IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 1 – Part 2)

Hey guys! Being at home I got time to work on the next part and here I am. ? And thanks to those who read the first part and commented, I am really glad that you liked it. ❤ I will try my level best to make my story nice and entertaining to read and of course, will make ViDha meet soon don’t worry. ? You just have to wait and read because it might not be for now. ?
Hopefully you like this part also. ENJOY! ☺❤

Episode 1 – Part 2

Few days later, at Dhaani’s side
Dhaani was seen cutting some vegetables while the other ladies were also doing their work when suddenly she feels dizzy. She shakes her head once to get normal but again she feels dizzy. All by sudden, she rushes to the well holding her belly with her arm and starts vomiting. Dulaari who saw Dhaani vomiting rushes to her, panicked.

Dulaari : Dhaani ?

Hearing Dulaari screaming, the other ladies look at Dhaani and they all go to see what happened. Dulaari holds Dhaani’s arm and worries more seeing her daughter in this situation. She then stops vomiting and freshens up her face while the ladies look at her tensed. She stands up and looks at them surprisingly.

Dhaani : I am fine, don’t worry.
Dulaari : Fine ? Are you mad ? Have you seen at yourself ? How tired you look!
Dhaani : But maai…
Badi amma : Dulaari is right child. Go to your room and take rest.
Dhaani : No badi amma, I am ok, really.
Rajlakshmi : At least eat something. You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.
Dhaani : Ok fine. I will eat something.

She goes away from there and the other ladies also go to their work while Dulaari and Badi amma remain there alone.

Dulaari : I don’t know what my daughter’s mistake is. God is continuously testing her life.
Badi amma : Don’t say like that. Everything will be fine.
Dulaari : May God bring happiness into my Dhaani’s life again very soon.
Badi amma : Keep believe in God’s miracles, he will surely make her life happier soon.

The next day
Dhaani is tidying up her room when she again feels dizzy. She stands straight and holds her head and feels quite panicked. She decides to check up once to clear all her doubts. However she didn’t wish to tell her mother fearing she will get even more tensed about her. Her eyes fall then on God’s pictures and she gets an idea. She goes downstairs and sees Rajlakshmi who is cleaning the dishes. She goes to her and calls her name.

Dhaani : Rajlakshmi!

Rajlakshmi turns her head to look at Dhaani.

Rajlakshmi : What happened Dhaani?
Dhaani : Let’s go to the temple together.
Rajlakshmi : What? But we have already been there this morning.
Dhaani : And going again and again to the temple won’t kill you. Let’s go.
Dulaari : (coming from her room) Where are you going Dhaani ?

Dhaani gets shocked to hear her mother’s voice and turns her head to look at her.

Dhaani : (smiles) Nothing mom. Just going to the temple.

Rajlakshmi washes her hands and stands up.

Dulaari : Ok fine. But carefully.
Dhaani : Yes maai don’t worry.
Rajlakshmi : Let’s go.

They walk on the road towards the temple when Rajlakshmi notices Dhaani being quite tensed.

Rajlakshmi : Dhaani?

Dhaani turns her head to look at Rajlakshmi.

Rajlakshmi : What happened ? Why are you so tensed?
Dhaani : Look. I have lied to you.
Rajlakshmi : (looks at her surprised) What?
Dhaani : We… (looks down) We are not going to the temple.
Rajlakshmi : Then where ?
Dhaani : To hospital.

Rajlakshmi holds Dhaani’s arm and makes her stop walking.

Rajlakshmi : Hospital ? But why?
Dhaani : I again vomited this morning.
Rajlakshmi : What ? But when ? None was aware of it.
Dhaani : Because you all went out to the temple while I was sleeping.
Rajlakshmi : Oh God! And you didn’t think to tell us after.
Dhaani : Sorry Rajlakshmi. I didn’t want to …
Rajlakshmi : Didn’t you feel we will be worried?
Dhaani : But I am asking forgiveness right?
Rajlakshmi : Alright.
Dhaani : Anyways, now I feel quite tensed and I want to know what the problem is.
Rajlakshmi : Finally a brilliant decision of yours.
Dhaani : Shut up!

They are seen at the hospital where Dhaani is being checked up while Rajlakshmi waits for her in the doctor’s cabin. Suddenly, she sees Dhaani joining her, followed by the doctor. She makes Dhaani sit and does the same after.

Rajlakshmi : Doctor, what happened ? Is Dhaani ok ? Nothing serious right ?
Doctor : There is nothing to worry. In fact these are good news only.

Dhaani and Rajlakshmi look at each other confused and then look at the doctor.

Dhaani : I don’t understand. Which good news?
Doctor : Congratulations Mrs Dhaani, you are going to be mom soon.

Dhaani opens her eyes widely looking at the doctor shocked while Rajlakshmi was ready to jump of joy from her seat.

Rajlakshmi : What ? Dhaani is pregnant ? Oh my God. These are not good news but very very very good news doctor. (turns to look at Dhaani) Dhaani, (hugs Dhaani) you can’t believe how much happy I am right now. I am going to become aunt (maasi).

But Dhaani was looking quite tensed and Rajlakshmi noticed it.

Rajlakshmi : Hey! I am here jumping of joy hearing the news and you are lost somewhere thinking. What happened girl ? Aren’t you happy?
Dhaani : (turns her head towards Rajlakshmi) How can I not be happy ? Becoming a mother is the most priceless gift that God could give us. But …
Rajlakshmi : What but ? Are you thinking about jeejaji ?

Dhaani looks at her desperate and shows her tension.

Rajlakshmi : Arey Dhaani! Don’t you feel this is the perfect moment to get back to him ?
Doctor : Look Dhaani, I don’t want to enter in your personal problems but as a doctor I can only congratulate you. And if it’s regarding an issue with your husband, I think hearing these news all the issues will get vanished.
Rajlakshmi : See. Even the doctor is telling it. And I am sure, jeejaji must be as impatient to become a parent like you.

Dhaani looks down shyly, and then at Rajlakshmi.

Doctor : Alright. I will write you down some medicines and some advices of what you must eat or not in this situation, especially for the baby’s good health.

And the doctor explains what to do and what not, and Dhaani listens to her carefully.

Doctor : If you follow all these rules then within 10 months, your baby will be born full of health.

Dhaani smiles shyly looking at the doctor and then puts her hand on her belly looking at it, tears of happiness in her eyes.

Dhaani : (looks at the doctor) Thank you doctor.
Rajlakshmi : Thanks a lot doctor. Let’s take our leave.

Both go from there with lots of happiness filling their hearts.

Precap – Dhaani meets Viplav at the temple.

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