Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:8)

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Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
Episode: 8
At Quarter:
Dhaani forbids everyone to take any kind of help from viplav, all gets little surprised to listen this kind of thing from her
Dulaari: dhaani I think you’ve gone mad, what’s your problem?
Dhaani: maayi hum na keh diya naa bus we’ll do everything by ourselves
Dulaari: dhaani if you don’t want to talk with him, then it’s ok but I’ll discuss about this matter with him and I’m sure he’ll help us
Dhaani: but maayi…
Badi amma: dhaani beta batao tou why are you saying all this? Why you don’t want him to help us?
Dulaari: didi leave her, I’m noticing she’s behaving very strangely from morning
Dhaani: that’s because he’s a selfish person and I…
Dulaari: (in questioning voice) selfish? Dhaani if he has said something?
Dhaani: (sighs) nahe maayi it’s nothing like that, I was just saying…
Dulaari: (politely) buchiya bachwa jee is really a nice boy and he’ll help us for sure. Don’t worry
Dhaani unwillingly nodded as she didn’t want to argue anymore
Dulaari: (looking at badi amma) didi don’t worry, we’re with you. Kuch nahe hone den gy ashram ko
Dhaani: yes badi amma we’ll fight together
All looks each other with determination.

In night:
At viplav’s room:
Viplav was looking at dhaani through his room’s window, who was busy in hanging wet sari on rope. Strong wind was irritating her as her hairs were moving continuously and she was tucking them behind her ear. He noticed her state and smiles widely.
“Dil kahe kahaniyaan pehli dafa
Armaano mai rawaniyaan pehli dafa plays”

He then walked towards his bed with that same smile while thinking their first meeting, their arguments at Ghat, the way she removed her pallu from face when he saw her first time at road due to an accident, he sighs while sitting on the bed
“Hogaya begaana mai hosh sey pehli dafa
Pyaar ko pehchaana ahsaas hai yeh naya
Suna hai, suna hai yeh rasm-e-wafa hai jo dil pey nasha hai woh pehli dafa hai plays”

His smile vanished as soon as he remembered morning incident the way he came to know that dhaani is a widow. “She has suffered a lot”, his brain was repeating those words. Daadi was passing from there when her eyes fall on him, she realized that he’s lost in deep thoughts. She came inside and pats his shoulder softly, he looks at her as if many questions are running in his mind
Daadi: what happened beta? Is everything fine?
Viplav: daadi today I met dh.. dhaani
Daadi recognized his state and before saying something she sat beside him
Daadi: and where have you met her?
Viplav: at her home daadi, I don’t know why kaaki didn’t tell me about her even you didn’t share with me
Daadi: (smiles) and what you want to know?
Viplav: (looking below) that when she came here and how she became a…
He stopped before completing as he wasn’t having energy to repeat the word “widow”
Daadi: beta we don’t know the exact matter as dulaari didn’t share this with anyone but still we only know that after four months her husband died then after that she’s living here, with her maayi, poor girl (sighs) she has saw many hardships in such a young age
Viplav listens everything seriously
Viplav: yes even I’m thinking the same daadi she has faced a lot of difficulties, you know somewhere inside my heart I wanted​ to meet her, to see her, to talk with her, to check that if this dhaani is same as I had imagine but sach mai I never wanted to see her like this, daadi I don’t know why today I felt a strange pain after seeing her. Kyun daadi I even don’t have any relation with her then also…
Daadi: (smiles) why you don’t have any relation with her, dosti sey acha kia rishta ho sakta hai bhalaa? You know somewhere inside your heart you’ve always considered her as friend and that’s why you felt pain after knowing about her past
Viplav: maybe you’re right daadi but according to you what I should do to less her pain or to reduce her problems?
Daadi: try to make her happy (brushing his hair lovingly) don’t hurt her, support her as a good friend that’s the best way to cure her inner pain
Viplav: (in a low voice) but how? She doesn’t even want to see me, whenever I go in front of her rakshasni ban jaate hai
Daadi: hmmm tou you must’ve​ done something that’s why she’s behaving like this
Viplav looks at her surprisingly while daadi was just smiling
Daadi: kia hoa? Yehi soch rahe ho naa k how daadi know this beta I know you better but now what you should do, how you will do yeh tou tumhen khud sochna hoga
Viplav: daadi (holding her hands) you’re my true princess thank you so much (kissing her hands softly) I’m feeling so light after talking to you
Daadi: chalo ab so jaao it’s quite late. If you won’t sleep then how you’ll get up early and then how you’ll make your friend smile
Viplav nodded understandably whereas daadi leaves the room, once she left viplav lay down looking at the ceiling
Viplav’s POV: dhaani tum humen apna dost maano yaah naa maano but I’ll always be your friend and now your everyday will start with a smile (taking a deep breath) then I also have to prove her that I’m not a bad human or in her words I’m not a rakshas.
“Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed
Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed plays”

At Quarter:
Dhaani was standing before the window thinking about viplav
Dhaani’s POV: bus yehi reh gaya tha now that rakchas will help us, I bet he won’t help us instead he’ll create more problems because dosro ka dukh dard tou ussey affect he nahe karta. Why God (looking at the sky) the more I try to be away from him the more you are bringing us together
“Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed
Isha ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”

In morning,
At Ayodha Nivas:
Viplav came downstairs and heard kanak and daadi talking about dulaari, he suspiciously walked towards them
Viplav: what happened daadi? If kaaki is ok?
Daadi: beta she’s unwell that’s why she’ll not come today
Kanak: unwell? It’s all her lame excuses to run away from work
Viplav: maah if she has said something like this before, ap aisa kyun sochte ho please change your thinking
Daadi: haan bahu viplav is correct in fact what I was saying viplav go and check her out if she needs anything
Kanak: (surprisingly) why my son will go there, viplav beta you may come with me, I want to talk with you
Viplav: maah I’ll go there first then we’ll talk pakka
Kanak: but…
Before she could complete he went leaving kanak in angriness
Kanak: (looking at her mother-in-law) maah jee if you’re​ at peace now, what was the need of sending my son there wahaan woh vidvah dhaani bhe rehte hai. Till now he wasn’t aware of that but now he’ll…
Daadi: he already know bahu even they’ve met
Kanak: (shockingly) kia? What’s happening in this house humen babu jee sey baat karne hoge
Saying so she went from there in all fuming state while daadi was just smiling as if she was happy to see her grandson changes.

At Quarter:
Dhaani was giving medicine to her maayi when viplav came in, both looks at each other
Viplav: kaaki if you’re okay? (sitting on a chair) come on let’s go to doctor
Dulaari: (smiles) bachwa jee I’m ok, just a little headache which will go away (taking medicine from dhaani’s hand) with this tablet
Viplav: but…
Dhaani: if you’re saying all this to take maayi for work then sorry she’ll not come today instead I’ll come. Theek hai
Dulaari: (while drinking water eyes her) dhaani what’re you saying​, he didn’t mean to say so
Dhaani: (in a low voice) haan humen pata hai what he wants to say
Viplav: (sighs) kaaki leave her, she is half mad
Both dulaari and viplav chuckles while dhaani was glaring him
Dulaari: buchiya now I’m fine so let me go, I’ll come soon pakka
Dhaani: maayi I’ve told you naa you won’t go that’s it, and if it’s too important then I’ll go at your place
Dulaari: dhaani you know I…
Dhaani: maayi what’s wrong with it, tum bhe tou wohi kaam karte ho naa jo hum karen gy and then it’s just a matter of one day
Dulaari unwillingly nodded while dhaani smiles
Dulaari: but don’t get involve in difficult works, (looking at viplav) bachwa jee ap khayal rakhye ga because she forgets herself once getting busy in work
Viplav: (smiles) jee kaaki don’t worry hum ap ke buchiya ka bohat ache sey khayal rakhe gy
Dhaani: (rolling her eyes) tum aur khayal, you can only increase problems
Dulaari: dhaani pagla gae ho kia, what’re you saying?
Dhaani: maayi I’m just saying k I can take care of myself. Bus tum apna dehaan rakhna ok
Dulaari nods in affirmation while dhaani walked out, viplav was also about to stand up but his kaaki asked her to be seated as she needs to talk with him about something important, he sits back to listen.

At Ayodha Nivas:
As dhaani was about to step inside, a stern voice stopped her to do so, she looks at the person and gets afraid as it was choti malkin
Kanak: kahan arahe ho? If this is a garden that whoever will come inside?
Dhaani: woh choti malkin maayi isn’t unwell so I…
Kanak: haan haan I know how much unwell she’s
Dhaani looked at her speechlessly while tears were about to flow from her eyes
Kanak: kia? Lower your eyes (holding her hand) this is kanak tripathi’s home and here people like you are strictly prohibited so get lost right now
Dhaani couldn’t tolerate more so she turned to move but gets little surprised to see viplav who was looking all this shockingly
Viplav: dhaani you’ll not go anywhere (turning to his maah) maah what’s all this? I didn’t know that my mother can behave like this with someone
Kanak: beta woh…
Viplav: kia woh maah, she’ll come here whenever she wants and no one can stop her
Dhaani looks at him, she was confused on his behavior. Meanwhile dada jee joined them listening the loud voices
Dada: what is happening​ here?
Kanak: babu jee woh dhaani is coming on dulaari’s place so…
Viplav: so dada jee I hope you don’t have any problem like maah. Humen tou samajh nahe araha why maah is acting like this
Kanak was about to say but dada jee signed him to be quiet
Dada: dhaani beta you’re most welcome
Viplav smiles while dada jee left the room in order to control his anger
Kanak: (angrily) I’ll ask Ram deen to show you kitchen
Viplav: (smiles) no need of that maah I’ll take her there by myself
Kanak fumed in anger and went from there, while viplav and dhaani moved towards the kitchen. Once reaching there dhaani stared viplav while he lifts his brows
Dhaani: you shouldn’t have talked with your maayi like that
Viplav: it’s the only way to make her realize her mistake, I don’t know why she don’t… (taking a pause) khair anyways let’s get busy in work
Dhaani: (surprisingly) I’ll do by myself, you may go now
Viplav: I’ll not go anywhere, hum tumhare sath khana banae gy
Dhaani: but why you’ll..
Before she could complete viplav keeps his palm on her lips
“Tu he yeh mujhe ko bata dey chahun mai yaah naa,
Apne tou dil ka bata dey chahun mai yaah naa plays”

She eyes him surprisingly while he was somewhat lost in his eyes
“Itna bata dun tujh ko chahat pey apne mujh ko yun tou nahe ikhtiyar, phir bhe yeh socha dil na ab jo laga hun milne poochun tujhe aik baar plays”

Dhaani removes his hand from her face making viplav little embarrassed while dhaani was also looking aside
“Tu he yeh mujh ko bata dey, chahun mai yaah naa
Apne tou dil ka bata dey, chahun mai yaah naa plays”
Screen freezes!

Precap: viplav and dhaani after taking utility bills and after fulfilling some formalities were going back when tyre got punctured later on they were in a small hut while it started raining​ heavily.

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Hey everyone! How’re you all and how was the episode? Hopefully it was good though I found it somewhat boring but don’t worry next one will be probably good still don’t forget to drop your valuable opinions before leaving this page.
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  1. Sujie

    Arrey…. This is awesome… the nokjhok…the act of getting lost in each other’s eyes… its awesome jaan….
    waise toh I can imagine balloon as well as dancing eyebrows…par unke baare mein kya kehna…keep going dear….Viplav jaisa dost miljaaye jo baad mein humsafar banjaaye toh jindagi hasin hai ….hai na… and haan….loved cute daadi….she is awesome….
    love you dear….

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you dear for loving the scenes ?? and yes viplav jaisa humsafar mil jai jo dost bhe ho hayeeee zindagi ban jaye❤❤
      Haan kanak and DT are so natural that’s why ??
      Keep loving dear ❤

  2. Shanitics

    Aapki ff kabhi boring ho sakthi hai kya didi… It was ?? Eye lock.. Knok jhok al was gud.. Waiting for d nxt one!!?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hayeee thanks Swetha ?? keep reading!

  3. i am waiting for this ff since loong…
    mahaa u nailed it yaar…
    offoo viplavs pain ka naam tho pyaar hai na??And this time daadi also didnt get that…
    how sweet viplav is when he came to check dulaari how she is…
    And supporting dhani infront of his mother only…
    all these scenes made me remember real ikrs….
    plz update ur next episode soon…
    bye mahaa…
    take care…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Lalitha ?? not exactly yaar pyaar itne asaani sey nahe hota, it’s just viplav cares for her, treats her as a friend and above all unknowingly he’s feeling something different for her. That’s it but koi nahe pyaar bhe hojai ga you just have to wait a little ?
      Keep reading dear!

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