IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 3 – Part 2)


Episode 3 – Part 2

Dhaani smiles remembering such memories and wipes her tears. She stands up and goes towards her box. She opens it and takes out a picture of hers with Viplav in which he was happily smiling and hugging her. She slowly caresses Viplav’s face

Dhaani : (smiles shedding some tears) How cute you look smiling! Then why such an anger on your face ? (after staring at it for a while) I am sorry Viplav but I know how much you want this child. It was your wish right ? I am finally going to accomplish it. Happy ?

Suddenly the door gets open and hearing the sound, Dhaani wipes her tears. She turns back and falls on Dulaari.

Dhaani : (looks at her mother smiling) Maai!
Dulaari : You can never hide your pain and tears from your Maai.

Dhaani looks down sighing while Dulaari joins her. She notices the picture of Viplav and hers in Dhaani’s hand and then looks at her daughter.

Dulaari : Why did you say such things when you know bachwaji can never do such things ?
Dhaani : Yeah I know he will never reject our child. But he rejected me Maai. How do you want me to go to him when he doesn’t even want to see my face ?
Dulaari : You know about his anger right ? He just needs some calm.
Dhaani : But I have no more courage to bear all this Maai. And I can’t let my child live there. They will surely kill our child.

Dhaani looks at the picture smiling.

Dhaani : Viplav always wanted to have a child. He wanted his happiness to increase, becoming papa. And I know that if he gets to know about his child, he would get happier than all of us. This child would have been his life. (laughs) He would have loved it more than me.

Dulaari looks at her daughter smiling.

Dhaani : But fate is not wishing the same.

She turns her head to look at her mother.

Dhaani : Maai, we have to move to another place. I can’t stay in Banaras anymore.
Dulaari : What ?
Dhaani : Yes maai. Let’s go from here. I don’t think I will be able to live far from him being so close.
Dulaari : But Dhaani …
Dhaani : Maai please! And none must know about it. Not even the ashram ladies.
Dulaari : I am your mother. (wipes Dhaani’s tears) Your happiness is what matters the most for me. But still, think once again. How can we leave this place with you in such a situation? Doctor said not to stress a lot. At least let’s wait till the birth of the baby.
Dhaani : No maai. I cant anymore. I fear to cross him staying here. We have to go from here by tonight, after all ladies go to sleep.
Dulaari : Alright. As you wish.

Dhaani looks at her mother and then hugs her tight.

Next day, at Viplav’s side
Viplav is getting ready to go out and again remembers some moments with Dhaani, when he explained her he is able to take his stuffs on his own. Looking at himself in the mirror, he imagines him with Dhaani talking lovably, Viplav kissing on Dhaani’s cheek and she scolds him indicating that someone is looking at them (pointing the real Viplav). He then remembers what happened the day before. Unable to bear it, he turns back and goes away from there in anger. He suddenly stops walking seeing his Daadi.

Daadi : What happened ? Why do you look so tensed ?
Viplav : Nothing Daadi, I …
Daadi : I know. You are thinking about Dhaani. More precisely, you are missing her.

Viplav hugs his Daadi with a sad expression.

Viplav : This room is full of her memories Daadi. It’s harder for me not to think about her.
Daadi : Who told you not to ?
Viplav ; Because I have decided it. There will be no more relation between us.

He breaks the hug and looks at her.

Viplav : Daadi, I am trying hard to erase all the memories of hers from my mind so please, let’s not talk about this.
Daadi : Can you ?

Viplav turns back and lets the tears coming out.

Daadi : Even if you want it, you can never destroy her memories, nor break your relation.
Viplav : (looks at her again) Don’t try to take her side Daadi. Haven’t you seen what happened yesterday ? (goes from there to take his watch)
Daadi : Of course I have. The way you behaved with Dhaani and how you threw out of the house.
Viplav : And what she did ? What about this ? She was insulting our family Daadi.
Daadi : Do you really think she can do such things ? And that with us ?

Viplav looks on.

Daadi : She can never say such things because she loves you, and she knows how much you love us.
Viplav : So was it her body double who did all this drama ?
Daadi : In anger, you neither can control your words.

Daadi turns to look somewhere else, having tears.

Daadi : Poor child. She came with happiness and a smile, and went away with sorrow and pain.

Viplav didn’t understand what she meant and turns to look at her confused.

Viplav : What are you saying Daadi ?
Daadi : Leave it. You don’t even want to consider her. Why should I tell you ?

She gets ready to go but he stops her holding her wrist.

Viplav : Daadi, I am really sorry for showering my anger on you.
Daadi : I am more hurt that you are showering your anger on her, when she needs your love and support the most.
Viplav : What do you mean?

Daadi turns back to face him while he looks at her confused.

Daadi : (sad and holding his face) Congratulations betha, you are going to be papa.

Viplav couldn’t understand what was happening. He couldn’t believe what he just heard.

Viplav : What ? Dh.. Dhaani…
Daadi : Yes. Dhaani is pregnant.

Viplav was unable to react, and some salted drops roll on his cheeks.

Precap – Viplav rushes to the ashram.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Ok so this was not that really interesting, I got to write quite fast. But finally Viplav knows the fact.
Keep reading to know what happens and what Viplav is set to do. Thanks again!
With lots of love!

Credit to: Shruthy

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  1. Shuruthy superb episode..
    For the whole time i was like say daadi..please say…she is pregnant..please.. And when she turned to leave noo daadi you cant do this.. And then finally she said.. I could feel viplav’s emotions and tears as if rolling down my cheeks..
    Keep going

    1. Thanks a lot Arshi 😉 Hahaha yes finally he knows he is going to be dad! And sorry for letting this suspense, but I love that ?
      Awwww glad you could feel his emotions reading. That was my main aim. I make the characters be real and close to readers so glad i am indeed able to

  2. Wow good one Shruthy, I was just waiting when dadi will tell the truth and finally she told! Now Viplav will search for Dhaani and a cat and mouse chase will begin I guess.. But please unite them soon..

    1. Yes Dadi couldnt keep it for so long na 🙂 so she had to tell him in this part itself.
      Oh! Just wait and watch what will happen

  3. shruthy……fantastic episode….
    when Daadi revealed the truth…. i was like LOVE YOU DAADI…
    keep it up dear….. unite vidhaani soon 🙂

    1. Awww so sweet! Thanks for liking 🙂 Well you will have to wait for that, can’t reveal anything ?

  4. Shruthy awesome and fantastic. Whatever I want in IKRS u have written here. I always love dulari mai and dhanis relationship. Love u daddy for revealing the truth. Again superb episode?????

    1. Thanks a lot Latha ?? Oh glad to know that ! Hopefully the following parts will also be as satisfying 🙂
      Oh I see 🙂 Yeah I love Daadi too! She’s the only one who wants Viplav to be with Dhaani?

  5. Shruthy awesome wish in our ikrs also viplav would have been told by dadi but poor thing even she also doesnt know this. Coming to yr ff i liked the convo between dhani dulari n viplav dadi. It 2as so natural. Good job??

    1. Yeah at least he would have been happy he was becoming papa. But seriously, indirectly those father daughter scenes are so blissful. Viplav likes Vidha so much that he got attached to her from the first meeting.

  6. Hi freinds. Tried posting comments on yesterday’s page but no comment box. Is it same with you.

    1. Yes didi same here

    2. But why only with us di?? Other all shows have comment box?

      1. Yes yaar I am also facing the same problem

  7. Shruthy its just fantastic….i could imagine all the scenes…..loved the mirror wali scene very much dear….keep it up….continue like this..

    1. Thanks Vims 🙂 Oh that’s great! When you imagine, you can better enjoy reading. ? just kiding. Glad you are liking ❤️ Aww thanks! I dont know what went through my mind when I was writing actually ? But glad you liked it.
      Thanks a lot! Will surely try my level best to make my story remain good to read. ??

  8. Brilliant shuruthy.. I loved it verrrrry much that mirror wala scene was epic? finally dadi become a super women? I wish it also happen in real ikrs .. u r awesome dear keep writing and keep rocking? love u?

    1. Thanks Maha!
      Awww glad you liked that scene. I dont know what I was thinking at that moment, it just went on? But glad you guys liked that part!
      Well it can never happen now, already leap aa chuka hai ?
      Awww that’s so sweet. Thank you so much. Love you too ??

      1. Shuruthy i have request yaar please dhani should not forgive viplav so easily he should beg for forgiveness he should regret for his mistakes, for not trusting dhani.. meri bohat bariiii wish hai yeh

    2. But I thought you wanted ViDha to unite soon ? Actually Dhaani is mostly hurt because she fears Viplav’s family would kill his children. And yeah she is upset Viplav didnt listen to her. But I wont make her hate him. :/ But haan i wint make them meet soon too.

      1. Yeah I also want them to unite soon but viplav should regret for not trusting her and for insulting her☺

    3. that’s true! he shouldnt have insulted and mistrusted her –‘

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