IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 4 – Part 2)


Episode 4 – Part 2

Viplav closes the door and turns back. He walks in the room remembering each word of that letter.

“We had to leave this city, I had to do so. Because, I can’t remain here when Viplav doesn’t even want to see me.”
“I know how much he wanted this child. If he comes to know, he would oblige me to come with him, and I don’t want my child to live there.”
“I don’t want Viplav to know about the news.”
“I fear for our child. They might kill it”
“I don’t want our child to suffer for my happiness of being with his father.”

Remembering those words, he throws the pillows down, breaks the stuffs, letting his anger come out. Suddenly his eyes fall on that frame of his with Dhaani (the same one Dhaani was looking at before leaving). He stops his madness and goes near it. He sits on the bed and holds the frame into his hands. He stares at Dhaani’s smiling face and slowly caresses it.

Dhaani, sit in a house, looks at that same frame while Dulaari was sleeping besides her. She stares at Viplav’s face and caresses it.

Dhaani : Please forgive me for coming here without informing you Viplav, (looks straight) but I didn’t have any other solution. (looks at his face again) I don’t want to trouble you anymore. Your happiness is mine.

Viplav : But my real happiness is in you Dhaani. How can you even think that you going far away from me, I will be happy ? And that knowing, you have our child with you?

Dhaani ; I did this for our child. (touches her tummy) I don’t want him to suffer like me. But don’t worry, I will make him study and he will become someone big, whose name will be heard everywhere and who will make his father’s name be praised.

Viplav : But I want to be with you when I will hear.

Dhaani : Wherever I will be, you will always remain in my memories, forever.

She kisses on his face letting tears fall down, and Viplav feels her presence close to him, closing his eyes and shedding some tears. She gets off the frame and stares again at his face.

Dhaani : I love you Viplav.

Viplav : I love you Dhaani.

And both hug the frame at the same moment, and fell asleep so.

Time kept flying, and there was not a single moment when Viplav was not remembering Dhaani. He has been searching for her everywhere but still not any news about her reached his ears. Since she went away from Banaras, he decided to live at the ashram where he felt his Dhaani’s happy memories still remain,

Kanak : Viplav betha, why are you staying here in this stupid ashram ? You broke all your relations with Dhaani right ? Then why ?
Viplav : That’s probably the biggest mistake I have done in my life Mah. And I am finding peace here, because I feel Dhaani’s presence and her happiness. And one more thing. Stop calling this stupid, because this is my Dhaani’s ashram.

The ashram ladies get happy hearing Viplav’s words.

Viplav : And I know, she will come back soon to meet me. Until that, I will wait for her.
Kanak : I don’t know what magic she did on you, but since she has come into your life, you have become mad.
Viplav : She has brought happiness in my life Mah. And now she is going to increase it thanks to our child.
Kanak : Who said that child is yours ?
Viplav : (with a louder tone) Don’t forget you are insulting our house’s daughter-in-law. She is my wife, my Dhaani. And I won’t bear any words about her.
Kanak : Dhaani! Dhaani! Dhaani! She is gone away from here not wanting to live with you.
Viplav : She has never said that.
Kanak : Then why isnt she here ?
Viplav : Because of me. I threw her out. You never understood her Mah, and unfortunately, I also missed to understand her for a moment. But now I am back on my senses and I am still searching for her. Because wherever she is, she is only waiting for me to come and live with me.

He goes towards the door.

Viplav : (opens the door) I think you have nothing to do here anymore. (turns back not looking at her) You may go.

Kanak goes away from there annoyed of Viplav’s behavior and the latter closes the door behind him.

Badi Amma : Betha.

Viplav turns back to look at her.

Badi Amma : If only Dhaani was here and saw how you supported her…
Viplav : I am sure she wouldn’t need to be with me to know how much I love her Maaji. But yeah, if only she was here, next to me…

It has been 7 months Dhaani left the city and Viplav was still waiting for her, because he knows she will come to him one day.
One day, he went on a small drive to the market and crosses a park. He suddenly falls on a young couple sitting on the bench, the wife being pregnant with a big tummy. Seeing them talking to each other laughing, Viplav got a smile on his face.

… : Arey! How dare you stare at someone else when I am here next to you ?

This voice wakes Viplav up who turns his head to look on his left and falls on Dhaani who looks at him with a cute and angry expression. Viplav stares at her shocked. He then realises her big tummy on which her hands were resting and gets tears in his eyes.

Viplav : Dhaani… You…
Dhaani : Yes, it’s me. Your Dhaani!

Suddenly the woman, holding her tummy with a shocked expression, screams while her husband looks at her tensed and makes Viplav look at her again. She then looks at her husband and smiles.

Woman : He kicked. The child just kicked me.

She holds her husband’s hand and makes him feel it, while Viplav and Dhaani look at them smiling. Dhaani then looks at Viplav.

Dhaani : Do you want to feel your child also?

Viplav looks at her confused when she holds his hand and slowly goes to put in on her tummy. But when he was going to touch her, his hand falls on the seat and Viplav realizes it was again just an imagination dream. He stands up on his chair with a sad face and looks at the young couple who was still talking and laughing. He smiles looking at their happiness and goes from there.

Dhaani was in front of the mirror looking at her bigger tummy and caressing it. Suddenly she feels something covering her tummy hugging her and she notices two hands through the mirror. Slowly, a face comes out from her back and seeing that person, she gets a big smile.

Dhaani : (talks seeing at the mirror) Viplav!
Viplav : (makes a cute angry face) Only now you get to remember me. You have completely forgotten me after (shows her tummy) he came.
Dhaani : Who told you I have forgotten you?

Viplav smiles at her words.

Dhaani : You will always be in my memories. And by the way (looks down shy) it’s not he but they. (smiles)

Viplav gets surprised hearing that and makes her face him.

Viplav : What did you say?

Dhaani looks up at him.

Dhaani : They are twins.

Viplav smiles big of happiness and hugs her tightly. And a hand on her shoulder wakes her up.

… : Dhaani!

Precap – Viplav looks shocked at his phone screen.

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  1. Angel20

    I am really speechless. No words to praise. You are excellent, superb, awesome, fantastic, great, mindblowing.. And much much more. I can’t even describe in words!! You are an exceptionally amazing writer. Go on and post the next one now itself when you read my comment?? I know I am super excited! But please post it soon. Love you?

    1. Shruthy

      OMG this is too much already for me re. ❤ Reading your comment, I am having some happy tears in my eyes man ?? Oh no that’s not true man. LMAO sure will post it right now. I just have to check if there is any mistake. ? Lots of love to you too! ??

    2. Shruthy

      Btw glad you like my edits too. ??❤

  2. Sujie

    Shruthy…. fantastic…..
    It seems its not a ff but actual story… unfortunately… things are completely different…. This is sooooo good…go on dear….
    I am getting impatient…post the next one soon 🙂

    1. Shruthy

      Awww thank you so much. ❤ Sure will submit it in a while 🙂

  3. Arshdeep

    No words shruthy.. I am sorry but i seriously cant describe it.?
    I am lost in their dreams???

    1. Arshdeep

      Okay me coming back into senses?
      You left me spellbound❤
      Such a cute, emotional, lovely, beautiful, heartbreaking episode??
      I know it was very painful to know that they have lived without each other for 7 months???
      Thats a torture seriously??
      I wanted to see viplav caring for dhani in this stage.. But.. Still..

      I LOVED IT
      Seriously man… You are awesome???

      1. Shruthy

        Aw thank you Arsh <3 yeah it is 🙁 yeah it would have been so sweet, like Viplav talking to the baby and Dhaani looking at him … <3
        Oh thanks yaar !

  4. Latha

    No words to say superb episode. U r so talented shruthy. You have written amazingly. Myself also wanted to see how viplav caring and his cute expressions in this stage . Really really awesome. Keep going and post next one soon????

    1. Shruthy

      sorry the reply got separated…

  5. Shruthy

    Aww thanks Latha! That’s not true man xD
    Yeah i know right. Even I wished to see them actually together during her pregnancy like the way he would care for her, and behave with her sweetly…
    Will post it soon, later today 🙂

  6. Oh my God shruthy fantastic mind blowing brilliant.. I am really speechless even words are not enough to praise u, their imagination was soooo lovely .. Twins, a big Wow !! I loved it verrry much. u are an awesome writer .. Go on dear and post the next one soon

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you so much Maha 🙂 Oh that’s so sweet of you, glad you liked it. <3
      Haan twins 😉 Oh no that's too much for me, I am really not one good writer that deserves so much praises xD oh well just submitted it 🙂

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