IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 1 – Part 3)


Episode 1 – Part 3

Rajlakshmi : Now see what happens. If jeejaji doesn’t change his mind after hearing the news, then …
Dhaani : (interrupts her) Don’t say such things Rajlakshmi. I am sure, he will accept me. At least he will accept the meaning of our love.
Rajlakshmi : Oh oh I was just joking. (smiles) Let’s buy these medicines.
Dhaani : But we don’t have money for that.
Rajlakshmi : Yeah that’s true also. Let’s do one thing.
Dhaani : What?
Rajlakshmi : We will first announce this to jeejaji and then we could tell about the medicines. He might buy them by himself.
Dhaani : You’re right.

They walk few steps and then Rajlakshmi stops her again.

Rajlakshmi : One second.
Dhaani : (who was impatient to announce it) Now what Rajlakshmi ?
Rajlakshmi : No! You go to meet jeejaji alone. I will go to the ashram to announce the news. I just can’t keep these news for myself girl. I have to tell it to anyone.
Dhaani : (laughs at her friend’s excitement) Alright, mad girl. You go to the ashram, I will meet Viplav and come back soon.
Rajlakshmi : Why come soon? (smiles teasing Dhaani) I am sure jeejaji will (hits Dhaani’s shoulder with hers) keep you with him.
Dhaani : (pats on Rajlakshmi’s back and shyly smiles) Mad girl. Go!

Rajlakshmi goes from there leaving her alone while she keeps smiling.

Dhaani : I just pray, all the misunderstandings between both of us get vanished after this and never come back.

She takes her phone and calls Viplav. Viplav who was in his room working, sees his phone screen and falling on Dhaani’s number, cuts the call. She tries again but no use. She tries again and again and at the 10th time, he finally answers her.

Dhaani : Hello Viplav!
Viplav : I think we have nothing to say to each other. Please don’t call me again.

And he cuts the call which saddens her a lot. She takes more courage and tries again and he again answers.

Viplav : Dhaani I told you I …
Dhaani : I don’t have time to argue with you either. Just come to meet me at the temple in 10 minutes. Just for 5 minutes.

Saying so she cuts the call, which surprises Viplav. He puts the phone on his bed quite annoyed. He keeps thinking and then decides to meet her for a last time. Unfortunately, he forgets to take his phone with him leaving it on his bed.

Dhaani walks to the temple smiling and finally reaches the place. She goes upstairs to pray and closes her eyes.

Dhaani : Dear God, today must be the most beautiful day of my life after the day when Viplav finally made me become his applying vermilion on my forehead. And today, I am going to announce that our love has given us a gift in the form of our child. I just wish that whatever happened between us these last days and all the misunderstandings that we are going through never come in between our relation and that this news helps us having a fresh start.

Suddenly she feels something strange and opens her eyes. She turns back to look behind her and sees Viplav coming towards her climbing the stairs. She gets elated to see him and smiling goes towards her.

Dhaani : Viplav you …
Viplav : I don’t want to waste my time. Tell fast what you wanted to tell me.

Dhaani gets quite upset and looks down. Viplav notices it and not able to see her like this, makes fist of his hand. He then slowly puts his hands on her shoulders.

Viplav : Ok., don’t get sad. Tell me. What did you want to tell me ?

Dhaani looks at him again and holds his hand into hers.

Dhaani : Viplav, whatever happe …
Viplav : If it’s to talk about that, then I am not interested Dhaani. I have already given my decision.

He gets ready to go when she stops pulling his hand, which makes him face her again.

Dhaani : I don’t have any interest talking about that also. I have something more important to tell you.
Viplav : What happened Dhaani ? Everything is fine at the ashram right ?
Dhaani : It has been two days that I have kept vomiting and feeling dizzy. And …
Viplav : What ? Vomiting and feeling dizzy ? (holds her face into his hands) And you are telling me this right now only?
Dhaani : Oh oh (holds his hands into hers) listen to me. There is nothing serious. I went to check up today.
Viplav : (tensed) And what did the doctor say ?

Dhaani suddenly shows a smile on her face making him get more surprised.

Dhaani : She told me that …
Viplav : That ? What?
Dhaani : That we are going to be parents soon.

Viplav looks at her, eyes widely open because of the shock and opens his mouth a bit.

Viplav : (with a louder tone) What ?
Dhaani : Oh don’t talk too loud Viplav, I am right here.
Viplav : (his face full of excitement and joy) Oh my God! Are you serious? I … I will become papa.

Dhaani nods her head happily crying.

Viplav : And you will become mumma.
Dhaani : (tears staying in her eyes) Yes.
Viplav : And we will be parents.
Dhaani : Yes idiot.
Viplav : Oh God I am so happy! (shouts stretching his arms in the air) WOOHOO!
Dhaani : (who got tensed of his shout, holding his arms trying to get it down) What are you doing Viplav? Stop it!

Viplav looks at her with a big smile (that special Mishal wala smile) and so does Dhaani also seeing his joy. He suddenly holds her in his arms and makes her turn around while Dhaani gets embarrassed in front of the others in the temple.

Dhaani : Viplav, leave me.
Viplav : (stops turning) No, I won’t. You have just given me such great news, and you think I will leave you.
Dhaani : At least for the baby. It hurts me.

Viplav realizes it and lets her stand on her feet. Once he lets her carefully on her feet, Viplav kisses intensely on her cheek cupping her face, which makes her blush and looks down.
And as she looks upper smiling, she realizes none was there. She was just dreaming. . But she feels like it may happen the same way. She gets impatient as it has been more than 10 minutes and Viplav was still not there.

Dhaani : Why is he still not here? Doesn’t he want to come?

Precap – Dhaani comes to meet Viplav at home.

Thanks for reading friends. I just hope you like it. Keep commenting and telling your views. Btw the next episode will be quite sad so be ready! ??

Credit to: Shruthy

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  1. Shruthy…. that smile on my face vanished ….after knowing it was just a dream….. Please viplav should know about it…atleast in ff….

    1. Oh I am sorry. But I didnt want him to know it like this. But dont worry, he will be aware of it.

  2. Oh shuruthy it was amazing but yaar why dream.. viplav should know this news atleast in ff please

    1. Thanks!
      Dont worry he will but differently 🙂

  3. I was upset knowing it was just a dream! But the dream was so nice. Please let him know at least in ff if not in our serial! And next one also a sad one, I may get a heart attack!! Lol, just joking!! But please unite them soon…

    1. Very sorry. But need to bring some tears before smile.
      Haha yeah i guess. Even it was difficult for me to type the upcoming scenes like I would have never wished to see them so but I am quite sadist, like I love crying/sad scenes a lot…

  4. Hey Shruthy! ? I have read previous two parts too but didn’t comment. You write so well MashaAllah! ?? And take your time! ? Make a best moment when Viplav knows about her pregnancy!

    1. Oh that’s ok. Glad to know you read them in fact 🙂 it makes me happy happy !
      Awww that’s too sweet of you <3 haan zaroor

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