IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 2 – Part 1)


Episode 2 – Part 1

Dhaani : Why is he still not here ? Doesnt he want to come ? Let check it calling him.

She holds her phone and call at Viplav’s number. After few rings someone answers (but only Dhaani’s side is seen).

Dhaani : Hello! Viplav! Where are you? I have been waiting for you for more than 10 minutes. What are you doing? I really have something important to tell you. Please make it fast.

Suddenly the phone gets cut from Viplav’s side.

Dhaani : He… Hello! (looks at the phone screen) He cut the call ? (gets angry) How dare he cut the call!

Suddenly she receives a text message on her phone, from Viplav’s number. She opens it but then realizes that she was unable to read it. She decides to ask someone but even at that moment she didn’t know who to ask. Suddenly she sees Raj standing over there. She gets relieved and goes towards him.

Dhaani : Raj bhaiyaa.
Raj : Bhabhi? What are you doing here ?
Dhaani : I came to meet Viplav. But it has been a while I am waiting and he is still not here.
Raj : Really?
Dhaani : Yeah. And he sent me a message but I cannot read it properly. Could you please help me?
Raj : Yeah of course. Show me.

He reads the message and smiling, looks at Dhaani.

Raj : He just told you that he will not be able to come to the temple so he asked you to come and meet him at home straight.
Dhaani : (confused) Did he really ask me to come there?
Raj : Yes, that’s what he had written on the message.
Dhaani : Ok thank you bhaiyaa.

She takes her phone back and runs to home while Raj looks at her surprised.

Raj : Why is bhabhi in such a hurry?

Dhaani goes back home and reaches the place within 5 minutes. Once in front of the door, she goes to put her foot in the house when she is stopped by a voice.

…. : Stop there!

Dhaani looks towards the voice and sees Kanak looking at her with anger.

Kanak : Don’t you dare bring your feet inside the house!
Dhaani : Listen, I have to talk to Viplav. And I have no time to argue with anyone of you.
Kanak : Why do you have to talk to my son? And do you even think that I will let you talk to him ?

Dhaani looks at her annoyed.

Kanak : He just got to see your true colors. I dont want to lose him again.
Dhaani : I request you. I need to talk to him.

Everyone in the house comes to the living room hearing the noise.

Dadibua : You?

Dhaani looks at Dadi bua

Dadi bua : How dare you come into my house again? Viplav told you na that he broke all the relation he had with you.
Dhaani ; Whatever you all might say, whatever you all might do, you can never separate me from Viplav. It’s too late now.

All were quite confused of what she was saying.

Daadi : Dhaani betha, what are you saying?

Dhaani goes to Daadi and holds her hand.

Dhaani : (looks down shy) Daadi, I …
Daadi : What ? (smiles) Why are you getting shy? Say!
Dhaani : (looks at her smiling) I … (hugs Daadi) I am pregnant.

Daadi widely opens her eyes and smiles big happy hearing the news while others look at Dhaani shocked and tensed. Dhaani breaks the hug and looks at Daadi who was smiling big.

Daadi : My Viplav is going to be papa! My Viplav is going to be papa!

She pinches Dhaani’s cheek while she blushes and then she takes the soon-to-be-mom with her.

Daadi : Come! Today I will make all whatever you like.
Kanak : (looks down) There is no need of that.

Her words make Dhaani and Daadi stop walking and look at her.

Viplav’s side
Viplav comes to the temple but he sees Dhaani nowhere around.

Viplav : Where is she? (upset) Calling me to come here, she is not here herself.

Raj, who was still in front of the temple waiting for someone, notices Viplav there.

Raj : (confused) Guru, here?

He goes towards Viplav who is still searching for Dhaani, and puts his hand on his shoulder, which makes Viplav turns back.

Raj : Guru, what are you doing here ?
Viplav : Actually, it’s Dhaani. She asked me to come and meet her. But as I forgot my phone at home, I just went back to take it and got quite late. Anyways I dont know why, she said she wanted to tell me something important.
Raj : Yeah. It indeed seems to be important.
Viplav : (confused) How do you know that?
Raj : Because she was in the temple…
Viplav : Really? Where is she?
Raj : (finishes his sentence) a while ago.
Viplav : She went from there? (laughs) This is unbelievable.
Raj : She went away because you called her na.
Viplav : I called her?
Raj : Yeah. You sent her a message asking her to come home.
Viplav : What rubbish! I didnt send her any message.
Raj : Stop joking Guru! I helped her reading it.
Viplav : You stop joking Raj. I am telling you right? I havent sent her any message, especially asking her to…

He suddenly stops talking and after thinking for a while, runs away from there.

Raj : (shouts) Guru! Where are you going? Gu… (to him) He is truly mad.

Viplav starts his jeep and drives fast to home.

At Dhaani’s side
Daadi : What happened bahu?
Kanak : Maaji, please be quiet! (looks at Dhaani, talking louder) Hey you! Haven’t you heard what I have said? Just get out from here.

She goes towards Dhaani and holding her arm, takes her to door and pushes her which makes Dhaani slips on the floor. But she gets saved by her mother who came there along with Badi Amma and got scared that anything might happen to her.

Precap – Dhaani is crying.

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As told earlier, the episodes are gonna be quite sad, just before bringing rainbow into ViDha’s life. So don’t worry, they will certainly get reunited. But you guys might wait for it.
Hope you guys will like the storyline though. Thanks a lot!
With lots of love.

Credit to: Shruthy

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  1. Shruthy it’s just superb. I wish this could happen in real ikrs but what to do… Those stupid writers have changed everything….. But u r doing a good job. Keep it up.

    1. Aww that’s so sweet of you <3 Well I made it different from the show not to copy entirely the real storyline but glad you like it 🙂
      I am actually loving what's happening. Was quite scared reading the spoilers but the episodes are really wonderful 🙂 Just waiting for ViDha to meet once again, and especially for their reactions.
      Aww thank you. Glad you liked it. Anyways get ready for the next because it might be hard to watch it.

  2. Shruthy….keep going dear…… 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie 🙂

  3. OMG! Splendid! ? Totally loving it, the way story is progressing! ?

    1. Thank you. Hopefully you will like the upcoming episodes as much <3
      Keep supporting and giving your opinion. 🙂

  4. Superb shuruthy.. love ur writing? keep going dear?

    1. Aww thank you Maha. But I think I seriously have to progress in that domain as I am not at all good at writing. Anyways thanks again and keep supporting and giving your opinion 🙂

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