IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 2 – Part 2)


Episode 2 – Part 2

She goes towards Dhaani and holding her arm, takes her to door and pushes her which makes Dhaani slips on the floor. But she gets saved by her mother who came there along with Badi amma and got scared that anything might happen to her.

Dulaari : (holding her daughter while Dhaani was bending on her arm) Dhaani!

She makes Dhaani stand and face her when she notices Dhaani got tears of fear. She then cups her face panicked.

Dulaari : Dhaani! Are you ok?

Dhaani looks at her mom and, hugging her, cries scared.

Dulaari : (caresses her back) It’s alright my child. Nothing will happen.
Badi amma : Don’t cry child! It’s not good for the baby. Please don’t cry.

Dhaani breaks the hug and wipes her tears. Dulaari then looks at Kanak.

Dulaari : Have you gone mad? Don’t you know she is pregnant? What would have happened to the child?
Kanak : I just don’t care about that.
Dulaari : You have also children. What would you have done if someone did the same with you?
Kanak : Hey! Stupid widow! Do not forget you are talking to me, Kanak Tripathi!
Dulaari : So what? You are not God right?
Badi amma : (softly to Dulaari) Dulaari, calm down. Don’t forget they are your daughter’s in-laws.
Dulaari : That doesn’t mean I will afford all what they do with my daughter.
Dasharath : Dulaari! Don’t forget you are standing in front of my house.
Dulaari : Yeah thank you, no need to remind us the same always. We didn’t come to party. Dhaani just came to announce the news to bachwaji. After all, it’s his child.
Dasharath : We don’t want such a child in our family. Better it dies.

Dhaani gets shocked hearing this leaving some tears coming out from her eyes while Dulaari looks at them with anger. Dadi who was behind also looks at Dhaani and her mother crying, not able to say anything.

Dadibua : This girl’s child can never be our Viplav’s anyways. Who knows, whose child it is?

Dhaani bursts out in tears falling into Badi amma’s arms while Dulaari shows her anger and walks few steps forward.

Dulaari : (points Dadibua with her finger and shouts) Hey you!

Everyone from the Tripathis gets shocked hearing Dulaari screaming.

Viplav’s side
Viplav drives to home fast thinking and tensed.

Viplav : Don’t know what might happen at home. I just hope nothing wrong happen, and that Dhaani does nothing to my family.

Dhaani’s side
Everyone gets shocked hearing Dulaari shouting while Dhaani keeps crying.

Dulaari : (rage in her eyes and some tears on her cheeks) Think twice before you say anything.
Dadibua : What a shameless family! I really dont understand how Viplav could have loved such a girl.
Dulaari : Don’t you dare say anything about my daughter. At least she knows how to respect people, not like you all.
Dasharath : Stop you nonsense vidow. Better you go from here before Viplav comes here.
Dhaani : (crying) I just want to tell this to him. Then we will go away from there. We promise it.
Kanak : We want you not to tell it to him and you are asking us if you can ?
… : Dhaani?

Hearing that voice, Dhaani turns her head to look behind and her guess was correct. Elated to see Viplav, Dhaani smiles and runs to him.

Dhaani : (holds his arms crying) Viplav? Where were you? I was waiting for you for so long.
Viplav : I …

Suddenly both look behind Dhaani hearing something and fall on Kanak crying hard. Viplav who saw that, gets off Dhaani’s grip and runs to his mother, leaving a shattered Dhaani behind.

Viplav : Mah! Mah, what happened ? Why are you crying ?
Kanak : (crocodile tears) Viplav …
Viplav : (panicked and holding her arms) Please stop crying and tell me what happened.
Kanak : Viplav. Your… Your wife…

Hearing her daughter’s name, Dulaari turns her head to look at Kanak while Dhaani stayed there crying and losing little by little her energy, sat on the floor.

Viplav : Wha… What did she do?
Kanak : She said that … that we … (bursts out in tears)
Viplav : That you what mah? (with an angrier tone) Please stop crying. What did she say?
Dashrath : She said that…

Viplav turns his head to look at his grandfather.

Dashrath : That we separated you both.

Viplav looks at him angrier.

Dashrath : And that we are the reasons that your happy life got spoilt.

Viplav looks down with full of rage while Kanak, Dashrath and Kamini were looking at him with an evil smile which annoy the ashram ladies.

Kamini : (in her mind) I have to admit it. These Kanak and Dashrath Tripathi are really good actors. (with an embarrassed tone) And she also said that…

Viplav looks at her along with Dulaari and Badi Amma who were fed up of this drama.

Kamini : (looks down) That we both…

Viplav widely opens his eyes, some tears coming out from his eyes by anger.

Dulaari : Don’t you have any shame badmouthing my buchiya like this ?

Viplav, not listening to anyone, leaves his grip and turns back fast. He walks angrily towards Dhaani while others were looking at him. He stops behind Dhaani, who was continuously shedding tears not even able to listen to their talk. He suddenly holds her arm forcibly which made her turn to look at the grip and then up at Viplav who was looking at her with rage. Dulaari who was watching it, gets scared.

Dulaari : Dhaani!

She runs to Dhaani followed by Badi Amma. With lots of force, he makes her stand on her feet just with that one tight grip which was hurting her arm. He finally makes her face him and she looks at him shocked, while Dulaari and Badi Amma finally reach them.

Dulaari : Bachwaji, what are you doing?

But Viplav doesn’t hear what she says and looks at Dhaani. They look at each other intensely, both pair of eyes filled of tears of pain, lost in each other’s eyes in such a way that Dhaani doesn’t even feel the pain of his grip.

Viplav : How dare you Dhaani ? How dare you ?

His words wake her up and she looks at him back on her senses, along with Dulaari.

Precap – Viplav confronts Dhaani.

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Credit to: Shruthy

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  1. Shruthy a very sad episode. Feeling like crying…. But I know u will unite them soon. Just waiting for it.

    1. I know it is. The next one must be worse…
      Oh! It was horrible for me to write also :/ Haha because ViDha are meant to be together.
      Yeah wait and see.

  2. Very good writing shruthy keep it up….?

    1. That’s so sweet of you Pethu sri <3

  3. a very sad episode but i am sure the next one will give us energy .. keep it up

    1. but this one was also amazing

    2. Hmmm I dont want to give you such hopes but I have to make it so if I want to continue… Anyways thanks for liking though <3

  4. shruthy….. unite the m soon dear…… waiting……

    1. Will try my best too soon ! Keep patience 🙂

  5. It’s so sad yaar please unite them soon!! Can’t see them separated..

    1. Neither can I but I had to to make their reunion better <3

  6. Sad but LOVE IT! ❤❤❤ You are going well Shruthy! ??

    1. Thanks for liking. I know it’s sad, but I love such sad moments. Mostly because the happiness they brought look even more beautiful <3
      Thanks a lot.

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