IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 2 – Part 3)


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Episode 2 – Part 3

Viplav, not listening to anyone, leaves his grip and turns back fast. He walks angrily towards Dhaani while others were looking at him. He stops behind Dhaani, who was continuously shedding tears not even able to listen to their talk. He suddenly holds her arm forcibly which made her turn to look at the grip and then, up at Viplav who was looking at her with rage. Dulaari who was watching it, gets scared.

Dulaari : Dhaani!

She runs to Dhaani followed by Badi Amma. With lots of force, he makes her stand on her feet just with that one tight grip which was hurting her arm. He finally makes her face him and she looks at him shocked, while Dulaari and Badi Amma finally reach them.

Dulaari : Bachwaji, what are you doing?

But Viplav doesn’t hear what she says and looks at Dhaani. They look at each other intensely, both pair of eyes filled of tears of pain. Lost in each other’s eyes in such a way that Dhaani doesn’t even feel the pain of his grip.

Viplav : How dare you!

His words wake her up and she looks at him back on her senses, along with Dulaari.

Viplav : How dare you say such things about my family?
Dhaani : Viplav?
Viplav : How could you even think they tried to separate us?
Dhaani : I… I d…
Viplav : (shouts hard) SHUT UP!

Hearing him shouting, Dhaani gets scared. She suddenly realizes his grip and looking at it, tries to removes his hand off her. Doing so, she makes him tighten his hand and he pulls her towards him which scares her even more.

Dhaani : (his arm hurting hers) Ouch!
Dulaari : (hears her daughter crying) Dhaani! (looks at Viplav) Bachwaji, please leave her.
Viplav : Khakhi, please go away from here, before I say anything.

Dhaani was trying hard to get off his grip but he was not letting her.

Dhaani : Viplav, leave my arm. You are hurting me.
Viplav : And that pain you gave me? What about that?

He pulls her closer to him.

Viplav : You can’t imagine how much it hurts me.
Dhaani : Viplav, please listen to me. First calm do…
Viplav : You are badmouthing about my family, and you want me to calm down?
Dhaani : (with a louder tone) I did nothing and I said nothing about them. They are…
Viplav : Oh for God’s sake, just shut up!

Dhaani looks at him, her hand still trying to remove his.

Viplav : How long will you keep insulting me and my family ?
Dhaani : (louder) I am not insulting your family.
Viplav : Oh really? Didnt you blame them for separating us?
Dhaani : I said nothing about them. They…
Viplav : Oh, so are they telling so about themselves?
Dhaani : (angry because of Viplav’s behavior) Better ask that to them instead of hurting me.

She gets off his grip finally and goes backward but he quickly holds both her arms and brings her back to him.

Viplav : Not that easily Dhaani! You have to give my answer first. Why did you say so?
Dhaani : (keep crying) What did I say?
Viplav : Why did you say such things about my family?
Dhaani : For God’s sake, I said nothing about them. They mistreated me and they keep insulting me.
Viplav : I know they dont like you. But they could never mistreat anyone, especially not their own family members.
Dhaani : As they always believed me as a member of their family. And what about you ? I just cant believe you don’t even trust me anymore.
Viplav : You keep insulting my family, and you think I will always believe you.

Dhaani looks at him crying.

Viplav : It’s true I love you the most in this entire world. But even you come after them.

His words were piercing her heart.

Dhaani : Really? Then (shows him her mangalsutra) why this ?

Viplav was looking at her.

Dhaani : I would never insult them because I am not such a shameless person, who keeps on pointing others, being the biggest culprit.

Viplav looks on angrily.

Dhaani : And to be honest, (forcibly gets off his grip) I dont fear telling that I have never seen such cheap people like your family.
Viplav : (shouts the loudest possible) Dhaani!

Suddenly thunders were raising their voice. He raises his hand to slap her but a voice stops him.

Dulaari : (shouts crying) Bachwaji!

Viplav and Dhaani look at each other with anger and pain respectively. He then holds her arm while she looks at him shocked.

Dhaani : (tries to stop him) Viplav, what are you doing? (looks at her mother behind her) Maai!
Dulaari : Dhaani betha! Bachwaji please leave my buchiya.

But Viplav cannot listen anyone when angry. He drags her towards the door and pushes her outside the house, which makes her fall down on the floor.

Dhaani : (shouts falling down) MAAI !
Dulaari : Dhaani!
Badi Amma : Dhaani betha!

Dhaani was really hurt and tries hard to get up. Rajlakshmi who came there with sweets, sees Dhaani fallen down.

Rajlakshmi : (shocked) Dhaani!

She drops the sweets box and runs towards Dhaani to help her stand up while Dhaani was suffering in pain. The ashram ladies slowly help Dhaani getting up while Viplav turns back and goes towards the house, as he doesnt want to see her suffering. Once on her feet, she looks towards Viplav sadly

Dhaani : (softly) Viplav!

Viplav was able to hear her calling his name even far away and felt her pain in her voice. But he was not able to control his anger that stops him to go towards Dhaani. Dhaani kept looking at him and is taken to the hospital by the ashram ladies.

The doctor checks Dhaani’s state while the three ladies wait in the corridor tensed. Few minutes later, the doctor comes out of the room.

Dhaani : Doctor, how is my daughter ? And the baby ?
Badi Amma : (to Dulaari) Don’t worry Dulaari. Calm down!
Doctor : There is nothing to worry about. Mother and child both are safe.

Dulaari breathes her relief and they all smile.

Doctor : But be careful that it doesn’t happen once again. Because the pregnancy might be difficult after.
Dulaari : Oh God!
Rajlakshmi : Don’t worry doctor, we will take good care of her.
Doctor : Alright. We have given her an injection. Once she gets awake, you can take her home.
Badi Amma : Thank you doctor.

At the Tripathis

Kanak : Oh God! In a way, that Dhaani has gone from here forever. I so feared Viplav got aware of the news.
Dashrath : He will never bahuji!
Kanak : I just pray. But we cannot be so smooth with that Dhaani and the ashram ladies. They will surely announce it to Viplav no matter what happens.
Dashrath : They should have any news to announce it to Viplav.

Kanak looks at Dashrath confused while he looks on with an evil smile.

Precap – Dhaani is lost in some thoughts.

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I knows it was really a non-wanted moment for all ViDha fans but well… It takes a big part of my storyline. So I had to post it :/
Hope you like it though. Thanks a lot!
With lots of love!

Credit to: Shruthy

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  1. A very very sad episode .. seriously tears came in my eyes while reading this but it was wonderful.. waiting for the happy episode

    1. I jnow right. I dont even know if i shiuld consoke you or feel glad that i made you guys cry ? anyways thanks for liking. Dont worry the other wont be this sad. ?

  2. Indeed a sad episode but good one! Post the next one soon!!

    1. Thanks a lot. Yeah will post it today 🙂

  3. a sad episode dear….. but as people say…. if you wanna see rainbow….you gotta bear the rain…… go on dear
    … waiting for the rocking reunion of Viplav and Dhaani

  4. A very sad episode but u explained it very nicely. Post the next one soon!

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