Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:3)

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Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
Episode: 3
At Ayodha Nivas’s Lawn:
As viplav was walking, a white sari which was hanging on the rope blew away due to heavy wind and falls on viplav’s face. He touched it gently and slowly removes it, once removing it completely he stared it with confusion
Viplav’s POV: who wears this pure white color at our home, (looking at the quarter’s gate and in a questioning voice) kaaki or if that (sighs while brushing away his thoughts) I think I’m going mad, like seriously how can I.. (walks towards the rope and carefully hangs it back) viplav why are you taking interest in all these girlish matters, let’s stay away from all this
And he while patting his head dashed off inside his room.

In morning,
At the Quarter:
Dhaani came out from the washroom after taking shower, her hairs were wrapped in a towel. She gently unwrapped it and stood in front of the mirror, a small mirror in which hardly a face can be seen. She held the pallu, keeping it on her head and there she was ready, no make up, no jewellery, no colors but then also she was looking an angel, a silver pearl.
“Humming of ishq ka rang safed plays”
Dulaari smiled looking at her daughter while a tear escaped from her eyes, she quickly wiped it and walked towards her.
Dulaari: dhaani if you’re not going Mandir today?
Dhaani: maayi I was just going
Dulaari: but have your breakfast first because I know you don’t eat anything once I leave
Dhaani: nahe maayi aisa nahe hai but if you’re saying then both mother daughter will finish their breakfast first
Dulaari smiled and they both get busy in having the simple meal i-e. boiled potatoes, no annoyance can be found at their faces, they were eating those potatoes in the way as if they were eating SEVEN BHOGS.

At Ayodha Nivas:
In Viplav’s room:
Viplav was sleeping on his bed like a royal prince, but his sleep was distributed by the sun rays as his daadi was putting off the curtains. He irritatingly hide his face inside comforter but shushma jee wasn’t ready in letting him sleep so she sat beside him and gently removed it from his face
Sushama: (caressing his hair) Good morning beta
Viplav: daadi please five more minutes
Sushama: no, get up fast. You know your dada jee has organised a Pooja only for you so you’ve to be ready naa beta
Viplav: (in half open eyes) pooja, that means today I’ve to sit quietly for more than two hours. Right! (making a weird face) sush you know that’s a very difficult task for me
Sushama: chup kar, now no more discussion, get up, take shower, change your clothes and come downstairs everyone is waiting for you (mockingly) have you listened raja sahab?
Viplav: yeah daadi (sits down while rubbing his eyes) thanks for telling me the whole scedual
Sushama jee shook her head and lovingly pat his shoulder.

At the Quarter:
Dhaani: maayi (standing at the doorway) I’m going
Dulaari: (walking towards her) Acha but before going Mandir, visit Ashram first, it has been two days you haven’t gone there
Dhaani: haan maayi I was also thinking the same and then I’ll go Mandir along with raj lakshmi and suwarna
Dulaari: and don’t forget to buy some fruits for them as it’s not appropriate to go with empty hands
Dhaani: maayi (smiles) don’t worry I’ll do everything
Dulaari: (smiles caressing her face) I know you’ll, Acha I also have to go now
Dhaani: (confusedly) but maayi isn’t it so early?
Dulaari: haan woh they are having a Pooja in the happiness of bachwa jee’s arrival so have to do arrangements for that
Dhaani: maayi if there is a lot of work then I may also come with you, how you’ll do it all alone
Dulaari: dhaani you know that I don’t allow you to work in someone’s home then also you’re asking
Dhaani: but maayi..
Dulaari: buchiya even choti malkin will scold you with no reason and I can’t bear that and then I’m not alone Ram deen is also there so don’t worry
Dhaani: dehaan rakhna apna
Dulaari nodded with teary eyes whereas dhaani moved from there.

At Ayodha Nivas:
Viplav came downstairs after getting ready in blue kurta. He greeted everyone and then walked towards his friends who were waiting for him since long but there guru wasn’t showing up as he was busy with himself in his room
Pankaj: Thank God, you’ve come, we were thinking to bring you in our arms
Viplav: (narrowing his eyes) shutup OK!
Raj: no but seriously yaar we all were waiting for you
Viplav: Acha naa I was getting ready so obviously it would take some time and now stop complaining like girls
Dahshrath: viplav baba now come on let’s start the Pooja
Viplav nodded but before he could proceed his eyes started searching someone
Viplav: where is kaaki?
Kanak: (frowning her brows) she’ll come beta, Pooja can’t be stop for someone
Viplav: maah she is not someone..
And he stopped his conversation after looking at the woman for whom he was waiting
Viplav: lo agai. Now we can start
Kanak: dulaari at least today you should’ve come on time, I’m seeing you’re acting like mahraani nowadays
Dulaari: nahe woh actually..
Viplav: maah what are you saying, she always come on time and if today she’s late then there must be a reason behind it. You shouldn’t say her like this in fact you should appreciate her after all she had done all these arrangements in one day that too be with perfection
Dulaari: nahe bachwa jee, that’s my duty
Kanak tried to argue but was interrupted by her father-in-law
Dahshrath: bahu jee, let it be. Viplav baba is saying right, (looking towards viplav) now that your kaaki has come so we should proceed
Viplav nodded with smile and left for Pooja.

At Tarini Vidva Ashram:
Dhaani standing on the stairs, knocked at the gate. An old lady opened up and smiles at her
Dhaani: badi amma (bends down to take her blessings) kesi hain ap?
Badi Amma: (while blessing her) we’re fine beta but where were you, why you didn’t come yesterday?
She entered inside the Ashram, a simple but cleaned place where many widows were living and busy in doing household chores.
Dhaani: badi Amma woh I was having some work that’s why.. (looking at the other old lady) naani, chaya kaki see what I’ve brought for you (takes out bananas from a bag) you can’t eat hard things that’s why (handing over to them) I brought these
Badi Amma: Arey beta what was the need of all this, you always bring something for us
Dhaani: badi Amma, this is a token of love for you all that’s it and maayi had specially asked me..
Before she could complete two girls came towards dhaani with excitement
Both together: and what have you brought for us?
Badi Amma: raj lakshmi, suwarna behave yourselves
Dhaani: badi Amma, let it be (handing over the whole fruit’s bag to them) here this is for you all
Raj lakshmi: thanks dhaani you know because of you we get a chance of eating some other thing
Suwarna: Haan dhaani we were so tired of eating those boiled potatoes
Badi Amma: stop it you both, go and bring tea for dhaani
Dhaani: nahe badi Amma no need of it
Raj lakshmi: Arey nahe we’ll bring special tea for you
Dhaani smiled at them and sits on a wooden chair.

At Ayodha Nivas:
After completing the Pooja, pandit jee was distributing Prasad among all family members, while viplav was finding ways to leave, his dada jee noticed that and smiles
Dahshrath: viplav bacha if something is wrong
Viplav: (smiles) dada jee now that pooja has completed so shall I go with my friends for..
Dahshrath: Arey but spend some time with us too
Viplav: afterwards I’ll be with you all, I promise
And before someone could say anything he leaves from there with raj and pankaj.

At Tarini Vidva Ashram:
Dhaani after finishing her tea stood up to leave for temple
Dhaani: raj lakshmi, suwarna you both may also come, today we’ll go Mandir together
Raj lakshmi: yaar dhaani (keeping hand on her tummy) my stomach is paining a lot, you guys may go I’ll come some other day
Suwarna: but before some minutes you were perfectly fine
Badi Amma understood her and knows very well how to tackle her
Badi Amma: raj lakshmi if it’s paining very much than you can’t eat fruits and all, go and take some rest
Raj lakshmi: (widens her eyes) badi Amma I’m fine, see nothing happened to me (closes her eyes on sudden action) woh I mean it was paining before but now it’s somewhat better
Dhaani: Acha tou phir chalen?
Raj lakshmi nodded unwillingly and trio leaves for Mandir.

At Ghat:
Viplav stopped his jeep in front of temple and looked at his friends questioningly.
Viplav: so what’s the plan?
Raj: actually you’ve to stay here, me and pankaj will come after finishing a work
Viplav: (confusedly) which work, tell me I’ll also help you
Raj: no, you’ll help us by staying here (looking at pankaj) woh kia hai naa aik poorana hissab hai jo poora karna hai
Viplav: kon sa hissab? (irritatingly) if you guys are telling me or not?
Raj: guru you’ll soon get to know, bus humare kasam khao tum yahan sey nahe hilo gy
Viplav: what ? Have you guys gone mad?
Raj: (ignoring his question) chalo pankaj, viplav we’ll join you soon
Saying so they went from there leaving viplav alone, as viplav got down from his jeep dhaani passed from there without making him notice
“Jeevan ka rang safed hai baba, Jeevan ka rang safed
Jis rang mein sab mil jai, jis rang mein sab mil jai
Ussey karey naa bhed” plays
Suwarna: dhaani tum Pooja karo me and raj lakshmi will come after talking to pandit jee
Dhaani: what happened suwarna? Is everything Ok?
Raj lakshmi: haan dhaani, don’t worry woh he called us for giving us the order of diya and bhaati
Dhaani nodded understandably. Viplav stood beside the temple when his eyes fall on dhaani, he unknowingly smiled
“Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”
Viplav POV: ajeeb larki hai yaar yeh, har waqt pooja karte rehti hai, one can always find her in Mandir (walks towards her but then stop with confuse expression) what’s happening to me, why I’m going to her? My legs are automatically walking towards her, pagla gae (patting his head) ho kia bhaiya
“Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”
On some distance, raj and pankaj were hiding behind a wall
Pankaj: are you sure raj?
Raj: (in a frustrating tone) will you stop asking me the same question?
Pankaj: but guru won’t leave us
Raj: haan tou maza he aiga naa, don’t you remember how he threw these water balloons on us at this place, now it’s our turn for having some fun
A kid was passing by there when raj asked him to come here, the kid obeyed him
Raj: you’ve to do our little work. Will you do it?
Kid: which work?
Raj: here (giving him some balloons filled with water) throw them on (pointing towards viplav) him, samajh agaya?
Kid: (smirks mischievously) OK I’ll do it
He then grabbed those balloons and walked towards viplav who was busy in staring dhaani Once reaching to him, he pulled his shirt to catch his attention
Viplav: what happened? If you want something?
He without saying anything threw those water balloons on him with full force, viplav was shocked on his action
Viplav: what the hell is wrong with you? (wiping his face through hands and trying to keep his voice as slow as he can) why did you do this?
Kid: (turns back to point) unhun ne kaha tha
Viplav looked towards that direction, but misunderstood the situation as dhaani was now standing in front of that wall which was hiding them, so he thought all this prank was played by Dhaani
Viplav: she asked you to do this, but why? (In an angry tone) she had done a biggest mistake by messing with me, now she’ll get the reward (looking to his left and right, his eyes on fall Gullal’s Taali) the best way of teaching her the lesson
He picked up two Taali and walked towards the kid
Viplav: you’ve to throw it on that (pointing towards dhaani) girl, is that clear
Kid: (looking at dhaani) no I can’t do this, she’s my favorite didi. It’s wrong
Viplav: so what you did with me was right? Dekho if you’ll help me then I’ll give you one chocolate
Kid: only one chocolate? Aik sey kaam nahe chaly ga
Viplav: (frowning his brows) fine I’ll give you a whole box of chocolate, fine?
Kid nodded and marched towards dhaani, once reaching to her, he smiled while dhaani brushes his hair lovingly
Kid: sorry didi
Dhaani: (confusedly) sorry for what?
He without answering threw the whole Gulaal’s Taali on her, people gathered there was shocked to see a widow in colors, dhaani who was already freezed became more surprised when viplav threw the same Gulaal from behind.
“Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed,
Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed plays”
She was about to turn back when that kid pulled her pallu
Kid: that bhaiya (pointing towards viplav) asked me to do this
Saying so he ran from there, while dhaani was looking at viplav with tears in her eyes, who was standing in front of God’s idol but was staring dhaani with victorious smile.
Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed,
Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”
Screen freezes!

Precap: dhaani called him RAKCHAS for throwing colors on her that too be at the place of God. Later dhaani was crossing the road when some Priests blocked her way, viplav who was passing by there got down from his jeep seeing the crowd.

Thanks for reading!
Hey my dearest fellows, how’re you all and how’s the episode? I know it doesn’t possess proper ViDha’s scene but what to do, it’s just the start of the story, but you’ll surely get their part in next episodes as this story is on viplav and dhaani so obviously they will get the maximum space, just a little wait. I hope I ain’t disappointing you all, though trying my best to meet up your expectations, if you want to suggest something regarding story then feel free, I’ll love to read your suggestions. Will catch you in the comments section so don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling 🙂
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Sujie

    Maha…meri jaan…seriously you are a rockstarrrrrrr….. 🙂
    bata rahi hoon…gaath bandhlo iss baat ko…..
    Loved the IKRS songs… undoubtedly….
    that sigh by Viplav on thinking about white saree pehenne wali ladki….
    could imagine it….
    You are going in a super way…making me nostalgic as well as excited with your own flavor of tadka in the story….loving this a lot dear…. and love you for this 🙂
    Raj aur Pankaj bhi na…. bichare Viplav ko phasa diya…aur Viplav bhi half knowledge ke basis pe chal pada Dhaani pe gulaal phekne…..
    I can already imagine…Dhaani saying….tum sirf hamara hi apmann nahi kiye ho…saare devi devtaaon ka apamann kiye ho… RAKCHAS RAKCHAS….. RAKCHAS…..
    ab bichari Dhaani would be tortured by those nosy pandits…. hayee…meri Dhaani ko bachalo koi…..Viplav bachalega na dear???
    And this kanak raani…. could imagine her dancing eyebrows yet again …. 🙂
    accha…chalo…. ab jyada kya bolna… you always make me happy with your creativity 🙂 keep going dear…
    love you…. hope you are doing well…
    Jara SM pe bhi najar daalo… I have already posted it 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Allah! Seriously I’ve started feeling myself as a rockstar now, and it’s all because of you, itna bhe sar par nahe charhao??
      Thanks dear for liking the scenes as well as song which itself is beautiful undoubtedly ??. Yeah just trying to add a different flavor, hope it’ll entertain you all though this one was kind of boring as it didn’t carry any part of ViDha but still if you find it nice then shukriya ?
      Haan iss k illawa aur koi idea nahe mil raha tha Gulaal wale scene ko change karne k liye so thought to use this one, and yes I’m not adding that Ganga Jal ke jagah sharaab wala scene, sab kuch same hojai ga naa phir.
      Arey yes now I’m so excited to write the next one as it’ll be full on dhamakedar, viplav and dhaani ka milan though it won’t be a sweet one but phir bhe.. and then viplav will save her from those crowd hayee I should shut my mouth because it was all a suspense but poor me??
      You know it’s not my creativity as it’s all ikrs magic because I’m taking help from it, agar woh nahe hota tou mai kabhi nahe likh paate yeh story so all thanks to ishq ka rang safed ??
      Love you too and no yaar abhe tou wase he hai, just waiting myself for getting fine, fed up of this boring life?
      Yes I’ve read it but sorry comment karne mai thori deir hogae aur tum nahe bhe bolo tab bhe I’ll always be there to read your work. Don’t worry!
      Loads of love❤
      Take care ?

      1. Sujie

        Wah rey …new dp…. VALENTINE’s day Ka khumaar abhi se chaya hai…..hayeee????????
        Jo bhi ho… You use your creativity and amaze us with fantastic scenes….toh gulaal pheko ya aur koi rang…. Bad ViDhaani kya pure sa pyaar dikhna chshiye❤️❤️❤️
        Pata tha….. Will remember Maha wala Viplav Saving Dhaani Episode ….. Keep going dear??????????☺️☺️☺️☺️?
        Accha Hona jaldi se…. Aur Haan….take rest…..
        Love you dear ❤️❤️❤️
        Keep the support coming…. Pata hai na that’s my oxygen …..
        You too take care ??

  2. ahh what a story!! what a story!! u rocked it yaar…
    same in real ikrs allso vidhas journey started with misunderstandings right??
    and here some change is in our ikrs kaaki always hates viplav..but in ur ff kaakis fav is viplav.. he is soo cute when he asked where is kaaki…
    so i hope u will come soon with ur another rocking update for us…
    bye take care..
    keep smiling and keep writing… 🙂 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Lalitha! Hope you are doing well ?
      Thank you rey for loving it. Haan bilkol, in this fiction too their journey will start from flights ?
      Hmm that’s because I didn’t like dulaari’s hurting behavior towards viplav so thought to change this thing, glad you liked it.
      Yes you’ll soon get the next one InshaAllah
      Same to you❤
      Take care ?

  3. Shanitics

    Maha didi.. Super tha epi!!! My minds gt fild with the sweet the memories of IKRS thankss fr such a gud epi!!

    Srry,fr late reading as my nt offer was nt thr and also my exams are going on.. Hpe u’ll understand di.. ?
    Love ❤ u

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Swetha! Thank you so much dear for liking it and no worries as I can understand that you’re busy with your exams so study hard. All the best❤
      And come back soon, take care ?

  4. Shanitics

    Didi.. Ek doubt hai soo whr is dhaani staying???

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Actually dhaani is staying in the quarter where tripurari and durga were living after their house was burnt by phool chand, the place beside Ayodha Nivas. Yaad aya tou dulaari and dhaani are staying there as dulaari is working as a maid in Tripathi family, hope now it’s clear though I’ve mentioned it in first episode but maybe it wasn’t clear so.. abhi k liye itna he bta sakte hun baqi progression k sath pata chalta rahy ga?

  5. EishaP

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry Sorry so so sorry maha d ……late comment key liye sorry yaar d. ..I little busy so I forget sorry d………and Sujji d sorry sorry sorry sorry….please dono maf kardo …..apart from this wow maha d you are really a rockstarrrrrrrr superb episode d everything is just perfect and beyond perfection it just simply amazing d….
    Love you d
    Take care
    Keep writing
    Keep smiling

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Awww itny sare sorry? it’s ok sweetie no need of apologizing as I’m happy that you’re among few members who are taking out some minutes for reading our work so thank you and keep the support going on.
      Thanks a lot for loving it yaara, itne tareeeeeeef hazam nahe hote, save some traeef for the upcoming ones? I’ll try my best to not to disappoint you all. Thanks again and yes Sujie will be happy if you’ll drop your views there as it’s our protein supplement ?

  6. AanyaSingh

    What a WONDERFUL epi!????. And as i said earlier also, it actually is like I’m watching IKRS again. I seriously don’t have words to praise U. The way u r unfolding the story in ur own style is just SUPERB???????& it’s really nostalgic too. Vips-dhaani’s initial takraars, Daadi & Vips bond & everything else is just toooooooo GOOOOOD. And one thing what i liked most is the loving bond of Vips & Dulaari too. It has given such a good feel to the story??. Great job, keep Rocking like this????????. Love to u???.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey di! Thanks a lot. Glad to know that you’re enjoying this ride ? yeah actually it hurts when dulaari maayi talked rudely with her bachwa jee so that’s why thought to change it but I’m happy you’re liking it.
      Lots of love❤

  7. AanyaSingh

    Forgot to add one thing. Who said that U r disappointing us.?? U r just ROCKING???? & u’ll keep ROCKING?????? in future also, so please don’t even think of this thing again, samjhe ya samjhaaein???. May u b Happy Always.?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Awww thank you di, that’s so sweet of you! It’s your all love which is encouraging me to write so keep the love and support going on. Baap re baap samjh gae jee hum??
      Same to you ?
      Take care❤

  8. Aiswarya

    wah di you are rocking

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Aiswarya kahan thi yaar? We all were missing you a lot, but finally you’re here. Thank you so much dear hopefully now you will stay in touch. Keep reading!

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