IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 3 – Part 3)

Episode 3 – Part 3

Viplav : What ? Dh.. Dhaani…
Daadi : Yes. Dhaani is pregnant.

Viplav was unable to react, and some salted drops roll on his cheeks. Looking down, he lets the tears fall on the floor and gets into memories.

“Dhaani : Viplav!
Viplav : Dhaani I dont want to talk with you.
Dhaani : I dont want to argue with you. I just want to tell you something important. Please come to the temple in 10 minutes.”

“Raj : Guru, what are you doing here ?
Viplav : Actually, it’s Dhaani … I dont know why, she said she wanted to tell me something important.
Raj : Yeah. It indeed seems to be important.”

“Dhaani : Where were you Viplav ? Do you know how long I have been waiting for you ?”

“Viplav : You know Dhaani.

Dhaani looks at him.

Viplav : Marrying you was the best thing I have done in my life.

Dhaani smiles, touched by his words.

Viplav : But now, I want this happiness to get increased, holding our little one (shows his hands).

Dhaani looks at his hands and then at him, having some tears in her eyes. Viplav then looks at her smiling.

Viplav : Will you accomplish this one wish of mine ?

Dhaani hugs him tightly and Viplav hugs her back.”

Viplav closes his eyes sighing. He looks up and slightly gets a smile on his face. Viplav then looks at his Daadi smiling big.

Viplav : Daadi.

He hugs his Daadi tightly crying with a smile.

Viplav : (smiles) Daadi, I am going to be papa. (tightens the hug) Your Viplav is going to be papa.

Daadi hugs him back caressing his back.

Viplav : (smiling eyes closed) You can’t imagine how happy I am.
Daadi : She wanted to see this happiness of yours announcing this.
Viplav : My Dhaani is…

He suddenly stops talking and opens his eyes when he remembers how he mistreated her and threw her out of the house, and Daadi felt it. Reminding those moments, he tightens his grip quite scared.

Viplav : She must have been so hurt, mustn’t she ? She wanted to make me happy, and I sent her with pain.
Daadi : Don’t worry betha, she knows how much you love her and that you didn’t know about her situation.

Viplav doesnt listen to anything and breaking the hug, runs away from there, while Daadi looks at him running. She then looks up folding hands.

Daadi : Dear God, (looks straight) please bring smile on my children’s face.

Viplav runs and goes outside of the house. He starts his jeep and drives to the ashram. Within 5 minutes, he reaches the place. He gets down from the vehicle and goes in front of the door. At the moment he was going to knock at the door, it gets open on its own, letting Rajlakshmi appear there.

Rajlakshmi : Jeejaji ?
Viplav : (with a big smile) Rajlakshmi, where is Dhaani ?

Rajlakshmi looks at him confused and Viplav goes inside leaving Rajlakshmi alone in the door. She closes the door behind her and goes to him looking at him confused.

Viplav : (impatience to meet Dhaani on his face) Why are you looking at me like this? Where is Dhaani ?
Badi Amma : (comes from behind) Rajlakshmi, who is it ? (gets surprised seeing Viplav) Viplav betha ?
Viplav : (still smiling) Maaji, where is Dhaani ?
Badi Amma : First sit. Rajlaskhmi bring him some water.

Rajlakshmi nods looking at Badi Amma and brings him water and Viplav smilingly takes it.

Viplav : Thank you Rajlakshmi. Now tell, where is she ?
Rajlakshmi : (quite upset) Why do you want to meet her ? We thought you left her side.
Badi Amma : Rajlakshmi, don’t say that.
Viplav : No Maaji, I understand her anger. Everything was my mistake only. And I am here to ask forgiveness. Whatever I have done was wrong. If I knew the fact earlier, then I would not have behaved so for sure.
Badi Amma : Betha, you…
Viplav : Yes Maaji, I know everything. Daadi told me everything. How could you even hide this from me by the way?

Badi Amma looks on.

Viplav : Arey Maaji! Won’t you bless your child ? He is going to be papa soon. And your Dhaani bethi mumma. (a big curve on his lips)

He bends down to take her blessings and Badi Amma, smiling at him, puts her hand on his head.

Badi Amma : Always be happy! May God bless you both of happiness only.

Viplav stands up and smiles at her. He then looks at Rajlakshmi,

Viplav : Arey, Raj! You are going to be maasi, but there is no happiness on your face.
Rajlakshmi : Of course I am happy. Look!

She shows him a big curve on her lips pointing her mouth, which makes Viplav laugh.

Viplav : None can be happier than you, that’s sure.
Rajlakshmi : Of course, I am going to be maasi, right ?
Viplav : Yeah of course. (sees around) Maaji! Does pregnancy make people so tired?
Badi Amma : Why are you asking so ?
Viplav : Then why is Dhaani not coming to see me ? It has been a while I am calling her. Doesnt she hear what we talk ? Where is she ?
Rajlakshmi : That’s what we are also asking. Where is Dhaani ?

Viplav looks at Rajlakshmi confused.

Viplav : Why are you asking me ?
Badi Amma : But betha, isn’t she with you ?
Viplav : What ? No Maaji, she is not. Otherwise I wouldn’t come here to meet her.
Badi Amma : And she is not in the ashram also, and neither is Dulaari.

Viplav looks at her confused.

Viplav : What ? What do you mean by she is not here. May be they might have gone to the temple.
Badi Amma : We haven’t seen her since morning. In fact, nothing was there. Neither Dhaani, nor dulaari and nor her stuffs.
Viplav : Even her stuffs ?
Badi Amma : So we thought she came to you.
Viplav : No Maaji, she hasn’t come to meet me.

He thinks for a while and suddenly runs to the room and opens the door. He sees around and indeed there was nothing of Dhaani there.

Viplav : Where is she gone ?

Precap – Viplav finds a letter.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your opinion.
I know this episode might certainly be boring to read but well it was just a step before the upcoming sequences. So don’t hesitate to tell it was bad, I know it is. >_<
Thanks again.
With lots of love!

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  1. Angel20

    Wow it was good! Not at all boring.. Eagerly waiting for the next part.. You write so good yaar I am in love with you and your writing.. Please update it soon. ????

    1. Oh really? Thanks for liking it ? Will post it right now so that by morning I will be back for your reviews ? Awww that’s so sweet re. Love you too girl. ?

  2. Episode was not at all boring shruthy .. but now eagerly waiting for their meeting .. please post the next one ASAP

    1. Thanks Maha. Glad you find it ok ? Sure definitely ?

  3. Latha

    Not at all boring shruthy. Waiting for next update.

    1. Shruthy

      Oh well! I feel it was as it was not well written at all comparing to the other parts, that’s why

  4. Sujie

    Awesome one Shruthy…. Keep it up….could imagine every scenes …lovely ???

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Sujie! ? happy to know you can imagine the scenes ?❤️

  5. Mariyam123

    It was superb. Boring word is not in my dictionary when it comes to your ff. So don’t dare tell your ff boring!

    1. Shruthy

      Hahaha I dont know where you have got that dictionnary Lou ?? But your words are so touching re ❤️ Thank you so much. Glad you like my ff
      PS : Your profile picture is one of my favourite pictures of IKRS team ????

      1. Mariyam123

        I got that dictionary in an antic Shop. They had already kept it ready for me and they gave it to me for free because they knew I don’t know what is boring. So I bought it and see I don’t even know what is boring.lol
        Thanks for appreciation. This is my also fav one.

    2. Shruthy

      Let me send you a proper dicitionnary then ??
      Haha HI-FIVE ✋?

      1. Mariyam123

        Okay send me. Hi-five!!

  6. Arshdeep

    Lovely fantasy..i wish it was true?
    And episode was indeed awesome as could visualize viplav’s expressions on knowing he is going to become papa????
    But where has dhani gone???

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks re 😀 you mean if it was in the real IKRS?
      Haaan we can imagine that cute Viplav who gets super excited and jumps everywhere, that big smile on his face…
      That’s what Viplav asked alo xD

  7. Lakshmi

    Haha enjoyed the ashram scenes alot… especially the fights between rl and viplav……more coming on the way…right ?
    Shruthy loved it yaar……
    Is everything ok there in france? R u in paris? Few days back i read a news about the floods occured there… i hope everything is fine….. if i am wrong sorry dear…..

    1. Shruthy

      Hahaha was missing such scenes on screen na so thought to bring that Viplav at least for once 🙂 let’s see!
      I am not in Paris now, it has been a month that I am in London but yeah that’s true because my family are there and they told me. There was floods near where i live in Paris

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