Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:7)

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Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
Episode: 7
At Quarter:
Viplav knocked at the gate suspiciously and within a second someone opened up the gate leaving viplav all shocked
Viplav: (with broad eyes) you? What’re you doing here?
The person who opened the door was also shocked and speechless after seeing viplav because that person was dhaani, who has become the victim of viplav’s joke a number of times
Dhaani: what are you doing here? (giving stress on ‘you’)
Viplav: (in a questioning voice) I? Listen this is my (taking a pause) I mean my kaaki’s house. But why are you here? Don’t tell me you’re a theif and wants to steal something. Right?
Dhaani: (confusedly) are you mad? What kind of things you’re saying? After throwing colors on me then after gifting me that box you’ve come here to create problems for me, why are you not letting me live in peace
Viplav: (lifting his brows) you’re saying as if it’s your home, see you’re caught red-handed now so stop giving false excuses and come on get out now else I’ll call police
Dhaani: (in an angry tone) you get out from here right now, it’s mine and my maayi’s home. You’re at wrong place (lifting her brows) or maybe you’re here to steal something so I should better call police. Right?

Viplav: (gets into deep thinking and in low voice) your and your maayi that means she’s dhaani kaaki’s buchiya but how…
Dhaani: (irritatingly) what’re you saying in low voice, deykho hum sab samajhte hain. Go from here right now I’m alone that doesn’t mean…
Viplav: shut up ok and I’m sure that you’re not her buchiya because you don’t have brain
Before dhaani could reply a voice interrupted their arguments
…: Bachwa jee ap yahan? If you want anything?
Both turns their heads to that voice
Viplav: kaaki…
Dhaani: maayi…
Dulaari: what happened? (in a tense voice) and bachwa jee if you want something then you should’ve told me why you came here?
Viplav: kaaki woh I was listening some voices from here that’s​ why…
He stopped as he was literally confuse and wasn’t having words to explain
Dhaani: maayi if you know him?
Dulaari: haan dhaani she’s Mahant Dahshrath Tripathi’s grandson
Dhaani gets surprised after registering viplav’s information
Dhaani: (confusedly) maayi are you sure?
Viplav: she’s 100% sure (with a mischievous smirk) kaaki’s buchiya
Dhaani glared him for awhile​ whereas dulaari was looking at them astonishingly
Dulaari: it seems like you both know each other very nicely
Dhaani: maayi leave all this and please ask him the reason of his arrival
Dulaari: Arey haan bachwa jee I haven’t even asked you to sit down, please come inside and have a seat (looking at dhaani) buchiya go and bring tea for viplav
Dhaani: (irritatingly) maayi but… Acha I’m bringing
She agreed as she feels a sharp gaze of her maayi while viplav was enjoying all that with an amused smile. Dhaani went inside kitchen whereas dulaari and viplav proceeded towards a place where wooden chairs were kept

Viplav: (while sitting) kaaki if I’ll ask you one question then you’ll give me answer (taking a pause) I mean right answer
Dulaari: (smiles) yes but what’s the question?
Viplav: why you didn’t tell me that dhaani is living here woh bhe (gulping a bit) in this state
Dulaari: (tears welled up listening his question) bachwa jee some questions should be remain unanswered
Viplav: but I want to know how all this happened (taking a deep breath) from childhood I’m listening about dhaani from you without even seeing her she became so special for me but when she went through all this you didn’t even bother to tell me
Dulaari: (wiping her tears) you weren’t here at that time bachwa jee and then no one can do anything this was all decided by fate
Viplav: but I want to know…

He stopped as soon as he see dhaani who was coming from the opposite side with the cup of tea, she forwarded that cup to him with a frown while viplav smiled a bit on her attitude
Viplav: thank you so much (in a low voice) sariyal larki
Dhaani: (with broad eyes) what have you said?
Viplav: kuch nahe why if you’ve heard something (looking at dulaari) kaaki ap na kuch suna?
Dulaari: no I haven’t heard anything, why?
Viplav: (smiles) nothing bus asai (while taking a sip) dhaani if you haven’t added sugar, like you this tea is also…
Dulaari: dhaani if you haven’t added sugar beta?
Dhaani: maayi I’ve added but maybe your bachwa jee has no taste in his tongue
Dulaari: asey nahe kehte dhaani, go and add sugar
Dhaani: maayi I’ve added sugar in right quantity if he has some problem regarding it then he should go and add by himself
Dulaari looked on shockingly at her reply as before that day she didn’t behave like that
Viplav: kaaki it’s ok I’ve already completed it
After keeping the cup on table he stands up while looking at dhaani
Viplav: I should leave now
Dulaari too stands up and nodded in affirmation, once viplav leaves she turned to dhaani
Dulaari: dhaani if I can ask you why you were behaving like this with bachwa jee, first time he came here and you did this
Dhaani: maayi you yourself told me number of times that he loves you a lot but which kind of love is this, he didn’t even visit here ever, didn’t even come to meet you here, strange, isn’t it?
Saying so she went inside leaving confused dulaari behind
Dulaari: what happened to this girl?

At Ashram:
All the ladies were busy in doing household chores, when someone knocked at the gate, suwarna leaving her work stands up to open up the gate, once opening it a man was there to deliver the courier, she after giving thumb impression takes it from him and shut the gate
Badi amma: what happened suwarna? Who was at the gate?
Suwarna: badi amma a man gave it to me, don’t know what it is exactly (while opening it) I think it has some paper
Badi amma: Lao humen dey do
Suwarna handed it over to badi amma as soon as she taken out the paper from envelope completely. Badi Amma read it and gets into terrific state
Sita maayi: kia hoa indraani? Why are you looking so worried?
Badi amma: it states that we’ve to leave the Ashram as the concerned authorities wants to build some shopping mall here to earn maximum profit
Raj lakshmi: Arey aise kese they’ll ask this kind of thing, it’s our home we can’t leave this place at any cost
Badi amma: should we discuss this matter with dulaari and dhaani
Raj lakshmi: I think you should badi amma, maybe they’ll give some idea
Badi amma looked on tensely.

At Ayodha Nivas:
In hall:
Viplav was proceeding towards his room when he was stopped by his daada jee
Dahshrath: viplav baba where are you? Didn’t even come to talk with me for a second
Viplav: (looking towards his dada jee with a smile) dada jee woh actually was busy with friends
Dahshrath: hmmm, I guess you’ve enjoyed a lot so now you should focus on your career
Viplav: (in questioning voice) career? (cheerfully) oh yes dada jee I’m ready to start my law
Dahshrath: but for that you’ll have to move to Mumbai because you’ll not get such strong cases here
Viplav looks on after listening his words, he wasn’t happy after hearing his statement, don’t know why but now he wants to stay here
Viplav: dada jee I’ll talk about this later as I’m little tired right now
Dahshrath: haan viplav you may and take some rest
Viplav lightly smiled and leaves from there leaving dahshrath behind whose phone was ringing, he picked up the call
Dahshrath: haan tripurari bolo
Tripurari: guru dev your work has done, now those ladies have to leave ashram
Dahshrath giving a victorious smile hanged up the call

At Quarter:
Dulaari, badi amma and raj lakshmi were sitting in a room while dhaani comes in with the cups​ of tea and biscuits
Dulaari: didi don’t worry, we’re with you. I’ll talk with bachwa jee he’ll surely help us in this matter
Dhaani: (while setting down the cups on table) nahe there is no need of (looking at her maayi) talking with him, we’ll do everything by ourselves
Everyone looks at her weirdly.
Screen freezes!

Precap: dhaani entered Ayodha Nivas to work in place of dulaari as she wasn’t feeling well. She along with viplav went inside.

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  1. Sujie

    Hayee…. the entire episode starting from the bit of YOU here?? was awesome…maayi ki buchiya…and maayi ke bachwaji have finally their face off…. awesome Maha….superb 🙂 I have not blushed in the name of tea…jitna aaj blush kiya mein ne….
    dt…the balloon…along with TP…sudhrenge nahi ye….
    you are making me nostalgic for sure dear… thank you for the story in your own flavor…you reminded the good old days of IKRS….love you dear…
    take care 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Awww thank you dear for loving the entire episode ?? HAHA well this is the jaadu of viplav’s killing smile he can make anyone blush ??? hayeee!
      Keep loving dear❤❤
      Take care my love ?

      1. Sujie

        woh toh hai…meri jaan 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. wooooow its an amazing episode mahaa…
    yeeeey viplav and dhaani now know each other perfectly with their past…..
    now onwards it is going to be very very intetrsting hey na??…
    And coming to the precap i am very excited about next episode yaaar…
    plz jaldi aaoo…
    take care…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Lalitha ? yes there is much more on the way?? keep reading dear!
      I’ll post soon❤
      Take care!

  3. Srry.. Was nt nt able to catch up wth all epi rght on tme!!Hectic schedule as frm d day I ntrd 12th….

    Ur ff is gng suprb.. And didi Insha’Allah I’m bng ur fan day by day?

    Epi’s r smpy suprb..

    Thnkss fr such supr dupr ff and remndng us of ikrs

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s ok dear! I’m happy that you’re finally back. Thank you so much for such lovely words, keep reading!

      1. ? yeah …. Yeah.. Wl keep readng?

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