?? as you told it will be posted in the morning so I waited eagerly for it?? But I could not get time to comment as I was getting late but I made sure that I read the whole episode? and I dead it.. Now enough of my nonsense

    Coming to the episode,
    Actually I don’t want to say anything really I don’t want to say because I am speechless?? That emotions Dhaani not cutting the phone was like awwwww moment??
    Our Vidhaa is so cute can’t live without each other. Finally they talked on the phone really lovee it yaar ???????

    Hope everything is fine with Dhaani.

    And now last but not the least don’t dare take so much time to post the next one. Just kidding but really don’t take so much time???

    Ok I guess bohot bada comment ho gaya?? Chalo bye.. Meet you soon in the next part!!

    1. Shruthy

      Oh dont be sorry for that darling. <3 In fact I am happy to know you checked the website just because I said I would upload it this morning. Thank God I did by the way, otherwise you would have been sad :/ so dont be sorry for commenting late. I am already happy you guys read my story so now or later, you can comment it whenever you want 🙂
      Aww that's so sweet! Glad you liked such details. <3 Haan true, they cannot live without each other. Only situation separates them. 🙁
      Haha bhaap re bhaap! Now I have to make it fast for sure xD I thought to submit it by tonight to post it by tomorrow morning but then I have to see what I can do 😀
      Haha chalo bye bye :*

      1. Angel20

        Awww?? I want my treat early morning to start my day with your amazing ff. Pls?? I really love it so please don’t forget to post it.. Love you loads???

    2. Shruthy

      Oh really? Chalo! If I can, I will even submit it now. But by that time, you might already be sleeping na 🙂

  5. Hello shuttle, this is the first time I’m commenting on ur ff buh believe me I cried. U nailed it and may God bless your writing skill. U rock

    1. Shruthy

      Oh! Sorry I made you cry. :/ Aww thank you so much darling. Keep telling your views 🙂

  6. Lakshmi

    hi shruthy dear…….welcome back….and as usual u rocked dear….waiting for the next one….precap seems horrible….but i know u never disappoints us

    1. Shruthy

      Welcome back? xD Thank you <3 Hopefully I wont 🙁

  7. Mariyam123

    Shruthy dear it was so wonderful. Vidhani conversation was so so cute and even emotional. The way Viplav controlled Dhaani was just so good. But last part was very painful. Hope everything will be fine with Dhaani and the babies. Actually like Maria I had read it in early morning before going to school but was too lazy and also late enough to comment. Sorry for the late comment.

    1. Shruthy

      Oh thanks a lot Lou! <3 Haaan both are so cute *__*
      Oh no problem take your time 🙂 glad in fact you liked the episode. dont be sorry !

  8. Shruthy it was brilliant yaar .. I am tired of praising u re even my stock of words are finished so inshort it was epic and mind blowing, the way u explain each scene was wonderful .. vidhani conversation was emotional and lovely .. bari amma was so cute and raj laxshmi tw hai he pagle .. I think that mask man is viplav. again I am repeating my words u are an amazing writer
    keep rocking and entertaining us ..

    1. and yeah sorry for late comment 🙂

    2. Shruthy

      Oh thank you so much Maha chellam! <3 Oh God tum bhi na. Even if you simply say it was good, I would be really happy 🙂 Glad you like the way I explain. As long as it is easy to understand. Sometimes I feel what I write is not easy to be understood. :/ haan finally they talked to each other. Haha RL is always like that and so is Badi Amma.
      Haha jaane ke liye, keep reading sweetheart! :*

      1. Shruthy only good is not enough naa that’s why used sooo much words?
        And what does chellam means ?

    3. Shruthy

      It is for me ? People reading and appreciating my story, what’s better than that? ? If so then yours must be praised more…
      Chellam is like darling/dear… ?

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