IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 3 – Part 1)


Episode 3 – Part 1

Kanak : I just pray. But we cannot be so smooth with that Dhaani and the ashram ladies. They will surely announce it to Viplav no matter what happens.
Dashrath : They should have any news to announce.

Kanak looks at Dashrath confused while he looks on with an evil smile.

Kanak : What do you mean babuji ?
Dashrath : There should be something to be announced. If there is nothing, then?

Kanak understands what he meant and smiles.

Dhaani was sitting near the tree of the ashram. But her mind was lost somewhere else. Her head leaning on the tree, she stares at the handprints Viplav left.

Viplav : Whenever you see these prints, you will remember there is someone in this world who is madly in love with you.

Dhaani looks on.
End of flashback

Dhaani keeps staring at it when the ladies come towards her. They all were feeling bad seeing her in such a state.

Dulaari : My child is going to be mother, but has no happiness in her face.
Badi Amma : Dulaari, don’t say like this. Poor girl, she got separated of her husband at such a point of time when she needs him the most.
Dulaari : If only nothing wrong happened between my buchiya and bachwaji.

Not moving her body but still hearing their conversation, Dhaani lets a tear drop roll on her cheek.

Rajlakshmi : I just can’t believe jeejaji trusts his family this much that he threw Dhaani from his life so easily.
Sita maai : It’s his family. Those who love him the most and those he loves the most too.
Rajlakshmi : Alright. Then what about Dhaani? She has also become a part of his life right ? He loves her also right ? Then why doesn’t he trust her ?
Badi Amma : Rajlakshmi, stop it.
Rajlakshmi : No Badi Amma, you guys can’t remain silent this time. (goes next to Dhaani) Dhaani is going to be mother, the mother of his child. (puts her hand on Dhaani’s shoulder) She is the one who needs his support the most right now.
Sita maai : But he doesn’t even know about this yet.
Dhaani : (staying in that same position) And it’s better like this.

All the ladies look at Dhaani surprised.

Dulaari : Dhaani, what are you saying ?

Dhaani turns her head to look at her mother.

Dhaani : He must not know about this.
Badi Amma : Dhaani betha, why are you saying so ?
Dhaani : No Badi Amma. You saw what happened right ? He doesn’t want anything related to me in his life. If he comes to know about the baby… I fear he gets angrier on me and does anything to my child.
Dulaari : Have you gone mad Dhaani ? Why do you think so ? Do you really believe bachwaji could do such thing, and that to his own child ?
Dhaani : Maai, haven’t you heard what they say ? That they don’t want this child in their family. And I know them so well now, they are able to do anything, even murder. And Viplav believes them as Gods. He could do anything for them too.
Rajlakshmi : I felt you know jeejaji so well but not now.
Dhaani : You don’t know Rajlakshmi. That man adores his family more than anything, even me. And I have nothing left in this world, except (holds her tummy) this child. And I don’t want to lose it also.

Kanak looks at Dashrath.

… : (enters in the room and closes the door behind her) And I think I have a great idea to make it happen.

Kanak and Dashrath get shocked and turn their head towards that voice. Seeing who it was, they get relieved.

Kanak : Kamini, you just scared us. By the way, what is your idea ?
Kamini : I will tell you, but not now.
Dashrath : I just hope it works.
Kamini : Don’t worry. Let me just accomplish it, and then see, there will be no bond between Viplav and Dhaani anymore.

Unfortunately, Daadi hears their talk and starts crying.

Daadi ; Oh God! Now what to do ? If they get successful, then Viplav and Dhaani will get separated forever. I have to do something.

At Dhaani’s side
Dhaani stands up and goes into her room. She closes the door behind her and leaned on it, bursts out into tears. She felt helpless and alone. She never believed she would have to face such a situation, even being with Viplav. She was his and she trusted he would always be along with her, but fate is against all her wishes. Sliding on the door to sit on the floor, she gets into her flashback.

Viplav and Dhaani are seen walking in a garden near a playground for children. Seeing the children playing, Dhaani smiles. Viplav notices it and smiles also.

Viplav : What happened ? Why are you smiling?

Dhaani looks at him and smiles.

Dhaani : (looks forward again) Nothing.

He suddenly stops her holding her hand which makes her turn and face him.

Viplav : What ? Seeing the children, you also want to have one.
Dhaani : (teasing smile) I already have one big to handle. Isn’t that enough ?

She gets off his grip giggling and walks away while he looks at her with a naughty smile. He holds her hand again and pulls her towards him which makes her fall on his chest, surprised. Viplav then circles her waist with his arms to get her closer to him.

Dhaani : Viplav, what are you doing ?

She tries to remove his arms but he tightens his grip making her get closer to him. She gets shy and looks down.

Viplav : I guess you remember what I have told you.

Dhaani looks up at Viplav.

Dhaani : What ?
Viplav : (naughty look and smile) Our football team.

Dhaani looks at him, her mouth slightly open and eyes widely open by shock.

Viplav : I think you have forgotten that.
Dhaani : (gets red shy) Viplav!
Viplav : I know my name, thanks.
Dhaani : (softly to Viplav) Dont you have any shame to talk like this in public ?
Viplav : Then let’s go to talk in private.

Dhaani pats on his shoulder smiling shy, while he laughs cutely looking at her.

Viplav : You know Dhaani.

Dhaani looks at him.

Viplav : Marrying you was the best thing I have done in my life.

Dhaani smiles, touched by his words.

Viplav : But now, I want this happiness to get increased, holding our little one (shows his hands).

Dhaani looks at his hands and then at him, having some tears in her eyes. Viplav then looks at her smiling.

Viplav : Will you accomplish this one wish of mine ?

Dhaani hugs him tightly and Viplav hugs her back.
End of flashback

Precap – Dhaani’s sudden decision.

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Credit to: Shruthy

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  1. Shruthy good going. Hope nothing happens to Dhaani and her child. Precap is confusing. What’s Dhaani’s decision. Hope she doesn’t decide to leave Benaras.

    1. Thanks Louella! ❤️ Hopefully yeah!
      Is it ? Lol then I am improving myself ? Just kidding! Oh well just wait and read. Will see if i can upload it tonight if i am able to continue writing it 🙂
      And yeah, if you have insta qnd if you want to, you can check my insta page dedicated to ViDha by clicking on my name ?

  2. Wow I loved today’s episode and also the flashback??

    1. Oh thanks ! Glad you do 🙂

  3. Loved today’s episode.. hope dhani and her child is ok .. keep rocking?

    1. Thanks Maha for your support 🙂

  4. Shruthy read previous episodes all together.. and u nailed it?

  5. Episode 1 part 3
    The dream fantasy was beautfiul?
    I am sure you will give us something much more beautiful in reality?

  6. Episode 2 part 1
    I was worried will i be able to read it as you have said it will be a sad one.
    Taking up the courage i read and was really happy knowing that everything was still not against them ? thank god raj was still there to clarify dhani came and dadi knowing about dhani being pregnant?
    Thanks dear..you made me happy in fact???

  7. Episode 2 part 2
    This one was really sad??
    When viplav was holding her tight..i was feeling pain in my arms..
    You write amazingly well??

    Episode 2 part 3
    Undoubtedly it was the saddest episode but i truly love the way you write and describe everything so that i can feel it??
    You are excellent dear✌

  8. Episode 3 part 1
    Flashbacks were awesome..
    Hope dadi helps them..fingers crossed..xxx

    1. Awww that’s so sweet! Hope you didnt have any problem on that ?
      Yeah dont worry! And hipefully you will like the upcoming episodes also ☺️ Thanks for reading once again! ❤️

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